Santana, Juelz - Clickin Lyrics

[Hook: Juelz Santana]
Hello? What up nigga
Hello? What up bitch
Who me? I'm doing fine
Hold on, I got that money calling on the other line
My phone clickin', my phone clickin'
If you ain't talking bout money, I ain't tryna' listen
My phone clickin', my phone clickin'
I got that phone clickin', my phone clickin'

[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]
My phone clickin', hope that's the plug
That's just your girl, I know what she want
My phone clickin', is that you honey?
Not you bitch, thought I was talking to the money
Phone clickin', you need something?
My phone clickin', you need something?
Cheap beef like climaxing
Telling pussy's, I keep busting
All you do is listen, you air hustling
My phone clickin', I'm air hustling
Rick Ross when he came out, everyday I'm still hustlin'
Hit the block and I'm head hunting
Big gun like I'm deer hunting
Bring it back like cook crack
Yeah nigga, I still trouble
Blowing money, I'm still stunting
Take mine, I dare someone
Like 2 Chainz I kill weaves, but I send 'em back with they hair done
My eyes low from the loud, I'm comatose
I need a new safe, my shit done overflowed
Just called the bank, my account on overload
Still got that Novocaine, bitch don't overdose


[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]
Where my trap junkie? My phone clickin'
You owe me something, and the clock tickin'
My phone clickin', my bitch drippin'
My work ain't jumping back, I'm in the kitchen clickin'
Bitch I feel like [?]
Traveling the world while you niggas hate
Blew a twenty piece in K.O.D.
Other piece in D.O.A.
Bitch called me on three-way
Niggas better pre-pay
Cause once I get this work in, I'm a hit the E-way
Pulled up in a Phantom, you don't know the feeling
Money to the ceiling, tryna' make a killing
Ain't got time for these bitches cause I'm on my grind
Clicked over, tell that ho I'm on the other line


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Santana, Juelz Clickin Comments
  1. Haddy Smokes

    Free Santana

  2. Cadmar DaWeirdo

    Do anyone know who made this beat to this? That shit 🔥🔥🔥 Salute to whoever did that track and Juelz murdered da shit

  3. chrispine Omondi

    This will always be my jam .. juelz killed God will'n

  4. Gay Doll

    Bitch I am to blink for the 2019 2020 ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

  5. Jarron Herndon

    Who listening 2019

    James Tisdale

    No all i hear is my phone clickin

  6. justin campeau

    Fuc$in straight BANGER LOVE IT!!!!!

    Gay Doll

    Hell yeah rep that shit for the 2019

  7. Delonte Jeter

    Man Juelz Santana your shit is and always will be DOPE!! My brother from another mother!!!

  8. coco chenille

    2018 n I’m back here!

  9. Jarron Herndon

    ayeeeeeee $$$$

  10. East North

    Julez cold as fuck...

  11. Michael Webber

    Juelz a monster!!!

  12. Luwige Wazir

    aem mimi yogotti

  13. Lauren S. Clark

    This shit was banging in 2014!


    Still banging in 2030


    Nigga this shit still goes hard, Juelz is a og

  14. Luwige Wazir

    aem mimi yogotti 1

  15. Luwige Wazir

    aem luwiji ou

  16. Luwige Wazir

    mama mia biti yogotti

  17. Sir Nature

    Too hard

  18. Jamal Faith


  19. Matthew Belyea

    Santana Always goes hard, DIPSET!!!

  20. darius sims

    this shit should have more views than this.

  21. dlightzone

    Listen to this through beats studio Susan if u didnt

  22. a10

    this song is DOPE

  23. susan kroger

    Really wtf stupid song

  24. Flateline Blitz


  25. Jayco Shah

    My shit

  26. NatT Gray

    I'm hear hustling NOW!

  27. ItzBunnyPlayz

    Twin get at me !

  28. Shataria Michole


  29. Steven Oyler

    5 peoples phones be clickin'