Santana - Mother's Daughter Lyrics

Got no time for foolin' with you baby
Your stupid game is about to end.
You played it out.
Thought you had it made.
And it looks like someone passed you by again.

I left her standin' in her corner
She told me she was tryin' to find her way.
I've got to leave before I get much older
Cause she ain't moved in nearly forty days.

I've got a woman that's treatin' me better.
She takes her time and she ain't so cruel.
I've got someone to take you over
Your mother ain't so bad,
What happened to you?

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Santana Mother's Daughter Comments
  1. Tom Johnston

    Kick ass hot fire music energy eruption...hold on boys dont let it blow your mind blow your top hold on!

  2. Libasher Jones

    I can't help that you don't like this song any more than I can't help not liking you!

  3. Stefan Schleps

    I'd subscribe for this song alone. Suddenly its 1973 again. The Mr. Natural is just kicking in. My girlfriends getting undressed.

  4. Rod Mcdonough

    Greg Rollie... excellent B3 player and THE voice of Santana's best albums. After he sings each verse, as Carlos comes in with his lead riff played on 2 strings (where the 2nd string stretches to meet the exact note of the 1st)... check out how Greg Rollie can be heard in the background going "Allright?? ...Allright!! ... Eeeeaaaaah owww." Its an unusual sound, but he does it twice which makes it a very cool and unique part of his style. One of my favorite songs.

  5. Jibiki

    I LOVE the sound of a Hammond organ (analog not digital). And the way Greg plays----awesome!

  6. David Titus

    Among us is not hip

  7. David Titus

    The whole thumbs down thing is just so you know whom

  8. Fred The Worst

    Gonna play this at the next metoo rally

  9. Antonio Dias

    superb album!! *****

  10. Jett Rink

    Blast-off guitar.

  11. Karisthachakorn Harinwan

    suck as fuck bitch

  12. Kbean Kbean

    This song followed by "Samba Pa Ti" is such a great one-two punch.

  13. Patricia LAMBERT

    No offense to the songs in Spanish, but my favorites of this Santana group are the ones written by Gregg Rolie. Sounds like it was written in the same key as "I Feel Free" by Cream--a very bright, positive, upbeat key that always puts me in a good mood--even if the lyrics are negative (I think there's some irony there?)

  14. DoctorD W

    I loved this album when it came out. All they would play on the radio was Oye Como Va and Black Magic Woman. So I would go home and put this on my turntable! I've loved Carlos ever since.

  15. Dee Taylor

    This was the cassette in the car stereo on the way to Cape Hatteras to surf all day. Smelled of bad weed, coconut sunblock and beer. What a childhood.

  16. Julian Hopps

    Neil Schone ( Journey guitarist) is credited on this album as well.

  17. Jerimiah

    I was foretold your rebel sex nor love nor pity knew, and with what scorn you use to vex poor hearts that humbly sue!

  18. Fancho Thomas

    Aun me acuerdo en el año 1972/73 , con mi mochila y los muchachos caminando por el pais , buscando aventura , en la puerta de un bar de campo escuche la musica de Carlos , esta cancion excelente , se me pararon los pelos , me enamore y no deje jamas a SANTANA.

  19. alex dias

    Grande tema do Santana. Me identifico muito com a letra, é quase que ... autobiográfica.

  20. us and them

    Your mother ain't so bad,
    What happened to you?

  21. JP_L

    Greg rolie <3333 probably my favorite organ player

    Patricia LAMBERT

    Another Gregg whose good on the organ--Allman!

  22. kulturfreund66


  23. Marion Cobretti

    The bass sounds like the music at the opening of Dirty Harry

    Patricia LAMBERT

    You're right. I do think they were all fans of Lalo Schifrin, also from Latin America, who wrote the scores for the Dirty Harry films as well as "Mission Impossible". Also, on this album, "Incident at Neshabur"--that one Lalo wished he had written for Dirty Harry! He would have been proud of these boys!

  24. Alhambra22

    Kick ass solo

  25. kleven707

    My ol friend Neal was on that album...

  26. J. Sams

    Umm. i don't know. this is bullshit. I'm old and when antenna was the boss. this is a pile of shit. sorry.


    hang with cows, man; it's over, Bovine

  27. Dankwart Denkhardt

    Greg Rollie wrote and sung this song

  28. Ron Trottier

    Santana,s mothers daughter cool laid back puts me back to a better time

  29. Bo Holley

    Ya Gotta Ta Live It Ta Love It !!

    Paterno Taboada

    Sigig goroy anag extra laguage

  30. Paul Marino

    Great song. I've heard Neal Schon played on it but wasn't credited because he wasn't an official member of the band yet??

