Scarface - The Gangsta Shit Lyrics

It's like this, y'all niggaz been invadin my turf
Ignore examples I've set while ya play the dirt
It's only one thing to do now, and that's to set it -
off, and show you motherfuckers who's boss
I don't play games, I just cock the thang
Squeeze the trigger twice and I'll blow out ya brains
I'm pissed, y'all niggaz shouldn'ta fucked with this
I clutch my fo-fifth, I puncture yo shit
I blast a nigga, plastic bag stick a nigga
Got love for no nigga, now that's yo ass nigga
It's war, so I suggest you call on your troops
Army fatigues ain't shit, cuz y'all don't shoot
I'm a Rap-A-Lot mobster, callin all the shots
from a underboss prospective, and y'all gon' respect it
I murder, by numbers nigga, one two three
Darin any motherfucker to come test me
Ya standin in the jungle nigga
Witness a motherfuckin rumble minute
I'll leave yo head with a tongue in it
And if you ain't one then bitch stop actin
If ya don't want drama, then bitch stop askin

Y'all don't wanna - fuck around with the gangsta shit
Fuck around with the gangsta shit
Y'all don't wanna - fuck around with the gangsta shit
Fuck around with the gangsta shit
Y'all don't wanna - fuck around with the gangsta shit
Fuck around with the gangsta shit
Y'all don't wanna - fuck around with the gangsta shit
Fuck around with the gangsta shit

I refuse to be shorted, I refuse to be defeated
Competition's depleated cuz my rhyme's so heated
And you can't fuck with me, ya need to stop fakin
I'm workin on my sixth CD and still bangin (say what?)
You think you hardcore then come show me
Just make sure ya comin for real when ya come fo' me
Cuz if not, I'm floatin up yo' motherfuckin block
Y'all some fraud niggaz, straight up broad niggaz
We hard niggaz, yeah - so fuck y'all niggaz!
Soutside I ride for all my Ward niggaz
We're strapped and all killas, we came for the battle
The Mob back in the sattle makin ya trunks rattle
If I had one dolla, for every nigga who though
that Face fell off, this whole world would be bought
Fuck that, I'll be here until it's all over
And when it's all over, go back and slang boulders
Can be stopped, not even by a bad soul
Fuck Jed and Chad, it's Jay, Prince, and Brad
Ain't enough bullshit in the states to come stop this
Rap-A-Lot Mafia shit, yeah

Ain't enough bullshit in the United States to come stop this
Rap-A-Lot shit, Mob shit...


It's gon' take more than just rappin, more than just sparrin
For y'all niggaz to up and just fuck with Brad Jordan
Fuck you warden, and every motherfucker who defended
You safe from talkin shit from a distance
Ya new-boot rap niggaz, comin around here
makin them bullshit caps, bitch I'll ruin your career
I got mine all my God-damn self, get in line
And I'll destroy a slew of you niggaz, one at a time
I'm the last of a kind, you God-damn right
You can never beat that, I'm just glad you see that
Is this my payback for puttin Houston down in the first place?
Got the whole world screamin Mr. Scarface
The problem is, y'all boys, you niggaz loco
and the truth is, you hoes couldn't see me with bifocals
I'm a killer in the flesh, I'm Rap-A-Lot's best
I'm Prince's adopted son, with no love for no one

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Scarface The Gangsta Shit Comments
  1. duainejohnson75

    All these years later DEA agent chad Scott gets convicted... Brad said he was dirty..

  2. stephen thompson

    goooooooooot daaaammm. this shit go hard

  3. Alton Numa

    Real gangsta shit 2019

  4. Oscar Garcia Jr

    That DEA agent directed this to prob Choked on his donut at 7-11

    sean duggins

    Oscar Garcia Jr

  5. Official MGDueffyiono

    Scarface jr : ep coming soon 🤟🏽

  6. Alton Numa

    A classic

  7. The Technician


  8. Big B

    Proving he is one, if not, the greatest of all time.

  9. Cedric Ware

    Use to grind to this..Brad jordan is da truth

  10. Tony flye

    Wow right on for the enlightenment .when I finally came home he was beefing hard with lil troy but I remember reading in a source magazine in the county when he said he came home off the road the feds was in his home waiting on him

  11. Tony flye

    My favorite rapper #1 aka brad jordan

    SouthTexas Polk

    Who's he talking about then

    Tony flye

    Didn't care who he was talking about when this album came out I was in the county fighting a murder charge

    SouthTexas Polk

    @Tony flye well it's interesting he's talking about Jack Schumacher and some other dea agent that got hired 2 kill j prince

  12. Christopher Keppel

    Scareface rap alot shit u dont wanna fuck around wit that gansta shit nigga

  13. upt 85

    Classic OG shit

  14. Isaiah Redmond

    This goes hard🔥🔥🔥

  15. Pat Pat

    Real shit

  16. khalidjones518

    This nigga Raw hip hop

  17. Jamel Eason

    this shit is ill as fuck

  18. Sean Whatley

    The coldest most prolific gangsta rapper of all time. The Michael Jordan of rap