Saga - That's How We Like It Lyrics

Did somebody change the channel?
I left it on thirteen
The president will explain this all to me
I don't need a fitness trainer
To be all that I can be
This little remote is all I really need

That's how we like it!

They target a destination
We watch it disappear
Don't you think it's time we had another beer?
The lines of communication
Are always the first to go
They've done it again
The patriots stole the show

That's how we like it!

When we get bored
We watch a war on my TV
And I'm surrounded by my friends
And that's how we like it!
When we get bored
We watch a war on live TV
We never know how it will end
And that's how we like it!

[Repeat Chorus]

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Saga That's How We Like It Comments
  1. Kal El

    Finally, this album in it's entirety


    Is there another way to hear a Saga album? 😂

  2. Vai Man

    Interesting material.
    Saga has always been one of my favorite bands. They did some very nice fusion stuff in the album... The Human Condition.
    2010 it was released I believe. Unfortunately Michael Sadler was not with them for this album. But the vocalist they had did a great job. 😁

  3. Baby Blue

    You think it's crazy..
    You know your not alone

  4. Aydin Zahedi

    I love this album.


    Who doesn't??? :-P

  5. 61guitbox

    was this the last album with Steve Negus on drums ?


    No :-) it was Marathon for a studio album,and The Chapters Live for a live album

  6. graefe827

    Listen to Once in a Lifetime and tell me that couldn't be the music behind an Olympic Games montage.

  7. Benoit Vanhees

    Contains a number of gems, but also a number of oddities and let downers, not a very equal effort unfortunately, but the gems still make it worth while having this CD close at hand !