Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Goes Without Saying Lyrics

We both know you want it, come and get it.
What you waiting for?
Now you're scared of what you're seeing,
only seen it in your dreams before.
Cause when you least expect it,
it will take you, take you by surprise.
So take advantage, take it all,
take it all before the moment dies.

It comes without saying,
It's already known.
It's written all over you,

It comes without saying.
Don't let it go,
keep it inside of you.

It comes without saying...

Now that you've got it in,
it's slipping through your finger tips.
You gave and let go;
now it's missing from your life again.
So now you're tearing up the walls,
make a mess, try to dig it up.
But now it's all too late, you'll never find it,
and the moment's dead, the moment's dead.

It goes without saying,
It's already gone.
It's written all over you,

It goes without saying.
You let it go,
There's nothing inside of you.

It goes without saying...

We know you want it.
What are you waiting for?
Take it all and the moment dies.

It goes without saying,
goes without saying.
It's written all over you.

It goes without saying,
goes without saying.
Just keep it inside of you.

It goes without saying,
goes without saying.
It's written all over you.

It goes without saying,
goes without saying.
There's nothing inside of you.

It goes without saying...

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Goes Without Saying Comments
  1. Michael Michael

    You know you want it what are you waiting for " take it alll before the moment dies ...

  2. sambi bambi

    t, sksk, you've changed my life since my teenage years. im almost 25 now and this is one of those songs that still make me cry like a mess. let this angel rest in peace and his loved ones find comfort from the memory of him.

  3. New Keys

    Why is everyone ignoring the fact that the guitarist ripped off Hotel California so hard?

  4. Peter Dasilva

    2019 Still here!!!

  5. Tacos and Beer

    This song is so haunting yet but beautiful. RIP Tyson

  6. SkyistheReason

    2019 people, where you at?

  7. sambi bambi

    he may be gone but his voice isn't. he left us with so much wonder and beauty that will continue to affect others and exist beyond the short time he lived. i hope you're resting well, angel. love this song now, loved this song a decade ago. he left us with something so precious.


    Truth just discovered sksk and it helped me a lot with my depression

    sambi bambi

    @Leo im genuinely so happy for you for discovering sksk aaaaa

    i started growing super attached to sksk round the time T was still around, n looking back, sksk played a huge part in coping w & getting thru traumatic events from that time, helping me to both verbalize some things that were happening n to let my cries out. sksk never "fueled" my depression, but instead managed(&manages) to almost instantly break down "the walls", make me sob like an infant, and feel somewhat better (or atleast less "emotionally clogged") afterwards. sksk is one of those "kinda melancholy but intensely comforting" things

  8. ElectTheMusic

    2019 anyone? RIP Tyson we can only imagine the hell you went trough. Amazing artist, amazing band.

  9. tristian Davis

    I'll be listening in 2019...

  10. Latisha Beebe

    So sad. Too young

  11. Forkonthe Left

    2018 just literally found out about this band smh


    vince Guzman little late is better than never. Hope u enjoy life more now with sksk in it. Good luck with everything

  12. Shio yu

    2:30 2:20 2:25 2:32

  13. Shio yu

    2:27 I love this part so much!!!!? 2:32 -cries- u - u
    . . .cant believe he died.

  14. Nimaelos

    First time i hear this song since ...ten yrs? (Was blocked here on youtube for years) Just read, that Steven died. Cannot describe how fuckin horrible i feel because of that right now. Like i didn't visit a good friend for a decade just to find out he's dead now. Rip man.

  15. Chris Carranza


  16. Char Chino

    thumbs up for 2018 listeners, RIP Tyson we still love you

  17. Shinobi' Son

    Thumbs up if your here in 2017


    thumbs down bc it's 2018

  18. Wearsprada

    my favorite song one of the favorite artists. Keeping it going and we all missed Tyson. Really miss.

  19. Broderrick Banner

    I'll be listening to this band for the rest of my life.. They've helped me through too much for me to ever forget them.. Rip man..

  20. Nelson Ramos

    Likes if you're listening to this in 2k17

  21. Helen Lopez

    2017 , and still missing you Tyson

  22. Brett Hanten


  23. egor Uvarovskiy

    R.I.P.Tyson Stevens

  24. DeadS1337

    i love this band so much

  25. Marcus Arballo

    Listening to this right now makes me cry. You left too early Tyson. You said you wanted to meet in person and I said I'd show you my book I wrote, with your lyrics as my inspiration, and publish it one day. I'll keep my word, Stallion. RIP

  26. Dani

    i love this song but not this upload. with the silence at the end...need to find another upload lol


    I have the CDs if you want the MP4 files.

  27. joseph mcbride

    this song is amazing great composition everything....and check out my stupid videos

  28. zachary Lippert


  29. zachary Lippert

    Can't belive Tysons gone man.

  30. Danko

    2016 and im still here

    Blake Rothlander

    +david danko same brother


    I'm with you guys

    Cassie Griffin

    I can't believe I am.

    Blaze Craig

    same here

    Marcixchu Dawn

    +Blaze Craig same here

  31. Lania

    You went without saying Tyson, you went without saying.

  32. Patrik Loza

    I still listen to sksk

    Blaze Craig

    you better :P

  33. Dustin Wood

    Rip Steven. I've seen them 7 times. I was at their last show at the chain reaction. I saw Tyson sitting in the van sitting by himself looking so depressed, I wanted to go up to the door but I was too afraid, and I'll regret that forever.

    Demonix Realms

    +Dustin Wood Not your fault dude. Who would've known?


    +Dustin Wood what happened? :(


    +Dustin Wood what happened? :(

    Cassie Griffin

    +Pikachu65103 Tfm he ODed

  34. Helena Liar

    Goes without saying, yo.

