Sanderson, Lauren - Voices Lyrics

I think sometimes we see the right signs
Hate that they're right
Claim we're still blind
Ignore the day time
We fear the night time
Crave the right time
Fill the blanks with the empty words

Empty promises that won't be fulfilled
Empty people we could never fill
We fight hate with hate
We fight love with fear
We fight dreams with doubts and we disappear

We fight logic over what our heart says
Demons who ain't even there
I really sat there and replaced my goals
With a girl who showed me she didn't care

I played myself
I blamed myself
I let 'em downplay just how I became myself

But just know that I made myself
All by myself
I faced myself
When they said I wouldn't

No more time to backtrack
Sorry, thought I told you that
Warned you that

I gotta get back on the road
Cause you're immune to me
And now this space here in my heart is opportunity
These spaces in my head

I hear voices in my head
They tell me you should go
Voices in my head

I hear voices in my head
They say leave you alone
Won't you leave me alone?

(Gotta get back home)

I hear voices in my head
I hear voices in my head
All these voices in my head
Warned you that, warned you that
Voices in my...

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Sanderson, Lauren Voices Comments
  1. Destiny Ray

    You save me every day. 💙 I love you

  2. Alyssa Miller

    Damn, this one hits deep

  3. Justin Cease

    I feel you shordie

  4. Justin Cease