Sarah Jaffe - Even Born Again Lyrics

I'm testament to old and new
there's a thin red river running through
and my eyes are like this golden gates
holding testament to each love we face
even born again

The world over the world begun
let us prostitute our mouths for fun
be easy with your words and truth
if I'm lost with God I'm lost with you
I'm even born again

The rain had come to make it new
to clear our minds from all the dew
the sky was watercolor thin
and our mouths were open wide
I'm even born again

Pink and orange and blue and white
I remember what the sky looked like
I remember how your face looked too
that was perfection
even born again

We're all orphans
I think our hearts just feed
and when death (dies to us?)
it becomes this deed
and I would gladly die for you
selfishly but willingly
I'm even born again

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