Santana - You Just Don't Care Lyrics

I told you
You'd have to leave
And you listened with a cryin stare.
Now you've got the nerve
To tell me baby
Yeah, Yeah, a no, no
You don't care
You just don't care baby.
Turns back at the sight of you
And your evil only clouds the air.

You you just laugh at what you do.
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hum
Now you don't care.
You don't care for me.

Your feelings smashed
Now you're leaving to find
Someone who'll dare
To change all the wrong
Like you done to me
Hey, Hey, Hey, No, No
You donit care.
Hey, Hey, Hey, you don't care.

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Santana You Just Don't Care Comments
  1. Soila Cantu

    You bbn just don't care baby😪💕🎧🎸🎙🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  2. Francisco Manoel KikoouChico

    The best rock'n roll and blues that He made!

  3. Doug Auzene

    Our Prez Sure Don't Care...Badass Song Though!

  4. Andy Nunez

    Sounds like Led Zeppelin mix with blues i love it..

  5. brainsareus

    every friggin sound is so clean and immaculate...!!

  6. ja Salgado

    Chemikal children

  7. Louella Robertson

    2019 Still here

  8. michael Castle

    Hey people, checkout the live version from Woodstock!

  9. Derrick Askew

    One of their most under rated songs, this a real jam!!

    us and them

    SHOW US the 'ratings' you presume upon!


    @us and them fuck off, confed'A'cunt

    us and them

    LMAO! I'm SO glad that aggravates you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tess Wonderful

    I love it. I had to buy 3 copies of this. Wore it out.

  11. Tess Wonderful

    Holy shit!!!! Fiyah!

  12. Tess Wonderful

    When they made REAL music.

  13. Sewage Monk

    That intro always made me think of a shark that's about to attack.

    Jolynne Perez


  14. Martin Lizárraga

    that intro riff blows my mind... just incredible

  15. Francisco Gonzales

    Viva México Santana!!;


    Francisco Gonzales tecate pal norte 2019

  16. supermetalrockmetal


  17. Jean Dupont

    Carlos playing the Blues....


    The Abraxas team was the best with Gregg , Neal Chepito ect.The greatest Santana ever.

  19. Lucas Gomes

    damnnn bad ass songg

  20. Mike Alvarado

    My favorite song on the album

    Frank Riccardi

    Mine too, this is tight,real rock!

  21. brainsareus

    Santana,was also a link to salsa and latin jazz ,for me.

  22. Les Ger

    Pretty Heavy...

  23. Che Pena

    Santana and Marcus Malone

  24. alary marie helene

    que de bon souvenir 58 ans. joschko

  25. Jean Marie Harvell

    who are you 7-11?

  26. Allen Wagley

    Is that intro part on the guitar or bass?


    I mean sorry. I think it's the guitar

  27. Mauro Miranda

    Primeiro Álbum de Carlos Santana, Mui Bom, Ótimo, Demais.

  28. mi ke

    Get down to the Salvation Army store. Buy a 60s - 70s LP turntable for $15-, get some huge speakers for $15-, Get an amplifier for $15-. Get the LP, blow out the walls, know what music should sound like. THUNDEROUS!

  29. Bronwyn Rose

    what an amazing album cover...all the faces, and the man in the middle. wow <3
    (righteous groove notwithstanding, of course...)

    Bronwyn Rose

    There are 2 profiles facing each other just above the lion's eyes, 2 facing away from each other in his whiskers, and if you look closely at his nose you'll see another one. Also under his chin there is a pair of legs, if you follow those up you'll see the figure of a man. Once you see them there may be some more that you notice.  :)


    @Bronwyn Boyer Great album work... Thanks man

    E3v4n 1211

    +Bronwyn Boyer also his eyes and forehead

    Bronwyn Rose

    yes! thanks i forgot to mention that.

    us and them

    That is not a man, note the hair, and
    the breasts behind the lower teeth

  30. 90s4Life


  31. Daniel Callahan

    Carlos' best, his first. It was genius. every album that followed was a clse second, right throuughy today. the man is what jimi is if still alive, at least on many parallels. I care carlos.

    Andy Rock

    How can one man come up with so many original licks when we wanna be's can't come up with one

  32. Dwight Whikehart


  33. Melanie Hamilton

    This stuff just doesn't get old.  Ain't nothin' like it nowadays, that's certain.

  34. Green River

    Gregg Rolie on the hammond organ.


    SanTigi B.

    Yes mon..Gregg Rollie - Chepito Ariyas- NEIL SCHON man Santana had his Merry Men can`t beat them.

    jam cam

    ...and then Greg and Neal left Santana and joined Journey.


