Say Anything - Lost My Touch Lyrics


[Verse 1 - Max Bemis:]
Some say I've lost my touch at crafting Say Anything songs
I suppose I'll let you take my place on stage
It's not a difficult job to supplant, young one
And you're twice as insightful at half my age
Just string together lines of smug, self-loathing bile
Bare the chip, your shoulder holds the weight
Wield your ageless thesaurus, bludgeon ignorance
Clutch the awkward fifteen pounds you've grown to hate

[Chorus 1 - Max Bemis:]
The truth is
One day, you will be greater than I
The truth is
One day, I will be eclipsed
The thought of it
Brings a warm smile to my face
Cos I've lived
And bled
For this

[Verse 2 - Max Bemis & Christie DuPree:]
So grapple with your sexual misconduct and
Your drug use in a blunt, acerbic verse
And grate your voice and make a choice to hibernate
It's the better half of us that live the worse
Maybe if you're lucky, you'll shed corporate ties
Out there on your own, no sealed income
With rejects and misfits for friends, no shot at fame
Simmering in the glow of the angels in your home

[Chorus 2 - Max Bemis:]
The truth is
I'm warm in the blanket of my niche
The truth is
How you sing back makes me cry
There are many taught a love forgot
Ain't worth a damn
Not I
It will keep breathing when I die

[Outro - Jeremy Bolm & Christie DuPree:]
What's left to do but keep those words and phrases away?
The ones we all knew and live in fear to claim
I never say, "Washed up," as I prefer to say, "Washed over"
Because you can drown in the love of yesterdays

Cos you can drown in the love of yesterdays
Because you can drown in the love of yesterdays
Cos you can drown in the love of yesterdays
Love of yesterdays
Of yesterdays

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Say Anything Lost My Touch Comments
  1. breann

    RIP Say anything

  2. Techn0taku


  3. Dillard McPenishold

    Max has gotten so weird. This song has almost no melody, and he's pinching his throat like a novice singer. Makes no sense. I think his wife might be a succubus. The self-titled album was perfect, but since he married her, his music has been all bad. I loved SA so much but the last three albums are (sorry to say) pure shit.

    Kiyah Shines

    Isn't it crazy that this is exactly what he wrote about in Judas Decapitation? " I hate that dude now that he's married"

  4. Sam Warren

    As a Say Anything die hard fan for like 10 years now this is easily their second best album. Lyrically, it's just as strong as ...Is a Real Boy. Max really is one of the greatest songwriters around today. It's a shame so many people dropped this band and disregarded everything after Is a Real Boy. Every release they come back too to talk how much they miss the old Say Anything as if they were ever actively following the group. I'm not saying love everything thoughtlessly, but it's completely foolish to not think there's anything of value in all these albums that came after. It's something that bothers me when I see it, but I think it's really made the actual fans of the band really a more tight-knit community. Going to the shows I just see a lot of people who get it, for the lack of a better term.

    Chris Russell

    2 years later, but I'll never understand the hate on this album. Well said.

    andrew fellenz

    I actually really liked this album, but it still has issues and is far from the 2nd best. I'd literally put it at like 8th or 9th (if we are including all of Max's work), despite having played it start to finish at least 50-60 times. My biggest qualms with this album are the following: the production is worse than a good number of the previous albums and not in an endearing way. We don't know exactly what happened between him and Coby, but the absence of Coby on this album is EXTREMELY noticeable. I love Max like an older brother, but I don't think he does his best work with 100% creative control. Coby left a huge mark on SA and it's most noticeable in his absence. Lastly, Sherri is sweet and wonderful, but she's just too ubiquitous on this album for my taste.

    Because I ranked it, I feel the need to actually include everything I put before it.

    1. In Defense of the Genre (Max's real masterpiece).
    2. Menorah Majora.
    3. Dorm Room Demoes
    4. Two Tongues vol 1.
    5. Is A Real Boy
    6. Baseball
    7. Self-titled.
    8. Perma.
    9. Hebrews.

    Then, in no particular order:
    Anarchy My Dear.
    Two Tongues vol. 2
    Give A Damn.
    Oliver Approrpiate.

    Say Anything was my favorite band from 15 to like 25. They still have an everlasting place in my heart, but I do find myself digging the newer stuff less as time goes on. Some of that is the material and some of that is me being 30 years old. Not even sure why I'm writing this as a response to a 2-year-old comment on a video with 1k~ views, but here we are. Max, if you still read the YouTube comments on random videos that your fans upload, thank you for everything.

  5. Elijah Talmud

    The piano accompaniment to this song is seriously stellar.

  6. ___baby

    because you can drown in the love of yesterday....

  7. aliceduke94

    Christie's voice makes this song more beautiful

  8. poeticlicensetokill

    Geoff Rickley from Thursday would've been a better pick for the screams at the end. Christie was damn perfect though.

  9. dek


    J S

    @Dekky Balboa Guess you missed the point huh.

  10. crumbs17

    this song is about google plus, right?