  35. Nya

    I wish he hadn't died. It hurts :( We all miss you <3

  36. Kowman

    The band that got me into this genre of music. Never turning back and shall keep this band to my deathbed.


    Kowman well said. KoRn was my favorite band until I found Scary Kids in 2004. Sksk been my fave band since that day

  37. Angelica Gomez


  38. Summer From Waffle House

    Found this band 30 minutes ago. Explains my mood for the past 5 years.


    actually more like my mood ever since I was 7, 17 now...

    Summer From Waffle House

    @runo35k stay strong.


    @Summer Annaveilya I will, it will get better one day. just having a hard time atm because a lot of people around me have passed away the last few months

    Summer From Waffle House

    @runo35k I understand, a lot of people lately in my life have passed away too, and it sucks, but I'm glad I got to at least know them.

  39. Caroline Taylor

    Rest in piece Tyson...

  40. Shelby Karnes

    Oh Tyson.....

  41. NikkuAMVs

    RIP Tyson Stevens... You will be missed. I've Jammed to your band's music since back in 2007.

  42. Jena Stein

    Rest in peace Tyson...

  43. Soil Bound

    You are all graceful, never forget.

  44. Max Huston-England

    Just learned about this band early 2014. Sucks how they broke up.

    Justin G

    @Vanessa Valencia didn't hear that 0.0 but Tyson died today so i guess it doesn't make a difference now =(

    Vanessa Valencia

    @Justin G yeah its very shitty i just saw him this past friday its surreal, had told him not to waste his talent definitely was looking foward to new music and he was a great guy

    Michael Kelley

    +Max Huston-England yeah they were all doing great anal until the drummer got blown out one night and died from 3 dicks in his ass at once

    Max Huston-England

    Gotta love old comments from my emo 2013 stage in life

  45. Pieinthesky

    thumbs up if you're still listing to SKSK in 2014

    Chris Hansen

    What you talkin about. this is fucking eternal. And I'm a legit metalhead, through and through.

    Santiago Rueda

    Pieinthesky 2019 now (,:

  46. Chloe Lee

    Beautiful piece.

  47. Pamela Bagwell

    Oh my God, this song is... Let's just say it left Me speechless.

    Brian Hernandez

    Who didn't

  48. Kzpy LJ

    <3 the piano

  49. Norbert Juhász


  50. DaysWithJ&M

    I respect your opinion.

  51. Austin Essick

    sksk chiodos and saosin u get the right idea there but the other bands u named suck

  52. NitroDubz

    Perfect taste !

  53. DaysWithJ&M

    Circa Survive, Saosin, Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, Scary Kids Scaring Kid, No Bragging Rights, Chiodos, PMToday, Sounds of Animals Fighting... my favs

  54. Ghostrecon996

    someone's FUCKING FUNNY.

  55. Sean Mitchell

    LOL im sorry for you as well. hope your wrists get better.

  56. nick tavartkiladze

    Whats up ? at the future?

  57. helen m

    I need you.

  58. vmcshade

    then I might shock you by saying that they broke up a loooong time ago

  59. daniella lopez

    Just discovered the band. Really good [: cant even stop listening to them!

  60. hilariouscathy

    thumbs up if ur still going to listen to this song 2013 and 2014

  61. YshI Vulpix

    Wow i am sorry for you .

  62. iMistyHD

    i tought i had time traveled to the year 4229. atleast thats what my machine said...
    Dont tell me my machine didn't work :O

  63. Austin Essick

    Were obviously not listening to it in the year 3000

  64. Bullpup

    Marty, is that you?

  65. Norbert Juhász

    I'm listening this in 2015

  66. alphazombieelite

    Thumbs up I--NO! *throws out of youtube*

  67. RyanPeslak

    your just making it worse!!

  68. JackKnifeAlpha

    No. Shut up and go home.

  69. YshI Vulpix

    thumbs up if your listning to this in 2013!

  70. Mr.Snow12

    March/18/2013 <3s still love it<3

  71. Jennifer Poole

    I just got started listening to this song! :DD

  72. Fluffy MewMew

    I'm so hapy to see people are still listening to good music ^_^ A little but of my faith for humanity has been restored

  73. Fluffy MewMew

    2013 now, motha forka :3

  74. TheGreatCreator101

    No, I'm watching this in 1898 with William McKinley.

  75. Until The Sun Dies

    2013 bitch.

  76. Phobspi

    pfffffft, no, its 2013

  77. tugiist

    its 2013 and still listening ^.^

  78. Christian Hernandez

    2013 now, bitches

  79. artbridder

    make dat 2013 babes

  80. Jace

    2013 son!

  81. Scarredwrists303

    This band helped me stop cutting .3.

  82. Alex James

    >goes without saying
    >has lyrics

    >does anyone see any irony here

  83. Gumball Watterson

    The originality of this is amazing.

  84. aliens like me


  85. Rhehrjrj Fhrjrjrj

    No,im listening to this in 2056.

  86. mandaloolu

    beautiful song

  87. Lucian

    I did a project on this song's lyrics and the band its self... we were supposed to break down the lyrics and annotate it, and i got the highest grade in the class thanks SKSK ^.^

  88. Cyndy Horan

    i remember i use to listen to this when i was a freshman. i hate how they broke up!

  89. D0ubleXxCr0ss

    The piano at 2:20 is beautiful.

  90. Snovik The Cow

    Notice they said they would change it some time? Video posted over three years ago. XDDDD

  91. Gonzalo Zeballos

    2:45 one of the most intense resolutions i've ever listened to...