Santana - Oye Como Va Lyrics

Oye como va mi ritmo
Bueno pa' gozar mulata

Oye como va mi ritmo
Bueno pa' gozar mulata

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Santana Oye Como Va Comments
  1. jared johnson

    Oye cómo va something something oye cómo va ...enchiladaaaa

  2. Chau Pham

    what about supernatural 😂

  3. julian rojas

    esto se llama musica instrumental

  4. David II

    Yoshikage: Killer Queen can turn anything it touches into a bomb, beat that!

    Oyecomova: *Turns water into a bomb*

  5. oreofudgeman

    This song is sponsored and brought to you by- the lick™️

  6. Allison VP

    Vice Consul de Honduras

  7. Gumpy 49

    Nice to hear this song make an appearance in bad boys for life

  8. Abrum The Realtor

    this is the first Santana song I've ever heard. listening since i was a kid

  9. 69Gordo_snooze69

    Boku no rhythm wo kiitekure

  10. Markc-san

    Araki recomendando buenas canciones como siempre.

  11. Agrianuo _

    Wait why does I see flies coming out from my eyes?

  12. Ollie Potter

    Thank you Peter Griffin.,.

  13. dubiouC

    Peter Griffin sent me here.

  14. Salty Steambags

    I can’t take my hands off the Screen

  15. Teacher Jan's Favorites

    Heard this played in the movie Bad Boys for Life!

  16. sour airhead

    Ken burns baseball used this song while highlighting Roberto Clemente during the 1971 world series.

  17. Kacper531

    Dude, you're telling him.


    La familia de Tijuana, los verdaderos perros del mal.

  19. Luc Brunner

    Masterclass? Anyone? 😅

  20. Donovan Barrett

    Have you ever heard of Vietnam Larry?

  21. Fernando montealegre


  22. groniel rivera

    This song is an absolute classic and masterpiece.

  23. Marion Rodriguez

    Vine por las jojo referencias, no me decepcionaron.

  24. Franco Franck

    Quien viene por parte de la familia de Tijuana

  25. takethis

    Its about love.... Carlitos

  26. José Alejandro Hernández Redondl

    Con ustedes el único e inigualable, el 3 veces campeón de la AAA....el rey extremo!!!! Por que sin payaso no hay fiesta!!!!!! Demosle un fuerte aplauzo aaaaaaa.......



  27. DekuNut64

    Does anyone else realise that the opening guitar riff is literally the lick?


    DekuNut64 includes keyboard, base etc. No one cares bc it’s a genius implementation.


    @kelcohsix nah I love this song. The use of the lick makes it better :)

  28. matthew Paterson


  29. Kitten Girl

    Fucking hot shit song with the brilliant Santana 2020


    La familia de Tijuana

  31. say為五郎

    エ バ

  32. julian rojas

    quien escucha santana en el 2020

  33. Retro Sans

    I will never let go of this song, I might as well explode.

  34. Te bat cu bâta

    Does anyone else hear 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐊 at 0:17 or am i just crazy....

  35. kitmengold

    brainlets will refrence jojo
    but true intelectuals will refrence peter's headphones

  36. Gumer K.

    The Dudness brought me here

  37. Just picturing Denzel Washington cut the fingers off the kidnapper while listening to this..

  38. Riyad Mahrez

    Carlito Brigante

  39. Outdated Tastes

    i googled tele comota and got lucky

  40. John Rodriquez

    I'm learning the guitar and I can't wait to be able to play this without hesitation

  41. Boss 10

    Oye como
    va!! Premaro

  42. ProjectZeroEXE

    Me and the boys trying to kill Mountain Tim

  43. Diego Arnaude

    everyone talking about terrorists, or doing jojokes, but nobody is mentioning sift heads world?

  44. Mogami Keiji666

    I'm not...first place?

  45. Calm Lee

    와 개좋다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㄲㅋ


    SANTANA es sin duda uno de los mejores exponentes del rock 🎸 a nivel internacional, por fortuna es Mexicano 🇲🇽


  47. Karim Gateau

    Super titre ….…..From  Paris ( France )

  48. Karla Aviña



    January 1, 2020. Happy new year

  50. john kelly

    or .... boooooooom

  51. john kelly

    does it stand for ... watch out i am going to explode

  52. Helen Rigmaiden

    Getting my Santana in 2019. Will be walking into 2020 with my man!

  53. John Doe

    Listening Wednesday 1st December 2020 :)

  54. Tex Willer

    This was originally composed and recorded by Tito Puente. It is worth of listening. For instance

  55. _ Devinl2ps _

    Who the hell is jojo and what's this reference?

