Santana - Hope You're Feeling Better Lyrics

Is that you
Your eyes slowly fading?
Is that you
Your mind full of tears?
Is that you
Searching for a good time?
Is that you
Waitin' for all these years?

And I hope you're feelin' better
Yes I hope you're feelin' good
Yes I hope you're feelin' better

Is that you?
Look across the ocean
Is that you
Thinkin nothin' is really there?
Is that you
Waiting for the sunshine?
Is that you
When all you see is glare?


Is that you
Who never saw your baby?
Is that you
Who never had a friend?
Is that you
Movin' to a new town?
Is that you
Will di'monds replace your friends?


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Santana Hope You're Feeling Better Comments
  1. 1wharfboy

    My happy carefree childhood

  2. Flash Azul

    If you are into taking drugs for fun and that kind of stuff, then you should give this a listen on acid with headphones on and full volume.

    I guarantee and really hope you feel better ;)

  3. friki71

    My older brother says they would play this real loud in the humvee when he was in afghanistan, says they never tired of it and sometimes just had it on repeat. USMC OORAH!

  4. Diego Beccaria

    Hau 145 individuos que carecen de gusto musical y solo se ensucian los oidos con reggeton u otras basuras de ese tipo, señor perdonalos porque no saben lo que hacen !!!


    Yes yes ‼‼‼‼🤩🤩♥️😍🥰I feel better now and for ever with those SANTANA GORGEOUS SONGS ‼‼‼IM FLYING AROUND AND EVERYWHERE XD 🤩❣😊🤗🤗🤗😁

  6. seiji iwaguro


  7. BroskyWhoDatedHoski

    Natas sampled time for ya mind

  8. Carleton Candis

    Abraxas was my first rock lp

  9. Lars A G

    Greg Rolie's composition 1970. That was something else back then.

  10. jane oughton

    i always feel BETTER when i hear these fantastic genius blokes , however they do send my blood pressure up xxx What a way to go xx

  11. J Chr G

    Always felt best, untill you came alongside. ..come closer!

  12. Libasher Jones

    Basement Bar, Stagecoach Inn, West Yellowstone Montana, bit of acid, bit of beer, bit of dancing June 1977, 21 years old.

  13. Stefan Schleps

    This is the best song Santana ever recorded. With Mothers Daughter, and Black Magic Woman tied closely for second place. The joy in this song can raise the dead!!

  14. gr8guitarplayer

    Anyone remember this song being included on GM's 1972 8 track mix tape that came with a new car? My father custom ordered a 1973 Pontiac Gran Prix, and it arrived at the dealership in late 1972. As I recall, the state-of-the-art car stereo at the time was a quadraphonic 8 track stereo, and the car came with an 8 track mix tape, which in our case, since the car came in in 1972, it came with the 1972 version of this tape.

    I was a young rock and roller, 8 years old at the time, but I already had great taste in music, and I absolutely LOVED this song, but my ole man would hit the program change button every time the song came on: "That's nigger can't even understand the words!"

    "So what dad? That song is awesome. Besides, I can understand the words. And didn't you buy Let It Be a couple years ago?? Let it play!!! You know, every time you hit that button, you're also missing out on hearing Lynn Anderson's For The Good Times." Haha! So finally he'd let it play, and I was HOOKED!!!

  15. Richard Albert Henderson

    Carlos just goes off on this track, so good.

  16. BCTV BC

    Awesome song.

  17. Blues Chewy

    Real Santana. Not that Supernatural garbage.

  18. Axeli Brotherus

    Definition of a perfect song. Great and badass rock song.

  19. Noe Morales

    These songs plus Santana I and all the rest gave me such joy to become a kid at heart and married to one. Viva Santana

  20. Mrhatmandu

    A perfect example why Journey was better when Greg Rolie was their lead singer. I dig Steve Perry but Rolie had THE voice

    Matthew Ingman

    I agree and liked them better in their early days not only because of Greg Rolie as their keyboardist and singer, but mostly because of their progressive approach to all of their songs. Neal Schon's extraordinary soloing and Aynsley Dunbar's incredible drumming was most certainly a major factor as well. Great band!

  21. Brandon Callaway

    Sounded Like An Early Journey (1974-1977)

  22. Nenad Gvozdenovic

    122 fans of "who tha fuck is" justin bleiber will never feel better..

  23. Isaias Rodriguez

    Con estas rolas bien locochon awebo

  24. Mark Mask

    le premier avec hendrix a matriser la whawha comme ca

  25. Curt Manners

    My mother and dad sure were glad when I got drafted in 1971 so they only had to listen to this every day for a year.

