Santana - Persuasion Lyrics

You got persuasion
I can't help myself
You got persuasion
I can't help myself
Something about you baby
Keeps me from goin' to somebody else

Yeah, any way you want
Now, now baby
You put me in a daze
All the time
Look whacha got for me baby
Like the devil in disguise

Something about you baby
You're one
You're one of a kind

Oh this spell you put on me
Has just outdone me babe
I can't keep the rain from comin down

Look out now
I can't get out from under
But I wouldn't want to
Even if I can

Something about you baby
Make me feel
Make me feel like a man

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Santana Persuasion Comments
  1. Thomas Garbe

    high-voltage intense piece

  2. Blues Chewy

    20 people couldn't be persuaded.

  3. Robert Serafin

    My dad often played his Santana records in mid - late 70's Brings back so many memories ✌

  4. Andy Rock

    Santana is a real guitar hero on this one.


    just this one...??

  5. Blues Chewy

    20 people can't be persuaded.

  6. S. O.


  7. S. O.


  8. Steve Jansen

    Best debut album ever so rich in tones,styles

  9. Mark Arrivi

    This is what 57 years of careful planning will get you

  10. Pinky Bailey

    Incredible to find this song again, I just love it, I was about 8 or 9 years old when it came out in 1969, wow!

  11. Jose Raul Arcos Leon

    Mi favorita,entre tantas otras,antigua y eterna!!!

  12. pablo narvay

    Loas al gran Carlos Santana!!!! Leyenda de la música.

  13. Grace Debartolo

    amazing thank Jeanne n Dee 1969

  14. BiggerDeal

    loving the organ


    Careful :)


    No kidding. That big Hammond sound, the Leslies spinning . . . the best.

  15. Javier Nzrth

    Wow !.. Greg Rolie that greengo or gringo he has a beautiful voice !, the best of the Carlos Santana's

    Javier Nzrth

    +brainsareus / Shalom Uncle "brainsareus" / Of course tio !

  16. Lennard Covarrubias

    I pass my time listening to this album. .at long bien..71.rvn...8 track. .no drug's. .

    Scott The Protogen

    8 track honestly offers a much more beautiful and authentic experience

  17. esechucote52

    viva mexico pinche putos.....carlos santana...chaooooooooooooooooooooooooo...oc santana...chuco52...i love my history...chicano...mexicano...y-que...blast it loud and clear...malo,el chicano,heatwave,etc.lowrider porvida....socal....

  18. Marcelo C. Velezmoro

    here used to be a live performance by early Santana, playing a medley with this song and Jingo

  19. Melanie Hamilton

    This song takes me way back to my freshman year in college.  I was dating a guy who had a Jaguar XKE.  We'd put the top down on that thing and tear all over back roads with Santana blasting, either this album or "Abraxas".  "Persuasion" has always been a favorite. 

  20. gonzataker

    Excelent song!

  21. Keith Moon

    May the God's smile on Carlos Santana you legend!!!!!!!

  22. Debbie Linenberger

    Way back in the 60's my future husband was a professional drag racer. His crew loved this song. They said the guitar riffs sounded the just like the engine before, during, and after the car ran. As I grew old with him, we have very fond memories of those days. But that was a different back then because sex was safe and drag racing was REALLY DANGEROUS !!

    Thomas Garbe

    Oh Dear! don't believe this AIDS and STD crap. Sex is still save. Enjoy while you still can.

    Doug Auzene

    Cool...l thought the same things re: riffs & a front engine dragster...& also on "Soul Sacrifice!"

  23. David Faubion

    Yea! back into the rock Santana rock roots--more like it!

  24. sledj567

    "Something about you baby, keeps me from going to somebody else"

  25. FineSliver

    I have this vinyl.!!

    Caitlyn Saenz

    FineSliver me too! i found it in my grandmas house and wanted to listen to some of the tracks before putting it on the player

  26. xxsolidsteelxx

    Would anyone else consider this one of the first metal songs ever written?

  27. Lawrence Frauens

    Gregg Rolie on vocals!

