Saigon - Down The Road Lyrics

I've been down this road befooooore
I'm still, I'm still who you're lookin for, ohhh
I been lookin for a place to hiiiiide
I feel, I feel your eyes
See right through my liiiiiiii-iiiiiiife
My life

These young artists is strivin, they say it's hard survivin
They only authorizin them rappers that's harmonizin
Tell them to not to worry, music is just modernizin
I beg to differ cause if you look upon the horizon
You see a star is risin and go by the handle Brian
He like a man of iron compared to these dandelions
And what comeback? The underground I been run that
It just suck, I'm so stuck to the street like a run flat
Yo it only take one track to get you back on my nutsack
I'm feelin like "Where the fuck is the love at?"
I might as well make it rain, sleet, snow, hail in this dry spell
I might as well come out of my shell, hell
Cause hip-hop ain't been the same since I left it
And tryin to be positive I guess was the wrong method
Cause you could bring a dick to the pussy but you can't make him F it
Now look what I'm left with - this


We got a black prez, still a lot of crackheads
My grandmother still can't afford her back meds
KRS already taught us 'bout them black feds
They don't wanna see us live, do we act dead?
Then they wonder why niggaz rockin that red
It's the only sensible lifestyle, the day of a lead [?]
Try and put it in his head
The more Bloods that's on the block the more blood that's gon' shed
Ch-check what he said
He said out here dodgin the mortuary is not outta the ordinary
Our people is so poor that it's scary
Cause when we in a war we ain't worried
Like a young G in the street is how I wanna be buried
Look shorty, you put it wrong, here go a thinkin cap
Now put it on, with that mentality you're as good as gone
Lyin there with the bystanders lookin on
I ain't tryin to cook it calm, I'm tryin to put you on

I've been down this road befooooore
I'm still, I'm still who you're lookin for, ohhh
I been lookin for a place to hiiiiide
I feel, I feel your eyes
See right through my life

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Saigon Down The Road Comments
  1. Sabahko Ualreadyknow

    CLASSIC ! This song helped me out so much when I was homeless just looking for a place to hide...

  2. Bakihan Demiryol

    Still anybod5?

  3. Revisland

    liked you 'cause you've got Saigon name

  4. ange la

    Love this

  5. Bakihan Demiryol

    gitar akorları lazıııııııııııııııııııııııııııımmmmmmmm.
    ı need guitar chords pls anybody can help me ?

  6. Ktown_Produkt

    can you feel it too... i can

  7. Dameon Maxey

    they don't make music like this no more dam dam Saigon is the hardest coldest flows better thin the new hip hop fake ass rappers 20 dislikes haters dislikes niggas hateing on saigon fuck police devils radio government rest in piss illuminati enemy of the state. they don't make music like this no more real song hard times yep

  8. Gamebit Phil

    fire Sai

  9. Burak Can Duvan

    Bugün kar yağdı ve bu şarkı aklıma geldi. Şarkıya dair her bir şeyi unutmuştum, 3 saat araya araya anca buldum. İndirdim ve karda yürümeye çıkıyorum.

  10. İrem Sehabe

    buseye selam

    Yağmur Acun

    mal 😂

    İrem Sehabe

    +Buse Acun kes 👍✋😘

    Yağmur Acun

    Bende seni seviyorum aşkım kankam😜😙

    İrem Sehabe

    +Buse Acun ❤ tamam burda insanlar var

  11. Ekmeksiz Ye

    Çok güzel amk

  12. Drew Cobain

    As an absolute music fanatic, I'm always honest when I feel like I need to be. That being said, the hook on this song is trash. Dude can't sing at all. The beat and flow on the verses was good, but the hook ruins the song.


    @Drew Cobain I disagree, I think the hook is perfect!

  13. Xx UFC

    I'm from Saigon but living in snowy East Coast. This band is awesome and I love their soul hip hop songs, plus carrying my city name. That's very touch feeling while listening their music in East Coast.

    shaka deveaux

    Xx UFC lol saigon is just a rapper but he get the best vocals for his songs

  14. Goodh4rt

    I Still be listening to this.

  15. Muhammet Korkmaz

    En bastaki adamın adı Corbett

  16. Latenightprowler Oner

    one love

  17. Ali MUMCU

    beyler şu en başta söylen adamın full versiyonu yok mu

    CS GO

    5 yil ne ara oldu be

  18. Ali MUMCU

    aynen :D



  20. Aninom

    Biz :D

  21. Lost 1

    Commercial rapper need is albums Sai is the voice of the streets.....401 we rep 4 ya fam!!!!

  22. welshpokerman101

    why do i see these sorts of comments on almost EVERY single god damn song that isn't in the top 40

  23. f louise

    I recon its cause they are less known that they are so amazing.. Mainstream would make them into another wayne or pitbull.

  24. Sam Cooper

    Saigon preach the truth. bring real back

  25. Zaryah vlogs Time

    Solid ! Saigon the realest

  26. Yiğit İnce

    Sehabeden gelenler?

  27. Lawrence Breadon

    Lol that should say Bo not Booya!

  28. Lawrence Breadon

    I feel ya Booya! I'm Andrew's cousin, a friend of D.J.'s used to kick it with this dude when he was in college and he's still killing it!!!

  29. Bo Corbett

    Corbett is my cousin! Real shit! Been behind him since before he started!

  30. Enes Yuvalar

    Aynen :D:D

  31. Quan Askew

    If you Like this type of music check out my music.. Im a 21 year old Hip Hop artist / Beat maker and I am very talented. (or so I'm told ) I'll be attending Full Sail University starting March 4th Studying Recording Engineering.. Check me out and Show Some love if you like it! Thanks

  32. Ali Eken

    S <3
    E <3
    H <3
    A <3
    B <3

  33. Bidian Emilian

    I am so glad I watched Entourage. Got the chance to find such a good music!

