Savoy Brown - Second Try Lyrics

I gotta know find out why
Give my life a second try
I was alone and I didn't know
Now I found an open door
On my second try
On my second try

And if I look a little dazed
I'm still trying to find a way
And if I need a helping hand
I look to you to understand
On my second try
On my second try

I gotta know find out why
Give my life a second try
I was alone and I didn't know
Now I found an open door
On my second try
On my second try

And if I look a little dazed
I'm still trying to find a way
And if I need a helping hand
I look to you to understand
On my second try
On my second try

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Savoy Brown Second Try Comments
  1. Verna Lauritsen

    I seen Savoy Brown when they touring for this album during the 70s. Went to the Paramount theater in downtown Portland, Oregon with some friends. Had front row seats in the balcony. Those were great seats. Great show. I'm 70 now, still listening.... RL.

  2. Mark Dolan

    Then, now and forever. Classic.

  3. Mark Dolan

    I saw them in Chicago at the International Amphitheatre. They opened for Deep Purple in 1974. After Lonesome Dave left them I followed Foghat.

  4. Tim McCarthy


  5. Amitav Sanyal

    17:00 Howlin' for my darling, awesome tribute to the Blues Maestro Howllin' Wolf.


    love my ultimate love 4 Savoy!

  7. stefan persson

    Thanks good album, The have many other good albums to before

  8. Cathy Wilson

    I don’t understand why this album has been so hard to get your hands on over the past 30 years. It’s one of my all time blues favorites and still my favorite Savoy Brown album. Thanks so much for sharing this on you tube. Incredible sound and brings back some really fine memories. What a great band. Plus they’re playing here in St. Louis this year. Needed to listen to all their albums. Thanks again.

    Lyndell Raufer

    Wow! What a band! Through all the years and all the lineups Kim Simmonds has continuously recorded some of the best blues, boogie, and ass kicking rock thaive ever heard. Unfortunately much like Humble Pie, Nazareh, Slade and others will never even be considered for the Hall of Fame. That is the saddest feeling I know!

    Lyndell Raufer

    Thank you eternally Kim Simmons

  9. Tom Egerstrom

    if theses guys had a decent singer they would of been right up there with everyone else, too bad, great musically

    Josh Levin

    fuck you

  10. thomas harrell

    '74. My big sisters boyfriend, guitarist in band, said "buy this" after spotting it in the LP section of a Zayres department store (Orlando). This CD is sitting in my six disk (yes) cd changer in my car, at this writing.

  11. Michael McCurry

    Turned on to Raw Sienna by Warlock roommate at Catholic College.

  12. mitch collins

    my cousin Eric turned me on to this album while visiting my grandmother in Conway SC

  13. Emanuel Tadeu Borges

    What a guitar solo! What a vocal!

  14. Jose Andrade

    This music is so fine. No avant garde, no genius compositions, just plain blues and rock, and a great pleasure to listen to. Do you think it is not much? Think twice...

  15. Michael Wojciak

    Denim Demon. First heard in a music store back in '73. Dad took me to buy my first real "stereo".

  16. Carl A

    Had this album. Oh, yeah! I have not had enough - lol. Give me more SB.


    I am going to see the FOGHAT ( Rodger Earl, drummer ) / Savoy Brown show this weekend @
    Penn's Peak, Jim Thorpe, Pa.,
    Saturday May 19, 2019....
    Lion's Share was my first Savoy, purchased in fall ,1973. I have seen Kim / Savoy Br
    1974 Boogie Bros
    1975 Wire Fire
    1989 Kings of Boogie

    So...this weekend, 30 years since!
    The latest album " Witchy Feeling" 2018 is excellent!

  18. Michael Lamneck

    'So Tired' sounds like BTO meets Foghat, great album, thanks for posting!

  19. Richard Worden

    Looking in from the outside ?

  20. daniel clergeau

    i like!!!yeaaah!

  21. Valeriy Blinov

    Super Legends!!!!

  22. Arcadio Guardicha

    Thank you!!!!!!

  23. John Hearn

    One of my favorite Savoy Brown albums. The new albums are great too.Check out Witchy Feeling, Kim gets better every time he picks up a Guitar.

  24. Rock Roll

    Who came up with that album cover. Genius

  25. Lucio Raúl Miguel

    Extraordinario album, como todos los de Savoy Brawn !! 👍👍

  26. Newton Simoes

    Awesome !!!!

  27. Newton Simoes

    Classic !!!

  28. Jacky Flowers

    Love this band. Love this song. Can so relate. 25 yrs in a R&R band.+

  29. daniel clergeau

    yeeaaahhh!!!! kim!