  26. ontariobuds

    I love the Hammond organ.

    Andrew McInnis

    ontariobuds Amazing sound!👍

  27. ZEP0034

    What a song, heard it for the first time in years and back in Santana mood awesome stuff.

  28. Sean Lynch

    Great track from a great album..
    Lyrics, guitar, organ, drums, it doesn't get better..🎤🎸🎹

  29. Roberto Zadik

    Santana mixed mexican rhytms of his land and californian hippie was an incredible recipe..Abraxas..immortal album with classic as this, Samba Pa ti, Soul sacrifice..i would like to live in those years..

  30. Ricky A Doyle

    Santana and Chicago pre 1975...where are they now? Miss these two bands that balls of steel.

  31. frank ciofalo

    Es Carlos!

  32. Jonty Hawkes

    recorded straight off the vinyl- just how it`s supposed to sound [belt-drive deck too, by the sound of it] :]

  33. Guitarmalade

    When I first heard this at age 12, it blew my f****** mind. Goosebumps

  34. Arthur F. Scaltrito

    Have this LP.
    Great example of FM AOR of the 70's.

  35. Gab Pinto

    To the 115 Justin Beiber fans who disliked this song, we dislike you too.

  36. michael Castle

    Jimi Hendrix is smiling somewhere out there!

  37. Sean Ingram

    What a gorgeous woman, with the Dove, on that album cover :) Bad ass song, right here :)

  38. Stella Ercolani

    Yes much now I am free from the evil person who crept from the shadows.

  39. Noel Fuentes

    Great Chepito Areas best percussian

  40. M2 Mo

    on the yard in 69 ... in the union building at su

  41. István Pataki

    Super album.

  42. J Newman

    When asked Santana's all time favorite bands Carlos stated THE doors

  43. Marjorie Cohn

    insane outrageousness! First time I heard this was tripping. I thought my mind had exploded open. I had never heard something so stunning....... that guitar towards the beginning, like a wild waterfall. Good god thank you Carlos for this genius.

  44. Return

    je bande

  45. Michael Glickman

    For those wondering, the musicians are lead vocalist-keyboardist Gregg Rolie, lead guitarist-backing vocalist Carlos Santana, bass guitarist David Brown, drummer Michael Shrieve, timbalist-conga player Jose "Chepito" Areas, and conga player Michael Carabello.

  46. RustyG57

    Sounds of Journey in this one. What was to be Journeys beginning... Great way to start.🎸

  47. Burt472

    110 folks don't know how to feel better.......That's sad (for them)

  48. toalha molhada

    Rowan zorilla shep dawgs 2

  49. Vo0dooChild

    hope 99 people start feeling better

  50. alabasterable

    Santanas best song. Fantastic.

  51. Michael Rosin

    My favorite Santana song, along with Evil Ways.

  52. thao ho

    Boy, haven't heard this sweet melody for over 40 long years.


    Welcome back my friend.

  53. Paul Wayne Foreman

    I can't name a song that rocks harder than this one.

  54. prajñā prajñā

    Pierre de fermat king deceptive, the crowd is partakers
    x^n+y^n=z^n and z^n/2 =(x^n/2+y^n/2+d)
    x ^ n, y ^ n and z ^ n
    Oṃ A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhīḥ

  55. Alhambra22

    I think I feel better

  56. Tom Luten

    With half the members that formed Journey!!!!!!

  57. André Luiz Queiroz Silva

    Brasil Rio de Janeiro
    Esse som é porradaria pura em harmonia.

  58. MORGAN5005

    Esto es mùsica carajo !!!

  59. april owen

    Ese Santana👏👏✋❤💭💨👊

  60. Peaceand Quiet

    Gregg Rolie is the best!!!


    Mi casa en tepatitlan Guadalajara esta abandonada, la regalare a un centro de beneficiencia. No dejare que ayuntamiento la tome.

  62. Keith Winter

    yes it me man Nam

  63. Luis Guillermo Andrade Gonzalez

    La cancion con mas sabor a Rock y del bueno; lastima que fue la unica. Pero pienso que si Santana hubiera seguido produciendo mas temas con ese estilo, las otras bandas de rock temblarian.

