Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Derailed Lyrics

We failed to keep our love on course
Now we lost what was left of any chance that we had
What a way to go out
I'm afraid I failed to keep you by my side
The mistakes we made will keep us drifting farther apart
What a way to go out...

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Scary Kids Scaring Kids Derailed Comments
  1. lil Penisballs

    Message to friends and family:

    If any of you cry at my fucking funeral I will come back from the dead and beat the shit outta all of you

    Also play this song

  2. Nurmayana Maya

    You can use viagra while listening to this song to make it longer.

  3. Yung Wayne

    one of my all time favorite songs.

  4. Swopeboi

    S H A M A N A THAT B O I!!!!

  5. poorsuit


  6. goodnip

    1.5 speed, pitched up. shama7

  7. Henry Jarnigan

    shamana did his thang onna sample

  8. bonsai2004


  9. Lord Zero

    And derailed, we failed
    To keep our love on course
    Now we lost what was left
    Of any chance that we had
    What a way to go out

    And derailed, I'm afraid
    I failed to keep you by my side
    The mistakes we made
    Will keep us drifting farther apart
    What a way to go out

  10. Who Can Know It?

    It's January 1st, 2009. The bitter cold rain has fallen ceaselessly for days, now. But that's not irregular for our little gloomy town. I took on this relationship, and when I learned how unhealthy you were, emotionally and psychologically, I took on your pain, too. I could fix you. I knew it. I had to. I wanted you to stop hurting yourself, and if you just wouldn't have been so scared to let me in, I could have, but I couldn't keep you from pushing me away, no matter how hard I tried. I sit here, still hung over, with my guilt amplifying the nausea, underneath an awning at a nearby school. I can't have this conversation with you at home. I did something I regret the night before. She was hurt by the same self-serving, disloyal man who tried to steal you away and hurt you, too. My own friend, or so I thought. We both felt abandoned, and we sought comfort in eachother. You had decided we were through just a few days beforehand. I owed you no explanation, but I still loved you, and I had to give you the truth. Looking back, you probably thought this call was made to hurt you. That couldn't have been farther from the truth. I loved you so much, I couldn't let you find this out from someone else. I'd give you my honesty, even if it would hurt both of us. I don't know what I expected to accomplish this day, just to clear my conscience, I guess. I did, but we were forever derailed. We failed to keep our love on course. Now we lost what was left of every chance that we had. What a way to go out. Derailed. I'm afraid I failed to keep you by side. The mistakes we made will keep us drifting farther apart. What a way to go out...


    Beautiful. Please keep writing, and let your soul, soar through your words. It might be your calling.

  11. Hoody Proxy

    Wow...I just ..this song makes me think of high school and how I felt like an outcast and how songs like thi- Just kidding fuck these pathetic emo songs like fuck you guys listen to this cause it helps you cope but all it does is remind you of the reason you are sad

  12. товарищ фабси

    nothing like taking a hit listening to this and just forgetting about everything

  13. Butterfliesarelost

    still love them

  14. Greg Moon

    I overlooked such a great SK song off their final album. And I'm so fucking bummed Tyson died. It was tragic to hear of his untimely death & that now there is no hope of a reunion or new album.

    You touched my life and countless others with your tunes, Tyson -- for that, I'm forever grateful. Rest easy knowing you made your mark on this life and that your music will live on forever.

    "What a way to go out."

    Caecilius Wolfy

    real talk still till this day and forever


    Ah for fucks sake I found out about them like 20 seconds ago and the next thing I learn is that one of them died.

  15. Manuel Orrantia

    What a way to go out.

  16. Manuel Orrantia

    wow. :[

  17. Jeanette Zuniga


  18. Saif Seder

    They say that a man should never cry.... But this song hits every painful emotional spot inside me.. I don't know if i can keep it bottled in anymore :'(

    Alex Waite

    thats bs man.  Everyone can cry if need be.  Its better than holding in all that negative energy

    Saif Seder

    @Alex Waite it sucks man :/ i did cry though i felt better :) it was tragic to know that Tyson died :/

  19. Niara Alves

    i want to cry an ocean when i listen to this...


    shit real 2k17 lo

  20. Tracy Guidry

    Probably one of my favorite SKSK songs.. Why does it have to be so short?

  21. Becky Jensen

    I love Tyson so much. He's the sweetest guy..

    Tyler Jordahl

    Becky Jensen he was ... may he live on

  22. Joe Olmstead

    Wow! I forgot about this song! This is hitting me hard! My wife just asked for a divorce and this explains us perfect!

  23. feariefreak3000

    (-`ω´- )

  24. IsThisTony

    I have the tab for this! Message me for them or check Ultimate Guitar to see if they're posted, it said to give it up to 48 hours for processing. Look for my name (truegesus) on the list!

    Leah Lasher

    IsThisTony wow. Where were you when I was in junior high, bro!

  25. XxDakman96xX

    TONY, please email me the tabs. I would appreciate it soo much. I love this song. If you message me, I'll give you my email. Or you could post them on ultimate guitar and then the whole world could have them.

  26. IsThisTony

    Sure, well I did it by ear but I'll tab it out for you then

  27. Hippi Prince

    yes please

  28. IsThisTony

    I have it figured out pretty much note for note, if you want it haha

  29. Renae Lussier

    Love the song .. Wish it was longer.

  30. Hippi Prince

    you know what sucks? they never put tabs out for this song..most of there songs..

  31. ItsAlwaysRainingInWa

    This song is beautiful. Just like our love is derailed, so is the song. Short, but oh so sweet. Thus is the nature of life.

  32. themediocrenontheist

    Type 'repeat' after the word 'youtube' up there, like 'youtuberepeat'. That will do it.

  33. John Duston IV

    Why so short? :(