Say Anything - Hebrews Lyrics

When the United States of genocide
Decided to break free
They instilled a huddled mass
Of neuroses in me
Or maybe it was Palestine
With that wretched German dwarf
Who carved the need to self-preserve
To pander and perform

Wish I were a woman for
Their struggle is noble
But culture shock is all I've got
I've worn it through it all
As I give in and integrate
The Matrix breaks me down
The kyke will denigrate himself
For the amusement of the crown

(Oh, oh)
I'm just a sick little Injun
(I am, I am)
Whose graves were razed by tank engines
(I am, I am)
I'm just an African import
(I am, I am)
Whipped and bound as an export
I'm the Hebrew

They say to be a minority
Is melting in their pot
But this soup is foul, I wear a scowl
And pine for what I'm not
We make the best comedians
But sadly it's no joke
Chop off the hand of Abraham
Before he slits my throat, oh, God, no


[Bridge x2: Max Bemis & Brian Sella]
I am a waste of a bar mitzvah
And all of my חַיִּים I've been sad
Oh, a שלעמיל, a שלימזל
Buried underneath spires of Babel

I want to go back home


[Outro x2: Max Bemis]
Pleased to meet you
I'm the Hebrew

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Say Anything Hebrews Comments
  1. dmjr333

    Sounds pretty cool on 1.25x speed, but the original speed is always the best

  2. Ofir Chen

    As a Israeli-Jewish person who came from a holocaust-survivors family & living abroad, this song breaks my heart. The words are so accurate about how it feels to be Jewish in this world even today. I cry every time I hear it

  3. Zaku The Ferret

    A minority? Maybe in the same way WASPs are a minority...

  4. ItsAlways Sohnny

    I get so hyped during Brians part, like crazy hyped.

  5. Sylvain Wain dezaki

    i pride for be hebrew

  6. D Nelson

    I feel like I'm the only one who loved this album at first listen...especially this song wow

  7. mim C

    Sella?! Is that you?! IT IS YOU

    Sharon Willer

    +Elise Serti 1:42 is a snippet

    mim C

    Pretty sure it's him from 3:21 onwards… but I might be imagining it

    Sharon Willer

    +mim C well he sings that and the oh yeah's in the background, but I was just indicating one part not all

  8. Tucker DeBord

    Glad I got to see them live before they died

  9. Rodney Thornton

    I really like this Album. All the songs, I don't see why so many people don't like it?

    Tucker DeBord

    Me ever I love this also loved anarky my dear I think it cus people don't like change

    Jamie Howard

    Because it's not a real boy

  10. GeorgioTheChef

    I love how they speed their songs up at the end.

  11. Levi McDuffie

    Can't a guy just make music without everyone giving their 0.02? No one cares if you don't like the album hahaha

    warpedname 1546

    That "hahahahaha" was tinged with murder

  12. Heitor Romero

    hate this guy's guts, used to be a model of inspiration for me during the teenage years, now all he does is point fingers and write shitty bland generic music. sincerely feel sorry for him.

    Learning Makes Me Happy

    @Heitor Romero That's BULLSHIT and you know it. He's writing about what it's like to be growing into adulthood. Something you should be able to relate to now that you're out of your teenage years. He is even making fun of how he writes now, how can you not like the introspectiveness?

    Heitor Romero

    @Christopher Shelton i just think that he's losing creativity (remember admit it part 2? jesus that was awful and quite cringeworthy) but oh well, no one's to blame since he has "bigger" things to take care of nowadays. he was always pointing fingers but at least he did it in a more creative way. but then again that's my point of view

    Learning Makes Me Happy

    @Heitor Romero This is an album you have to listen to more than once. (Like most SA albums, imo) You'll like it more with each playthrough. I guess we can agree to disagree.

    Jamie Howard

    Christopher Shelton I liked it the first time I listened xD

  13. Stop n’ Shop FL

    I have been listening to Say Anything for 7 years, and this sounds just like what they've always written. I love it. Plus, Brian Sella just made the song even better.

  14. Kydragon

    I can no longer get into Say Anything, I believe they are a great band, however it's not my preferred sound anymore.

