Santana, Fredo - Bad Habits Lyrics

[Hook - Que & Fredo:]
I got bad habits
Last month I blew a quarter, I got bad habits
Pourin' lean up like it's water, I got bad habits
All I hang around is killas, I got bad habits
All I wanna fuck is strippers

I got young nigga habits, young nigga habits. [x4]

[Verse 1 - Fredo Santana:]
I got young nigga habit, young nigga habit, A-R 15
Couple bricks up in my mattress, I got young nigga habit, young nigga habit
Steady pourin' lean and i keep my automatic
I'm just a young livin savage, you can ask my nigga reese
Ridin in traffic, tryna do an op [?]
Police snatch me up, man, I ain't doin' no speakin'
[?] , boy I swear them niggas beezy
In the kitchen whippin' dope, i'm just smokin' on some keisha
Tote my pistol anywhere like that motherfucka legal, say you with the shit, but you talkin'
To the people. (foe don't wanna say he did and I ain't serve you either.)


[Verse 2 - Lil Reese:]
I got bad habits, smokin' kush, yeah, I got bad habits
If a nigga think he sweet, then he gotta habit
Getting fresh everyday, yeah, I got bad habits
On the block everyday, yeah, I got bad habits
Still with the same niggas, that's a bad habit
Still run the same blocks, that's a bad habit
Or you can catch me out in traffic, got the automatic
Don't run up on this car right here, man, it could get tragic
We out, All Night, 4 A.M. shit, we be slammed
My niggas, them my niggas, so you know, they bound to ride
Yo' niggas, them yo niggas, but them niggas, ain't gon' ride,
say when it's war time most of them be bound to hide


Holiday season, aye

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Santana, Fredo Bad Habits Comments
  1. Whats HvH

    Rip Fredo

  2. Moneymaker

    GIP FREDO Fuck what a hater gotta say you went in inn dis one foshooo

  3. INSTGRAM: _Billygotti_617 AL - BB


  4. Og Deezie26

    i got worse habbits

  5. RichstarOnTheBeat

    Prod by HurtBoyAg Fbg duck cap1 whatup

  6. YourPlug

    We used to go crazy to this shit

  7. David S.

    Your flow is wack, your producer is wack, your ghost writer is wack and your style wack

  8. Richard

    Rip fredo

  9. Armani LaSalle

    Rip Fredo

  10. On Pluto


  11. Pimp'n ND

    Fr This track Finna make me brush my teeth wit bleach

    Andrija Kolacek

    Pimp'n ND

  12. Someone buy me TJ's 350z please.

    This song sucks.

    Jose Penalosa

    Someone buy me TJ's 350z please. L

    Z'hara A

    Someone's butt hurts

  13. Budlight

    When i lose $200 on the celtics game and play this song. 😒

  14. soulstice

    Young nigga habits!

  15. Isaac Beats

    Prod by Metro Boomin x Lex Luger x A-Trak

  16. +ƸƤıċ

    Diz Song A Banga

  17. Lil Wells

    I got bad habits aye

  18. IlluzionOnTheBeat

    SSR GLO Gang

  19. Andy Cheung

    This not on the music paradise for me to download

    M'rick MERIL

    +Andy Cheung go to datpiff and download ain't no money like trapmoney

    Andy Cheung

    Preciate it

    flask klasf

    chow is that you?

  20. Kordell Mckenzie


  21. Cheyenne Bryce Quinn

    I want to skin Fredo and wear him around my house.

    ricky difilippo

    @Charles Manson ur not charles manson

    Rxcky 808

    You want this glock in your mouth and blow your brain out?

    D&A Nation

    Cheyenne Bryce Quinn bitch stfu he'l skin you and your family before u do anything bitch .

    J Haffer

    Its so sad to read stuff like this now. Sleep easy my sweet prince

    DAVID 714 OC

    @Metal Fan99 lol Freal crazy physco bitch