Sailor - Girls, Girls, Girls Lyrics

Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls

Yellow, red, black or white
Add a little bit of moonlight
For this intercontinental romance
Shy girl, sexy girl
They all like that fancy world
Champagne, a gentle song and a slow dance

Who makes it fun to spend your money?
Who calls you honey, most every day?

Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls

Well, they made 'em up in Hollywood
And put them into the movies
Those lovely photographic splendours
In and out of magazines
Miss World and beauty queens
Falling in love with the real big spenders

But although their world may be frantic
They're still romantic in their own way

So hop on, the world is swinging
Don't sit and twiddle your thumbs
Get up and meet those pretty
Girls, girls, girls

Step on, the world keeps swinging
Put on the dazzling charm
Get up and find those pretty girls

But don't rush, keep it nice and gentle
And sentimental for that certain moment

Moonlit oceans, girls full of emotions
Stepping on that slow boat to China
And next door in Japan
They know how to please a man
Dropping in for tea with my geisha
They've got that old-fashioned feeling
When it comes to pleasing
They know their way

So hop on, the world is swinging
Don't sit and twiddle your thumbs
Get up and meet those pretty
Girls, girls, girls

Step on, the world keeps swinging
Put on the dazzling charm
Get up and find those pretty girls

But don't rush, keep it nice and gentle
And sentimental for that certain moment
When you draw back the curtain

Hop on, the world is swinging
Don't sit and twiddle your thumbs
Get up and meet those pretty girls

Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls

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Sailor Girls, Girls, Girls Comments
  1. The Power Station

    Women, women, women 🚺! 👍 💖 🙏 😊 ✌️

  2. victor1963

    How did I end up here? I was looking for Motley Crue.

  3. spannamatronic

    The lead singer is really rather hot. Love this song.

  4. Damon Leonard Blank

    Why do I mistake 'meet the girls' and 'find the girls' for 'eat the girls' and 'fight the girls'?

  5. Matthias Breithor

    Love it

  6. Susanne Schwabe

    Happy new Twenties ! Let's dance the Charleston. ;)


    kategorie : MUSIK !
    wär ich nie drauf gekommen und 57 dislikes -
    jo , n paar spinner gibts immer :)

  8. Friendly Ghost

    I loved this when I was a kid. Still do. I may be overintelectualising a bit but I think they were a uniquely high-concept band. Their looks, their music and their lyrics were all projecting the same image. Sailors in a night on the town. Any town or city around the world.

    Douglas .Wright

    Same here, I was only about 14 when this came out, it has a lively 1930's feel to it. They made some interesting songs, I had two cassettes of theirs that I played a lot back then. I sort of kept quiet about them for years but now I think they were highly original and great fun and I am happy to say I liked them

  9. Daniel Dacey

    I didn't know Dr Who use to do keyboards in a band.

  10. S O

    They done that as well.

  11. Louis-Pierre Talbot

    Technical seen a tru piece of art writing this jolly music piece...

  12. Dave Cooper

    Great song

  13. sipadborn

    Best of Sailor!!

  14. Antonio José Alcaide Luque

    acabo de enterarme de este grupo y la cancion engancha al primer momento de oirla.


    Yo los descubri viviendo en Alemania escuchandolos en la radio. De esto hace solo tres años.

  15. Phil 1969

    I was 7 when this was a hit now I’m 50 , what has happened in my life not a lot



    Geoff Aldwinckle

    Same. Im 50 and remember it playlisted on radio that year... Its been stuck in my head for 43 years!!!

  16. Kevin

    I was looking for Möt...

  17. Dirk Diggler

    Must have been James Hunt's favorite song! 😁

  18. Chrisko

    Macht man daraus einen Remix, kann daraus einen richtig guter Electro Swing entstehen.

  19. fabian berndt

    that never gets old

  20. bangtwister

    Hated this song at the time. Still do. Horrible


    u get what u hate

  21. John Cashin

    Great song back in the day, I remember it well even though I was only about 12 at the time, still in school but old enough to know what the song was about if you know what I mean lol. I guess in today's politically correct climate, this song would be considered sexist, misogynistic, etc, right???