  15. FatLikeKessel

    IM surprised so many people dont like this album..... it sure got rid of that bitter taste of Anarchy that had been lingering on my tounge. 

    i am a waste of a barmitzvah (spelled wrong) is classic.
    Say Anything rules

  16. starryeyedstatic

    forever impressed with their ability to push boundaries and invoke thought. Love Say Anything! <3

  17. Lynn lin

    oi vai theres a reaon y theres literally MILLIONS of musicians in the world. if this isnt the sound your looking for plz move on. I listen @ this album on loop

  18. Kyle Eaves

    Although its been said many times this CD really needs to grow on you. After listening to it a couple times through I was extremely disappointed and threw it aside. But I popped this fucker back in and during that listen in my head I was thinking oh shit this is Say Anything, oh hell yeah! And thats all it took for the feelings to come rushing back anew and in full force.


    @Kyle Eaves I felt the same. Now I really enjoy listening to it sometimes (even if it's not my favourite record) :D


    @MrEliewan For sure. I was really not impressed when this came out, but now it's one of my favourite Say Anything albums.It certainly needs to grow on you, which is the same for Anarchy, My Dear. You would be hard pressed to deny how ferocious the vocals are on this though. Hands down my favourite vocal performances in SA's history


    @EscapeWasAtHand Yeah when I listen to this I have strong feelings, to me this album is a masterpiece but after it's just a matter of tastes.

  19. dupadupadoo69

    i like this album alot better than anarchy my dear

  20. shelby terebesi

    We are the Schlimazel's of the world.

  21. Zed

    I don't know why everyone is bitching i fucking love this song.


    @Churro the Dog I ditched Say Anything when this was released. It disappoints the shit outta me, I'm glad he enjoys it, and other people do! But I don't. It's not my type of music. Not relevant to me in the slightest, I can't say I have a wife named sherri, and a daughter named lucy.


    I don't mind if you're not a fan of them anymore. I just want people to stop complaining in the comments.

  22. Angelica Barrere

    I hate how people say they now don't like say anything. People are so used to every bands albums sounding the same they can't accept people growing and change but I love every album including this one it's pure art and his words, perfect. If you don't like it try and do his job instead of bashing.

  23. crystal humphries

    Best say anything song I've heard in awhile. I say this live in Atlanta and it was fucking epic

  24. Tommy Bailey

    I have never heard a song by Say Anything that I don't like... Until I listened to "Lost My Touch" off of this album.  It being the first song from the album that I listened to I was a little worried... but this is the second song I'm listening to from this album and it has a lot of redeeming qualities... you get that old Max Bemis feeling along with song new feels.  I've been with this band since the beginning and I love how much their instrumentals have improved throughout the years.

  25. Desmond Oliver

    Unfortunately some people can't grow with a band. I personally think this is their best album yet. I've been listening to say anything since 2009, I've listened to every album and almost every song. The creative metamorphosis that Max has gone through is truly amazing. I can't compare albums to albums, it doesn't work that way. You must go into it without preconceived notions and an open mind. I'm no longer an angst ridden teenager and neither is Max., He has matured like a fine wine, getting progressively better with age, as with all fine things in life. 


    i love this band! i love Max he is so awesome and his Jewish pride is so admirable.  even when my taste in music changes i always have a Say Anything cd in my car <3

  27. Miguel Legaspi

    Does anyone know what the time signature fr this song is? Im dying to know!

  28. Elizabeth Midford

    >people in the comments implying this isn't the best say anything record.
    grow the fuck up. every time this guy puts out a new record he tries to make a record that he wants to listen to about conflicts in his life. he tells the stories that mean things to him. he hopes you guys all see the passion he puts into it and hopes you can sing along and understand.  his music and life can't always be about Molly Connelly or being all choked up or about sparking a new joint. he can't just give into his old vices and go manic again for your selfish acceptance. listen, i love the old stuff, but you can't just plague this guy and ask him to play Walk Through Hell at every fucking show.  it gets real fucking old.  that song is boring after the 1000th time playing.  the words are meaningless. the melody is cheesy.  don't drown in the love of yesterdays.  grow up and grow stronger with him.  or fuck off and stop going to shows.  i don't care if i'm the only one there singing the new songs; i'm closer to him then any of you will ever be.

  29. Christi C

    can anyone tell where brian comes in? i keep listening trying to figure it out. love the new album, max!


