Saigon - It's Cold Lyrics

"Cold, cause it's cold, cause it's cold, and I'm cold"
It's cold, it's cold, I'm cold
"Cause it's cold, cause it's cold, cause it's cold, and I'm cold"
It's cold, it's cold, uhh, I'm cold
"It's so cold in the streets" ahh yessir!
"It's so cold, anywhere that you go"
"Somebody take me to another place"
"A place where, it ain't so cold" why?
"Cause it's cold, cause it's cold, and I'm cold"
It's cold, it's cold, I'm cold
"Cause it's cold, cause it's cold, cause it's cold, and I'm cold"
It's cold, it's cold, uhh, check it

My momma with my grandmomma now
I wonder what they sayin when they lookin down;
Wonder if I made 'em proud
I made it this far, I wonder if that made 'em smile
I took something so wild and I made a mile
But now people takin my kindness for a weakness
Talkin shit about me like I ain't one of the deepest
Like I ain't connected to them niggaz with them sweepers
That'd be happy to introduce fools to the Grim Reaper
You think you know me cause you seen me on a website?
Well did you know I'm in some drama almost e'ry night?
I never set out to be a fuckin celebrity
So I don't what people think give 'em the right to mess with me
Feeling like they testin me, gettin ready to lose control
Momma would've said use music, it soothes the soul (I know)
I try to live my life on cruise control
But I feel the need to speed right now baby bro
Cause it's cold

"It's so cold in the streets"
"It's so cold, anywhere that you go"
"Somebody take me to another place" where?
"A place where, it ain't so cold"
"Cause it's cold, cause it's cold, and I'm cold"
"Cause it's cold, cause it's cold, cause it's cold, and I'm cold"

Check it; my momma with my grandfather now
If heaven got a ghetto they in that part of town
I wonder if it get cold up there in the clouds
Cause down here Jack Frost ain't fuckin around
Even in the summer time you can feel the windchill
Shots light up the night, niggaz gettin it in still
This is where we call home, shit is like a war zone
Try to dress warm, put your long john drawers on
Homey it's cold; and you gon' need more than some hot chocolate
Cause when it's on somebody spittin them Glock rockets
'Til you seen somethin that ain't for your eye sockets
This is our hustle and no you can not knock it
{Brrrrr} Freezin out here
You would think that it was winter season I swear
Everywhere you would turn the Feds and the D's is right there
Shit is like a freakin nightmare


[Saigon - imitating GZA's "Cold World":]
They'll be runnin on the block, bustin off shots
Shit is deep on that block and you've got me locked down
In this cold, cold world

Remember that shit? Shit real!
It's cold out here man
Recession, ain't got no money, no job
Niggaz still shootin, goin to jail every day
It's cold... it's cold... it's cold... and I'm cold
It's cold (yeah nigga) Saigon, YEAH!

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Saigon It's Cold Comments
  1. Prod. by MiB.

    Saigon made classic records

  2. George F

    This is our hustle n no u can not knock it!!!!!!!!!!! Yes bruh

  3. MANUGIN808

    Man this beat is fuckin cold. STILL SLAPPIN IN 2020 lol 🌨❄❄

  4. Anthony Truman

    I used to listen to this so much damn


    Winnipeg winters..

  6. frostysnow w


  7. LaChele

    I haven't heard this one in a minute. Too bad it never worked out for him. He had potential. Handsome too.

  8. 7th Sine

    Wu reference .. made my day.. cuz that was his inspiration for this one .. as it should be ..Cold World..

  9. Jhabari Frazier

    Track Still Slapping in 2019

  10. Brandon Fitzgerald

    Yo put this on while it's snowing and go workout u feel it hard then

  11. Deni Miljak

    Man I always wished Saigon hooked up with a sick producer. Imagine RZA or Havoc or Dre produced beats for Saigon. He is such a wicked rapper. But the beats and production are kinda weak. Lots of wasted lyrics on mixtapes and weak production. What a waste. Just a compilation of producers. All the best rap albums, most of the songs are produced by the same person or a few guys.

