Santana - Sunshine Of Your Love Lyrics

It's getting near dawn
When the lights close their tired eyes
I'll soon be with you, my love
To give you my dawn surprise

I'll be with you, darling, soon
I'll be with you when the stars start falling down
When they're falling down

I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your love

I'll be with you, my love
The light's shining through on you
Yes, I'm with you, my love
Yes, it's the morning and just we two

I'll stay with you, darling, now
I'll stay with you till my seeds are all dried up
When they're all dried up

I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your love

I'm with you my love
The light's shining through on you
Yes, I'm with you, my love
Yes, the morning and just we two

I'll stay with you darling now
I'll stay with you till my seeds are all dried up
When they're all dried up

I've been waiting so long
I've been waiting so long
I've been waiting so long
To be where I'm going
In the sunshine of your love

Your love
Your love

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Santana Sunshine Of Your Love Comments
  1. Carlos Centeno

    Britney spears and rob thomas

  2. Carlos Centeno

    What about a britney spears and rob thomas song

  3. Carlos Centeno

    Britney spears should be liking this

  4. Wendy Furman


  5. Carol Wells


  6. Michael Brocos

    I have to get this album

  7. David Lovelock

    Carlos + guitar = pure and unadulterated magic
    I take it back!!!

  8. South Street Barbecue

    While others are arguing over the style of the song and guitar, I'm kicked back enjoying the groove and loving the drums.

  9. Ian Thompson

    I could have used a little more cowbell.

  10. Jerome Tyus

    Dennis is rocking this groove..Chambers

  11. Marcos J. Gonzalez J.

    MADDA FATHER....!!!! THE FUCKING GOD....!!!!

  12. stiffy upperlip

    Who is Rob Thomas? Doesn`t ring any bells, still everybody praises him as a singer...CS is a fine,soulful
    sticker, but this HEAVEN... Gives only a cold rain.

    Nigel James Hughes

    Rob Thomas vocalist from a band called Matchbox 20

    stiffy upperlip

    @Nigel James Hughes Thanks for your answer, i my self am more for the old
    shouters, like Plant, Gillan, Rodgers, Dio...

  13. Luis Almeida

    This is good.

  14. Generically Awesome

    Rob always sounds great, no matter what he's singing.

  15. Gregory John

    This is just too polished. Exceptional, but lacking the raw cutting edge of Cream’s original. Sorry Santana lovers, but I could not compare this to the original.

  16. syn707

    I love Carlos but this is third’s all slicked guts in it.

  17. Darren Plateroti

    It’s as good as any version

  18. Guillermo Munguia

    In the beginning it was Jimi Hendrix...Then, Tommy Bolin (BTW, nothin' from Jimi in this guitar heaven...Too heavy?)

  19. Donald Bruce

    I am sorry but if you would have heard this song done but Cream in there prime you would not say that, I will give you this is the best cover i have ever heard but not better than the original ! SORRY !

  20. Name Here

    Needs more cowbell

  21. Great Cover

    Superbe version !!

  22. martin sanchez

    On this one, Carlos puts the latin sound soul sounds

  23. Daniel Cerda Nilo

    Carlos Santana,no te mueras nunca.

  24. Melzora Towne

    OMG where has this been all my life!!!!

  25. Wayne Gartin

    OMG! I dont mean to upset anyone but this is better than the original......:D


    Yeah,the original is the classic and this one is the modernized version :))

    Ray Segura

    Wayne Gartin. Im with you on that brother! Santana,s cover really rocks, He made a great song even greater. btw guitar heaven is one of santana,s best albums in my opinion.

  26. 2代目・香り秀人

    wonderful 🎵

  27. Joel Gilbert

    spanky wilson craps all over this version

  28. dan graham

    Santana= One of the best guitarists ever

    Rob Thomas= One of the best vocalists ever

    Put them together, no wonder why everything they touch is gold.

    Vivien Ballard

    dan graham well said

    Robby White Head

    Besides the people who were the 101 dislikes

  29. Maria Devan The Girl Next Door Beer Reviews

    Since the 60's this guy has been killin' it. I love covers anyway .

  30. Becky Heffernan

    Santana is one of the best guitarist ever!

    dan graham

    +Becky Heffernan Paired with Rob Thomas, one of the best vocalists ever! How could you go wrong

    Becky Heffernan


  31. Clive Money

    56 no stuff all about class rock

  32. Joseph Sharp

    These two together are always fucking gold!!!!!!

  33. Ray Segura

    carlos and rob again.  pure magic   from one of the best cd,s ever! and then Santana makes their worst cd  ever the poor shape shifter. they were due after 10 years of outstanding cd,s

  34. Edsta101



    Carlos is an absolute Musical Genius, Even the Gods couldn't make Music this good

    Clive Money

    i agree 200% Sam

  36. Ray Senkiw

    That's Santana & Rob Thomas for you, the best of the best making music that was once old , new again. p.s. greater.