  11. crumbs17

    rt if u agree :-)

  12. FDSC DS

    you know i love this album :) always  stoked to see new music from say anything

  13. allexis aliaga

    really love the contrast between sweetness and screaming at the end

  14. Eric Frey

    Max's voice will only get worse with age. He is a great and talented musician, but let's face it...he's been forcing that shit out for a while now and it's catching up with him. I love his voice, but it's not going to get tone quality better by any mean unless he does some serious training on lightening up. 

  15. Arian hmn

    I am sort of disappointed that the song is not called "Lost My Touché"

    Mr.William Ratner

    I think it may be his point.

  16. Tiana O'Neal

    Thank you So much Max for everything you've done as a musician, you will always be an ace to me. You have not lost your touch, you've refined it, molded it shaped it into something intelligent, mature, and utterly enjoyable :)

  17. June Climactic

    I'll always respect max and the others, they're damn good at what they do. However, I miss their old stuff so much. Even their quirky songs were amazing and catchy. In Defense of the genre is still played in my car today. They will always be great musicians, they didn't sell out, they are writing what they want and no one should hate on them for it. If they're satisfied with it, that's all that matters.

    Maxine Cat

    couldn't have said it better. In defense is one of the best albums of the past 10 years . I haven't been too thrilled with the last 2 albums . I thought the self titled was amazing but Hebrew and Anarchy were eh ok. none the less respect the shit outta Max . 

    Chris Russell

    You miss the point entirely.

  18. Angelica Barrere

    This is fucking beautiful, those who don't appreciate his gorgeous vocabulary or voice are pretty stupid, but I guess we all have different taste.

  19. William Monteith

    Only true Say Anything fans know the feeling of hearing their newest album, going "Well, this isn't very good," and then listening to the words and falling in love with it.

    J S

    @William Monteith I feel like I am one of the true fans that heard the album and thought is was a masterpiece.... it is different sure, but the lyrics and the experimentation of instruments... it is messy and perfect and flawed and flawless all together. It represents a chaotic mind that is living reached a stable point. They never truly become stable and polished and smooth but the are gorgeous and unique all the same.


    dude yes lol I didn't like it at first, but then the lyrics got me. perfect way to describe our reactions to it.

  20. amurter19

    I think the music was played on an omnichord, the very last few notes has that specific sound.

  21. Dzimka Bujiashvili

    This song gave me strong "The Academy Is..." vibes (not the ending tho) I love it.

  22. triggered

    The song is nice but the vocals are awful. 

  23. Matthew McCoy

    Really cool i dig it

  24. DrRisk01

    O_o so the entire album is them whining about people hating them? LUL

  25. Alex Shepherd

    I absolutely love this song. 

  26. Randyl Leonard

    This is lovely. Max Bemis read my mind once again, made me cry, very raw towards the end. Just flat out awesome.

  27. Kristen Albert

    everytime i see a comment that is rude or mean about this i get so angry. honestly, do you people not understand anything?? a lot of songs on this CD are about the hatred that people give him and its not fair. he's amazing, his songs are great, always have been.

    Jamie Howard

    Kristen Albert and they keep getting better

  28. Kristen Albert

    this song makes me cry everytime i hear it. god he's such a beautiful person and i just want to hug him...
    he's so honest

  29. GeneralGeorge

    I love this song, you really need to pay attention to the lyrics. It is a recollection of his past in a bit of a cynical way, and an tribute adressing to his fans.

  30. Erick

    Seriously why does his voice suck so bad now? Is he doing that on purpose? And that last dudes voice was cringeworthy..

    Anthony Shaffer

    @Erick Die

    Josh Conlee

    @gzac95 Wrong 

    Hana ?????

    What's wrong with you Erick?!
    Do you know why he changed his type of music?
    It's because he became more cheerful!

    The type of music he once did was depressing,because he believed he wouldn't be able to have a happy life.

    Now,he does! He has a wife and a daughter,I can't believe you only think about yourself.

    And making fun of Jewish people?
    Not cool dude,I'm not Jewish,but you really shouldn't make fun of religions.


    @Erick Grow up, you child.


    this is a beautiful song and delightfully different from the norm of lyrics everybodies used too, its a breath of fresh air. I find it alittle humorous how conscious this song is and it actually makes it better. the last guys voice is awesome with so much emotion. this is a great song and its not supposed to be like the stuff they put out 10 years ago

  31. Stephen Richter

    This song is fantastic but Jeremy Bolm really brings it home. His part is perfect


    Everything that Jeremy Bolm does is awesome

  32. Gracen Soultaire

    Im enjoying the new songs. Say Anything is just musical awesomeness!

  33. XxEagereloxX

    I dedicated this song to my up and coming cousins who are going to score big in their dreams and I am glad I was there to see it

  34. Josh Jones

    I get it... The album cover is like a jew

  35. Tam Dang

    Once in awhile, I find a really good song. This is it.


    +Tam Dang Really like half of Say Anythings discography. Extremely underrated band

  36. Hey that's pretty gay

    Jeremy Bolm>>>>>

  37. Tyson M

    I don't know if I have heard anything so genius in such a beautiful way

  38. Anthony .Nicolosi

    The lyrics in this is absolutely genius

  39. nomorecakes

    Im really hoping for this CD to be good

  40. Madi Alten

    I'm in love with this album, Max is a lyrical genius. This is so different than anything else in the music scene right now

  41. Rianna Marise

    1st comment