Savoy Brown - Here Comes The Music Lyrics

Here comes the music
Here comes the rhythm
We gotta get together
And let the band know
You're with them, yeah
Here comes the feeling
Gonna make everything all right
Come on, come on
Come on, get it right
Get it right tonight
For this is only a day in your life, of yeah
And if it makes you feel right, satisfied with yourself
We can do it

Here comes the music
Make yourself happy
Put your hands together
I got to know that you're with me, yeah
Here come the feeling
Gonna make everything all right
Come on, come on
Come on, get it right
Get it right tonight
For this is only a day in your life, oh yeah
And if it makes you feel right, satisfied with yourself
Oh, we can do it

Get it right
Get it right tonight
Get it right
Get it right tonight
Baby, get it right
Get it right
Get it right tonight...

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Savoy Brown Here Comes The Music Comments
  1. Mark Dolan

    Saw them in 1973 as opening for Deep Purple. Still digging it.

  2. Jay Dillon


  3. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    wtf happened to vol 1??? Is that the Mighty Hammond B3 I hear??

  4. Lisa Bullock

    Why aren't they in the Rock & Roll of fame? Loved them since I was 15 now I'm still loving them. Especially "I'm Tired" and " lifes One Act Play" and I'm 66❌⭕❌⭕🔥🔥🔥❤🤗

  5. Fernando Augusto


  6. Daniel Batitsas

    Bought Hellbound Train in 71 and introduced Savoy to my associates in Texas. El Paso. Although they were all R&R fans, they just didn't get it. I told them these guys were at least as good as the Texas blues bands and better than many. After a while I realized deaf ears will not hear, I put this album on every day and enjoyed, still am. Damn, was that really 48 years ago?

  7. Monsters of Rock

    The Saddest Feeling is missing!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Daniel Batitsas

    Pissed off at life and the fact you are not young anymore? Put this on, its 1970's again and we are all young, fit, happy and endless possibilities lay on the road ahead. For a while the old feelings come back. There are some good times ahead, this I know. But a shortened time schedule requires enjoying each day and not living in the past. But, I got to admit, there were some pretty damn good days.

  9. Mark Dolan

    Saw them live as backup to Deep Purple in Chicago, 1974. I became a Foghat fan for life after they split uip.

  10. Ed King

    Thank you for posting the collection which is an awesome one. Savoy Brown contributed more to the music world that it has been credited for. A very underrated group.
    I'll "Tell mama"

    Russ Miller

    I believe it better than any Fog Hat album. Chris should have stayed. He was never replaced in my mind. Brown was in Phoenix at Big Surf and had more changes in their line up than Deep Purple. Both bands were in constant flux and changes in direction. I love both!

  11. pykkervots

    First came across Savoy Brown in 1970, another excellent British blues band. Not up there Peter Greens 60's/70's Fleetwood Mac but in the same area

  12. Bud Snuffer

    Heard the first note and gave it a thumbs up.

  13. METAL

    MITICI !

  14. Vanei Pontes

    Greats Songz 🎵🎼🎶🎸😎👊

    Vivian Purple

    Cheers 🍷🍷 . 🔦🎙️🎤🎹🎷🥁🎸🙋🇺🇦 .

  15. stefano rovere

    Nice version of wang dang doodle but the Koko Taylor's version is wild

  16. im annonymous

    Umm who was in the band this week lol
    Cool guitar tone , i just never really got this band sadly....but they are rocknroll , no doubt

  17. YerPope

    The best unknown blues band of the 60s to present.

  18. jose palos

    Great Band Sincé i was 15 one of my favor bands

  19. Susan Russell

    So many albums to choose from,And so many many a song. But no matter the pick with this band you could never be wrong. Even with member changes along the way,quality remains... what can I say?OH Wait,I just did.

  20. Ricky Tomato

    That's Some BadAss Shit ! ! ! ✌❤& Rock&Roll 😎

  21. gerald willcox

    ...mmmm,,I,m Old guy in oregon...thanks to you my children,,,Rock on,,,[email protected]@##$$$

  22. petros pappas

    amazing album...masterpiece

  23. Valeriy Blinov

    Super Legends!!!! Love!!!

  24. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    second try is out of bounds good

  25. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    where the fuck is vol 1??????

  26. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    what happened to vol 1????

  27. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    Second Try has sooo much soul

  28. Randell Herren

    one more thing: best white boy blues band i've ever known or loved and that's forever!

  29. Randell Herren

    damn and dang and love you brown people! all night long / fave band since late 60's !

  30. 1blastman

    Hey does anyone have CD 1 to post? That has lots of Youlden, Roger Earle, Tone Stevens and Lonesome Dave on it.

    Randell Herren

    like to hear more as they are my heroes

  31. Tom CONWAY

    Great sounding collection.

  32. Vivek Wally

    Put on "Train To Nowhere"!

    Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    try vol 1

    Alan Hobbs

    Chris Youlden was certainly one of the best blues vocalists Unfortunately he has not kept good health in recent years. Read Shakey Vics web page.


    this English band really shows you what the blues is……..Kim Simmons……..

  34. jamie wesson

    its strange the classic train to nowhere not on album but comps always seem to omit obvlous tracks very annoying to the fans

    Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    its on vol one

  35. Fritz Gutchess

    One of my favorite bands, especially the Chris Youlden, Lonesome Dave Peverett and Dave Walker vocal years. Great guitar work and awesome vocals !!!! Seen them a few years back at The Magic Bag in Ferndale, MI, Jim McCarty and Johnny B played with Kim, what a great show at a theater with about 4 or 5 hundred people, or less !! The old stuff is legendary, never knew why this band wasn't more popular . Some of the best blues / rock I've ever heard. Still listen to them almost daily. Kim Simmonds is still doin' it today in his 70's. Hard to believe some of these guys still got it after all the fun of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Quite a testament to the true musicians of those times. Rock on !!!!!!


    Master Eddie has released a bunch of Live Savoy Brown from that incarnation of the Band. It's well worth the search. I also have an extended playlist of Chris Youlden Savoy Brown recorded and live if you ever want to give them long listen.

    Randell Herren

    which are the dave walkers? like jack the toad?

    Dee Devlin

    Been listening to them since the early seventies still on a daily basis just don't get old love me some looking in

    Randell Herren

    just got turned onto jazzin the blues / gawd that's when i fell in love (other than youlden) w. raw sienna !!!!! savoy will always be my number one !!

    mike baird

    Been jamming to Savoy Brown since early 70's and I'm so glad to hear from y'all, I still listen to this music now as I did then. It's timeless man... timeless...