Santana, Juelz - Bodies Lyrics

[Hook: Juelz Santana & Lil Reese]
We put it down, we give it up
We lookin' down cause we so up
We put 'em down, now pick 'em up
We lookin' down, cause we so up
At the top, bodies keep on poppin' up
At the top, cops wanna question us,
At the top, but we got nothin' to discuss
At the top, Just keep them bodies pilin' up

[Break: Lil Reese]
Ain't gettin' money can't get with us
These niggas, they ain't with us
Heard Juelz and Reese, she was quick to fuck
Can't trust niggas that's why it's only us

[Verse 1: Juelz Santana]
These niggas be actin up and if these niggas keep actin' up
Ain't got let chopper make noise nigga, 4-5'll be loud enough
And tell them niggas don't challenge us, big mode in my challenger
Come through like zoom nigga, big gun like boom nigga
Big dogs need food nigga
You fuck around and get chewed nigga
Memorial day for you nigga and it won't be in Cancun nigga
You a smart boy, school nigga, I ain't none of that, I'm a fool nigga

3 hunnid like 3 o'clock with your punk ass after school nigga
Swept up with that broom nigga, hit his ass with that T-pain
That auto'll tune niggas,
That Heat with me like D-Wade
I can smell the pussy on you niggas, you bitch-made, perfume nigga
All fake, cartoon nigga
I make a casket your room nigga, boom



[Verse 2: Lil Reese]
And I live it up, throwin' 3 hunnid up
Bodies gettin' dropped, police hot as fuck
We love stains, we not give it up
Now you down and I'm up
Snitch niggas givin' names up
When the people hit the bar we put them things up
I never switch up, cause I'm the same one
We on your ass, ain't no letting up
We at the top, haters lookin' up
In a film with them niggas who don't give no fucks
And all my niggas wild as fuck
And fuck niggas be mad as fuck
And counting paper, I got paper cuts


Bodies keep on poppin' up
Bodies keep on poppin' up
Bodies keep on poppin' up
Just keep them bodies pilin' up

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Santana, Juelz Bodies Comments
  1. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


  2. mike long

    This still never got recognition lol. Crazy. Juelz went in

  3. Bilton Lite

    Princess princess ameerah fast cars

  4. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


  5. John Dough

    Reese the type of dude to throat a dick

  6. Đ!Rع !и ተիع Շปተ


  7. 304 savage

    Reese bodied this beat

  8. JayRichTv

    I Be Forgetting That I’m In This Video Lml 😭

  9. stunnaboycodotcom

    juelz always snapp

  10. Chyna Shaw


  11. Johmathan Delgado

    make that deposit for me bro in my banks account my nigga thanks

  12. Johmathan Delgado

    make that deposit for me bro

  13. Keramu Thompson

    Lil Reese kill it no lie #300

  14. Devon James

    How did this not hit a million views?! 🤔

  15. Westbound Promo

    shudve bin at a mill from time

  16. Omegah TV

    Santana and Reese BODIED this track, PUN INTENDED, PURE FLAMES!!

  17. Red Ranger

    Song should’ve just been called US Remix

  18. Angel Luis

    so bds chilling with juelz who a blood and wacka who claim blood and gd at one time and Jim Jones who claim vice lord lol

  19. Ric Ric

    DAMN santana bodied this shit Santana that nigga fa real he spit some real shit real niggas relate to

  20. William Dickson

    this song got all the real hittas in it juelz Jones flocka Reese durk all em

  21. Angerzz Locos

    peep lil durk in the video

  22. Kelvin Chemmix

    Ol Lil Reese songs feels the same....same beats same shit!!

  23. SlicSwagga

    tight track

  24. Nawaaaj Williams

    pause at 3:08 lil reese looking at juelz like fuk u doing bro

  25. Prince Kwåku

    dope track, real talk. I see Waka and Jim Jones

  26. Jonathan Homer

    Big Moe in my Challenger H-Town stand up!!!