  34. ColdLightProductions

    good shit man

  35. H C

    Se-Ha-Be ----- Saigon Beylerr

  36. AlcmHydr

    saigona laf yok götünüzü sikerim ha

  37. therealdcoe tony


  38. safak

    sehabe tek gücüm sevenlerim çalmış amk


    i say don't listen to mainstream at all , fuck wayne , fat ross and others

  40. Julian Alvarado


  41. Julian Alvarado

    SAIGON you need to link up with Lecrae, that dudes selling more than all the mainstream rappers and hes real.

  42. Mastav Emeste

    'Cause real hip-hop is not on the radio ;)

    Regards from Poland.

  43. dev1n540

    fake snow

  44. ɨ ʐ m

    You crazy foo, all his shit talent packed and that's ace.

  45. Odin4250

    great song, nice piece of art. to bad the rest of his stuff isn't talent packed liked this. great beat good msg

  46. Muhammed Ömer Durmaz

    Sehabe bundan aldı beatını şarkının çalmadı anlamsız yere yorum yapmayın

  47. aqvamarin9

    great, kram

  48. FilthySpiritBomb

    Can blame these kids nowadayz they have no clue what real music is

  49. Mahmut Kesler

    Türkçe Beat Çalmıyolar En azından

  50. Dana McKenney

    Dam! Great

  51. TrvpLxrd

    Sehabe dinliyorduk geldik amk.

  52. BigFCSaxBro

    Why do Wayne, Pitbull, and the rest of the famous rappers get all of the credit? What about Saigon, Jon Conner, Ghostwridah, and the rest of the amazing rappers who no one knows about? I'm not saying don't listen to mainstream, I'm just saying some of these artists deserve some god damn respect too!

  53. kjeska

    I just love who he was, who he is and who he will become.

  54. GarbageDanks

    It's time for a revolutionairy album. We need change Saigon. Tell em.

  55. maxnbm

    All hip hop lovers should rly know this guy...

  56. Greg Donato

    This is how hip hop was supposed to be

  57. Mad Rabbit

    Lirikleri google a yazarak buldum hemde. :D

  58. El Del Borgo

    saigon is the most underrated rapper ever and in my opinion, in the top 3 rappers of the past 5 years

  59. Bulut Ercivan

    Sehabe'nin şarkısından duyupta gelenler?

  60. thanasi100

    This is what my ears have been looking for... Saigon is a breath of fresh air..

  61. Semih çıtak

    Yabancı oldukları için olabilir mi ?

  62. Moises Vera


  63. Mr X

    you are the only hope for rap saigon. keep on doing this! greets from germany ;)

  64. Spit HaQ.Qproductionz

    lollllllll real talk i'm really following this dude saigon and i'm with the movement he talking on worldstarr....but yo listen to theis then bruno mars joint billionaire.

  65. mehmet can demir

    siz niye türkçe konuşmuyosunuz

  66. killarmy75

    'cause it ain't gay LIL Wayne.

  67. 50eathaters

    People ask me how would you describe flow - Well here's your answer

  68. lala lala

    the weather is snowy but he is wearing sunglasses lol

  69. RazorSE15

    True dat. Red and Blue makes Purple.... ;)

  70. TheSillyCloud

    DJ Corbett, look outfor that guy, I am just saying...

  71. Ahmet Demir


  72. kslay131

    new comer? haha your the newcomer to hip hop, sai has been killing it for a grip now

  73. CASSICK1990

    NEWCOMER? are u fuckin kiddin me?

  74. b-boy PiS


  75. Johnny Joor

    New comer? Lol.

  76. Smoking Beats


  77. Marco Günther

    YES!! This is f**ing my mind! Great stuff!!! Greatings from Germany!!!

  78. JLaxen95

    @MySmileIsContagious1 Dj Corbett

  79. Mr Vegas

    F*ck it I'm french and no one knows this ....
    Sai keep up da good work ;)


    SI getty back....hook is so ILL!!!!

  81. Dany F

    chords are from adele = someone like you

  82. UgliestGuyEver

    The singer looks like Kevin love haha. Saigons fuckin dope

  83. Loy

    Go get em Sai.. .. The Greatest Story Never told... How can someone with his this talent get overlooked in favour of the crap you here on the radio... Just shows Marketing Dollers make the artist ... Go support the real....

  84. Jake Lineman

    Can't wait to hear the new album, if its as good or even better than greatest story never told...than hot damn

  85. 8585drew

    Much love Saigon!! Keep it pushin pimp!! I see you!! The rest will in time... Best lyricist 2012

  86. dubnamite11

    6 people not going this road,,balkan stye .croatia.....

  87. Randy Brown

    its down a road on itunes

  88. Im So Illy

    37,000 views!!! wonder when someone else is gonna listen to this...

  89. Ave Crux

    Great track as always man. I have the instrumental for this, DJ Corbett's a dope producer!


    hook killen my goon good to saigon back on his grizzley....those slow tracks took son off the map for a min!!!

  91. pucekelo

    who's the gay from chorus?

  92. Markus Winter

    This feeling is great.
    Regards from Germany!

  93. Inti Sigma Beats


  94. Inti Sigma Beats

    in my heart

  95. BZinthedot

    Great track!! Even my girl likes it haha

  96. necosg100

    This is beautiful. Sai is really one of the few remaining lyricists who can paint a picture (and always has). I hope to God my dude makes a breakthrough before all is said and done.

    Long Time Fan.