Santana - I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
If you don't love me baby
Let me know
Cause you're breaking my heart
And it hurts me so

Playin' these games
And messin' with my mind
Girl you made me believe
You were only mine

I don't wanna lose your love
Oh oh
I guess I have to let you go
I don't wanna watch you leave
Oh oh
I guess I have to walk away

[Verse 2:]
Girl you said you loved me
And you'd never go
You were lyin' to me
You thought I'd never know

I just wanna tell you
Girl before I go
Take a good look at me
I won't look back no more

[Spanish Chorus:]
No quero perder tu amor, oh
Pero te voya dejar irr
No quero mirarte irr, oh
Voya tener que andar de aqui

[Repeat Verse 2]
[Spanish Chorus]
[Chorus Out]

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Santana I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Comments
  1. Jenn Ng

    Endgame (( ༎ຶ ◡︎༎ຶ)

  2. SelinaS

    More like....LOS LONELY BOYS w/carlos santana

  3. i0o

    Fuck its so good.

  4. Eric Oyono

    Un véritable régal

  5. Healthnbeauty1

    I absolutely love this song!!  It's my favorite by Los Lonely Boys!!

  6. Jenny Amaral


  7. Enrique Espindola

    se la rifan estos valedores😎😎😩😱😱😱

    Enrique Espindola

    con un toke de mota oyendo estas rolas 👍👍👍👍🤘😎😎😎😎

  8. Rowena Driver

    heavy stuff..respect!!

  9. Lorenzo Abbiati

    dance bambolina!

  10. Diablito Mad

    la raza tiene talento y sabor

  11. SPNKr

    The last good old days of Santana. Here's to Santana IV, olé.

  12. Roxie Hudak

    Right on, some Divine Intervention going on here : )

  13. Hugh Janus

    great guitar, but the vocals dont really fit well.

  14. Google Music Channel

    Carlos Santana & Los Lonely Boys | Don't Wanna Lose Your Love

  15. Mariano Abundiz

    beautiful harmonized guitar solo at 2:10

  16. Deaun J

    san angelo,tejas. cowboy boots,good food, and los lonely boys. what more do u need hombre?

  17. Lorenzo Abbiati

    gorgeous guitar

  18. laolistener

    I just miss a heartbeat every time I hear Carlos...LLB are great but wow, Santana just adds so much class!!

  19. Jim Heyssel

    Unbelievable. More talent in their little fingers than almost anyone else out there. I mean Los Lonely Boys. We already know how good Santana is.

  20. alvaro walle

    ta chido esto cabron.uta madre ..parriba mejikin

  21. Josh Sanchez

    Loved Santana before I knew who he was and my dad showed me Los lonely boys now I just love them both and this is the best of the songs I know from either of them.

  22. Mrshardy6

    carlos santana and los lonely boys would make a perfect band

  23. JayIceColdD

    LOVE this song.

  24. alvin999182

    AWESOME !!!

  25. chris vasquez

    3 people lost their love

  26. chris vasquez

    The last greatest song santana made! (the remake of while my guitar gently weeps is pretty good tho too)

  27. Anthony Dronchi

    Everything abt this song is as good as it gets... if u hink otherwise than u must not know much abt the history of this song.

  28. 6613mm

    Santana + Los Lonely Boys = Mas Chingon hahaha freakin' sweet ass sound!!!

  29. khoirul anam

    all u need is just - listen -

  30. Thorozak_

    People heve forgotten what music is all about

  31. teri christ

    @orc4l I AGREE

  32. Sierra Garcia

    Ohh. :(
    Why can't kids listen to music these days? It's so much better..
    Better lyrics, better tone.. psh. It's got a freaking MEANING behind the song! Not just "I want to fuck you!" :'( Makes me sad.


  33. Jemiller2012

    @mexibeast227 "Go! I gotta go! Go, I gotta get back to you!" Santana

  34. Susan

    Great blend of new and old. Carlos will always rock:)

  35. Matsurigurl

    since when did Ringo die? I have known these guys since they were little kids. I have never known them to be called Los Falcones.

  36. michelHernandez1202

    this is a cool song:)

  37. Jackie Johnson

    Great combination of talent. There is no match for Carlo's guitar & Los Lonely Boys voices. Muy Muy bien.

  38. borntofiremusic

    baller. sounds like a latin iron maiden. henry garza is the only 'rock' guitar hero i can think of out of this past decade. john mayer can eat my nuts.

  39. Cyrus Tabar


    That's a very sheltered list... all great musicians, but if we're talking about raw ability on the guitar none of those are that good except kind of Santana.

  40. Cyrus Tabar


    Most people don't like talented music. They like w/e the radio tells them to like, they like what people talk about, what looks good, what gets played at the clubs ect. It's sad and pathetic but most people have no education in music, which means there's no appreciation for real talent, at that point it's all about "personal taste" and "what sounds good" a.k.a people don't have anything to back up their pathetic opinions.

  41. frank loin

    Love this song, they are amazing live.

  42. Lynda Griffiths-Rocha

    I agree..... just embrace the talent.

  43. saron380

    music isn't a competition its all good fun

  44. Gabriel Morales

    Your the best carlos i love song i ever heard i swear on my life!!

  45. roger c

    NOT JEFF BECK!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. bubatpcoldplay

    Jimmie Hendrix, Santana, George Harrison, The Edge...for me, the best guitar´s players!!!

  47. PeanutSauce57

    I love the los lonely boys and santana...together they are AMAZING!!!

  48. crambus

    this song is soo good it just changed my bad mood to at least something tolerable thanks for posting it ive been looking for it for some time but using the spanish tittle and not getting anything
    but seriously thanks for posting it

  49. Thomas More

    This song gives me goosebumps.... amazing

    henry garza and carlos santana are the reason why I picked up the guitar

  50. frank loin

    Los Lonely Boys are amazing in concert!

  51. 21armand

    one of the baddest songs to come out of 2007

  52. Tom Leah

    is there a Spanish version to this?

  53. Red Cage

    eh? the second best? what would be your first?

  54. JIMMYZ Rivz

    go fuk urself pendejo , be amen boy,
    ur a punk u come cheaper by the #12>

  55. dani b

    santana is god of the guitar!

  56. nevermindrock

    los loney boys deberas k valen la pena
    hasta hace un tiempo para aka no sabia kienes eran pero vaya grata sorpresa cuando me los recomendaron

  57. athena1027

    it's a old los lonely boys song they never recorded that they gave to santana for his new album.

  58. JIMMYZ Rivz


  59. Cristian Peña Tabarquino

    que buena demostracion de talento

  60. B18MONSTRO

    viva santana y los lonley boys....

  61. a7mady86

    its the second best song i heard on youtube