  37. Art Monterrubio

    Santana is very creative...

    Rodney Fenner

    you do know this is a cover right?


    @Rodney Fenner I guess he meant Santana is creative by playing all these rock classics with this groovy latin vibe  :)

    Rodney Fenner

    @finnishguy845 maybe

  38. Rodney Fenner

    Carlos + guitar = pure and unadulterated magic

  39. Ahmet Berkay Ezgü

    Good Santana! But i think it could be more acoustic...

  40. Clive Money

    re rob mat
    have you ever heard carlos santana on a acoustic guitar??

    Clive Money

    Yes he's excellent

    John Ashcraft

    Yes... never fails to impress

  41. Clive Money

    re rob matt
    what utter crap. carlos santana ia ione of the greatest guutarists of all time hes up their with clapton , jeff beck . mark knophler to name a few

  42. Zaltaire

    Guys play the intro at speed 0.5. EEEEEEEPPPPPICCCCCCCCCCCCCC

  43. George Jacobs

    Who are these ass holes calling Carlos an average guitarists. Go listen to someone else then.  The pedals !!!   jack ass enhance the already killer licks.

    Max Axe Guitars

    They don't know greatness in front of them.
    Melodic Superstar. 

    Angel Marie

    I agree with you. Too bad...they are missing out!

    larry bailey

    let those who call Santana an average guitarist listen to "Flame Sky" feat. John McLaughlin

    R. Ulises González C.

    the same guys who consider Cobain one in the top ten

  44. ROB MAT

    Average guitarists,depending on their special effects pedals.Tak away the pedals and you have the truth.


    yeaaah man he should played  with an acustic, anf fuck all those f.... pedals, i guess he does not how to play guitar i feel robbed for tha last 40 years

    Mike Dawson

    Are you saying Santana is an average guitarist?


    @***** DUde" have you ever hear  the word SARCAMS ? This was my amswer to the comment made by ROB MAT


    @***** Ok good enough.(Big SANTANA fan) for many years

    Jack Green

    ROB MAT poser

  45. gspaddles

    Dammit, I didn't want to like it because I love the original from Cream- but Carlos and the band rocked this cover and Rob did fine by me, imho.

    Mick Bugden

    Amen to that...I think any classic is in good hands with rob and Carlos

  46. Will Knox

    they're to heavy on the backup singers i would have just liked rob thomas voice alone,and has a little to much glee sound. good cover though

  47. Joseph Dionigi

    Amazing! Carlos & Rob explosive together! better than the original!

    Joe Triolo

    Whoa!! Very good, but pull back on the reigns cowboy. Modern, high end favoring mixing in no way equals better. Nor does more notes. It's good, but the feel of the original is lost, and not improved.  

  48. The HeavyJets


  49. jaguaron007

    when musicians slow down a lot in their 50s carlos still kicking butt at his 70.

  50. Angel Marie

    Rob Thomas did an awesome job! Santana is a sensation as a soloist. He has a fabulously talented band! Any and all Artists that he collaborates with...are magically beautiful, romantic and rock the house down.

  51. alrobin

    I take it back!!!

  52. alrobin

    he's good I don't know about great and all mighty...that's a bit much,wouldn't you say?

  53. Jeff Dorling

    This is awesome

  54. Luz Abin

    love himmmmmmm

  55. Judith Zandler

    Nice!!'s one of my grow up music.

  56. LesSmith45

    Great Cover! Carlos is a magician. But if you want the best cover of this song check out Jack Bruce, Peter Frampton and Ringo Starr. That version is the best of all the versions including the original. I believe. Frampton just shreds on that one. His vocals are close to Claptons. Check it out it is worth it.

  57. Rafael frança

    niiiiiiiceeee.... so, so niiiice...

  58. OneJoshFan

    I have it - that was MY growing up music. It is terrific.

  59. Jon Engstrom

    I gotta agree with Brodie

  60. Alex Gambit

    yeah its a pretty well done cover i think too

  61. pino lasio

    bello, by pinus.

  62. Vinka krüger

    sooooooooooo, good.. lg Viki aus Wien,

  63. stratstan

    Carlos is just giving it the ole' jam band style Santana sound. It sounds old Santana yet w/ a modern feel to it! I like it!

  64. simon199418

    this and whole lotta love are the best covers on the album, good singers make the songs justice

  65. YaniT991

    Carlos and Rob need to have lots of kids so that the music can live on!!

