Sash - Together Again Lyrics

I don't know where
I don't know how,
But I only know,
That one day,
We'll be together again

And I don't know where,
I don't know how,
But I only know,
That one day,
We'll be together again

It's been a long long time,
Since I left you all alone,
You need to know I had to go,
Far away from you.

I'll walk in this wasted land,
No one to take my hand,
Tell me why you came that way,
I don't know why.


[Verse 2 (In Danish)]
Siden jeg gik fra dig,
Føles livet lang og hård,
Men jeg tror jeg kommer mig,
for tiden læger sår.

[Verse 2 (English Translation)]
Since I left you,
Life has felt long and hard,
But I think I will get better,
Because I saw early.

Jeg ved ikke hvor,
Ved ikke hvordan,
Men jeg håber kun at du en dag,
Vil være hos mig igen.

I don't know where,
Don't know how,
But I only hope that one day,
You will be with me again.
Nej, Jeg ved ikke hvor,
Ved ikke hvordan,
Men jeg håber kun at du en dag,
Vil være hos mig igen.

No, I don't know where,
Don't know how,
But I only hope that one day,
You will be with me again.


Don't know where, don't know how,
But I only know,
That we'll be together again.

And I don't know where, (don't know where)
I don't know how, (don't know how)
But I only know,
We'll be together again.

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Sash Together Again Comments
  1. Bayram Celepci

    The Musik were so wonderful, l just would like to wish make you a new version of most popularity and hear again!!BAĞ

  2. Vanderlei Moraes

    2009 10 amos 💓💯 mata saudades 🌸🌷

  3. Per Jensen

    My love

  4. Prashant Jain

    World beauty

  5. David Gustavsson

    If that's you DJ Sasha your Gorgeous

  6. Ckkcof моя молодость Jxjfk

    Вот это настояший зборник класс

  7. константин козин

    Крутая группа 2000

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  9. Aymen Doha

    Top..... 2020.....amira from algeria

  10. Jose Luis Nadin

    Son muy buenos culiauu!!

  11. Everson Chaves


  12. ramiro cimarro

    Where are you now, sash


    :) Finland

  13. Yann Mottier

    Jolie miss. Elle me rappel un bon souvenir...

  14. Marek Król

    @ ●━━━━━━─────── @


  15. No Name

    Вот это музон что надо.

  16. W Alexander Callejas O

    Muy linda modelo 😊

  17. David Gustavsson

    Thank God for Teckno OM

  18. David Gustavsson

    I was going to Marry Her ? She was taken

  19. David Gustavsson

    Is that Sash Gorgeous

  20. Okkminttu Okkminttu

    Nice piano

  21. Старо Минский

    Ахмат сила

  22. Caroline Lim

    Kaivon Ft. Stella Smyth - May We Meet Again ( Melodic Dubstep ) 😊👌

  23. Tran Hoang Thien Nhan

    How can you do that Sash !!! Amazings

  24. RIck Holden

    Sash! Is a legend this is amazing as well as Ecuador

  25. Nick Barkas

    Sash and Robert Miles, my introduction to electronic music, what more to say; Stay and Children respectively.

  26. Pablo Rois vázquez

    super music together ….

  27. Zby Szek

    Super voice in this song and music by Sash!

  28. Жека Никитин


  29. Mariusz Adn

    Ta babeczka jest z zagubionych :)

    Monika Hofman

    To Jessica Biel 😄

    Mariusz Adn

    @Monika Hofman Evangeline Lilly a nie :) zobacz sobie

  30. Pedro Ferreira

    Muito bom Top

  31. Alleksandr fedorov

    Класс Класс Класссссссс

  32. hilal Messaoudi

    Thé best song 90s

  33. wakikura clive

    Who's listening to it 2019

    Brian Silver

    I wonder what your gonna say in 2020

  34. Bernard Delin

    ❤️❤️Love song

  35. Stuart Mckinnon

    One of my favourite songs and Kate from Lost - Whats not to like? and.... posted on Christmas day!!

  36. skrokkacene

    I've met Sash! in 2009 for working reasons: such a great dance producer!

  37. Thomas Jones

    What's with the picture of Evangeline Lilly that's pretty good clickbait I guess.

  38. country boy

    old gold

  39. Sam

    Ahhh Sash was the shit, always loved his work more than anyone else, still do!

  40. Yaser

    The only original album that I have in my life 😂😂😂🇮🇷

  41. Marry Sim


  42. ArchiiManiaK


  43. Rodrigo Argiro Mazo Callejas

    Que frescura de cancion ,un Oasis que calma la sed de mis oídos,en medio de esta selva de ese maldito reggaeton,desde Medellín

  44. Abraham Durán Beltrán Colombiano de la paz Bogotá

    Juan munuel santos de la paz de la jep

  45. DoomGuy161

    I remember listening to this in a mates car for the first time. I had not long broken up with my girlfriend and it just got the tears rolling!