  12. Quang Tung

    love from Sài Gòn

  13. Jake Lang

    When its cold outside; that's when you look in...

  14. CamisBeats

    this is what should be cool, music for soul not that globalistic capitalistic shit

  15. Xzess 83

    the greatest rapper who was never appreciated

  16. Heel By Nature Subscribe

  17. Two Stackz

    Underated 2019 anyone?

  18. Hareem Jones bey

    Nigga definitely caught a cold after this video shoot

  19. Edgar Lopez

    i sing this wen it’s .......

  20. Gfly 360

    Shouts to saigon and tru life.....this is what NYC NEEDS!!!


    Dev C verse remix

    "It's cold,
    especially when you have no one to call "friend"
    so many around me, but the majority pretend
    they only call when they need my money to lend
    best believe it's cold
    and so is my response
    f*ck outta here
    so please excuse my back
    Saigon, Dev C
    nothing but a classic track
    punch you in the face
    watch you lean back
    beats by Dev C
    I'm Dope and that's a fact"

    Dev C -

  22. Julien Santos

    I end up listening to this shit every winter when snow starts. Lol

  23. Pimp

    hey cuzzo

  24. LittleTerror1994 Estevan

    Was here before a Mill Views 🔥🔥🔥🔥💣💣💥💥

  25. naleneeediedinyourarms


  26. Just

    December 2018.

  27. noxuification

    Still fukin fireeee

  28. BabyCreedence

    Winnipegs cold

  29. A Mac

    Where's that sample from?

  30. Jae C.

    one of my fav rappers....

  31. polonium-210 XXX


  32. D-Rock

    Still on this! 👑

  33. Daniel DeVito

    So underrated


    The base line is Cold.. 😎
    Saigon is my twin..

  35. Panda Craft Gamez

    Hit maker waiting for the new Mix Tape always Dope mad props

  36. BOY From The Dark

    That's so Deep and so Real Big Respect Saigon 👏👑💎❤

  37. Tiago Santana


  38. rapper miroglu


  39. Pacific NW

    Why is he so good

  40. DaAlski78520

    Love Saigon, classic style but this track is sucks.

  41. TravestyJunction

    This is Mr. North Dakota's theme song

  42. David Christoffer Heinz

    Still Fuck7ng Cold in Denmark ☃️ but its getting better right now! SPING!
    Saigon is tha 💣🔥

  43. Antun Padovanski

    Im postman in Croatia and im feeling cold

  44. KG akakillergvevo

    Still banging this track 🔥🔥🔥👌

  45. James Hicks

    Saigon be hella slept on from when he dropped True Story man's been a fan yall need to open up your eyes to the levels this guys been providing from his inception to the game. #RealTalk

  46. Daniel Fontenot

    Atl today

  47. Streem87

    First Snow and this track, every year!

  48. GreaterGood510

    Winter Rap

  49. Eric

    I remember waiting like 3 years for this album and it was finally announced that it would come out in late 2010. The first song that came out after that was "Get Busy" which sampled to Super Mario theme song and was terrible, I thought the album was going to be terrible. Then this one and "I want it all" came out shortly after that, and I was able to get my hopes back up, then "Bring Me Down" came out and it was probably my favorite song of that year.

  50. Justin Redding

    I bought this album listened to it went back in the store bought another copy because it was worth more than I paid for it. "Rap game" needed more Saigon then damn sure need it rn.

  51. Jr Ryder

    Saigon underrated rapper

  52. juwtin enriquez

    Lmfao Saigon Ed, he talkin about the weather

  53. Lordfinessse

    This guy is wack..


    nah he is good.

  54. Azsila Csatorna

    This song is changed my life

  55. Aaron Capo

    love his carrhart hat love thier jeans black

  56. misael081292

    nicky minaj, drake, wiz khalifa, iggy azalea.. etc, etc (those fuckn "artists") should come to see and learn how to spit real fire, instead of doing stupid chorus and simple verses.

