Santana - Can't You Hear Me Knocking Lyrics

Yeah, you got satin shoes
Yeah, you got plastic boots
Y'all got cocaine eyes
Yeah, you got speed-freak jive

Can't you hear me knockin' on your window
Can't you hear me knockin' on your door
Can't you hear me knockin' down your dirty street, yeah

Help me baby, ain't no stranger
Help me baby, ain't no stranger
Help me baby, ain't no stranger

Can't you hear me knockin', ahh, are you safe asleep?
Can't you hear me knockin', yeah, down the gas light street, now
Can't you hear me knockin', yeah, throw me down the keys
Alright now

Hear me ringing big bell tolls
Hear me singing soft and low
I've been begging on my knees
I've been kickin', help me please
Hear me prowlin'
I'm gonna take you down
Hear me growlin'
Yeah, I've got flatted feet now, now, now, now
Hear me howlin'
And all, all around your street now
Hear me knockin'
And all, all around your town

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Santana Can't You Hear Me Knocking Comments
  1. anofi berry

    Chambers Holding It Down Like A BOSS

  2. Trent Kent

    A cover that is as dope AF. Love it.

  3. Micky Jones

    only Johnny Winter did Stones songs better

  4. Francesco D'Arcangeli


  5. Matthew Willner

    Crushin. Like Douglas Smith sez:”Carlos Santana imitating the Rolling Stones imitating Carlos Santana”.
    True that. That’s the heard brought me here. A+ minus that LA overproduction end hit...

  6. Matias Barrios

    awesome Scott forever , Yeah

  7. Baby Irene

    It's good. But the guitar needs to be way scungier. Way way filthier.

  8. Hugo Guedes

    Great song, I loved ♡

  9. Luisito6119

    I really like Santana in his own song but this version it's really disappointing, especially the first part and in the second part the magic of Mick Taylor and Bobby Keys is really lost, what a pity

  10. John RAMBO

    Fantastic and amazing version of this huge song from the Stones with a big touch of Carlos. The voice of Scott is magic and so is the guitar tone....

  11. Norma Luz Licona

    Me encanta mi cd....💗

  12. gerardo cerna

    Santana is nothing.(Keith Richards it's a legend)

  13. martin sanchez

    Latin soul 👑

  14. Simon Robeyns

    sick ass fucking cover brosephs

  15. Riley llan

    Stones sound better the first three minutes but after that it becomes another Santana song.

    Martin Sanchez

    Thats true

  16. Douglas Friesen

    absolutely love the guitar tone, pure maple syrup

  17. Robert Atkins

    stp with scott weiland came 2 nz in 2011. if I knew that that would be the last time scott weiland came 2 nz I definitely would hav gone. I cant believe he is gone. we hav lost a legend

  18. аркадий лушницкий

    К чему бы не прикоснулась рука и ухо Маэстро-то непременно это становится шедевром.

  19. Kim Strehlow

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Joseph Sharp

    I would go as far as saying this is the best cover of any song in my opinion period!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. TimB4305

    Not doubting Santana's talent but Weiland has snorted all the magic he once possessed.

  22. Tim Stubbe

    Probably the best remake of a great song I've ever heard...

  23. NephilimFree

    Oh man! This is a killer rendition of the song! Crazy good.

  24. Art Monterrubio

    Carlos can play anything & everything!

  25. charles gilmore

    shit compared to the stones


    easy, do not compared. enjoy both

    Joe Flatley

    +jaguaron007 Well said, bro. Good on you. Don't bash what you hate, praise what you love.

  26. Douglas Smith

    Carlos Santana imitating the Rolling Stones imitating Carlos Santana. ..Mick Taylor loved the Latin sounds on the orginal

    G Squared

    NICE! take care

  27. sonia delaunay

    Can't you hear me knockin', yeah, throw me down the keys
    Alright now

  28. Kirkola

    This redefines kick-ass...a great combination of musicians, song and performance

  29. fm711

    The tone does sound like Joe, but Carlos owns a wha-wha and knows how to use it. I think it's too brief for Joe to have stepped in.

  30. Kinoch

    Scott's the man

  31. stormy602

    as great as santana is, mick taylor does the solo better

    mark hill

    could not have said it better...