    I think Brian's part is 3:22

  30. Kurtis Alan

    Most of the "Bad" albums from a bands discography, are the "best" from the creators view. People become "fans" of a specific sound that they fall in love with, and it is not so much about respect for the artist as it is for that one sound. I however got into this band late, and dove into a few albums at once and instantly understood how creative Max is, and how he likes to push the envelope. Anyone who really loves Say Anything, is aware that with the exception of the original drummer, most members came and went through out the discography. This was always their band. It was a means for the two of them to write the songs THEY liked and have others help out live and occasionally add their flair in the studio. Once the drummer left, Max decided to take it one step further and do something that truly excited him and made him WANT to make an album. As a musician, I pay more attention to the weird ideas he throws in in the "wrong" places, the time and key changes, the little things that you have to actually listen for.

    This album is musical gold. Max arranged instruments he cant even play, into what would be considered a masterpiece if it were instrumental and had nothing to do with Say Anything. Then he added a normal drum kit, synth, and his edgy vocals. Replaced every guitar idea with a stringed instrument of another kind.  And the best part, is you can actually hear a lot of the rhythms and melodies in a way that makes sense to guitar... AND Max is pulling brilliant musicians from all over to help transcribe this album into guitar-driven, full band, alternative, rock - for the live shows. In the end, the thing that always made Say Anything - Say Anything, was Max's bizarre, blunt, and sometimes laughable lyrics. And there is no shortage of that on any album.


    Very true. Bands get super sick of their own music listening to it over and over again in the studio and on stage and the basically need to get away from their own sound. Fans don't have to listen to it as much, and don't get sick of it as easily.

    Jonah Watkins

    I agree completely, I started with a real boy but, contrary to many who did stay with that album I've loved this band since my first listen. Personally I love all of his albums and seeing them live is still amazing. I'm glad he's moving on with his life and music. He seems a hell of a lot happy these days. When I met Brian Sella (The Front Bottoms) I asked him how touring with Max is and he said that he's an incredibly happy guy, that he loves his wife, and that he enjoys his life. I'm just getting sick and tired of people shunning an artist for new material. Fans should be happy he's even making new material. He can't be a pissy 19 or 20 year old like he was during is a real boy anymore. He's a father, and a husband. 

    Jonah Watkins

    @Jonah Watkins Happier*

    Levi Wyatt

    I know this is so old but, Shit you literally described my exact feeling in the first part. I 100% agree with every word stated in the first part. I still love this band since is a real boy but I do love all their stuff but I'm just stating that's when I started on them

    Dearly Band

    I've been such an enormous fan of Say Anything for years but, I never really appreciated the flexibility of Max's vocals until this album!

  31. Shanna Chapman

    If you listen to Say Anything from their first album to this, you can hear the way his music has evolved top what it is today. I, for one, think that this album is beautiful and daring in it's attempts to do things that sound a little "weird" or "off" in the song, and they do it well. Hebrews is as true to Say Anything and Max as any other album.

  32. Matt D'Astoli

    I saw these guys live last night, barely knowing anything about them. I can honestly say I'm a huge fan now.

  33. Jen Par


  34. ManOverbaked

    Most will disagree but this album to me is the most emotional SA release since at least IDOTG, maybe ever...

  35. AletheAce

    Good song, but I dont like the lyrics. Wayyy to political, and it's specific. Also, the ending is horrific. 

    Yogan Yog

    dude u should hear the beginning of the song live, not one band in history could pull that shit off. but yeha the ending is a little religious. same w judas, but i actually got used to him yellin SWASTIKA! and love it now

    Maxine Cat

    LOL god forbid someone is political and care about the world ..... geez . 

    Yogan Yog

    @cane cat
    oh i know godforbid a punk band at that!


    @Yogan Yog God forbid that someone get political or religious in their music...jeez..

    Yogan Yog

    @trmble6 hope u were being sarcastic or picking up on mine, cuz I was saying exactly what you just did to op. were on same page. I think its ridiculous all the new genre labels that segregate people's intrigue when going outside the box in their musical taste. sooo many talented bands today get labeled as emo... god the word is such a lingering shit pile in todays musical genre and critiques

  36. Nabila Antari


  37. B W

    Why? Why did you do this, Say Anything?

    Caius Cassius

    Because they're not sell-outs

    Mike Forest

    Brittney W wright a deep meaningful song?

  38. itsybitsyzombie

    I never thought in a million years I would dislike a Say Anything record. Sadly, that day has come.

    Learning Makes Me Happy

    @itsybitsyzombie The only way you don't like it is by comparing it to their "teenager" albums. This one is for adults only. Sorry, bud.


    @Christopher Shelton You say that as if everything they've done up until this album has been childish. I never once compared it to their previous albums, I simply don't like the songs on this one. Even after listening to it all the way through a handful of times, still don't like it.