    『V i n n y W a v e 』[ポ咽押]

    JoJo is a anime

    David II

    You dont know JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?... I'm getting enemy stand user vibes

  56. DrkKnightSilver

    Since 2017 ....this video has been up....and YouTube hasn't felt threatened that a titty is on the screen.....but gawd forbid me or someone else says wont say the word phuck in their video in fear of not being or not ever being monetized :-D

  57. plznoplz

    This song will explode when THAT part get animated

  58. Maxi Conner

    One song do to good stuff to👃👃👃yea

  59. LS- KaHeRem

    iS THis A jOjo reFeRenCe??

  60. LosCar Delgado

    2019 💯

  61. Howlin jay

    Muito foda esse som!

  62. Yuuki Echizen

    Rrrr, sabor

    Oye como va
    Mi ritmo
    Bueno pa' gozar

    Oye como va
    Mi ritmo
    Bueno pa' gozar

    Oye como va
    Mi ritmo
    Bueno pa' gozar

    Oye como va
    Mi ritmo
    Bueno pa' gozar

  63. Ryokoon

    This song makes my skin peel off and blow up a guy that turns into rope




    La cancion de pagano

  66. Sr.weeb-san

    Santana vs kars final form painting


    its more a sbr reference than battle tendancy

  67. Pebete PlusHD

    5%: Hey! It's a god song!
    95%:Hey! It's a god song! And..... JOJO'S REFERENCE

  68. FIL TheMidnightSun

    This song makes me wanna go HAWAII I SWEAR !!!! Ughhh so GOOOOODD!! 😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣

  69. JM Gaming

    That song from donkey konga game

  70. Tony Sanchez

    Vine por el pagano

  71. Shan Solos

    Yari, llamo a todas las brujas a mi línea hasta que me des un hijo. nunca lo harás por lo que me hiciste

  72. Shan Solos

    Si tuviste bebés a tu nombre, míralos porque son el amor que mentiste!
    Siempre fui una bruja y tú borke mi corazón! Ayeiii!! <3

  73. Raindead Music

    I just noticed the lick

  74. Richard Sorel


  75. Ruth Perera

    Clásico ♥♥♥

  76. Antrax 666

    For all illiterate north americans!¡ SPAIN IS IN EUROPE!¡ Santana is mexican!¡ central america!¡

  77. Dreven

    Only know this song cause my dad would slap this in the garage with the uncles.

  78. ßruh

    Felt cute, might put time bomb pins in things, idk

  79. Krm Karma

    Aight time to explode some vegetable cowboy

  80. bryan rodriguez

    I can't stand how unpopular song is.

    It should have exploded in popularity.

    WoW ArmY

    Oh it *will be* soon enough


    Ohh dude it will explode when it get animated


    If you'd been in Tucson in 1970-71, the DJs at KWFM played the grooves of several copies of this and every other track from this album, "Abraxas." If you didn't have your own copy, you just weren't cool.

    WoW ArmY

    @ronforeman I'm pretty sure op referencing to something else

    julian rojas

    musica que nunca pasara de moda esta mejor que ese reggaeton de ahora

  81. Linda Crittendon

    loved these guys ever since they came out.

  82. pixiecraft 97

    oye como va pagano
    bueno pa luchar
    sin payaso no hay fiesta papa

  83. Jaymax Air

    This song is THE BOMB!

  84. Imanes View

    dean winchester has left the chat

  85. john e Lawler

    here i come from it translate as Na then all reet lol

  86. Heiu

    Makes me wanna hold on to those watches tight

  87. Kick Gum

    *happy urepi yoropiku ne*

  88. Sociopata y Egocentrico Con Merca

    Oye como va mi ritmo 🎶🎶🎶💣💥💥💣💥

  89. Depressive Tangela

    Heard this song multiple times in my childhood, but I never knew this version was by Santana

  90. Arturo Diaz

    Te amó Santana💓💓💓💓💓

  91. José CChávez Zamora

    Los timbales que marcan el sabor son de CHEPITO AREAS, Saludos desde Lima Perú

  92. gustavo alejandro leon mejias

    Esto sí es música, gracias maestro 🙏

  93. Jacob Spenadel

    Dye Como Va Is my favorite song

  94. Golbez

    i wish i were that dove...

  95. Blake Ebor

    Family guy anyone?


    YE Baby

  97. Freeway Chewy

    Oye como va
    Me ritmo
    Bueno pa gozar

  98. Dani Martinez

    I don't understand 90 percent of these comments. What am I missing

    Pyrolantern Taters

    Watch/read JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and you'll understand


    @Pyrolantern Taters true