Sam & Dave - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby Lyrics

When something is wrong with my baby
Something is wrong with me
And if I know she is worried
Then I would feel that same misery

Baby we have so much together
We stand as one
And that's what makes it better
When something is wrong with my baby
Something is wrong with me

Now listen, just what, uh-huh, she means to me now
Oh you just wouldn't, you just wouldn't understand
People can say she's no good
But oh, she's my woman
And I know I'm her man
And if she's got a problem
Ooh, I know, I know, I got to help her solve it

When something is wrong with my baby (sho' nuff)
Something is wrong with me
Now, say it again
When something is wrong with my baby
Something is wrong with me
Oh hey, yeah

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Sam & Dave When Something Is Wrong With My Baby Comments
  1. Ujima Jame

    The better live version was the one on the album "Stax/Volt Live in London" from the same period:

  2. cleveland manley


  3. Ken Ford

    Classic soul

  4. pfwed

    Slow ballads like this with such dynamic arrangements are truly what separate men from boys when it comes to singing and playing. *Misters* Sam and Dave, and band, as good as it gets right here. Extraordinary emotional control and release. Amazing performance by all.

  5. Madison Petal

    If something wrong with my baby, then something wrong with me.

    Something is wrong with a woman physical, emotional, mentally, most time its behind a man who broke her down .

    If something wrong with my baby, then something wrong with me.

    Men love your women so both yall can drive that car 🎁💞🎱✔

  6. choneyb54


  7. Mike lafleur

    What a beautiful voice this man is talented

  8. Evangelist Cheryl Lynn Hinds-Thomas

    2020 "STELLAR" 2020

  9. Big Beard

    Thank you Gentlemen,

  10. Marcel Miagi

    Epic. On a scale that can’t be measured. This ... is how it’s done. 10/10

  11. Antonio Montefusco

    Bugo e morgan

  12. Alombardi82

    Thanks for posting! Beautiful!

  13. 河合茂生


  14. Evelyn Loving


  15. Addie Morgiewicz

    I listen to this kind of music often-I adore it-funnily enough I actually came here from an interview with the cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. If you have an adoration and passion for music (or musicals) I recommend this show. You can find the first episode on the channel created by NBC “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.”

  16. William Thieshen

    Met these dudes after a. Performance in Pittsburgh, very pleasant dudes!

  17. G. Parpee Mckay

    I don't know if music will ever be this way again. It touches your soul deep inside and you feel that sanation deep in.

  18. Glenn Holden

    I've got all of their albums. Remembering darmstadt germany at the PX $2.50 an album.

  19. Richard Gamble

    If Joe Tex, and Sam Cooke was singing this song with Sam and Dave we would know that God was talking to us him self. These are the golden voice giants of our time

  20. kathy Johson

    WOW hadn't heard this in at least 45-50 years!!! Fantastic, still👍👍👍👍

  21. Flo Liddell

    Omg, Everytime I watch this video I always end up closing my eyes and remembering those good old 60s-70s. Those were the good days. Some bad but for the most part alot of good. Only bad is remembering my father coming home drunk beating the crap outta my mom for being so good to him. It just take me by surprise Everytime that I still hold so much resentment too this day. The blessing that came out of it is that it taught me that only the strong survive and that's exactly what my mom was and is STRONG... PEACE BE WITH U...💯💪

  22. shundra tubb


  23. Vivisn Ferguson

    Yes Sir. Sing that song.

  24. Kem_Ra_Del X

    Sang, sons...SANG!

  25. Liz Preciousone

    Yeahhhh I remember this!!!!

  26. Rich McConnell


  27. Jozinek

    Now this is music with soul ;)

  28. ChasingHeaven 1975

    Wildly mesmerized!!!!! Ohhhhh myyyyyyy gosh!!!! Forever hypnotized!!!!!

  29. Noff Memphis Slim

    When he says "and that's me"........CLASSIC ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  30. Barbara Fagin

    I love this music. When music was 🎶.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Diahann Stevens


  32. Martin Mason

    This is euphoria! How is modern technology bettering a show when this is sublime. Holding the shot, getting the magic, not flitting around and bringing in the periphery. Captivating and moving in every sense of the word. Thanks for the upload.

  33. Tom Finley

    God given talent

  34. Jerome Smith


  35. Ann Fears

    Thumbs up 1-9-2020, haha Happy New Year's 2020 wow

  36. Rey Tate

    Memphis. Music. Feel. That!

  37. Deborah McNeill

    Just yes!

  38. Dean James

    Dave Prater had some Mighty pipes on him wow!! Respect!!

  39. Lachario New

    Hi edagdwg thanks for sharing some man really felt that way about there woman and the truth is only God can give you that love Linda 🙏 changes everything ☮️❤️💯 💯🌈 🌈

  40. James W Johnson

    When something is wrong with my planet, something is wrong with me...

  41. Ray Avery

    Man !!! All I can say is WOW !!! WOW !!!! AND DAYUUUM !!! Oh, and INCREDIBLE !!!! 😁😎❤❤❤

  42. Thunny Thunn

    First 2020!!!

  43. Christina DN


  44. granitestater1029

    The old "sweet soul music" of my youth.

