Saliva - Broken Sunday Lyrics

I looked up at the stars tonight,
To see your face and to feel your presence now,
I need you here right now..
I came from a lonely place,
Windows strewn in my darkest hour now,
I need you here right now,
I need you here,
Cos you won't leave me lonely,
Cos I can't go on,
You won't leave me broken,
In a world that's not my home,

Cos I'll be gone,
Until forever,
I'll be home,
Goodbye my broken Sunday.

One love and one escape,
To another place where the pain and fear fade out,
I need you here right now,
I need you here cos you won't leave me lonely,
Cos I can't go on,
You won't leave me broken,
In a world that's not my home,

Cos I'll be gone,
Until forever..
I'll be home, until my name is etched in stone,
Oh, and we will never be alone,
Goodbye my broken Sunday.

You won't leave me lonely,
Cos I can't go on,
You won't leave me broken,
In a world that's not my home.

Cos I'll be gone,
Until forever..
I'll be home,
Until my name is etched in stone,
And we will never be alone,
Goodbye my broken Sunday.

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Saliva Broken Sunday Comments
  1. Romulo Damasceno

    Muito muito boa música
    Gosto muito dessa álbum 😀

  2. Nicolas Kurae

    Con esta canción conocí esta hermosa banda ! Una de las mejores que he escuchado en mi adolescencia

  3. kimmyfreak200

    so wait now i'm confusing saliva with seether

    Dark Starr

    I guess everybody needs a good Remedy on a Broken Sunday...

  4. adam cole

    good song

  5. Leslie Orozco

    this song makes me feel some kind of way ❤

  6. A J

    One of there best songs of this album can't believe it's over 10 years old!

  7. Pissed Off Monkey

    sounds like the remedy with seether for the first five -_-

    Jess Jones

    glad I'm not the only one who heard that.


    this song came out before remedy

    dominic garcia

    rulesextreme Actually, Remedy came out first. Remedy was released in 2005 while this was released in 2007

  8. cloudnimble

    ive had this song stuck in my head, but i couldnt remember who it was. i feel fucking stupid now

    Tara S

    me too!!!

  9. Ali Davis

    ~until my name is etched in stone and we will never be alone~ goodbye my broken sunday~ hehe

  10. William Stevens Langley

    "My Goodbyes" plz

  11. desdragona

    goodbye my broken sundae xD <3

  12. Ryan Herzog

    the chorus is so catchy. sounds awesome good song

  13. Chris Di Roma

    Great Song... has nice guitar arpeggios going on!

  14. Bev MacNeale

    Awesome song!!!! Love it!!!!

  15. Matt Ashworth

    Anything off Saliva's compilation album should do.

  16. Bev MacNeale

    Love this song!!! <3

  17. Joe Black

    fucking awesome,this wake me up to go to the gym!

    somebody can recomend me more songs like thiss? please :P

  18. TheMayorCaos

    This song can be used in a UFC WEIGH IN :P

  19. MrSemperFidelity

    Sit. You sit corrected. Remember it blew you off your feet.

  20. OMGitsDSypl

    @cars2fan234 its funny because you even spelt their name wrong.

  21. 152wrestlersmw

    @LegendBoy2001 cause it got so many view the number of views lagged out cause so many ppl watch it so it was just like FUCK this an stayed

  22. fm113323

    Fuckin Awesome

  23. Arotu97

    thumbs up if bon jovy is better then salivia

  24. Acs Eddie

    why does it only shows my views?

  25. yuya

    @somguy33 Saliva is Softness and Hardness coexists.

  26. fallen7ang

    i think this might be their best song.. which in my opinion doesn'T get the attention it deserves.. alas..

  27. TheRazorHail

    Saliva's guitar and bass are always amazing, especially in this!

  28. SluosFoRetnuh

    wow this song is so great!

  29. James Rayburn


    No... it's not, but it's pretty damn good, and I like your taste in music BTW.

  30. mynthis

    @ThanatosRXthana7 there older music is cool i just kinda think this one is there best i kinda dont no why i posted that comment i did not mean it

  31. ThanatosRXthana7


    you know their old stuff??? relisten, thencompare to this song.....this song is good....their old stuff is AWESOME!!

  32. ThanatosRXthana7


    LOL!!!! you do realize how log they have been around? check out....... their old stuff ;p

  33. schoenlepel

    @XxashesofinnocencexX OMG It does!

  34. mynthis

    my favorite song by saliva and probably the best one they have ever done

  35. memoloko02

    i like this song good coro :P

  36. chiffmonkey

    Seether meets Manic Street Preachers. It's a good sound :)

  37. hypr0040

    Dude, the chorus is very similar. You're right.

  38. shabomeka747

    I'll tell you what it sounds like..Check the song by H.I.M called Wings Of A Butterfly..The chorus in this song is exactly the same as the chorus in the H.I.M song.

  39. illness1000

    Thats the intro von the song...

  40. matony19

    It sounds little bit like linkin park to me

  41. hellhazer

    Does it sound a little like Clocks-Cold play?

  42. D.D.C

    I like Saliva, but this song is too soft for me.

  43. Lewis

    Eh, I don't really like it

    kelly smith

    Who cares who think lot of people love it

    The King of Eldin

    Holy shit, this was ten years ago...

  44. John Smith

    after you lisson to it about a million times it gets old...WAIT!!!! I STAND CORRECTED!!!!!

  45. jasmine bryant

    fuckinggg best song in the worldddddddddddd

  46. chefhenk

    idk what people are talking about remedy..
    only the intro but after that.. no seether

  47. Kynokeh

    ! ;O <3 SEETHER!

  48. Creblet5

    Seether's Remedy anybody? :P

  49. karkalaci

    if i wanna say shit and write sheet i can do so:D

  50. karkalaci

    o__O FAQ MustangMark83 :D;)

  51. karkalaci

    well...what can i say:-?hmm..
    goodbye my brocken sunday(awesome doubt about it...keep rocking boys);)

  52. Roger

    it will always remember me of that particular gym cuz it was running like every day. sooo motivating to do work outs. thx Saliva!

  53. MaxamosTV

    this is such a great song

  54. John Smith

    right now...i can only describe this song with 1 word...and 1 word alone...


    (don't get pist off at me for adding the triple dots...its the way i talk...)

  55. Sam Moffat

    Thank you for your respect, it's a lot more than some people care to offer.

  56. Sam Moffat

    Having a username like "JesusRules180" and using foul language at an unnecessary time is a little bit contradictory, on your part. I ask that as a christian, maybe you could work a little bit harder to help convey Christianity in a good and uplifting light. Thank you.

  57. DjTenn08

    thats not heavy metal and not headbanging music either.. good though.. but ur all a buncha dumb asses either way

  58. coolio1986

    this song has a great open for headbanging

  59. Rachel Corning

    Yeah, that's true.

  60. Sjoerd Willem Kerlien

    their basically rock with some rap influences, and sort of a little nu-metal

  61. Rachel Corning

    In some songs they are, like Black Sheep.

  62. phenom123456789

    fucking amazing song