Santana, Fredo - How You Want It Lyrics

In the trap selling packs whipping, how the fuck you want it
Wet or dry nigga, how the fuck you want it
Got this choppa you can die, how the fuck you want it
Dead bodies homicide nigga, how the fuck you want it
How the fuck you want it, how the fuck you want it
Front door face shots nigga, how the fuck you want it
Late night shootout with the cops, how the fuck you want it nigga
How the fuck you want it nigga, how the fuck you want it

Don't make me grab my chopper mane, shit can get ugly, shit can get ugly
Fuck the police I'm smoking weed all in public
Trap house god damn mofucking jumping
That bitch getting thirty k, damn on the money
Shoot a nigga in the face, shit just got disgusting
Gotta leave the country before the cops come and touch me
Name kinda hot hope I get through custom
I'm the trap king but I gotta thank my customers


Where my pen, where my phone, man this shit up off the dome
Finna roll a blunt and a smoke to the dome
Kick that bitch out, she ain't tryna give me dome thot
Run up on me I'ma put one in yo dome
I don't need rap, hunnit k just off my phone
You don't want a brick, ya better leave me alone
Sneak dissing me and I'ma pull up to yo home
Don't make me do a drill right after this song


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Santana, Fredo How You Want It Comments

    nobody really dissed em just noticed

  2. Mr PopYourBra

    R.I.P Fredo

  3. Mr. Discreet

    Barely any RIP comments on this? I used to slap this shit in high school

  4. Official - Making Paper Regularly


  5. Jacob Romayor

    All them bottles

  6. Yannick Gerard

    Anyone knows where to get that jacket?

  7. P-Air Montanna


    Drill Newz Tv

    Pierre Wilson 🤕😪❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️🔥🔥🔥👹💥🏃🏽

  8. jesse yoder

    Rest with the G's Fredo!!!


    hate to say it but when this vid dropped i knew fredo was a goner

    Anthony Jacobs

    RIPPAPPY PBG true shit bro no one can sip that much lean for that long and not have issues from it

  10. Keondre Williams

    It be lookin like keef and fredo blunt will have you high for two days straight

  11. Roberto Rossi

    Fat gay

  12. YaboySmooth

    Nigga how da fuk u want it???🐬🌅

  13. mothapucka 21

    His dreads are badass

  14. Keyon Cossey

    2019 wya Real big Boss fans


    here shorty

    Fredo Santana

    Squaaad 😈

  15. Antonio Jimenez


  16. The Difference

    This guy in hell right now. Don't play out to Jesus

  17. Sazmet Gundogan

    Fredo type of savage roll 5gram in backwoods puffs like Newport

  18. Southside SlimMillionaire

    Fredo had that gucci belly rip g

  19. Michael

    Still screamin rip in 2019

  20. Gat Mack

    I want some lean in a double cup with you potion it

  21. Pino Greco Aka rudy

    Maldicion dios.. Apenas minuto 0:42 y me dan ganas de cerrar el video

  22. Pino Greco Aka rudy

    Eres eterno fredo

  23. Pino Greco Aka rudy

    Aveces me da miedo mirarlo... Maldita sea fredo... TU sonrisa... TU persona... Eras el mismo zatanas

  24. DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    All that fuckin lean🤦🏾‍♂️...The Gang should've really help him slow down tho #LLTBB

  25. Dirty Hollowtips

    446 people got it how they wanted it

  26. itss Donnie

    2019??__. r.i.p

  27. el. jovenn

    Walking Demon #LongLiveBigBossFredo

  28. Slick Toby

    The best tho🔥🔥

  29. Mtl nord Flippa


  30. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


  31. GTG 777

    Make ya wanna drill sumn rite after dis song🔥

  32. YaboySmooth

    Nigh made this bitch slap

  33. Lucas Imperioli

    Glo in peace big boss 🙏

  34. shane george

    GIP Fredo

  35. Glo Sean

    RIP big boss

  36. Carmen Cruise

    HE IS IN HELL NOW I am happy for him

  37. Fredo Crugarr

    If you have beef with Fredo it’s not even beef it’s just suicide

  38. ChipOn MyShoulder

    The comment list never ends on this one. Ha. R.i.p. trill nigga



  40. CHA357


  41. David 1

    Playing this shit in 2018 R.I.P Fredo, R.I.P Xxx...

  42. Lee McCoy

    Rip 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  43. I Stay Rollin

    G.I.P. Fredo

  44. Ace Clark

    Rip Santana

  45. stina


  46. Sanyi A Raj

    RIP FREDO :(

  47. N R

    R.I.P Fredo 😭😭😭😢😢😢

  48. Jawand Savage

    R.I.P Fredo Santana

  49. Dennis Little

    R.I.P. Fredo 4 EVA

  50. Conky Best

    This shits fucking gangster fredo
    was a trap king R.I.P FREDO!

  51. frenda friend


  52. Iiamthatkiddo

    Rip fredo


    Rip fredo

  54. Andy O'tam

    Legends die young, RIP FREDO

  55. Jayshawn Bløød

    R.I.P legend

  56. YhunG T.O Norris

    R.I.P fredo santana"

  57. Chris Tackett

    One of a kind glo in paradise demon

  58. bigbossjohanTM

    RIP 😢

  59. Lil' MichMenol

    Folk Love D ✡

  60. Kanye West-Kardashian

    G.I.P. Big Boss

  61. Michael Garcia

    Rip fredo 🙏😢

  62. RGG Gaming

    Rip Fredo

  63. King Mike

    Rip 😭😭😭😭

  64. King Langley

    my favorite song of his. rip Fredo

  65. vJokzrs Modz

    R.I.P Fredo Santana <3

  66. Ashley Casillas

    R i p ❤❤😣😣 #neverforgotten

  67. Vic So

    Favorite Fredo song R.i.p. Fredo

  68. Jayshawn Bløød

    R.I.P Fredo

  69. Joseph Joestar

    I dont see any expiration dates on those pints

  70. Hank Hill

    Damn. RIP to a real muthafuckin G. Fuck these drugs mane

  71. Joshua Mccoy


  72. Nelson

    Rip fredo man 😞🙏🏼

  73. KVL vlogs

    Fredo lived by lean and died by lean GIP fredo

  74. Renan Rattis

    Glo in peace RIP to a real savage

  75. TheCracker559

    Rip fredo 🙏🏼 glo in peace this probably my favorite song 🔥

  76. Andy G

    Rip 😔😔

  77. StefNoCurry

    Rest In Peace Fredo 👏🏽💯

  78. Yung Kam

    R.I.P Fredo!

  79. King DeeCash007

    Rip blood 💯🙌

  80. yungkatsuro 999


  81. María Hererea


  82. Tonio4x


  83. Robert Moise

    Rip fredo

  84. Doruk Aktas

    Rest up Big Boss, This song got me thru my ACL surgery :( miss you bro

  85. Black Hef

    Rip Fredo 😭 dis my fav song