  30. out there

    I was turned on to Savoy Brown when my older neighbor who was 42 at the time me 20 in 1983 grabbed a album out his collection and played Train To Nowhere and Louisiana Blues while we were getting stoned off the pipe he had since 1968 I've been hooked ever since lol started buying all I could find of Savoy Brown at used record store all over Cleveland still have and jam them all the time now I try to find more around Memphis

    MacKenzie Donahue

    I got turned onto them in a similar situation, lol.

  31. Kidd Oldman

    A great spinner--thanks for sharing!

  32. daniel clergeau

    of chester burnett!!!!

  33. daniel clergeau

    super !!!

  34. bb bblues

    this is my second fav album my true top album was Blue Matter  great post

  35. riversidepete 61

    The last great Savoy Brown album

  36. pretorious700

    R.I.P. Lonesome Dave.

  37. pelotasdad

    such an excellent album.... i still remember listening to this on my brother’s 8 track tape...... every song is superb. thanks for loading this onto youtube.... all my albums are in storage right now.....

  38. tom66joad

    The best Savoy Brown album without Chris Youlden.

  39. g mat

    went to a street fair and this album was offered for over $10.00.
    glad i passed.
    Need something more than the 20Th pack but maybe Street Corner Talking is what i need

  40. Alan Birmingham

    lonsome dave was [ is] a monster

  41. Flyboy Steven

    The thing that killed Savoy Brown for me was the fact that almost every album had a different lead never knew who you were listening to or what the next album was gonna sound like....Street Corner Talking is a masterpiece but its the only album that sounds like that one...the same thing happened with The Groundhogs...they released the immortal, "HOGWASH" LP, and from that point on, The Groundhogs never sounded the same....just kills the band....successful rock bands usually have their own unique trademark sound....if they dont, they disappear...

    Guy Nice Jr.

    Hey...Work backwards from Hogwash -- all good stuff. (And Solid may be good too: Same lineup as Hogwash. I'm just not as familiar with it.)

  42. Don Bradley

    Dave Walker was the vocalist in this version no gravel in lonesome daves vocals

  43. Alan Birmingham

    Great lost album .

  44. Mark Rago

    Dave Walker almost ended up in Black Sabbath circa 76/77 when Ozzy temporarily left. Even cut a demo of Juniors Eyes.

  45. Juan Garrido

    Excelente !

  46. Laurel Evers

    Lonesome Dave is the only singer I can enjoy with this band other than the Great Chris Youlden. The singer here, Dave Walker, doesn't have the deeper gravitas of Maestros Peverett and Youlden.

  47. Jeff Kolesinski


  48. Mistah Pink

    Howlin for my darlin' sounds very similar to Maybe i'm a Leo by Deep Purple, anyone notice that?

  49. mikaleno 5

    Shot in the head just draws you in with that great Simmons slide guitar.

    Cynicallad Very

    It's a Marcus Hook Roll band Cover..Malcolm and Angus Young both played on the Song. ;)

  50. larry smith

    # 8 Love Me Please: One of the greatest blues songs ever captured on vinyl. Sublime blues deftly executed by consummate musicians who understood that “The whole is greater than its parts”. A true work of blues art. Credit is also due to the studio engineers and final mastering. Blues at it’s finest!


    Totally agree! In a lifetime of great, beautiful, fantastic blues by the great Kim Simmonds this one stands out as a true masterpiece ! So true lyrics, guitar blues and piano, so poignant . So overlooked but will always stand the test of time!

  51. Kevin. Dickson

    graduated in 76. This is my era!

  52. dale wentworth

    #jackthetoad Raw Sienna

  53. Clay C

    Thank you for putting this classic SB album on here.  Man does this bring back some memories!

  54. Charles Luallen

    love shot in the head -lake spivey 1973 with hydra


    Brother Charles! as you probably know I was there. me gene & Cindy came in thru the woods. savoy was so late we missed them but it was still a great night because hydra played till about midnight.

  55. Syndicate of Surf

    THIS is the best Savoy Brown album! Why? Cuz it's the one I owned! And learned to play every song on drums and guitar. My blooze skool.

  56. Berry Grash

    Cool Blues Yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  57. Steven Griffin

    Savoy Brown is playing tonight in Burlington, IA at the Washington.

    frances db

    Next weekend they are playing in Framingham , Mass outside of Boston. I think I am going to go!

    A. Bearsfan4lyf

    I'm from the QC's and was at that show... they did 2 encores if I remember correctly... we rocked "Lions Share" and "Street Corner Talking" all the way home.

  58. Bruce Daigle

    great music

  59. Sanjay Jani

    It would have been interesting had Black Sabbath actually recorded with Dave Walker. He provided good vocals during his time with Savoy Brown.

