Santana - Se A Cabo Lyrics

Se a cabo
Se a cabo
Se a cabo
Se a cabo

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Santana Se A Cabo Comments
  1. Diego Beccaria

    Mis oidos agradecidos !!! Musica de excelencia !!!

  2. Donald Myra


  3. Luis Anato

    Tremenda percusión, que cabrón...!

  4. J Chr G

    Harpie Adelaar

  5. J Chr G

    Hey satan blijf in je put anders stuur ik Michaël op je af


    ONE AN ONLY CARLOS!!!!!!!!

  7. David Saldaña

    ...el disco. De seguro era el último track de ese álbum de Santana

  8. Jorge Orellana

    Pura Fuerza! Que viva la raza!

  9. Mario F.

    Sabor puro del maestro de Autlán Jalisco.

    Jimmy Palafox

    Esa cancion la escribio Chepito Areas de Nicaragua

  10. Patricia LAMBERT

    So the only words in the ENTIRE song is "IT'S OVER"? (which I found out translated in English) Oh, well---very catchy, danceable tune for the only words being about ITS OVER!

  11. Kelly McDonald



    3 words in!!~

  12. Noel Fuentes

    tuve oportunidad de conversar con chepito en Nicaragua decia que santana le robaba el pago a los musicos y que por eso a cada rato se les iban, y como santana le debìa dinero hizo ese acabo santana dicen los estribillos...chepito dijo que santana tocaba Blue y que el le enseño lo afrolatino,,,,chepito antes de santana tocaba musica tropical en nicaragua los atelites del ritmo...tyoca 17 instrumentos piano,,,trompeta saxo...flauta...ademas de todos los de percusion...ahhh anecdota...dice que le gustaba molestar a santana....y que el creo samba pa ti....por molestar a santana le vivia ritmo de entrada de samba pa ti...SE LA METO A TU MAMA POR DETRAAAASS..para poner a santana enojado....

  13. Jose Aguiar

    Todavía conservo este albùm, Santana Abraxas, inèdito! Por su caràtula considerada muy atrevida para la época, fue prohibida su distribución, lo cual lo hizo mas demandado, este tema: Se acabò, lo colocábamos para terminar las fiestas o los "matinèe"...buenos recuerdos!

  14. Alhambra22

    Not for the faint of heart

  15. stevie lucero

    Walk Proud intro 🔥🔥

  16. Mark

    This and Moon Flower, two of my favorite albums


    My faves: Abraxas / Welcome / Caravanserai / Borboletta

  17. jesse black

    I’m half Hispanic half white, it’s pretty chill


    Since when is Hispanic, a race; or of necessity, a construct; precluding whiteness? which, is bullshit; but still, "a thing". Race; was created by Caucasians, in order to oppress you.

    jesse black

    brainsareus oh trust me I know, I’m racially fully white but most people don’t know that Hispanic is not a race etc, so it’s just easier to say that


    Latino is not a race....

  18. Ben Mercadante

    nothing like the first two Santana LP's...before or since...

  19. Michael Julien

    for me, one of the best Santana songs ever!

  20. Burt472

    Blissful percussion.....

  21. Samuel Alejandro Salazar Cabrera


  22. carlos moralejo


  23. Audrey Morillo

    Como lo dice la canción al final ¡SE ACABO! esto es pura descarga, vivan los 70's

  24. Maria Reyna


  25. Rudy Guerrero

    walk proud movie with Robby Benson.

    Sean Rankin

    You beat me to it

  26. micjakes1

    WALK PROUD Robby Benson 1979. Rough movie.

  27. zeppelin17171

    What is it about songs with odd beginning beats that I love so much..?

  28. pat cadle

    awesomeso much santana

  29. Matias Schamber

    me re llega man carlos santana, es onda todo bro!!! saludos desde labulaye arg

  30. carlos moralejo

    Santana at it"s best!!!!!!!!!

    Matias Schamber

    jajajajaja que gracioso que sos

  31. Faustino Ibarra

    Say, "Ahh Cabo!!!"

  32. Andrés Yanez

    Se acabó**


    meaning: it's over

    Andrés Yanez

    @Burt472 Exactly c:

    Michel Hiddink

    I was thinking it meant "that's in the cellar (or basement)"
    Should end up with the same conclusion tho.


    u lost me,sir

  33. Dave Leafey

    this is truly amazing

  34. mesamorphisis 209

    I can never get enough of Santana. Santana is it! Santana is King!

  35. MeloLand


  36. Paulo Pereira

    Se Acabó...

  37. San Marino

    Chepito yet again!!!! wow a genius in his own right!

  38. kirk von Nordstrom

    Carlos Devadip Santana, timeless stuff for sure........Woodstock and on & on & on & on . . . . . . . . . .