  57. verbal graffiti


  58. Kajus

    this that cold fire!

  59. Yosef Monserrat

    This is the coldest song I've heard in yeeeeerrrszzzah in my Tru life voice

  60. h g

    i feel exactly how he feel i understand his feeling of provocation

  61. Olando Anônimo

    Feel cold just watching this.

  62. FTM Studios

    where r u saigon?

  63. Carlos Diaz

    #bullshit. this hiphop fillet mignon ya kids eatin sanwiches.

  64. Carlos Diaz

    i call billshit on that its the industry the djs payed off to dick ride the south and its kindergarten rhymes and anoying trap beats. itsnot that we dont buy it. real music is up against corporate giants. hence the control and dumbing down of society.

  65. joshgates81


  66. Kevin DeLuna

    Fucking snowing out right now trying to stay alive in this shit is hard so i find these cold songs helps me get through...

  67. Heinz Fred

    2017 bruh

  68. gheimoden

    see on entourage ;) gooooood

  69. Henry Castellanos IV

    Turtle brought me here.

  70. American Express


  71. PDR Beats

    Hip Hop style 90s...fireeee

  72. Uğur Erek


  73. Bob Sanchez

    Please consider donating. Let's help Saigon everybody!

  74. 777moneymaker

    It's soooo cold! Nice to be back here.

    Bubble Butt

    CORLEONE vnxz Oh yeah Winter anthem

  75. Streem87

    every year!

  76. Guille Jiménez


  77. KRZ

    it's so fucking cold actually
    big up from Poland

  78. M Varas

    Damn dat beat!

  79. Who is the illest?

    that beat, that flow it's getting cold moufoukaas

  80. fabio Nobre

    love this sound <3 makes long yime there i listen this and i love .. my life changedi left my country 9 months ago and this sound was present in all . great job.

  81. tracks of VR

    sài gòn 😂

  82. hưng nguyễn

    wait this guy name saigon LUL

  83. WavoSugo

    Qualcuno qui per l'xtreme?

    Mattia Boscaro

    Simodm hahaha troppo forte l'xtreme team

  84. Andre Coleman

    Saigon is an amazing MC. love your music big bro

  85. Methodmaticz Meth


    John Lou

    Im cooooold as ice

  86. Thongthai Daoruang

    If ya'll like Saigon so much then support real hip hop and buy his next album. We all claim that we love real hip hop but the true mc's don't survive because we don't support their music. People buy all the dumb shit like young thug and junkie ass lil wayne. support real shit!

    By Any Means

    Let's be clear. I don't respect any grown ass man who uses hip hop to promote real gang violence. These young black men are really influenced by this shit. I believe that after you have MILLIONS of dollars and get older, you should grow out of that dumb shit. MOST OF THE WORLD ARE AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY YOUNG BLACK MEN. Why should we influence them to go agains themselves?? When you get older, you should start understanding more about what's going on out here. These white people are shooting them down left and right in the street. Blatant murder!! There should come a time where you don't need to do it for the money and stop promoting the dumb shit. Hip Hop is extremely influential to these young people.

    By Any Means

    I respect your reply. If you are a true hip hop fan, there is no way that you would not enjoy Saigon albums. Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed!! :)

    Calum Fishwick

    young thug aint selling no records bro. the new generation were brought up on internet. aint no1 payin for shit when its easy as fuck to get whatever you want for frew

    Stav Miguel


  87. DCT Master

    this sounds fresher as the days pass

    TFG_Azrael ArchAngel

    Cuzz memory 's come more alive

  88. mortenrykken

    put on a jacket if its so cold

  89. RED

    cole world

  90. A G

    Man why ain't Saigon serious on this music shit anymore !

    Thongthai Daoruang

    Because as a people, we support all these idiots who make gangster rap. They are making all of the money. Saigon has to pay his bills like the rest of us. He can't pay his bills in the rap game if Hip Hop isn't supporting his music.

  91. csdrt20

    Literally chillin' in Montreal right now at -30, banging this