  27. Allyssa Stowe

    really good and the best

  28. wst

    com to my city y'all want make in a day

  29. wst

    all y'all shut da fuck up am from chiraq he ain't stealing nobody style he a legend at dis shit he from motherland of hip hop dum ass he just switch he style on that song dnt get it twisted talking bout Chicago kids these kids are not average kids they will fight you if u cocky or not weights mean shit in chiraq we give it to you how u want it do y'all history dum ass before talking. shit I.G's internet gangsters bitch

  30. willie palomino noriaga willie

    This old as dude Santana talking about staking body's .Killing is a good thing okay.

    Muhammad Fattah

    willie palomino noriaga willie. he still about that

  31. William Anderson

    I just seen this video been listening to the song for a min. Gangsta shit.

  32. JAMIE Rudge

    Juels just stole Reece's flow get the fuk out a ere a lot of deze rappers jumping on chiraq niggas dik juels is a bitch ass nigga he's not in the field stop copying niggas lil Reese is the realest

  33. MARCEL White

    Lil reese is fuckin garbage but juelz my nigga to the grave

  34. MARCEL White

    Lil reese is fuckin garbage but juelz my nigga to the grave

  35. Bryan Loveless

    Reese should have got on with Elz tho and got that industry money...but Reese stuck in the streets more power to him tho. Get money how you get it

  36. lil moe L.A

    nothing to discuss aint getting money your not with us these niggia keep acting up ak like boom niggia aint nun of dat 500 shit

  37. S u p r e m e m e

    Juelz is real af tho

  38. Tobi Sadiku

    What yall talking about,juelz Santana is real about that life ,why you think he made the video

  39. Crab Bisk

    Lol, Juelz Santana wouldn't last 5 seconds on the south side of Chicago trying to be gangster.  


    +lee roy dw he prolly a naive youngin. let him learn

  40. Koweden

    At the top!

  41. EngleSackJus

    He tryin so Hard to dick Ride those little Chicago Kids so bad..... juelz your time has passed .. Lol let em go. They wont even be relevant two years from now in Hip hop


    go back to your country. foreign garbage.


    stupid gay fuck i'm in it now!!! faq!


    fuck your annoying as fuck.


    @Renato Cvikic insecure fuck, always gotta have the last say? well here ya go, if it helps your ass feel more of a man.

    ZaDisH DaKing

    2 years later. supa sav 3 on the way.

  42. SwiftontheMIc

    Whack as hell. Rap is becoming so elementary

  43. youngjr666

    Juelz trynna be like them Chicago boys not his style

    Corey Ortiz

    man shut up you would think that if u just started listening to him lil boy go back to when he first came out aint shit change about Santana same gangsta rapper


    not true, i dl that mixtape and it's fits the sound of the whole mixxtape


    jr just stop


    +Kingjr666 970 lmaoo fuckkkkk u meannnnnnnnnnn

    1800 Music

    Smh hatin ass

  44. Nature Prod.

    Juelz went ham tho

  45. Johnny Weissmuller

    juelz desperate for street cred

  46. Roger Hulen

    "I'll make a casket yo room ni$$a BOO! Another hit Juelz. Keep it up dawgie nutz. This version is better than whats on the God Wilin' mixtape tho.

  47. Emmanuel Ray

    Juelz santana and lil Reese killed it

  48. kevin ciprian

    fresh track 

  49. Emmanuel Ray

    My ninja juelz killed this song

  50. ApothecaryKing

    should be a juelz and fredo collab

    juan paulino

    they made a collab go listen to rollie on my wrist by fredo and juelz santana

  51. Silkky Ceriano


  52. Silkky Ceriano


  53. GullyBoi

    This joint a banger, but doesn't Lil' Reese sound like Meek Mill?

  54. AL G

    long neck lil reese

    Skrell Escobar


    mike long

    AL G The dinosaur little foot from the land before time movie 😂

  55. luis25k

    Thought juelz was a blood? Wow

    joel sean

    you guys are such pussys.... u think this is porn? go to redtube lol go viral today with *authenticplays* *dot* *c0m* get mad hits to ANY video!

