Santana, Juelz - Nobody Knows Lyrics

Nobody knows what I go through, nah
Nobody knows, sex
If you can put yourself inside my shoes, red bottoms
You got friends is not friends no more, fuck em
They don't understand this life that I chose
Get money and when the money and fame, it can hurt everything you love
That's right, I got some people that depend on me
I can't give up, don't know what I'm going through
You don't know, yeah, ah

[Verse 1:]
They don't understand what I've been through
They don't understand what I go through
You think everything's all good
But you only see what I show you
They don't understand that boss life
Gotta take care of my whole crew
They depend on me my fuckin niggas
They know the love is real and I'm a fuckin winner
We all gonn eat, Sunday dinner
One day we broke together, next day we rich forever
One day we broke together, next day we rich forever
They hate it when you up, they love it when you down
All we got is us then told my niggas look around
Look around, look around
If if I gotta be the one to lift for sup, I won't let em down
So at the top it's just us looking down
Sorry I delayed us, but we gon' get this paper
Had a couple issues, I dealt with them, now it's payback


[Verse 2:]
It's like everybody got they hand out
Acting like they you owe em something
They expect you to throw em something
When they really need you to show em something
One month, every broke again
Acting like you ain't throw em none
Ungrateful ass niggas, they only love you when you giving
And the day you say you ain't got it
They forget the days that you did it
You forgot me when I was loosing
So forget me when I'm winning
Where the dark day was frenzing me
Till the day they be friend of me
One day we broke friends, next day we rich enemies
It's hard being a real nigga, when these niggas got bitch tendencies
Female emotions, I can't waste my energy
For them I got that remedy, kill em with success
Royalty is my pedigree, too fresh to be stressed
But thank God for memories, God willin I'm blessed
My comeback's they penalty, these haters gon' be upset
And I done lost a couple friends on the way
Fuck 'em they wasn't really with me all the way
I'll be okay


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Santana, Juelz Nobody Knows Comments
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    2020 n rocking it

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    Don't lie to me........

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    Hey Juelz Santana I said is there anyone left to help twins I got you

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    The whole album was fireeee

  17. HOT BOI



    This song has got me through many painfull pain. One day I'll smile.

  19. Jack Johnson

    Under rated track

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    Made mistakes but how did or am i tryin 2 fixem. U kno i could take the top off anybody. Mom dad anybody

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    Future As Tyrese Wandrick Me Cordell Jemilah Dobson Jacquad Johnson Jhamari Barnes Mosse Lil E Big E Cortez Denre Holmes Victor Holmes Linkchain Willie Moore
    Julez Santana As Mashari Barnes Robert McGee Rene Garcia Darius Lynch Me James Gardner Big Stephen Amajay Pittman Caleb Banks Joshua Jacob

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    Juelz santana went hard on this track!

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    2019 still fire free the homie santana

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    Dipset WESt. All ways slapin Dipz. I love this shit much love. ..##fREE. Juelz

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    My favorite song from him

  30. Little Noah Williams Syndrome awareness

    May all our dreams come true
    We gotta do what we gotta do
    Aces in places as we pursue
    The grass is green the sky is blue
    The key lies within me and you
    Over the kukoos nest most have flew
    If only you truly truly knew
    The city of dreams Brooklyn zoo
    From the top looking down what a view
    What comes around goes around we run this town everything new
    In the skies before our eyes written in the stars a clue
    The truth hard to swallow for a few
    If time can tell what time can tell who
    We do what we do our dreams are due
    The majority eyes wide shut with glue
    Meditated with a Buddhist as I levitated through

  31. Larrence Fishburn

    2019 #Southside #38 CIRCLE CITY

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  35. MAPLEs MOTIVATIONS! -to struggle is to survive! -

    💪🙏🦅 i support the struggle lets work together to spread the movement

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    Housenigga got fake white Jesus hangn from his neck

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