Santana, Juelz - Soft Lyrics

[Intro: Rick Ross]
They say I'm comin' too hard, huh?
I say these niggas comin' too soft
All them niggas soft
Niggas over there are soft

[Hook: Rick Ross]
I sold that brick soft
This why I sell, so soft
My girl hair so soft
These Louis shoes so soft
You hoe niggas so soft
My AK for assaults
I'm sippin' this sauce
My dick won't stay soft
My car seats so soft
These Z Tags say "boss"
You hoe niggas so soft
You hoe niggas so soft

[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]
My car seats so soft
Your army so soft
Real nigga and she like me
'Cause I make sure she get off
These niggas claimin' they winnin'
But when I'm around they lost
I'm in a new car, four door, double R, logo
Big rims, no spokes, small tires, low-pro
You pussies know that I'm no joke
How you want it? 4-O?
Four four for cinco, no ocho, just blow-blow
Still duckin' the po-po
I make her come back like a yo-yo
I'm like Ice T with that white girl
Still gettin' money off cocoa
Still flyer than all y'all
Shit, tell me somethin' I don't know
Got a bad bitch bouncin' on my stick
Like a pogo, screamin' "YOLO"
My diamonds be shinin'
Like a snow cone, I'm so froze
Far as that dough goes
I'm Russell Simmons, you JoJo
My type get real cash
Your type get killed fast
Y'all niggas like soft booty
Get it? Real ass
You hoe niggas so soft
Why don't you hoe niggas get lost?
I'll pay to see you gone
How much is you niggas gon' cost?

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Right back in the hood, fresh off tour
Jumpin' out that new four-door
Bust down APR shores
All this stuntin' ain't called for
None of these bitches ain't all yours
None of these niggas hardcore
Young fly nigga, I'm fresh, man!
Bad bitch with me at sophomore
My Rolex is like Mayweather's
I make it rain like May weather
Ask them hoes at KOD
I don't throw paper, I spray cheddar
Your whip mean? Mine way better
Chicks they greet and love me
Up in the corner and hug me
Go all these hoes tryin' to fuck me
'Cause that leather handle so soft
All I know is go hard
High as fuck, I'm on Mars
My pockets on black card
'Cause it ain't no limit (ain't no limit)
To the shit I'm spendin' (shit I'm spendin')
It's double-M-G (double-M-G)
Yeah nigga, we winnin'

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 3: Fabolous]
I'm in the hood with that white thing...
Mister Softee
Tell them kids don't run up
Got it on me, now get 'em off me
Get 'em off me, get 'em off me
Before I make it hot like coffee
Just seen 'em put a hole-in-one
And I ain't gon' let 'em golf me
Got a O-Z of that loudmouth
My smoke never speak softly
Ride on that dick flow
My bitch never go off-beat
Only time that I'm off feet
Known to stand on my own two
If you 'round me, you gotta go hard
Soft niggas I don't do
These niggas ain't family
If you was, I would've disowned you
And fucked bitches that won't do
Call a bitch who want to
Gotta feel me, my texture
These dumb bitches too extra
I just kicked this bitch up off the bus, had to "next" her
I'm too strong in these streets, boy
Please don't make me flex up
You know nothin' 'bout this
I do this, I'm a expert
DVs go off, like the TVs in my loft
That's HD on my HT
These hoe niggas so soft...

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    Senza finto Bon ton

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    I’m russell Simmons you Jo-Jo
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    Heat, turnt, ez.

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    Juelz drops mic

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    senza finto bon ton

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    Im like ice t with that white girl still getting money off coco

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    juelz go hard on this.


    Sean Thrussell juelz goes soft on this

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    HE'S BACKKKKKK !!!! jUELZ goes sooo hard on this track..