    Hard core rock blues. Down & dirty..... At 2:22 Greg's B3 is coming from some voodoo laden backwoods swamp with the coldest hoodoo women around ready to rip your heart out. I could do 2:22 for hours.......Love is a bitch!!!!!!  


    Of all the santanta songs this is one of the best, and no one has a bass tab for it, if anyone knows where i can get the bass tab for this song please let me know i have searched all the interwebs and have not found it

  37. rimula01

    Just wonderful!!

  38. Bass Player

    I carried this album with me to demo stereo speakers in the late 70's and again in the early 80's when I bought another set. I used this song because it has some very clean low notes, being a bass player it was important that the low notes be as good as possible.
    In both cases sealed enclosures did the job best. First set was AR2aX's, second was "Large" Advent which I still have two sets of.
    floor shaking bass in this track. I have this Album in vinyl and it looks like it will out live me?


    Back in the 70s I worked for a stereo shop in Washington , DC. We used this album a lot for demo. We also had the large Advents AND Bose 901s with the correct Bose EQ and McIntosh power amps. Killer system, and when a Cerwin Vega sub was switched into the system it was an incredible experience.

    Bass Player

    I ran a Marantz 1200 Integrated Amplifier. I could not afford a McIntosh at that time but they were/are very fine amps.

  39. brainsareus

    one really tasty blues feel on mike's drumming..!!

  40. Mauro B

    troppo bella ...... ;-)


    I think or rather I'm sure he was born with a guitar in his hand (an invisible magic guitar)his brain was just already full of beauty.what a talented man..mothers don't make them anymore.
    thanks for sharing..:)

  42. Denia R

    Carlos Santana is one of the best musicians ever!!!

  43. Music is My religion

    gwaihir100 love your comment i live n die by vinyl!!!!

  44. arlichar11

    can anyone tell me the song, that sounds like santana, lyrics are something like,, please dont go, please dont go, ohhhhh i need you so.! (or i need to know) ?

    larry bailey

    arlichar11 the song u are looking for is "Runaway" by Starship Jefferson. Awesome song and it does sound like Santana style.

  45. steve tjehlt

    This is what makes the whole album so good!

  46. Andrew Flood

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!

  47. brainsareus

    this is from the very first album. this started it all.

  48. Alba Mínguez

    the album's santana, the one in the video.

  49. Jose Galvan

    what album is this from?

    paul cooper

    The first one.

  50. Cathy White

    I forgot why I loved this album soo much. I did by it on vinyl and play it all day!!

  51. Mauro B

    capolavoro assoluto...

  52. guillermo martinus

    @brorapp999 ... Dave Brown died in 2000

  53. guillermo martinus

    @brorapp999 .... Dave Brown died in 2000.

  54. tallpaul881

    The entire first album of Santanas' kicks ass in no small way. There isn't a bad track to be found.

  55. Gwaihir1000

    @Poth1223 dude, you don't download it, you buy it on vinyl and play it all day long!!!!! ;-)

  56. jjohnnie5

    This album changed my life!!! My mother was playing this when i was 8yrs old and i couldn't stop playing it!!! So much soul in this album!!!! Wow

  57. Rodney Nolley

    What Ever Happend To Dave Brown The Bass Player. That Mother Fucker Is Killing On Bass On This Cut.

  58. jjohnnie5


  59. crlaw75


  60. Melanie C

    this is totally hot... incredible..

  61. glynnth

    Oh please, a real "stoner" would be seeing far better things, than pink dresses!

  62. smokiebird06

    I've seen them many times, but I can't remember exactly how many because I was very, very stoned throughout the 60's and 70's. All I can remember is that they wore dresses and they were pink, right?

  63. bmsmith18

    Saw these guys at the old Boston City Club back in the late 60's. Awesome. One of the best concerts I ever saw.

  64. Cosmic Blues

    i Cant find it on limewire! :[

  65. glynnth

    I do care baby, I do, I do!

  66. glynnth

    Since I didn't smoke nothin, (they just don't grow smoke like that, anymore...) musta been a "flashback"?

  67. glynnth

    Who's a communist? I thought Che WAS a communist, himself?

  68. canibalholocausto


  69. Brian S Strange

    stupid communist, if he were in che's cuba he would be in prison...........or worse

  70. glynnth

    And didn't even have to smoke nothin!

  71. glynnth

    I totally see 4 more faces now!

  72. glynnth

    But can you prove it?? ;)

  73. glenn

    there is alot of faces in the lions head

  74. glynnth

    Love Santana. Thanks for posting this rare one.

  75. glynnth

    Does anyone else notice the man standing inside the lion??? (Look under the chin, you'll see legs, and up above the lions eyes, a head that kinda looks like Carlos, to me!)