Savoy Brown - Shot In The Head Lyrics

Hard case, musician mean, hey, hey, hey
It's kind of sad but that's what I'll be, hey, hey, hey
I don't have nothing but the clothes on my back, hey, hey, hey
Do my sleeping in an old brown sack, hey, hey, hey

I've had enough of getting shot in the head
I've had enough and I wish I was dead
I've had enough of getting shot in the head
I've had enough of getting shot in the head

I don't have money and I don't have class, hey, hey, hey
Need a couple of dollars just to fill my glass, hey, hey, hey
I've got so many friends to my name
They're all bottles of whiskey, they're friends just the same
Never have to worry that's the name of the game, hey, hey, hey

I've had enough of getting shot in the head
I've had enough and I wish I was dead
I've had enough of getting shot in the head
I've had enough of getting shot in the head

I spent 22 years in a Rock and Roll band
10,000 women on a one night stand
And all I've got to show is a hole in my hand
Where my money has burned me through

I've had enough of getting shot in the head
I've had enough and I wish I was dead
I've had enough of getting shot in the head
I've had enough of getting shot in the head

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Savoy Brown Shot In The Head Comments
  1. out there

    This is one hell of a cool tune know someone with the vinyl

  2. denislaw8

    A great tune, played well by Kim Simmonds.

  3. Daniel Tyler

    If you do not understand this music it it because you were not there.

  4. Marcia Corbin

    Fantastic...the band & the song them

  5. Rick W.

    Jimmy did it

  6. Shannon Fisher

    OMG seen this post so many memories 1st started playing slide. These guys did Foghat good seen them open for Alvin Lee 71' Kudos Jack the Toad -♥

    Machete Moonlight

    these guys vastly superior to Foghat... :)

  7. Grady Gentry

    Who could not like this song,One of Your finest bands to come out of England.I have been listen to them from there start.Just one fine Band. every time I get on You Tube I have to hear this Great song.And the made a lot more Great songs...You have got to Dig them.

    Shannon Fisher

    Grady Gentry yo Gentry: Another fine bloke with great taste in "REAL" MUSIC
    thank u😆

  8. BougyMan

    Legendary song.

  9. drprogensteinphp

    Great tune, written by ex-Easy Beats members George Young (Angus Young's/AC/DC older bro) and Harry Vanda. Both went on to form the late 70's band Flash And The Pan.
    Oh...and Savoy Brown's 'Lions Share' album came out in 1972, not 1970 :)
    Thanks for sharing this excellent song!

  10. deucecoop66

    The guitar licks are so fun! And I liked to sing along to this one.


    MH version is not at all better...definitely not a million times...who's MH?

  12. cathrine kennar

    Blues Rock- Blooze Booze n Tattoos hail hail Rock n Roll.

  13. Grady Gentry

    This song is one of My favorite by Savoy Brown.And to jeffthrow6892 I think You are right Loin Share for sure came out in 1972

  14. vinylplz

    @jeffthrow6892 Yeah, the LP says copyright '72

  15. jeffthrow6892

    Great song! But...........didn't "Lion's Share" actually come out in 1972, not 1970??

  16. Bryse Powers

    I traded this LP for some weed in 1973.



  17. Herbie Whitmore

    for sister,i know how it feels sometimes,but this to shall pass...things always get better with time...

  18. beebeef


  19. semitar6

    You have to say that Savoy definitely had some of the collest album covers of all time...esp. hellbound train.

  20. wally klimas

    I love thas song

  21. Ed Goering

    Thanx for the Blodder, window pane or mesx. Haven,t enjoy a light show this good for a trip to the good old library ! GENISES IDEAL ! since 1973 ! Gave this old trooper a laugh !

    Az Peepus

    yo Ed - white barrel, last of the Owsley. Saw these boys w/Uriah Heep or maybe Humble Pie (?)...neural pathways changed forever. Or maybe it never happened - I just don't know.

  22. ZSOSER69

    @MegaWhiner Glad to hear you got better. I have been listening to Savoy Brown , Humble Pie, Zephyr and so many great bands that no one seems to know about anymore since I was about 18 since the great 60s. I am still trying to get even better. Hey everyone. Lets all get better, listen to real music made by real people , ROCK ON.

  23. MegaWhiner

    This was a good album. My sister turned me on to it when we was young. At the time she was more of a hippie then I was, but I got better.

  24. pretorious700

    @knobstick "hairy"-that's funny, you're right, there was always something strange about his voice.

  25. Chester B

    How bout posting "Love Me Please"

  26. nate dodge

    ok,now how about posting ''second try''?

  27. celloprofundo

    I don't have a turn-table...anymore. Can YOU burn a copy for me, Mr. E. Bay :) ?....Gorgons, haven't heard that term since I had a turn-table ; > }...Let's hear it, blues purists, who do we prefer, Savoy Brown or Foghat ? Hard to beat Foggy's first album..

    Shannon Fisher

    celloprofundo kudos my friend big fan of both. I'd make a list but my computer would explode lol.😎

  28. gorgonslave

    Love Dave Walker!

  29. gorgonslave

    I know where you can get a copy of Boogie brothers on Lp. EBAY :)

  30. celloprofundo

    Have you got their Boogie Brothers album, I can't find it anywhere, I've loved S.B. since I heard 'I'm Tired' back in '68 or '69 ? I saw Kim in a little club in Dayton ,10 years ago or so.. can't remember much about that ; )

  31. Eugene Sanchez

    I bet they did at least 10,000 one nighters, if not more

  32. glynnth

    10,000 one-night-stands seems like a rather exaggerated estimate, possibly??

    Tim Hilliard

    No shit, but I bet they tried

  33. Gary Murphree

    i remember seeing Savoy live, with the jack the toad band lineup...absolutely great fun band, and they did this song too! we could use some bands like this today!

  34. Billy Bob

    Say what, southern London?

  35. brotherwally

    One of the Pioneers of Southern Blues Rock, always loved these guys. Thanks for posting this Bob.

  36. 52telecasterbob

    "Lion's Share" is a brilliant album....check it out!

  37. 52telecasterbob

    Yeah, I like that one too! Thanks for watching the video!

  38. 52telecasterbob

    I know what you mean...they really were a cool rock band!

  39. 52telecasterbob

    Thanks Laura!

  40. 52telecasterbob

    I saw them live too back then in the states...great rock and roll/blues band!

  41. 52telecasterbob

    Sorry, but some sort of problem on youtube's end. It will play on standard view. :(

  42. jmedia1

    NICE discovery for me; thanx for posting!

  43. Robert Warwas

    Good to see/hear a Savoy Brown selection here.
    You don't get this every day!
    What a treat! =D