Sammy Adams - Fly Jets Over Boston Lyrics

fly jets over boston
yeah oh
we not playin wit em

white picket fence not me im on the top floor
roof top city spot lookin over all yours (I see ya)
chilin wit a crush i don't really have time for
I'm the 3 white keys in C, your a minor
knew my shit bang when my music hit the highways
found out that hard work pays off like Fridays
And, plenty of people do this our age
but don't seem to be blowin like penelope and johnnys
sorry, sound so big headed
I'm just flowin no clue where this clouds headed (no way, no clue)
never been addicted to the fame, no star fettish
you worried bout yours, but we count all of this, uh

All we gon' do is spit that reals
so if you fakin don't come round here
oh you thought that this was your year?
theres the door get the fuck outta here
I'm not playin I'm just sayin
I'm not playin I'm just sayin
I'm not playin I'm just sayin
I'm not playin

Uh, and when it all come down to it
the homie still gon' do his thing
you gotta give it to him
refer in 3rd person tell myself about my music
you got them screen door lyrics we can see through em
you and your team don't get it how you say you doin
you just tryna keep the crowd movin lyin to 'em
disrespecting the game and gettin paid for it
lost sight of what you first got in the game for
I seen it all from my stadium seat chair
number 1 rolled OG brand new
Old sneaks man what you mean?
its like club life shoppin in a time machine
kinda light headed in my heavy chevy
talkin to my light skinned red bone on my blackberry
headed wherever I haven't been already
fuck all else jets over every

All we gon' do is spit that real
So if you fakin don't come round here
Oh you thought that this was your year?
heres the door get the fuck outta here
I'm not playin I'm just sayin
I'm not playin I'm just sayin
I'm not playin I'm just sayin (straight up)
Word to Sam, fool
roll me another one

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Sammy Adams Fly Jets Over Boston Comments
  1. Brandon Bailey

    I use to blast this at high school parties and people still wondering about that playlist! #Spitta#FlySociety

  2. Allan Millan

    Jets fool

  3. Luís Cláudio

    this beat is definitely one of the best I've ever heard, chill as fuck

  4. keenan britte

    Jets over Boston

  5. rednready182

    This track is timeless. Still love it. Too bad white homeboy sold out and went electro-pop. If he actually wrote his own verse he had rap talent. Should have stayed the course he was on.

  6. mind5et

    heating up my nail and pen drags to this shit haha

  7. jayp pop

    I'm not playin I'm just sayin

  8. choppersonly24

    Sam Adams is cool

  9. raquel12345678910

    How is this the only good song from him? Lol

    Mel Greybull

    Driving me crazy? Coast to coast is also cool

  10. Lil lb

    ? sammy aint even bad bro

  11. El Kev

    Damn I love the beat and song so much <3

  12. ???x

    Let's be real we only came here because currensy was in this

  13. Mike Hock


  14. Bryan Mendoza

    Where's Sammy in this

    jimmy m

    1st verse! guy goes in

  15. Eduardo Pizana

    Jet life to the next life

  16. stimuncy


  17. relier

    i want this instrumental!

  18. Jazmen Walker

    this beat is sick as fuhhhh

  19. mhus40us1

    17 people be smoken that swag. 245 peps on that dank

  20. BlackMagic25

    rollin mah zig-zag right now ;)...........and i got class in a few too lmao
    JETS FOOL =)

  21. Quikster220

    Is this real? If not, what Currency song did he add his verse too?

  22. lethargicAZN

    sick beat

  23. Owen Loughlin

    hot spitta curren$y makes dis track

  24. The Cow

    2:40-3:30? :S

  25. Havelin

    @shyonsamadi um both mac and sam suck suburban titties thank Christ for spitta i was so disappointed that he wasn't the only one on the track

  26. The Cow

    THis is actually the nastiest song if youre looking for a chills beat!

  27. DylonHotFire

    Sammy is dope as fuck. Mac is my dude but Sammy can really rap.

  28. pskewldude

    song starts at the :50 second mark.....

  29. MistahDisastah

    Not the best I've ever heard, the lyrics are a little ordinary. But the beat kicks ass

  30. Eugenia moreno

    After He Did That Drivin Meh Crazy BullShit i thought Curre$y woudent fuk with him

  31. Donovan Patrick

    @teamsmirkish yeah thats what i said. i saw him on pandora and was like uhhh he cnt rap... he can. lol

  32. teamsmirkish

    sam adams is WHITE?!

  33. WhySki11z

    @123456789stop They're 2 different styles. So you cannot judge which one is 'way better'

  34. Michelle Francis

    @Based2011 yeeeeessssssssss. waaayy bettter. :)

  35. Nick Barr

    this song is dope

  36. abe339

    every sam adams video I watch someone says something about Mac Miller. I mean people dont care whos better we came here to listen to sam adams not people talking about Mac Miller.

  37. sandiegorandolph

    There is a a New Religion and its called "JETS OVER EVERYTHING. Dopest dub beats on the planet running through your Brain minerals.

  38. sandiegorandolph

    Look at the Haters. All Pissed off cause a White dude dropped this ridiculous track with the man from the 504 Clan. Breathe Bastardos, and start Participate. Only love can kill the Demons. Yes Sir.