  39. Bedelia Rizo

    never forget the day my husband and I meet,it was love at first sight,we would cruise all night listening to Santana's music,,always our favorite musician1970 till u Carlos!


    Bedelia Rizo love you too.

    Fred Valdez

    Bedelia Rizo km

  40. pauline albert

    Love the conga!! Awesome!!

    Melanie Hamilton

    +pauline albert Absolutely! Love Santana! I was seated at an angle to the stage at one Santana concert I attended. Just so happened that I had an unobstructed view of the conga player and his very fine butt which was in motion most of the time. Been a fan of really good butts ever since.

    pauline albert

    +Melanie Hamilton Lol!!! Love your remark about butts!! hahaha!!

  41. Cesar Perea

    Percusión para todos!

  42. maria camila reyes lopez

    Excelente composición del gran maestro . Tito Puente  ! QUE EN PAZ DESCANSE !!!

    Mauro Gomez

    +maria camila reyes lopez tito puente ??? es chepito areas ..

    San Marino

    +maria camila reyes lopez CHEPITO from Nicaragua!

    Rodrigo Iter

    +maria camila reyes lopez este tema es de chepito areas, el mismo que toca los timbales con la formacion original de santana, es quien hace el solo


    +maria camila reyes lopez que va, esto es chpeito areas

    Jimmy Palafox

    Es escritor es CHEPITO AREAS

  43. Jimmy Palafox

    Chepito areas wrote this song

    Charles Black Baingan

    +Jimmy Palafox Jose liked his percussion a favourite of his is on the WELCOME album.

    Jimmy Palafox

    +theselector It's sad that Chepito Doesn't get the recognition he deserves. If it wasn't for him there would be no Santana .... Carlos had planned for it to be a blues band but when Chepito joined he taught all the band members to play latin rock thus we have the sound we love!

    San Marino

    +Jimmy Palafox 100% the truth! Chepito deservves more credit he's a legend but he's home land knows this! I'm Nicaraguan, and very proud of him.


    All the people in Santana are great, instrumentalists or lyricists. Though there was other bands who did this fusion of latin music and rock/blues/jazz right?


    San Marino fuck chepito that child molesters

  44. cedric

    It should be "Se acabó" but if you look at the back cover of both LP and CD, all say "Se A Cabo".


    @Cedric Zirtacic "se acabaron" los pendejos insipidos;asi que,callate mamon chupeton.


    Blah blah blah blah.


    @Cedric Zirtacic oh btw,your logic is specious. just because,you intended your explanation for non Spanish speakers,actually,makes it no less wrong.

  45. Burt472

    Orgasmic track


    +Burt472 1970's porn actually used a lot of Santana's music.

  46. Supervegueto uno

    "Se acabo", no "se a cabo". Viene del verbo acabar, come on gringo -.- 

    Jaco Pastorius

    jajajaj come on gringo, you make my day


    Puestos a escribirlo bien, pongamos el acento: "Se acabó".

    Kevin Tokarz

    Supervegueto uno i

    Rodrigo Castillo Buendía

    Curioso que el autor de canción sea José Areas, "Chepito", originario de Nicaragua.


    Ante derechos de Autor y en la contraportads del disco se llama "Se a Cabo". Si ellos los escribieron mal tuvieron sus razones, sin embargo por ser el título de la canción está bien escrita.

  47. Ruth Marleny Correa Guerrero


  48. Alejandro Montero

    tengo este tema en un vinilo de 45 rpm junto con samba pa ti, dos temasos

  49. jose rivera

    LEGENDARIO  Y  HERMOSO!!!!!  El poder del  tambor.

  50. William Furlan

    Se acabou ..:(


    Forever and Ever Santana Rules ♫


    Esto SI es percusion Latina, no esa Diarrea de Reguaeton. Cabrones


    ¡Por supuesto!

  53. john woodcock

    Now..... I've  got to Get up....Damm it......Don't care.......These guys ...always make me   move...Move...

  54. Kálmán Széles

    santana for ever.

  55. Abel


  56. nopain209

    That's it

  57. Josh Allen-Craig

    that fucking timbales solo dayum

  58. Roberto del Valle

    The sound of the Hammond @ 0:34 is awesome !

  59. TheeCaffeineFiend


  60. Burt472

    yep... It's over

  61. Burt472

    What a track.

  62. Metakism

    Like this Druming:DDD!!!!!!

  63. Nícolas Santana

    this is a big muff, fuzz guitar, only santana on this record, dope shit

  64. Robert Beckembauer

    Somebody call tell us what kind synthetizer Neal Schoon and Carlos Santana had used in this album and the Santana III ? I am asking because I have years to trying to decipher how they made this melodies. It seems easy to play but it is not. The melody is terrific.