    Riley llan

    mick taylor??

  32. benny c

    this version is nice. but that's kind of the problem with it, isn't it? It's nice. It lacks the crude danger and menace of the Stones version. with out the down and dirty quality-this version comes up as a Bplus. But the vocals are kind of awesome.

    mark hill

    correct...the vibrato is missing...

  33. Chris McCartney

    Only Carlos could make this great Rock Song Better than the Original.......God bless Santana

    mark hill

    it is cool...but...not even close...

  34. Heliass94

    Sticky Fingers > Santana's version

  35. sureshot732

    take the dick out of your ears

  36. adolfo buffa

    "casi" como MT...

  37. uj256

    Stoned and listening to this is better than getting blowjob from ex.

  38. Joseph Negrelli

    scott weiland is awesome


    Chris cornell

    Matias Barrios

    Yeah Scott forever

    G Squared

    Chris with Carlos on this Album-- Amazing. Agreed. Take Good Care

  39. Theresa Taylor

    @GBofOH That wasn't very nice. I am neither.

  40. PauloM.

    Scott Weiland OF STONE TEMPLE PILOTS!!!!!

  41. 05101990toots

    Hahah, well put!!

  42. Dan TheMan

    This cover is CRAZY GOOD!!!!!

  43. adolfo buffa

    Santana sera de los mejores, pero el mejor... es Mick Taylor no se le compara

  44. Theresa Taylor

    I know Joe Satriani like I know my own soul... He played a part in the wrap up. Anyone agree?

  45. Luna12

    wish Santana would do something with Myles Kennedy aswell

    mark hill

    ya can't always get...

    G Squared

    @mark hill 😅

  46. kedge

    This cover Blows me and leaves me with gasm! :)

  47. Jesus Saves

    Great cover of this song!

  48. kingswayguitar

    @emoboi311 he's a great singer - stp were awesome and i'm glad he survived it's breakup and his own personal challenges - gotta agree with others though i think he should have coloured his voice a bit different for this cover (a little rougher like he sang on meatplow or sex type thing)

  49. Ghost of Cyfair

    @kingswayguitar scott weiland best singer ever

  50. kingswayguitar

    the wah is a tasty addition to this absolutely CLASSIC song!! glad they did the coda at the end with Santana's Latin vibe - quite fitting

    thumbs up from this Stones fan

  51. TeleSmunto

    bella canzone

  52. rollingstoneoshea7

    too slick, I think sometimes when these type songs are remade, they forget what makes them great - that gritty bluesy back alley sound

    mark hill

    you nailed it...

    G Squared

    @mark hill
    Agreed! Bless

  53. SuperRudy1956

    I have to say that I was looking forward to Carlos Santana's interpretation maybe my favorite Stones songs, but was totally caught off guard by Scott Weiland's vocals. Wow.

  54. Phil M

    ...holy shit !

  55. Edgarsquires

    Dude, This song rocks. I play in a Classic Rock band and I want to get my band to play this song - this way. I love the percussion - very Santana !

  56. aestheticpardox9

    @finnbjerke Scott always does

  57. Jordan LeVesque

    whoa.... EARGASM.

  58. Mind Movies

    Not to mention a Rolling Stones Classic!

  59. Mind Movies

    This is great.. Santana and Scott Weiland its just brilliant!!!!

  60. Rockan Hoffman

    Fuckin' Awesome...
    I love Scott Weiland's voice :D

  61. Carlos Bogarin

    muy buen disco ya lo compre y esta muy bueno felicidades

  62. chirpsoul

    The best of the boys.

  63. eskymo30

    I've got everyone of these song's by the original bands. I love the orginal's, but I also like to hear an different interpantation by different artists, thats how we get the verying different sounds from different bands. I just shows how much respect and admiration one artist has for another. Carlos is the man, one of the most respected and loved guitarist around,

  64. JohnAllanification

    damn !!! is there anything on this that isn't good. i havet'a look this up on wickipedia to find out WTF !!!

    do it again,carlos.

  65. Beth

    @Chico5393 Santana has been doing covers since he started. He DID NOT write "Black Magic Woman". That was his biggest hit and he took it from Fleetwood Mac.... So this is not anything out of the ordinary for him to do.