  45. Teddy Galvez

    FML. True today

  46. Danita Moore


  47. Michael Scott

    One soul divvied up between two men.. The subject: Devotion

  48. Jean Mat

    Omg...where has the mellow music like this gone...

  49. Tyra Mitchell

    Damn damn damn

  50. Trevy Strickland

    This dropped into my playlist and I ain’t mad .
    I have replayed repeatedly, can’t get enough of the soulfulness
    When Dave throws this head back singing towards the end, I get chills 😢😢

  51. Rose Geaber

    Down right amazing song and rendition. Thanks Sam and Dave

  52. Garrett7707

    Stop reading this and listen to those harmonies.

  53. HibiscusLove

    When something is wrong you definitely feel it😔

  54. imbees2

    This is the best music ever

  55. Joe Jones

    I'm 62 years old now, and this probably came out when I had't started school...I remember this when I was little...I loved it then and I love it now...

  56. bigannie105

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  57. Brenda Adams-Mark

    Now this is music🔥🔥🔥

  58. Tracy Gross

    Got Damm I want them both 😋

  59. Delinda Simpson Johnson

    This is pure music. Soulful..

  60. zills2

    they just don't make 'em like they used to.

  61. Louise Baxter

    Oh so beautiful , I love this song

  62. Garp

    The Double Dynamite

  63. Teddy Galvez

    My soul feels every damn note

  64. Kerry Austin

    I know that is right !

  65. elicia Jones

    Rip dad I Love you and mom

  66. Jose D

    I came here after seing Baby Driver

  67. Maurice Campbell

    Melvin Bridgewater, I definitely remember those days and in Philly, Pa. We listen to the Music at 7am until 9am, the Georgie Woods show , 10am back to Music until 11am soul train and 12pm Dick Clark show, before we went skating or the movies. Black America Experience.

  68. akoondude

    Wow...... great live performance!! Real soul music from the heart❤

  69. Deidre Williams


  70. Pam Lee

    All I can say is WOWWWWWW

  71. chickable26 roller chick

    I Love This Song Thank You For Sharing. .

  72. Sandra Dawson

    They could sing this 4 me any time an that means now.

  73. Stuart Perry

    Southern Soul Music.

  74. Spirtual Gangsta

    I have never heard this version, I have only heard Aaron Neville's version. It's nice

  75. Isaiah Jackson

    I just threw my drink across the room . Sam was a bad mofo. He made me want to love all the women of the earth . Unfortunately I can't. But for those who need love . I got got you right here and so does my son Isaiah.

  76. PoeticJ & Lila

    Listen lemme tell you somethin baybeh this is soul music!!! Today’s music COULD NEVEA!! NEVEA! and I’m 26 yrs old I definitely was born in the wrong era period!

  77. Donna Bowen

    I saw Sam and Dave in a club in Minneapolis in 1965 and I was very under age but they voices have stayed with me.

  78. tardigrade

    My favourite song.

  79. Cecil Tate

    Incredible talent , God given voices, whole band such talent. We need this nowadays more then ever!

  80. Diahann Stevens


  81. patrick trusell

    Thats real live singing you can hear the mic moving!!! Wheewww!!!

  82. Beverly Logan

    boy does this song bring back sweet sweet memories of my younger days

  83. Whenseley Klaverstijn

    a changing man love angel

  84. Yolanda Rice

    Sang the hell out of the damn song y'all !!!! I listen to you and the Dells every night!!!! Y'all never got your props!!!! I'm 67 and it doesn't get any better than you guys and the Dells!!!! Real singers that can SANG!!!! 🙏🤗💋 DAMN!!!! I MISS THE 70S!!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR THOSE DAYS!!!! WE'LL NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN. I WANT TO GO BACK!!!! YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN LAWD LAWD LAWD

  85. Colleen Sardinsky


  86. Peter Real

    This guy literally ate this song out.

  87. Ursula Villegas

    Thank Goodness for you tube wow

  88. Steve Tessier

    Sam and Dave were awesome....!!! I miss this depth of commitment to the music. In 2019,There are zero musicians of such high Calibre. Sadly.!!!

    David Whiteis

    It's even more amazing when you realize that they'd had a serious personal falling-out by this time, and they barely talked to one another offstage; at one point, they even refused to look at each other ON stage. Yet they were such pros, and their commitment to their art was so total, that when they did their show it was impossible to tell that anything was wrong.

  89. Lola Nino

    Oh hell yea!!!

  90. Steve Tessier

    Hearing this lovely song, reminds me of walking beside my big brother. And soon he would leave us. To lead his fellow Marines , in a shitty jungle war. In the Republic of Vietnam. The song makes me cry. Because I miss my big brother so very very much.

  91. Doug Smith

    Played in one of my favorite movies ever- "Stand up Guys", and the sweetest scene EVER! Right straight to the soul!

  92. Kennethj Johnson

    Bad man ken

  93. Desmond Huggins

    Something is wrong with my baby in November 2019.

  94. soul music 99

    Dave the better singer

  95. Delano Ferrer

    Yes when somethings wrong with my baby becky lynn ferrer somethings wrong with me i love you and a happy married man shaooo this dedication is for the one my only wife and woman in life por vida