  22. David Hawksby

    Child hood memories of 76 when I was 10 yo

  23. SiLoJayLo

    I remember this, coming on the radio, in Mum's kitchen, back in '76. Certain lyrics (& music) stick with you, as a child, & it's great to re-visit that time, by coming on here, & seeing the full video(!). HOW ON EARTH DID WE EVER MANAGE, IN THOSE DAYS, WITHOUT THE INTERNET???!!!

  24. Style Whisperer - Christina

    i really like old songs

  25. Manu _

    Jemand von DerMuri Reus' Song ?😂

  26. JasonJason210

    Why does this sound like a Eurovision entry that didn't win?


    No idea! What's the answer?


    @QHarefield Here's another question for you. What is a rhetorical question?

  27. scrumsie

    They altered the bandname to slayer.

  28. Hello 2

    And love my boot “Anna”

  29. Hello 2

    Girls girls girls i am trucker!

  30. Micky Mantle

    They look like a bunch of girls !

  31. Hello 2


  32. Hello 2


  33. Hello 2

    Ajax rules 1972 dejavu

  34. Hello 2

    Ajax heeft Pole Position

  35. Hello 2

  36. Riegel Gross


  37. Michael Gould

    I like the song but I have a faint suspicion that 'Boys, boys, boys' might have been more apposite.

    ian bentley

    well you should know lol

    Yorkie Bar

    @ian bentley Yes i agree, there's a bit of Projection going on😀

    ian bentley

    @Yorkie Bar ha ha ha

  38. paul nott

    So camp!!

  39. Micky Mantle

    Is that Reg Varney on guitar ?

    Yorkie Bar

    @Philip Robinson I hate you Butler!!😀😗

  40. Thomas S

    Mick Mars looks fantastic

  41. Bitter sweet

    Herrlich 😊

  42. Stefano Ramo

    True garbage

  43. you crazy

    What a fu.. fine song


    lmfao those 2 camp cunts

  45. Chris Archer

    Ahh, Sailor and their 'Nickelodeon'. Back when pop music was fun...

  46. moebius

    he looks like a very young judd Hirsch.



  48. ramose83

    Great Song ...

  49. Yossarian67

    Funny, nobody mistook this for Roxy Music...

    Gavin H

    Ha, I see what you did there. You win the Internet for today.

  50. Ba Pete

    Great year very Hot and my mates camping ⛺️ ( not the other camping )...down at Great Yarmouth.....drinking in The Holkolm..think that’s how you spell it.....anyone else no it.....👍🇬🇧🤓

  51. t.y everything is good return


  52. Jazzper79

    Great song

  53. torben lyneborg eriksen


  54. Thomario M

    playback in the 70s

  55. Arsene Wenger

    Girls ONLY come in two factory default settings ... KEEPERS or CUM DUMPSTERS
    And there is NOTHING in the middle.
    The ratio is about 15% Keepers 85% Cum dumpsters
    The lucky guy's who I know who have the "Keepers" would not SPIT on another women let alone cheat with on his "Keeper"
    ALL and I mean ALL of the men I know who have the "Cum dumpsters" have cheated on there "Cum dumpster"

    Alexa C.

    Horribly sexist and mysogynistic...

  56. Sobre Política

    Good one

  57. Sobre Política

    A good song

  58. André Verhage - Andrew and the Wolfman

    great song!

  59. scott left

    Went looking for the lyrics to this....NOT ONE dumb bastard got it right...none has been able to get all the words to this without getting the words wrong, leaving out verses or hideous spelling...what a pack of retards that claim "lyrics" ability...omfg.

  60. scott left

    Great tune on the radio...hidious to gay like....yyeeiicchh!!.
    The pink the singer needs a 'W" on the other cheek..they CLEARLY had all been watching Footlight Parade when they wrote this....Shanghi Lil is amply evident. ...77 was quite a different time..."chicks" were way more..."hungry" then...AIDS ended all that...overnight....sad.

  61. philip wilkinson

    Jesus, was a teenager in the seventies and had bollocks like this to put up with ,4 t ossers singing shite .Thank God the Pistols Clash etc blew this tragic shite out the water.Sailor ,let's hope their ship sank and no survivors,Man overboard,please don't throw the life jackets.

  62. István Kovács

    igen a tengerészek és a lányok ez az igazi

  63. aliceborealis

    Left handed drummer

  64. Debbie Nobbs

    Use this track at Zumba. Charlestown style!

