SALES - Sorry Bro Lyrics


Whatta' love
Whatta' love
…and I made it

Whatta' love
Whatta' love

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SALES Sorry Bro Comments
  1. The Island

    yep. this is it, right here, this is the one.

    that one song that just makes you feel so good...

    and then you think about it, and you’re like, “no, that’s not the word i’m looking for... it’s uh... man i actually have no idea.”

    and you just feel these spinning emotions that are simply unidentifiable, that get all wrapped up and tied together by these magical never ending chords and beautiful vocals, and you sit here for a few minutes, or a few hours if you’re truly enticed, listening to this song, until your emotions are in a pile on the floor like they just fell out of a roller coaster, dizzy and confused. but all you know is,

    “yeah, i feel good... i think i’ll play this song again...”


    sometimes, i even save screenshots of the comments on the songs i find.

    It's it funny to realise that somewhere there's a person who feels just so unbelievably intensely about a random track they discovered. it could be making them think about some moment of their own life that happend 3 years ago and no one else cares or knows about. or it could be the last thing they listened to ever.

  2. Donovan Powell

    hello if anyone is reading this i love you all and im proud of you keep up the good work and have a great day. :]

  3. Baya Massamba-wa

    Trop mignon

  4. Your mother

    This song makes me feel happy but lonely at the same time

  5. Rebecca Clarke

    this hits very different..

  6. June Jr

    Dang it got that pit in my stomach again

  7. June Jr

    Whats the vibe you get when listening to this song

    I feel sad it just makes me remember the random cold day in summer thinking about a good moment when i was with someone that made me happy but only to realize its only a memory now...

    SPF infinity SPF infinity

    June Jr ugh I felt this

    June Jr

    @SPF infinity SPF infinity still burns a little huh hah :-/

  8. Oscar Hernandez

    Anyone know where they upload there music or??

  9. Jamie Chihuan

    I made a music vid to this.

  10. lil spacey


  11. Billie Ellish

    Ben fillips.

  12. Francisco Garcia

    I'm moist


    hell yeah bro

  13. WiFislilpeach

    Was so happy when you guys performed this at Neon Desert. You guys were incredible! Seriously one of my favorite bands 😘💕

  14. Nonspecific Nonsense

    me to my bro when i forget to say no homo

  15. gio132050

    More songs like this please?! 😃

  16. iliana marie

    you dumb re res came from Emma chamberlain? like music that you like not that other people like.

  17. floppy shoes

    4chan feels thread took me here

  18. kennywarp

    Who in the actual fuck is Emma and why is so relevant here?

  19. Havic 22123

    I find the rhythm of the percussion in this song facinating. Its hard to predict when the beat is either going to be a double or a single.

    Edit: I just figured out the rhythm of the beat. :(

  20. Rilu Granchester

    Catcreature :)

  21. xXRonoroa

    Cloud.pdf video ?


    loooool yep

  22. Nelly Ayala

    If you put the speed on 1.25 the beat sounds amazing


    no it doesnt

    Brenda Torres

    It does though

  23. victor hugo carranza

    Please please México 🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽😭😭😭😭😭🤘

  24. Panama Jack

    Anyone else here from. Pandora?

    Havic 22123

    Panama Jack i think im the only one

  25. Star Light

    Came from emma

  26. EXE Productions

    This was on my Spotify recommended and I'm in love

    Billy bob Billy bob

    EXE Productions same man haha

    George De Souza

    Same here

  27. Mango Snapple


  28. retro bite

    I came here from a death grips mashup

  29. CurseDoll Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy go buy their music ♥

  30. fleekygoblin

    am i the only one here not from emma ? ( plus i dont even know who emma is ? )

    Russian Pickle

    I’m from spooootify


    Im from the album

    Lindsay Nicole

    this was in my recommended so, lol


    @maddie psaila Didn't she sell her merch at a high price and censcered the merch so you don't even know what your buying?

    Lia Tae

    nope, me 2

  31. Felimon Espinoza

    give me a reason to not end it all right now

    Anonymous Anonymous

    @maria b for some reason my comment vanished but the gist of it was:

    lowkey lezlie

    Friends and food and maybe food

    Thermodynamic Jellyfish

    lewbees surprised to see you didn’t call him an incel too

    Mafê Yumi

    i hope you’re alive. and okay.

  32. Nikki Nixon

    Anyone here from Emma

    Guest F

    Nikki Nixon yep

  33. Margarita

    Who else here from Emma?

    Oscar Hernandez

    Who is Emma I’m late but I barely found out about this song today

    Oasis Moreno-Hernandez

    ME!! because of her car video {songs}

    No Name

    Who the hell is emma?

  34. Reggie Laxamana

    Great vibes. loving that guitar

  35. Karyn Samaniego

    Best shit I ever

  36. •DZO•

    My heart 😭

  37. Ericka Wallace

    Makes me feel some type of away

  38. Natasha L.M.

    i dig it!

  39. Super Toaster36

    That awkward moment when you wrote the exact same guitar riff 4 years ago and never did anything with it, then find a song that has it in it.... fml


    Ouch man that sucks, well I guess both you and the sales are amazing

    Super Toaster36

    Lol yeah, ironic right?

    Kig V2

    Hey man, nothing's original anymore. You can still use it, IMO, in good faith, knowing you didn't steal it, if you wanted to.

    Nonspecific Nonsense

    @Big dookie bruh

  40. Arwen S

    My fave <3 makes my heart swell with something.

    Mary S-H

    Arwen S omg yes

  41. Disarray


  42. kaylee

    this is great

    Who's Emely?

    +Emilio Zavala Yes! I also like 'getting it on'. I do wish 'be my baby' was longer :( have you heard 'Renee' or 'Ivy'?

    Emilio Zavala

    +Emely 0kk yessss😍😍😍

    Ellie Anne

    Chinese new yearrrrrr :3

    Vlad the Inhaler

    I love you

    Chris R

    this comment section is cute