    Renato Arana Martijena

    I'm not really sure about Neal being on this song or album, but it could be, since there is one live version of "Black Magic Woman", where he is playing with the rest of the band. He was definitely in Santana III though

  31. Thomas Bowen

    Outstanding, to the point rocker...way to go Greg.

  32. Wicked B.

    Greg, I love your Voice. Keep the Faith Brother.

  33. pink mini

    Age 20 visiting NZ late summer of '71 and thanx to the wonderful music mad Maoris I first heard this brill song ever!

  34. Melanie C

    Sooo good. Greg Rolie sounds awesome!

  35. Giovanni di palermo

    Gregg Rolie is vocals !

  36. tootstanner

    One thumbs down? Dropped at birth perhaps?

    Poke Chop

    You are an idiot!!!

  37. Burt472

    Abraxas is (imho) their best album along with Welcome, Caravanserai and Borboletta

    Clive Money

    Burt472 .yes but Santana well

    Antonio Dias

    @Clive Money yes but "Santana" 1969 and ""III" 1971 are top notch also!!!!

  38. Jae Beez


  39. macDonald58

    Guitar wonder , one like Django Reinhardt

    Paterno Taboada

    Cause it hurts, kana nasang inyo

  40. jperschino

    Best cut from the album hands down


    Respecting your opinion ( obviously) but to me all tracks on album are nothing less than phenomenal....Masterpiece work of music....A greeting from Italy

  41. malex valpo

    Please accept Jesus as your personal savior by repenting from your own sins, comverting into His name, and being saved by grace as a God's free gift to you my friend. Be a born-again Christian (2 Corinthians 5:17). Read also John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-10, and 1 Timothy 2:5. God bless you

    John Berry

    Jesus is Lord of all.

  42. Jeff Conway

    "Your mother ain't so bad what happened to you"? Greatest line!! I got to see Santana and the Allman brothers do maggot brain, merryweather post!! Amazing show but no mothers daughter!!!

    Stefan Schleps

    Quit bitchin! Merriweathers great !
    Were lucky they opened their doors again after the riot. Duh....!

  43. Francois Freefar

    My favorite song from Carlos

    Dee Taylor

    +Francois Freefar Mine too.


    Except it was written by Gregg Rolie, the keyboard player. It is probably my favorite song from the band, but Carlos didn't write it.

    Dominic Tirl

    yes and Soul Sacrifice Woodstock

  44. mistake111

    ABRAXAS....def one of the 10 best albums of all time. CARLOS.


    @mistake111 Agreed

    Dee Taylor

    +mistake111 It really is.

    Wicked B.

    Not CARLOS !!!!!! Greg Rolie :-)

    Willem Sterk

    Yes, it is. It is timeless, played it so many times, never get bored.

  45. Chelsea M

    Yep. Can't trust girls. Running around playing with men's hearts. Tragic.

    Paterno Taboada

    Hustona in town nang goroy goroy sa among heart uy

  46. Steve Lee

    I just finished a DISASTER with exactly such a woman.  If only her Mum were 10 or 15 years younger... 8)

    Jacqui Crawford


    Jacqui Crawford

    But I love Santana ....great to dance to..


    women....can't live withem, can't live withoutem.

  47. Marilyn Fisher

    KICK ASS SONG!!!!>> Memories forever!!!

  48. Ton van Gelder

    Bought this album on vinyl the other day, wish i already did 44 years ago.......

  49. Ms Bee

    Hey baby sister..... How goes it?????  you definitely are your mother's daughter

  50. Johnny Beogudde

    Timeless SuperMusic-Carlos was video odda yr for "Smooth" a li'l bit ago

  51. Johnny Beogudde

    The gods o RockinRoll wrote thisun & had Carlos perform it

  52. Lolly jones

    If you have ever seen Santana in concert you will have experienced the feeling of love that flows like electricity out toward the man when he hits the stage. It is incredible. Also his drum players play so fast you can't see their arms moving. Wonderful!

  53. Carlos Alberto Cañete

    Una de mis canciones favoritas, en el mejor album, para mi.

  54. Steve Lee

    I listen to YouTube, run it through the earphone jack to the AUX on my quad amp! If the sound engineering is good, it's almost like being there!


    totalmente de acuerdo.......

  56. astromario1055

    the glorious music from my glorious youth...unlimited energy and a hungry mind

  57. Renato Arana Martijena

    @comunista468 del mejor disco de santana

  58. christian araya araneda

    exelente tema

  59. Renato Arana Martijena

    @cougstang wish i was as lucky as you, i have to listen to it on wmp

  60. cougstang

    I just listened this song on 8 track while out for a cruise today. Very catchy beat to the music.