    Dank Dank

    joel sean L

    1800 Music

    He is dumb ass

  56. mj231987

    On the full album version i heard all reeses ad libs aren't on it. like he only say at the top once and thr 300 n man down ad lib are missing. its like he re-recorded or dubbed over the old version of the song for the video lol..ijs

  57. bLACK nOIZ

    video is stupid. the message is not cool at all. and they look lame as fuck trying to fool us into believing they kill people and get away with it. LAME

    willie palomino noriaga willie

    You do have rhythm seen u moving like a off beat jersey shore dude.

    willie palomino noriaga willie

    @Francesco Cimmaruta why you wear skin tights your going to bust your pants dancing like a lady

    bLACK nOIZ

    its just a pic a like

    willie palomino noriaga willie

    Now you see what I'm saying not a good message to the kids that watches this,then you single me out ,because I'm trying to tell young black youth don't do this ,and don't buy into this shit.So you believe in all kind of fuckery maybe you don't want me to try to reach them so they don't do this shit.

    Keramu Thompson

    Lil rease kill ppl out here no lie check his back ground

  58. jennifer quigley

    Im so glad elz came back hard, those skull gang days he was at a all time low

  59. Geetah Franklyn


  60. Glowboygbe Sosa

    At the top!!! 🙌

  61. trapp foo

    Rip tercio,malik,darrel, nickle, crack, loreal, jca$h, Monica miss y'all !

  62. hudsoncounty REP

    if you like 90s hip hop check this guy out hes really amazing the boom bap is back !

  63. AstronautKid88

    at the top is just us nigga...

  64. 101Tele

    I know nobody will probably even read this..

    but, Imma type it any way because i hope at least one person will

    i'm a rapper with a dream. I know there's like 200k of those in this world

    but please check out my music and subscribe? if you want.? thanks,

    I would love nothing more than to have a decent following on youtube..

    if anyone? reading this could press the "THUMBS UP" other people will see it

    just a simple button press? could make my dream come true =) Thank You

  65. bawz status

    aint gettin money, aint with us

  66. Alazay Rogers

    At the Top !!!

  67. jason smith

    da da dowww

  68. Tip Toe Tone

    I've heard better from Reese. Juelz went in though.

  69. chiraqnation420

    Lil Reese go hardw as fuckk Chicago standw the fuckk upk

  70. JaySmitty33

    Molly Santana

  71. zaire grier

    Dat white gurl is ugly

  72. kingklutsklan

    i swear all i hear is the word nigga... at least lil reese killed the song that isnt even his

  73. walter davis

    Fuck You Talkin About. Look At Lil Boosie. Stupidass, smh

  74. Grey Istvan

    with some ugly fucking hoes

  75. Stackzkidd

    juelz a bitch in disguise

  76. Alissa Earts

    Dis mi song right here

  77. Jason Watts

    Lil reesy baby goes off.

  78. izzyiniguez

    This go so hard

  79. Flito Loso

    My son reese

  80. bigrod

    U can see Durk at 2:29

  81. Ibrahim Abdulle

    At the top, shit goes off

  82. GoodBallin

    lil reese murk this

  83. The Weeknd

    DAMN lil ReeseGO HARD AF ONT HIS ONE! Go? viral today with Authenticviews(.)com, get mad hits, likes, views, and exposure to ANY video!

  84. Almighty Shaq

    this go

  85. Lindsley Steeve Legerme

    You down and im up!!!!


    Saw durk then said he out then looked at the date -__-

  87. Cristiano Messi

    I hope thats sarcasm.

  88. Todo RD

    reese scarface FLOW

  89. Kamajay Cotton


  90. HitEmOffline

    "I'm countin paper, I got paper cuts." Fuck, that line went in.

  91. cookie035

    Reese Killa Tracks

  92. s0ulhack33r

    more like rap was buried when reese started rapping

  93. First name

    u izzz retrd

  94. First name

    lil durk lol

  95. First name

    nah u did by putta dizzzz coment

  96. BoomBoom Cheif

    whats up with all 380's bruh

  97. s0ulhack33r

    Juelz killed it and Reese ruined it

  98. advliam

    wakas rolls royce