Sash - Colour The World Lyrics

Colour The World, Colour The World
Duni, akwe tu
leba, leba
Mama leba

Dr Alban's Rap
Colour The World for we are the same
The colour of the skin doesn't speak for you
Make this world a much better place
Together we can colour the world

Peace to the world, colour the world
Different colour, different race
Call it a world for everyone
Together we can colour the world

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Sash Colour The World Comments
  1. Юлия Перец

    Офигенный трек 💣💣💣💣

  2. Lisa Smyth

    fucking love sash :) im 52 lol

  3. marcin1722d

    ZAJEBISTA !!!!

  4. Marek Hanzcko

    Neskutocna 💓💓💓

  5. Optimum Tintin

    The 90's were the days when real music was made. I miss the 90's.

  6. Łukasz Osiński


  7. Jurgen Huysmans

    Back then music like this made you think the world and humanity would only advance together and get better and better over time. Look at us now...

  8. Штырь

    Умели же люди песни писать, не то, что нынешняя дичь

  9. Александр Андронов


  10. Дмитрий Абрамов

    Отличный трек

  11. Tomasz Pelczar


  12. Jessica Arribas


  13. Päivi Hanhisuanto

    Sash <3 and Dr.Alban <3

  14. lazioss lazioss

    Great song....Great Dr Alban

  15. Markus Braun

    Farbenfrohes perfektes Video von Sash ! Voller Energie ! Juli 2018 !

  16. Марго Kei



    Present Europe :(

  18. Сергей Солодунов


  19. Luke Deveraux

    I think all the 90s kids should have a party organized and Jam these tracks....Damnnnnnnnnn I miss those days...fuckkkkkkkk....

  20. Luke Deveraux

    Algore should be looking for these guys to get some attention of the brainless generation of now...

  21. Luke Deveraux

    Damnnnnnnnnn...Dr Alban and Sash knew exactly what Music should be like...where are you guys?? :( :( :(

  22. Milan Ducháček

    the new millenium 2000 should be full of new promises, and pure future. But then comes 2001, and look now, what we have. Hope the world gets the brain soon.

  23. Avinash Daby

    Dr Alban :)

  24. Anthony P

    Sash ! 👌🏿😃

  25. shakirov

    20 лет назад

  26. Anthony P

    Miss the 90s 😁

  27. MichelleVa 77


  28. gottolovemyparrot

    Wish they were still makin music now 😡


    Не воняй,вонючка

  29. Abel Yparraguirre Santander

    💜💜🔝🆒 :v 2017

  30. Roman Petrikov


  31. foxx mulder

    Wawou Wawouuuu Wawouuuuuuuuuuu 15 Ans que je n'est pas vue !!!

  32. Dany Fitta

    sash and dr alban!

  33. Эрмек Сарпаш

    Sash cares about our planet 🌎

  34. zardracri

    frosty pussy good music

    Hugh Mcgrath


  35. nightcore espinoza

    temaso ....