    Vivien Ballard

    YaniT991 Rob’s son is in a new band called Hand Made House

  66. blueonblack83

    I thought this was going to suck donkey gonads... but I have been pleasantly surprised :)

  67. jaguaron007

    yeaaah happy people, i do not want to kill myself

  68. jovas1237

    wow ! que grandioso cover! :D la estuve escuchando todo el dia!

  69. Julián Rafael Cortez Porras

    Santana, el más grande guitarrista de todos los tiempos, acompañado de la percución mas completa y afiatada del Mundo... Soy Baterista y admirador de Vuestra Obra musical.

  70. Sunderlanding

    Wow this is cheesy. The original used to sound dark and heavy. This sounds like it should be in a dance club scene in a day time soap opera.

  71. frankcarpnc

    Why argue over great music PERIOD! Just chill out and enjoy it. This ROCKS!

  72. mettes62

    Al those discussions? Just enjoy the music!

  73. jaguaron007

    yeah he run out of ideas that they made re machined, carlos you always ahead

  74. Ferry P Nur

    Santana.... The Best of the best ! No one like him !

  75. transfrmpnguinz it wrong that I like this more than the original? ._. xD

  76. theoazerty59115

    Does anyone know where I can find the guitar tab ? please

  77. jay holt

    this is a jack bruce creation!

  78. BirdmanPG

    What we have here is a great guitarist doing what he loves, playing music that inspires him and sharing it with us in his inimitable style ... we should be eternally grateful! All the Cream, Eric, Jimi comparisons here are pointless. They all have/had gifts that we mere mortals only dream of. Carlos play what you like, ears will be there to listen and appreciate...

  79. stickmanproductions6

    wait whut?
    dude I think you got your history mixed up
    first of Cream and formost Clapton doesn't sound a thing like Hendrix
    but that left aside, come on man, Cream was first, Hendrix sort of got inspired by them
    and yes, when he got famous, he played them away
    but Cream cleared the path,

  80. BlakeyBoi

    Bullshit. Cream was the pinnacle of Rock BEFORE Hendrix was on.
    That Hendrix nearly put them out of jobs but none the less, Cream was great before Hendrix.

  81. Ian Ashworth

    As a fan of Cream, Santana, and Rob Thomas, I quite like it. It's a bit too busy with percussion for my liking, but then that tends to be Santana's style. Vocals are good, Santana does nothing wrong on guitar - not too much to complain about here.

  82. nexusutube

    Listen to Hendrix's version. Cream didn't start to sound good until after they heard him and adopted his style.

    Jamston Julian

    That must be why Hendrix covered this very song by Cream.

  83. Howard Johnston

    Only one band could do this number. The guys that wrote and played it. Check out any of the versions that Cream did - there are plenty here on You Tube:

  84. Howard Johnston

    I love Santana - one of my all-time fave guitarists - but what is this junk? It's what happens to the older generation of rock stars when they start to run out of steam/ideas. Listen to Ozzy's version which is even worse. Well at least Jack Bruce can express his displeasure to old Carlos, since Mr. Santana's wife Cindy Blackman Santana is the drummer in Jack's new band "Spectrum Road"!!!

  85. Isharu Matsu

    Dont worry, its just you...

  86. Shane Fell

    My thoughts exactly. It's not the same style as Cream. It's Latin Rock now.

  87. Brodie Wilson

    Why is everyone hating on this song? i think its kickass! Both this and the Cream original are good

  88. BENFICA60

    Is it just me, or has Santana completely sold out? I've been a fan since Woodstock, but can't help feeling this guy has become like an televangelist. You can't peddle tequila, restaurants, merchandise on your website, tribute albums, etc... and not sell out to some extent. These Zappa lyrics sum it up brilliantly:
    All what we got here's
    American made
    It's a little bit cheesey,
    But it's nicely displayed
    It's sad to see one of the rock gods who spent decades fighting for social awareness sellout.

  89. ricardo carreon valdes

    @MrStratguy1 santana, rob and michelle branch!!

  90. Nick Pelkey

    If you want to hear a great vocal version of this then check out Ella Fitzgerald. Really. She has an incredible cover thats here on youtube. For Santana its all about the rhythm. This song was inspired by a Jimi Hendrix show... then he started doing it himself. Pretty neat to hear all the takes on it.

  91. MKM

    Wow this is horrible... mostly the singing.

  92. Abraham De La Cruz

    de mexico para el mundo

  93. DONDIVA1969

    @javajen19 - Obviously, I didn't know Rob Thomas' vocal would suck so bad.

  94. javajen19

    @DONDIVA1969 Then why did you choose to listen to this? Sheesh.

  95. carlo antonio

    Carlos you should do an album with Rob Thomas

  96. Nathan Chandra

    I like this better than the original.

    ...come at me

  97. Requiemconnected

    So nice!