    Learning Makes Me Happy

    @itsybitsyzombie Not childish, but more tuned towards teenagers who "feel" like they have grown-up problems.

    Learning Makes Me Happy

    I guess music is extremely subjective.

    FilmGeek Studios

    @itsybitsyzombie This one took a lot of getting used to. I saw them perform it live with guitars instead of strings, and it sounded EXACTLY like ...Is A Real Boy. It changed the way I perceived it.

  39. John Hemmerich

    This album has grown on me, just like all the past ones. After I listened to Is A Real Boy... then listened to In Defense for the first time I thought it was awful at first. Each new album takes time, and don't listen to it on youtube. No where near giving it justice. The sounds in this album are complex and deserve a close listen. 

  40. Timothy Williams

    Each album just keeps getting more and more interesting. holy shit, Say Anything always surprise me and I like it :D

  41. John Misty

    Long live palestine!

  42. RenewedFaith

    What is "Chop off the hand of Abraham before he slits my throat." intended to mean?


    kind of odd to want him dead, right?

    Brandon Harris

    I think you can dislike something an artist does and still be a true fan, thats the beauty of art.

    Nathan S

    Abraham was tasked by God to sacrifice his son Isaac as a form of a test, or some sick bet God made with the devil, or God was just really drunk. Either way, Abraham took it seriously and brought Isaac up a mountain with the intent of killing him. God stopped him just before he did, probably because he realized Abraham didn't know that he was just drunk dialing him before, and sent Abraham a ram to sacrifice instead. So, the passage might entail that people are so ready to blindly follow orders based on belief, and the singer wishes they would be stopped before they did something really dumb. But I could be wrong...

    RK Seams

    He's jewish, obviously, and has struggled with faith his whole life as a schizo bipolar type. He's saying he wishes he could renounce his heritage all together because contemplation is driving him mad.

    Maxine Cat

    That is one of the baddest ass lyrics i have heard in quite some time. 

  43. Geoffrey Bremner

    this is fucking amazing

  44. Harry Hazard

    this is going to be so amazing

  45. Julie M

    Ehhh.... Like it but don't love as much as Is A Real Boy / self titled

    Yogan Yog

    read the lyrics and let it sink in. num 2.3, 5, 6.7 and 10 are stand outs

  46. Seth Best

    I'm beyond happy that Max is still writing emotional and lyrically genius songs. However, the band's sound has changed drastically since Continued (the band's drummer since the start) left. Anarchy, My Dear was a good album, but it didn't seem to be backed by as much emotion and personal experience as all the other albums. This album just seems like its missing that edge that made me fall in love with the band 5 years ago. I still love them, but...

  47. mathew

    Not hebrew i am a waste of a bar mitzvah part sorry

  48. mathew

    I think theyre good, I just dont like the "I am a hebrew blah blah blah" its too much. They need to stay in the rythm, the i am a hebrew takes the rythm out.

  49. shannon majeski

    so ready for this album and tour.

  50. Olw Blue

    Aaaauuuu!  O -O good

  51. Daquan Rodriguez

    This band suck!

    Mitch Lander

    Sir, I know your entitled to your opinion, but these guys don't suck, and if you read most of their lyrics they are based on the past or present of society around the world. Let's see you do better?

    Daquan Rodriguez

    @Mitch Lander Good for them. I don't give a fuck.

    Sam Warren

    lol Daquan don't give a fuck

    Daquan Rodriguez

    @Samuel Woodson I still don't

    Daquan Rodriguez

    +Agrith OK.

  52. Sundrely !

    I'm actually jewish. :3

    Fran Levine

    so is max


    @Fran Levine I thought he was a Christian now? Can anyone confirm or deny this? 

    Riley L.

    @fishtankfreak he's converted now that he's married sherri but he's of Jewish heritage ie: Died a Jew and Alive with the glory of love:)

    Fran Levine

    @fishtankfreak Oh I didn't know he converted, but now I do. Thank you :)


    What the fuck does that mean?

  53. Rowan Nagel

    Pretty fucking cool! I like this!

  54. Madi Alten

    Uhg this album kicks ass, the band has grown so much

  55. hakhagmon

    еврей кор 

  56. NightmareMaccaw

    Love sayanything !!

  57. Sundays with TimmyExJW

    Good song. First comment. Get on my level !!


    Not the first comment