  39. Luke P

    Sam's mom got Curren$y on this for him

  40. A Lebo

    someone find this instrumental PLEASEEE

  41. Hurrrm69

    This dude's lyrics blow Mac Miller away peeps. We all love you here in Boston Sammy, stay on your grind bro.

  42. pR1MeYwL99

    @rylandcostello721 seriously!!!

  43. Google forced me to pick a name

    @ALebo6 let me know if you find it! i'm lookin' everywhere!

  44. A Lebo


  45. Jamesmartens55

    anyone have the version of this where its only currensy?

  46. andrebenjamin3464

    @BboyFreeman13 They're both white. Sad truth but that's just how it is when you've got two white rappers heatin up at the same time

  47. 09JERBEAR

    why is he always compared to Mac? Theyre completely different in styles

  48. John Ramirez

    @taylorgang21226 i listen to mac miller too but sam adams is doper.

  49. Steven Gipson

    @iboxedjprizzy r you serious?
    get the fuck outta her

  50. Steven Gipson

    @iboxedjprizzy r you serious?

  51. John Ramirez

    @shyonsamadi get the fuck out of here. Sam adams is better than Mac miller

  52. nica305boy1

    @century0755 hahahahhaha

  53. nica305boy1

    @shyonsamadi you pretty much just did that

  54. Brian Costa

    lmao everyone hatin on sam now, but when he came out w i hate college everyone was on his dick...

  55. John Hancock

    I like his laid back kinda voice on this song. I think Mac would've been a bit too higher pitched for it. Whatever though.

  56. celticdb15

    Lotta haters out there for Sammy. ITs w\e he does his own thing. Jelous lil bitches i guess..


    i wonder how much sam adam's mommy paid spitta for this track?

  58. Hatim Abbasi

    @bluebobo60 real talk. gangstarr for life.

  59. Hatim Abbasi

    you guys are pussies. mac miller has nothing on adams. rep that boston. you jewish pussies

  60. Hatim Abbasi

    mac has a song called winner. the beats like exactly the same and shit. swagjacked

  61. YAAASolid

    i need the instrumental for this.. its sick!!

  62. quaddude2501

    seriously if u dont like sam then why r u on this page???

  63. RAKEEM Mikes

    Check out my songs dissing Sam Adams He is garbage And mac miller i diss

  64. Paula Pedrosa

    does anyone know where i can find this beat?

  65. elemental951

    i like currensy but not this sam adams bitch

  66. LavishClub

    jets and them paper planes ♥

  67. Sam

    i need this beat badly

  68. Chris Edwards

    @thexperiment dude upload this beat on your channel, its so sickkk

  69. ag2407

    i came to this video strictly for spitta.

  70. ag2407

    @DcfbxWade thumbs up

  71. Terrell White

    sam adams is fucking wanna be mac miller or MGK he fucking sucks TGOD Thumbs UP those the real clicks fuck ym and all those other bullshit labels


    @thexperiment which one of ur songs it be?

  73. BerksBeats

    I'm not playin' i'm just sayin'...........

  74. IndonesiaNegaraKu

    i dont really like sam adams, i just wish spitta would work with miller or chris instead of him.

  75. ty sapaugh

    pretty dope, pretty dope. If you reppin' that MA love check out Masshole on my page brotha.

  76. Holmes855

    @graum88 dumbass i never said spitta wuz in tg but hes an accossiate

  77. Max G

    @Holmes855 Currensy isnt in taylor gang idiot

  78. Afro Shinobi

    @JumpingJohnnyJohnson hahaah u dumbass, ski didn't produce this. if u really knew wat u were talkin about u can tell this isn't Ski's style of production.

  79. Alex Kikinis

    fuck sam, mac n paper planes.

  80. Currensyy

    you better pluck them shits.. lol

  81. ianmeister111

    madd dope

  82. Denaisha Meadows

    he's cute(:

  83. Mr.Falcon503

    he's alright but you gotta check this fool
    out hella clean from the 503 type this in Mr.Falcon Oregon

  84. TheoryHazitMusic

    Xperiment on the BEAT!!!

  85. Grant Rindner

    Fuck Sam Adams.

    Jet LIFE.

  86. Tyler Johnson

    Im diggin the track but...THE BLOODSIGN....CMON SON! Fuck outta here with all that bullshit whiteboy you aint no blood.

  87. Max G

    @thexperiment This is my favorite Sam Adams "And" Currensy songg ha propss G.

  88. Searches

    I'm REALLY into this beat.

  89. XxMistaClutchxX

    curren$y kinda ruins the song, if it was just sam adams it would be a lot better

  90. Civopop11

    @MrGabe103 easy

  91. ball4life850

    @Holmes855 Taylor Gang or Die

  92. Rage617

    @Jonny19112 tru that

  93. Holmes855

    fuck ym, taylor gang or die. JETS NIGGA

  94. Raphael Nelson


  95. itachi9000

    sammy adams is legit

  96. Zak James

    Holy shit, I like this Sam Adams, he should do more stuff like this

  97. TheWhittyFlow

    Sam is the man!!

  98. sahlay

    the track is hotness, props to the producer. not feelin much else