  46. Steven Pallet

    Just not yet , thats all SEXY

  47. Pekkiss73 Lpl.

    I really like this❤️❤️

  48. Viktor Horvath

    Nice girl!

  49. Andrew Ford


  50. Zby Szek

    Kto słucha w 2019r

    Zby Szek

    Super melodyjny utwór.

    Zby Szek

    Superowy ten utwór, pozdrawiam

  51. Mario Ottaviano

    Bellissima anche questa canzone dance. ps-la ragazza in foto somiglia molto all'attrice Usa "Evangeline Lilly",o è proprio lei,boh

  52. ubiquity

    Soo nostalgic!

  53. Шурик С


  54. KHasbek HKasbek

    Исполнитель Бля Ёйне

  55. ChickenMaster

    To be young again ..

  56. Kaique lopes

    What can my friend I from brasilian

  57. Enum Hill

    I don't known how but very excellent song by sash

    Zby Szek

    Sash! I Love your hits. I'm from poland.

  58. Gábor Ferkai

    When I was seventeen (I am Hungarian) my neighbourghs brang me by car to the the swimming pool of the other town and the little girls' father Tomi put a cd on the ride and started the Rock the block. And I asked: what is this????? It was a little like DJ Bobo, Masterboy and it was such good, brilliant.... and the Adalante, With my own eyes... And he showd me that this is the Trillenium cd. Stricktly I bought the Trillenium casette. I can't be listened enough. I can't write how fantastic this is.


    Yeah i remember the yellow album Variant in Norway :D

  59. Enum Hill

    Very good song, hit my memories

  60. Robert Oginski

    Cool cool cool

  61. Enum Hill

    thinking about my ex very good song

  62. Дмитрий Тонких

    From the album "Trilenium"
    Released: March, 2000

    Blue Gintaro

    I still have the album.

  63. pa vory

    Great song.

  64. Massimiliano Russo

    I like the sound !

  65. ArchiiManiaK

    one day ... one day

  66. skurinski

    year 2000/2001 :)

  67. Peter Newbie

    my videos is best

  68. Martin Martin

    Sash will EAT JUSTIN FOR BREAKFEST.90s good times no cell phones no facebook no tablets no freaking HAYDAY just real people that have to deal with issues to your face.

  69. Gina Kelias

    brings so many nice memories....yeeeh...

  70. elena Sal

    Oh fucke me. Forgot about this one as well. Awesome

  71. Terry UncleTel

    This guy was a genius back then, produced some phenomenal tunes, very few producers today can touch him, one of the best.

    Dave Jones

    'Sash!' was actually 3 people with the one front guy (similar to Dash Berlin :-) Very unlike ATB setup who is just 1 guy :-)


    Was really good remember the old album Yellow ish color andwith blue sunglases that had rock the block, etc :D

    Mark Andrew

    I'd say that Sash is on the same level as Scooter and leaders of their respective genres

    Jose Carlos M. Iraculis

    Agree he is a genius as he produced both so good tracks but also different ones taking into account the technology at that time

    arif ino

    @Jose Carlos M. Iraculisi uj

  72. elaine sharp

    a love this song!! ☺brings so many great memories bk ☺

  73. look4lec

    Came here for the choons stayed for Evangeline Lily's beautiful face ;;;;)

    Prashant Jain

    look4lec world class

  74. Wayne Murray

    I love it

  75. Ivars Silens

    Beautiful song!!!

  76. Николай Зуев

    агонь музычка

  77. Александр Коненко


  78. Stuart Mckinnon

    "We have to go back Kate!"

    Магомед С


  79. miguel angel garcia gomez

    mis primeras canciones con 14 años y a los 16 de marcha como molaria que volviera esta música

  80. casper schjørring

    The Girl singing is Danish Julie rugaard.

    Sándor Szabó

    She has an incredible voice. You can be proud of her.

    Károly Varga

    You solved my language problem. Tried to find out what language the non English part is.

    Prashant Jain

    casper schjørring world class

  81. Deivid G.B.

    Ufff Evangeline & Sash!... súper! =)

    Sándor Szabó

    And Julie Rugaard. I think she has an incredible voice.

  82. Mike Paniora

    good music sash

  83. W Rozbitym Zwierciadle TV

    Beautiful girl!

    Иван Самойлов

    Kate, from LOST?

  84. PCMasterRace99 9

    top eurodance back in the days Sash magic


    If he was still in the music biz he'd be making tracks with Ellie Goulding


    Back in the dAyy ... this was the best ! @ !

  86. mikulda

    Suprová Skladba Moc se mi líbíííííííí

  87. Mikuláš Kaprálík


  88. zmpwins

    Ewww this has wierd german singing in it, or is it swedish.. hard to tell

    Kasper Blomberg

    @zmpwins It's danish :)

  89. Vladimir Shatohin

    Does anyone has a midi or version?

  90. Jean Xavier S. Bapthiste de Bourbon les Arc

    as the widower the carlaton there goes an outher person to dead

  91. Ashley M

    Loved this song! Rip guverment so many good memories to this song

  92. yowane haku