  60. bill free

    love a second try...

  61. Joe Mystery

    Saw them 1970-71 summer at the Wollman Skating Ring in Central Park, the place that Donald Trump fixed for city of New York Was just around time this great album was released. They were awesome beyond belief and stood out amongst the other great shows I saw at the Wollman including Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After, Beach Boys, Frank Zappa and Blue Oyster Cult. If my memory serves me correctly price of shows was about $10.00 a ticket or perhaps less. Memorable and not to be forgotten. I actually have a bootleg for that show I got from my buddy Matt who went with me. Just sick to think we are talking 46 years ago. Wow.

  62. Thomas Terry

    First herd them raw sienna when I was 13 became my second favorite band ever ...major overlooked by most thanks for posting

  63. Willie Daniels

    My favorite song is Hellbound Train! First heard these guys in the early 70's! One of the best hard rock blues bands!


    Amazing band thanks for upload it

  65. François Fournier

    tres bon

  66. Karl Taylor

    I first heard Savoy in Chicago as a kid on the fledgling WLS-FM when the played Train To Nowhere from "Blue Matter" and the damage was permanent. People hold Clapton and SRV in high esteem as blues players but have overlooked Kim Simmons for decades.

    Karl Taylor

    +Geppetto50 Typo Dude.

    Karl Taylor

    +Geppetto50 I hate being corrected


    Not me Karl, I have always been into Stevie,Eric and Savoy. My fave was street corner talking . 1971

    Alan Birmingham

    fOR REAL !!!!!!

    Mark Dolan

    I saw them in Chicago. They opened for Deep Purple in 1974 at the International Amphitheatre.

  67. James W Terry

    What about jack the toad ?

  68. James W Terry

    What about jack the toad ?

  69. Cora Visser

    Fantastic music is this thank you so much for uploading love it.

  70. LeRoguer

    Got to see them in Fla after this came out ('73?). They opened with So Tired. Still the best concert I ever saw; ZZ Top, Blue Oyster Cult, Savoy Brown & Deep Purple as the headliner.

    Thomas Mahon

    Wow. Quite a line up.


    Yep,June 16th of 73 at the Old Sombrero. I think I was there but can't remember.........LoL

    Mark Rago

    LeRoguer Awesome. I seen Deep Purple in 2005 and going to see them in September with Alice Cooper and Edgar Winter. Can't wait!

  71. Tom Kimball

    thanks tommy ham....we used to cruise out in the country at night in the old chevy pick up truck..smokin weed and drinkin brews..jammin to Savoy two favs. was second try and denim demon...back in 73..dig it !!!


    sounds like me in the city ☮ ♡ ♫ ♪ shot in the head ☆ Can't find you

  72. popeye tomsovic

    great art on LP cover!!!

  73. Andy Gascon

    So great to hear been so long it's like new and I Dig-It Thanks 😎✌🏻️🇺🇸💨💨

  74. cutie fan

    Savoy Brown were/are Britains best blues band: you just can´t top their masterworks " A Step Further! and "Raw Sienna".On Lion´s Share my favorite tracks are "So Tired"(GREAT song!)and "Love Me Please".Thanks for uploading Tommy Ham!!

    William Gibson

    My personal favorite was Street Corner Talking.

    alan triplett

    I really like Lookin in, plus Wirefire is great as well.

  75. Guy Lee


  76. Mark Haycock much great music I thought I'd lost foever...She may have taken 500+ albums$#%[email protected] music lives on!!

  77. Rocky Bigford

    a treat to hear these guys, thank God for You Tube

  78. José David Fragoso Cedillo

    Music to nigth drive in higway. Long distance, fast and heavy. All in my Mexican VAM Rally AMX 1981 to Acapulco Port and City.

  79. CurlyJo

    Always loved their bluesy rock ... definitely enjoyed it ✿◠‿◠✿

  80. mrcentfrancs

    An awkward imitation of a blues-rock.

    paladin peace

    you think this is awkward blues-rock you have a right to your opinion but give them more of a listen these guys are up there with Steppenwolf

    Scott Boundy

    mrcentfrancs you have your right to your opinion, but imo these guys are the kings of british blues rock

  81. Smoke Bury

    thank you for this!!!~wow the memoriessssssssss

  82. Dennis Mitchell

    Great album among many...I use to have my younger cousin play this album everyday for 2 summers as my alarm clock......sure put me in a great frame of mind to go see the world..thanks for the spin around the block ☺

  83. Pecos45

    Man, thank you so much for posting this. Have not heard this since it first came out and I was in college. Had it on 8-track and you know how that goes. Great album. Appreciate you!!!