    On another note. I love this song. Scott Weiland adds some great sex appeal to it.

  66. Billy Castillo

    Great guitar work, and Scott's vocals are awesome as always, but I'm REALLY not feeling some of the backup vocals

  67. hagsterbaby

    @noobcakeYUM i think the guitar personally gives it the edge this song alwways needed, the stones is still the classic, and the sax does sound sweet, but the guitar in this really amps the whole feeling up

  68. BottomOfThaBay

    Fuckin amazing song. Stones are the legacy but damn, Santana & Weiland tore this shit up!!

  69. Ghost of Cyfair

    hell yeah scott weiland

  70. CaptainHollyShort

    Oh Santana, when did you get reduced to doing horribly distasteful wanky pop/rock covers of good classic rock songs? And Scott Weiland is a fantastic vocalist; when he's doing songs for STP, that is.

  71. adolfo buffa

    me quedo con la interpretacion de Sus Majestades, en especial extraño a Mick Taylor.

  72. Jose Izquierdo

    Are the 70' back?? Wake me up!!!
    Put Santan and Lady Gaga to have babies right now !!!

  73. Mauricio Saucedo

    @bandido23mx a webo cabronn!!

  74. moron32

    COCAINE EYES?!?!?!?!?!?!

    mark hill

    speed freak jives...

  75. Detroit Bullet

    Hell yea Carlos

  76. seabolt62

    wow, pretty cool rock on scott!!1

  77. Humberto Villegas

    viva mexico!

  78. Humberto Villegas

    viva mexico! cab.......

  79. Shane Pasqualla

    Scott sounds great on this song!!

  80. detretrop

    Some of you are forgetting that this is Santana's album.It's supposed to be over the top with his guitar and his style of play.These are his versions of these great songs,Hence the name of the album.

  81. Mauricio Zarraga

    Muy buena version y Scott Weiland como lo q s un Rockstar......!!!

  82. Angel Tejon


  83. David Aguilar

    Best song Santana has done in 30 years

  84. tilt

    I like this :D

  85. celticgreen

    Santana is great... doing his own stuff... don't know about this covers.. too much wah pedal on the songs... rather hear the originals... he is just playing on top of the song
    and jamming anyone can do that.

  86. Degree7

    Can anyone say it?


  87. Glenn Kauffman

    love it!

  88. batman252315

    you want to hear a great cover by Scott Weiland.. Listen to him sing with the Doors....

    G Squared

    That performance was brilliant! Nice comment. Take Good Care. RockRightOn!
    RIP Scott, Ray, Jim.

  89. jaguaron007

    @28mohd i readed the same comment ,in diferent songs of this cd, that tells me what a good f... cd santana put out

  90. GARYT1956

    If "anyone" ever did a better cover of this. I haven't heard it. HIt this one out of the park. Great LP. Zepplins cover is in a whole new league also.

  91. greenaresfb

    some "mysterious ways" u2 sounds

  92. vitotol

    Scott is the greatest evah

  93. MzzyS1979

    Scott is so versatile.......

  94. yaashdev

    HELL YEAH SCOTT WEILAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Bill Rodgers

    this wasn't one of my favourite songs on this album at first. Now, I love it! The instrumental is pure Santana. Another great Santanafied song. Don't compare these "covers" to the orignals. Accept the brlliance and beauty and passion of the songs and the spirit as they breathe new lfe. Music is boundless.

  96. Spook Jr.

    My favorite Stones tune...yeah I'm feelin' this rendidtion. Weiland was a great choice too.

  97. Travis Kraft

    @MTZTayko They work with him because it is good promotion for them and good for business, not because Santana makes good music.

  98. MTZTayko

    @theachtungtree Another thing, covers pop singles? You need to hear his new songs. They aren't here in Guitar Heaven. Listen to his latest work, it's not POP in any way. Pop is actually low in what he does, most of his songs are latin and cultural songs and instrumentals filled with great energy. That's what people seem to like less, being rock fans, but that's what's good, I know myself. Also, remember this album was not Carlos' idea, it was Clive Davis' idea, and Carlos is close.