  65. rickeycroux

    Just was thinking about them and find them on you tube , WOW Back in the day they were very special <3 <3

  66. Thomas Günther

    A girl is a theophanical being:So here seen, not elther.A girl is showing here his theophancical mystery

  67. Hale Bopp

    ... transgender girls...

  68. Peter Choyce

    One of my favorite records from childhood days. I think they had 2 albums

  69. waynusp1664

    Anyone else use their eyes and think, these guys have no fucking interest in "Girls"

  70. Finland1965

    He is Finnish

    Yorkie Bar

    Norwegian 🇳🇴🇳🇴

  71. Finland1965

    George är Finne

  72. Ulf Utstrand

    Its a bit like Muppet Shows jingle.....but I love it.

    Evil Ass

    where is the frog

    Clair Duffy

    My dad LoVes this!

  73. Harry.

    Ralph Fiennes dad.

  74. Andrew Curtis

    Great. Song.

  75. Schmusi Katz

    love it

  76. Richard Du Plessis

    They look like they wouldn't know what to do with a girl

    Yorkie Bar

    Richard Du Plessis Sound's like the voice of experience 👍😊

    Richard Du Plessis

    @Yorkie Bar: True - I've seen their type before

    Alberto Pérez perez

    Richard Du Plessis ... I think you are right. They have a little make-up in their faces.


    I think you're wrong, keyboardist Henry Marsh married the gorgeous Dee Dee from Pan's People.

    Philip George

    The drummer Grant Serpell is married to my cousin Michelle.

  77. Fekete Krisztián

    Benny Hill show...
    Nice song, forever classic.

  78. Richard Leigh

    Great song great band from m childhood days

  79. Stefan Misslik

    1970er ist top.....

  80. Barry Allen

    They look as if they'd rather be singing Boys, Boys, Boys! ;-)

    Simon Ford

    Silly man

    scott left

    @Cl4rendon keep your devient creepiness to your self....we are dying out.

    Evil Ass

    hell yeah, but the song is great

    David Macdonald



    well, the group is called "sailor"...

  81. Adam Hope

    Great song,truly catchy, music like this is missed,music today truly garbage

  82. King Brilliant

    when I was 6 i loved this song, but i never noticed his fake american accent, lisp or diastema...good times.

    Ragnar Haagensen

    He,if you mean Georg,is born in Trondheim,Norway and lived there until he was 15.Then his father got a job in England and moved the whole family there. So his accent may be learned in school,from a teatcher  that has been to the U.S.A.

  83. Robbie

    Another great song from this year. Well thought out stage production.

  84. Max Marshall


  85. YON KON

    Pop at the highest level

    Andreas N.

    YON KON wahre Worte gelassen ausgesprochen

  86. john e Lawler

    the whole concept was fantastic

  87. prunepurple

    Sounds like Sparks - Looks Looks Looks with a bit of Get In The Swing with a more commercial sound


    Oh no, I beg you - the Sparks are in a totally other league: Just listen to "This town isn't big enouth for the two of us....." a complete different level of musicality..... Be this as it may: I am able to enjoy both groups, though.


    Of course Sparks are in another league ;) Definitely more extravagants, originals and arty. Sure you can enjoy both. but i was thinking maybe Sailor took there inspiration in the Sparks song precisely

  88. morris8835

    big shit

  89. el stinko

    Motley Crue sure have changed

    scott left

    pre glam motley crue.

    Evil Ass

    heavy forever

  90. Thomas Ritter

    Girls like Arya and Sansa....

    Soldier X04

    Thomas Ritter lol what

    Thomas Ritter

    Mophie is real

  91. sandra nienhuis

    They sing about girls,but they all look gay to me!

    Ton Kool


    paul nott

    The guy behind the lead singer is very camp.

  92. poida

    They don't mime like this anymore


    true that

  93. Larz Gustafsson

    A geisha in China?


    "...Moonlight, ocean, girl fool of emotions
    Steping on that slow beat to China
    And next door in Japan, they know how to please
    Drop in for a tea with my geisha..."

  94. Larz Gustafsson

    Top band. but punk was better.

  95. lakotamoondancer

    He was gorgeous!

    Larz Gustafsson

    You must have liked Plastic Bertrand then?
    This guy is actually Norwegian.

    Richard Leigh

    He was a great guy But he wasn't the sort that turned me on sexually LOL


    I know right?! The slight effeminateness is actually what makes him more appealing!