  65. Robert Beckembauer

    Sure, mein friend. This melodies are so nices. I never get tire when listening them. This is just power on timbales, Gibson guitars and B 3 Hammond keyboards.

  66. Robert Beckembauer

    Totalmente de acuerdo contigo, JOSE CHEPITO AREAS es un MAESTRO. El estilo, la fuerza, el ritmo, la cadencia, el tempo, la armonia ysabor que el MAESTRO JOSÈ CHEPITO AREAS le puso a este tema musical es sencillamente una genialidad. Para mi es el mejor timbalero de todos los tiempos.

  67. jack60r

    Thank U, Pink!

  68. PinkFloydFan413

    It's over.

  69. Diego Álvarez

    Se acabó*

  70. jack60r

    Please, could anybody tell me WTF mean "SE A CABO"? Thank you.


    jack60r "it's over" in spanish

  71. Robert Beckembauer

    Full power the Gibson s.g. special and on timbals Jose Chepito Areas.

  72. Robert Beckembauer

    Me too, my friend.

  73. jose rivera

    40 yrs, and still kicking ass.....

  74. dreon121

    sin duda el mejor guitarrista del mundo

  75. MTZTayko

    I had no idea he ever said that... I must look into that. I really hope he doesn't retire. I've wanted for a long time to hear him playing something classic again, and I simply don't want him to stop now that he's just started again.

  76. DiegoMJHDBrasil

    I hope he doesn't retire in 2014, as he said couple years ago, now he's back doing the best.

  77. MTZTayko

    Yeah, I heard his new songs, amazing stuff. It sounds different from this stuff, but still classic Santana, and much better than the recent stuff before Shape Shifter. I hope Santana makes more albums in the classic taste.

  78. DiegoMJHDBrasil

    Listen to Macumba In Budapest or Mr. Szabó in Shape Shifter(2012). It brings back the old spirit.

  79. MTZTayko

    Maybe... just maybe, if Carlos got high again he might want to make a song like this again :D

    Just sayin... I miss their old stuff.

  80. Robert Beckembauer


  81. MKECBS1

    One of my favourite Santana tracks. Wakes me the fuck up!

  82. Burt472


  83. Burt472


  84. alejandro garcia

    es una cancion muy buena!
    es lo unico que puedo decir essencial.......

  85. sungodrah

    God ,how I have always loved the rythym in this classic! HOLLA,open your ears and Listen...

  86. Mark Blaker

    What not to like?..........;)

  87. sledj567


  88. D Rosario

    Wow, this band was in their 20s with this World Music musical amalgam of Rock, AfroJazz, Salsa, Pop, et cetera. Definitely timeless and decades ahead of the curve before Crossover music became popular.

  89. Papo Pagan

    @shaikhymx Agreed. My mom would never correct me if she thought the word I said in Spanish was "cute". Of course I wouldn't know if it was right, until I used the particular word in Puerto Rico only to have my cousins laugh at me, which they were assholes for doing so. I did let my parents know how wrong they were for them not teaching us proper Spanish, and for them not learning proper English.

  90. shaikhymx

    @RayPaganJr it is a very common error amongst 2nd generation Hispanics born in the USA or people that came too young to this great place. There are too many of these gramatical errors everywhere in print and spoken Spanish, is a shame!!

  91. 1999wharfrat

    @curiousone4 Hey curiosone4, the song was written by Jose Arias. One of the album producers was Carlos Santana. Are you saying both of them were ignorant? Or were you just ignorant of the facts? And perhaps you've never heard of the centuries old writing style called "poetic license"? Get out of your glass house before you throw stones dude! Or making your own "gaffe" and pursuing it!

  92. Yamsoc Zapata

    DIOS, ni me acordaba de esta

  93. Lawrence Del Toro


  94. brainsareus

    @curiousone4 hey curio', the break down [se-a -cabo] simply relates, to the way it is pronounced, as it is sung, for the sake of musical poetic license. similar to the proco haram song,"conquistador",where the title lyric is mispronounced for the sake of musical poetic license. it's music,not grammar, spanish, it would be con-'key'-stador, not con-'quis'-tador[english phonetics] . but the spanish pronounciation, would not flow,sing it in your head, and see for yourself.

  95. brainsareus

    as the title of the tune says, "it's over". the band came to play,it killed,turn the lights off,go home, and keep your abraxas LP in a safe place..............

  96. tariksba

    percussion's intro kills....10 thumbs up...

  97. Papo Pagan

    @curiousone4 I'm Puerto Rican. All I wrote was the title as it is written on the album. Wow.

  98. Juan Carlos Castaneda

    @all4pearljam101 Chepito Areas was an awesome percussionist specially Timbales!


    @WIZKID403 totally got the message,you couldn't have said it better.Witness all the remakes of movies...seen anything new and good lately?