    +Pecos45 I had the 8 track☮ Respect

  84. Tom Kimball

    oh yes the good ol days.of all their albums. I could not find this gem.thank you for the memories kim

  85. seesaw1969

    wow...i only knew some tracks from this album , from the bootleg live at central park ny in 1972...great times from one of the greatest english band.thanks for share

  86. Gnoomus Maximus

    nice to hear what the tune is of this reel hanging round my collection

  87. boramfan87

    One word......masterpiece.

    Many many thanks for sharing "real" music.  : P

  88. boramfan87

    Hall of fame band, hall of fame music.
    My gawd I was only17 when I first heard this masterpiece.

    I can't believe I lost this at some point in my life and now here I am....again!

    Man am I ever grateful to you for sharing this special joy. It's like running into an old, long lost dear friend.  :  )

  89. semitar6

    Savoy Brown's album cover for Hellbound Train, the best of all time....I was fascinated by that album cover when I was a child...for years, I would spend time staring at it.


    lions share

    Machete Moonlight

    ha, yeah me too.. I parents played this record for me as a tyke to put me to sleep.. shot in the head is still one of my favorite songs now as I close in on 50.

    Machete Moonlight

    I yell four because I was four, when this record came out.

  90. Laura Beattie

    Kick ass jam!

  91. Gerald West

    TOMMY HAM, thanks for posting this up my friend! We were teenagers when this great Band hit the scene, we loved them and still do!


    @Gerald West Thank you Gerald ☮ ♡ ☺


    @TOMMY HAM When was Lion's Share released? Back in the late 60's and early 70's, the local underground FM radio station played a lot of Savoy Brown. I recently purchased Blue Matter, Looking In, Raw Sienna and Street Corner Talking for my ipod. Kim Simmond's guitar and Chris Youlden's voice made magic. Thanks for posting this album.


    +pmoyer50 Released 1972 and Chris was gone by then and so was the magic vocals he brought to the band

    Mark Rago

    sonicstreamers Chris youlden was good, don't take anything away from Dave Walker or future Foghat singer Dave Peverret

  92. Kathy Mason

    When I hear this album I hop in my "way back" machine,I'm 15 again,we all partying on the bank of the Mississippi River. In IL. Bon fires-liquor-great tunes,kill ty-stick,hashish.we knew how to have fun.


    sounds like my childhood. just turned 49. but they said im an old soul and partied with the older dudes my big brothers buddies who always got me stoned but then beat my ass cause they were 20 and i was 15


    cool i remember i took a bottle of white wine from moms wine rack and proceeded to a bonfire it turns out it was a bottle of white overproof rum and i was messed up and didnt read the label wow was i shocke when i realized it was 130 proof my eyes got very big

    Jeff Kolesinski



    no jeff it says overproof right on the bottle. jamaican overproof rum.
    googlr the pic of it. just sayin 151 is to. maybe its anything over 100

  93. Ron Wisler

    One of the most boring albums I have ever heard. So, So Bad!

    Michael Ouellette

    Hey ron go back and listen to beiber


    @Ron Wisler Sorry, this isn't the Archies, Monkees, David Cassidy or Bobby Sherman. You're out of your element listening to this album. Go away, little man.

  94. Randolph the frog & jack

    I pretty much stayed with Savoy Brown even though you never had any idea who the personnel was going to be with the next album. How lucky was Simmonds to have had Lonesome Dave and Chris Youlden as his lead singer(s) on separate albums. Both were a perfect match for where Kim was musically at each incarnation. Anyone who was 'In' on Savoy Brown always loved to turn new people on to them. They usually said something like " Dude these guys are great- where the hell did they come from.Lions Share was one of their best . Thanks a ton for the memories!

    George Hubbard

    Love em all

    Roger Dudra

    My fondest memories include turning on people to Savoy Brown back around 1970 here in Montana. I think I might have broken some minds doing it though.

    Dennis Sweeney

    must have been to fifty sixty savory shows mostly NYC

    Dan Bartko

    Randolph the frog & jack
    Dave Walker was an excellent singer for them as well.
    Some of best material was with him
    on vocals.

    Hemi Rush

    @Guido Bibro VINYLS FINAL!!

  95. Felipe de Jesus Garcia Patiño

    Denim demon

  96. John Carlson

    HEY HEY HEY ! ! !

  97. Machete Moonlight

    my parents used to put me to sleep with 'shot in the head'.. and I still love this record, at 45.

    Machete Moonlight

    i never thought about a deeper meaning to this until now.. haha.

  98. Emilio H.

    Me pone a bailar y contento me encanta y me excita juju lo recomiendo al 100%