  28. Jai Pei

    Love this track by him, he rocks everytime.
    Carlos Santana's number 2 after Jimi in my book on lead guitar.

  29. Blues Chewy

    @DetectiveUtah Thank you sir. This is definitive timeless music.

  30. Special Agent Utah

    im hispano and i cant help wanting to fight with the last 30 seconds of the song.I guess it happens to irish with dropkick murphys,to americans with link wrays "rumble" or black people all over the world with certain gangsta rap songs

  31. Special Agent Utah

    @Tubernaut aaahhh Lotus!! spot on mate.youre so right.

  32. brainsareus

    i remember the original in stereo, and, the quadraphonic reissue,i was crazy about both. i think quite possibly, that we gave up on quad too quickly. it was like, "surround sound for your home". c d's, just do not carry the complete aural spectrum. including sounds that we don't" hear", but do indeed feel,and are, an important part, of the neural nourishment, that music offers. santana, for me,was a great conduit for rock,jazz,latin-jazz,afro-cuban,and world music. openned up a lot of music

  33. pinkapacla

    It never fail to turn me on;)

  34. Melanie C

    @awoowoowoo .. was he on the Bridge of Sighs album? "We were living in a Day dream... " That was a great album.

  35. David Faubion

    Great art, awe inspiring rock n' roll, unifying culture of rock, timeless classic Latin Afro-Cuban and Brazilian rhythms melded into rock, jazz, and the others -- gritty matter and topsoil from the barrio/ ghetto, yet spiritual from an awakening, a rebirth in soul awareness -- the organ unifies the whole of Santana, guitar moves it through the universe, the percussion with the organ launch it from Earth

  36. David Faubion

    You got persuasion
    I can’t help myself
    You got persuasion
    I can’t help myself
    Something about you baby
    Keeps me from goin’ to somebody else

    Yeah, any way you want
    Now, now baby
    You put me in a daze
    All the time
    Look whacha got for me baby
    Like the devil in disguise

  37. David Faubion

    Something about you baby
    You’re one
    You’re one of a kind

    Oh this spell you put on me
    Has just outdone me babe
    I can’t keep the rain from comin down

    Look out now
    I can’t get out from under
    But I wouldn’t want to
    Even if I can

    Something about you baby
    Make me feel
    Make me feel like a man

  38. Blues Chewy

    @tubellarbells The first three albums are tight from beginning to end and could have been recorded yesterday. Timeless music.

  39. Chris Manolo

    @Tubernaut Couldn't agree more Tubernaut, specially Santana 1st, a real bomb from beginning to end thanks to great song sequence and some energy that not may bands showed back then. Maybe MOUNTAIN being one of them on a harder side of rock. YOU JUST DON'T CARE is another favourite of mine and I remember how my jaw dropped at 10 years-old when I started paying serious attention to stereo sound.

  40. Italian Vintage Stuff!


    where did you find it? i had an amazing version, longer, smoother, spookier- from a bootleg CD from Mexico. i miss that song.

  41. P3T3R582

    Groovy :p

  42. Melanie C

    Greg Rolie is one of the great voices I have ever heard. I still have two of those first Journey albums without Perry... they are hot. This album was one of my first true loves in music..

  43. James Cuthbertson

    ....and then you see Santana live and you are completely blown away.....

  44. METALkid614

    No, Neal was on Santana III album and the Caravanserai album. Greg who was the other founder of Journey is singing on this song and was on the first four Santana albums.

  45. Blues Chewy

    Nobody plays guitar like Carlos Santana. This is one of the tightest Santana tracks around.

  46. lowriderbandfan

    @Tubernaut , Totally agree! Carlos certainly deserved his Grammy's years ago, but after that, his music didn't give me the chills like his first albums did. Still love him, though. Viva Santana! Peace.

  47. Blues Chewy

    Forget about Supernatural and Shaman. To really appreciate Carlos Santana, listen to the first three albums and the live album Lotus. You won't be disappointed.

  48. kook waffe

    amazing..Nice job man

  49. pauljames00

    oh man thanks for the upload! this is one hell of an album!

  50. glenn

    brings me back to a cool time in my life thanks
    for all the cool tunes!!