    Rene Rosas

    Que ignorante eres Cómo que la única cansion rockera y no se si las bandas tiemblan pero temblaron y siguen temblando mis hidolos .slash, gilmure,clapton, may, desespera gente inexperta en el rock santana es un musico de clase mundial uno de los reyes de woodstock el festival mas importante de la época e historico escucha mas rock psicodelico para que tengas mas conosimiento sobre santana y sus cansiones hippies psicodelicas que no son una son muchas.

  64. Dimension X multirotors

    gone are the days when a shoe shine boy from mexicali could become a a days all i hear is crap!

  65. Angela O.

    Right on! Santana! ✌

  66. Luis Ramos

    I'm from Puerto Rico usa..👆👇👈👉💘i play music.🔮I'm listening to vynil records just fantastic.Thanks ,I remember old this time w/girlsfrends.🔫🔪🔫

  67. Luis Ramos

    Greg Rolie from England is wonderful .Organ and piano ,I that no be usually.👆👇💞💝

  68. Luis Ramos

    Remember we are all-around of Angels (Angeles)👆💞peace and love in Las Vegas.👍👍👍👍👍which is heaven ?👈👉👇👆💞💝💘

  69. luis ramirez

    I am now !!

  70. mattioder

    That solo


    Saatanan hyvä.

  72. Daniel Gallardo

    Reminds me of my pops on his old school shovel head. RIP Alvie Ray!

  73. Petros Verbruggen

    one of the great ones

  74. Nada Nada

    I don’t want 18 people to start feeling better ! I WAN’T EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD 🌎 TO FEEL BETTER ! ! !

  75. Andy Rocker

    Lucky these two met !!!!

  76. tlc 1955

    I'm so glad I was in the 70"s - fabulous song far ahead of it's time

  77. P.Lambert Artist Germany

    Oh yes Hammond B 3 with 122 Leslie Speaker make the amazing Sound , thanks Greg Rolie. Carlos thank’s for sure too

  78. kevin hodgins

    If only not for JOURNEY ! Ha. Steve Perry killed the good music.

  79. Bob B

    anybody rating this song with a dislike has a total hatred of santana music and should not let themselves rate his/their music. just like if i were to try to rate springsteen music. to me springsteen never made a song worth listening to. so naturally i could not possibly rate his music with an open mind, it all sucks. only saw santana a couple of times and they were both very impressive.

  80. BryanX 64

    2:02 first use of tapping in rock?

  81. Ron Trottier

    Well well whom ever thinks that this song sucks ,guess your born up beibers ass!!!

  82. A Holland

    Hope your feelin' BUTTER !


    Last Tango in Paris??

  83. Martin Prendergast

    One of my favorites Rollie Rocks!!!

  84. Julian Vickery

    "Hope You’re Feeling Better" by Santana (from the album "Abraxas", 1970)

  85. mistake111

    a masterpiece.....ABRAXAS. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE.

  86. supermetalrockmetal


  87. MiaSchu

    I have to look up Journey now! I only really knew Santana's Latin music but, wow!, I love his rock!

  88. Patrick Truchon

    used to ride down he 84 in cut. stoned on Lebanese hash with great stereo! absolutely fantastic album.. in my top ten.

  89. Mikel Gubanez

    this song just fn rocks. carlos is just a badass

  90. Denny Hutsell

    Like so many, I am a HUGE fan of Santana. This song kicks major ass!!! I have this CD and listen to this song damn near full blast. The energy and hard rock n roll sound is sooo heavy. When Rolie left Santana to form Journey, the cut a song called, "She Makes Me, Feel Alright." That song too, kicks ass!!! I wish they remained the hard and heavy sound over the years. Maybe us fans will be fortunate enough to see a Rolie, Schon, Dunbar, Vallory/ Santana tour with only '69-'77 tracks played. Yeah! Sorry, no Perry.

  91. Al W.

    More cow bell !!!!

  92. jammerman0101

    One of my favorite songs of all time .

  93. Tom Mulhall

    Carlos is the greatest along with Greg Rollie on keyboards- Absolutely Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Roberto Scupitush

    shep dawgs

  95. Kris Untch

    On another note this song came out the year I was born..70..and I never get tired of it..its so full of adrenaline..and Greg Rollie on vocals whether its her or his Journey tunes don't get enough credit..I love his voice and his tunes just as much or some better than the other vocalists.

  96. Kris Untch

    38 people will never feel better and suck!!

  97. Ryan Golding

    first time I,'ve heard this!

  98. JemzE LKB

    Back To Brixton

  99. Marc

    This jams!

  100. sasha alexander

    this song still kicks ass!