Sash - Hoopstar Lyrics

Don't be a hoopstar.

There's a way to the meadow,
You gotta get to the run,
Don't go overboard,
To get to the top.

Don't go overboard,
To get to the top.

Don't be a hoopstar,
Don't be a hoopstar,
Don't be a hoopstar,
Don't be a hoopstar.

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Sash Hoopstar Comments
  1. Na Na

    What the hell is a hoopsta

    Sophie D

    A ring at the circus people jump through

  2. Anthony Lane

    This song is awsome because it encoparates dance/house with jungle

  3. Arjen Simon Scheer

    hollahoop star on the childerens playground

  4. Splendit HTF

    COOL!!! :D

  5. Marc Frampton

  6. romeo grigoras

    amintiri din august 1997

  7. itsjustameme

    What's a hoopstar and how do I refrain from being one?

    NIKA label

    1. get to the front of a meadow
    2. don't go overboard
    3. get to the top
    4. ???
    5. profit


    @NIKA label Thank you - that was very helpful.

  8. cantz007


  9. ManyVideosforyou

    dont be be be a hooopstaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr

  10. jee1975

    This is pretty amazing. One of the best ever.

  11. tanya winson

    bought this album for 1p on amazon and 1.25p all together with postage couldn't belive it i grew up to this so a classic for me lol

  12. tanya winson

    love this completely. I rinsed it out when i was growin up still love it now

  13. betamax80

    I know it's obscurely hidden on one album, but it should have got more airing - it's awesomely put together, so memorable!

  14. Dan E

    I had this album fucking lost it though! Thanks for the upload I loved this track!!

  15. Y G

    Perfect track from 90's.I remember my school days and this great tune!That's my favorite from Sash!

  16. Samual Scott

    very gid fae wee scott cee

  17. qettyz

    so long time since i last time listened this! Thanks for the upload! Brings great memories!

  18. xDoubleZer00x

    best track on the album

  19. steve everrett

    shame sas didnt release this i thought it was the best track of teh album

    Emma Sweeting

    steve everrett the only one I liked lol

  20. MerlynMusicman

    Moinee tanks :D

    (many thanks)