SafetySuit - Perfect Color Lyrics

Yellow nice to meet you
Do you know that you just blue my mind?
It was the perfect conversation, I think that I red about one time
And I told a white lie when I told you, I've never been green with envy you
You are the perfect color

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh

To the misfits and the freaks
To the outcasts and the geeks
To the weird kids that don't care
Cause you feel like you're not there
To the ones who won't look in
To the mirror cause you're scared
Don't let the hater's hate become your own, oh, no, no

Now there's always gonna be someone who thinks art has no meaning
Who looks up at the Sistine Chapel and only sees a ceiling
But you, you you
Well you know what I would say to you?
You know what I would say to you?

Yellow nice to meet you
Do you know that you just blue my mind?
It was the perfect conversation, I think that I red about one time
And I told a white lie when I told you, I've never been green with envy you
You are the perfect color

Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh

And in a perfect world
I'd get to say
It's just black and white
There's no room for grey
And there's a color scheme inside every heart
Ours won't be complete until we have yours
So yellow nice to meet you

Yellow nice to meet you
Do you know that you just blue my mind?
It was the perfect conversation, I think that I red about one time
And I told a white lie when I told you, I've never been green with envy you
You are the perfect color
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Yellow nice to meet you
Do you know that you just blue my mind?
It was the perfect conversation, I think that I red about, I think that I red about one time
And I told a white lie when I told you, I've never been green with envy you
You're the perfect color
Ooh, ooh, ooh

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SafetySuit Perfect Color Comments
  1. Candace Shirley

    Oh and I don't like how anti Valentines Joe is that also disturbs me
    As did that George the fruity one about you retained all that...
    I'm not Noel or Fruity Metcalfe
    I still think this is despite Scottish irish and Ingliz meddling about a boy who lost their parents love deeply rooted...

  2. Jomel Caceres

    2019, SafetySuit is one of my fave band out there, but this song got my attention, i feel my heart missing someone. Yellow are you there? Please Forgive me.

  3. Raffy Tolentino

    I love this song.

  4. Jj Murdock

    God loves all of us even if were outcast. Even if we’re broken, god can make us beautiful. We were all made according to his design. We are all unique. God has put you on this earth for a reason that only he knows. Keep praying and god will guide you on the road to salvation

  5. Candace Shirley

    This song sums up the last few months I've had💍💗🕊💋🌈

  6. Satarah

    I’ve missed you sooo much @NickLecci 🥺😔

  7. Candace Shirley

    I think it's time to splash out, no more being used constantly

  8. Candace Shirley

    I like this song, spectacular and different and confusing in a good way, huh?

  9. Luis de la Cal

    My mind made it even more punny, because I thought it said "You are the perfect color hue" 😁. This song is beautiful.

  10. lyka quinn

    This band deserves world wide recognition 😁 looking forward for your future songs

  11. Michael Agustin Santos

    The puns! Oh the puns!

  12. Geno Keramaris

    You guys are awesome. From one musician to others, you guys are awesome. Also, from one Christian to others, keep on loving the Lord. All the glory is His. I love your music so much and cannot believe that there isn't more views on this. Thanks to Spotify for suggesting this, now I love all your music. <3

  13. RobertAmielle

    Spotify suggested this song to me and im really thankful they did. Really love the song

    Dennis Lange

    same here

  14. mex herr

    One of the most underrated bands out there... 😢

  15. Travis F

    I love this song

    Travis F

    Pls comment what your favorite song is oh and you the perfect color oh and yellow nice to meet you did you just now you blue my mind it was the perfect conversation I think I red about one time I never been green with mvu

  16. Mythinkingbox

    Clever lyrics and video. Omg they did it again! Never cease to surprise me with their raw and beautiful talent!


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  18. foreverlovely2012

    I want you guys to come to Utah. I love every single song, and I relate to them so much!

    Travis F

    foreverlovely2012 me to

  19. Nikki Breuker

    This songakes they gray go away

    Travis F


  20. Maria Gonzalez

    my friend showed me this and i really like it

  21. Adrenaline the SkyWing

    This song makes me tickled pink.

  22. Izabel Gonzalez-Alvizures

    This is clever 😂 this is my favorite song now❤😂

    Nikki Breuker


    Travis F

    Adriana Gonzalez me to

  23. Truth Tellergirl

    Watch Sidewalk prophets come to the table. Love them. And Safetysuit

  24. 박경근

    You are the perfect color~~

  25. Dian Snivy

    Still not sure if I like this chorus

  26. Josh Chin

    great song guys!

  27. Harry Andujar

    Yellow nice to meet u do u know that u just blue my mind 🤗🤗

  28. Jessica Harper


    Travis F

    Jessica Harper love it

  29. Jessica Harper

    i love love love this this song song

  30. EndoveProductions

    Wow. That chorus is embarrassing


    Erik IsConcerned was I talking about me? Not at all. I enjoy the band’s music, Never Stop was even part of my wedding. But now, as a 27 year old, “Yellow nice to meet you” is cringeworthy as HELL. Sorry for talking negatively about music, I forgot I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion.

  31. Jessica Harper

    i love this song

  32. Bella Holcomb

    I love this song omg "you are the perfect color" 😍

    Travis F

    Bella Holcomb right

  33. IxIndecisivexI

    Your song popped up on Pandora! It is great!

    Travis F

    IxIndecisivexI you are so true

  34. Hyacinth L.


    Travis F

    Hyacinth Llevado yes girl you are Fabs

  35. banshee350cc

    Great Song guys! Keep it up Doug, my wife and I are a Never Stop Couple. She got me hooked on you guys when she took me to your San Francisco concert about two years ago. We loved you in Reno when you opened, and then watched you again in SF! Keep coming to NorCal and you will see her and I singing along with every song!

  36. Julie K

    I freaking cried watching this. (:

  37. Lucifer Arise

    OMG love this, please keep releasing the singles

  38. Soahchaos

    This song is fucking genius!

  39. Mystical Eyes

    This is my first song made by SafetySuit and I'm in love I love this song the message, the video, the lyrics, the vocals, Music EVERYTHING ITS AMAZING

    Sopietje MSP

    FanFictions Adrienette, Jelsa, ect 'first song' ? xD

    Sopietje MSP



    FanFictions Adrienette, Jelsa, ect Listen to find a way by safetysuit,i guarantee you'll love it

  40. starstrukk723

    Oh my god, these color puns
    I can't lol
    I like it though

    Izabel Gonzalez-Alvizures

    starstrukk723 i love it😂

  41. Cherish Faith Miller

    I love this!!!!

    Travis F

    Cherish Faith Miller me too

  42. Jezreel Santos

    Another great song from one of my favorite band!, I don't know how to explain it. but still awesome!! :D

  43. Jezreel Santos

    welcome back Safetysuit!!

  44. Miguel Andres Torres Menchaca

    You guys ROCK, keep it up.

  45. Sandi Hines

    Love his video!

  46. Lydia

    I don't know why i can't like this vid, i've been trying so many times, i pushed the like button but i just didn't work-_-

  47. Thomas Rice

    I lost these guys... and found them again on a whim.... this song made me tear up... damn perfect for how i am feeling... I forgot how much i love these guys

  48. Lydia

    A new fans of them❤❤❤discovered them a week ago and immediately falling in love with them😍❤

  49. David Neely


    Travis F

    David Neely OMG oh my gosh that's so good

  50. occasional comment

    Sorry guys, been watching the same video for the past 5 days.

  51. Waleed Al-Madari

    this is just Creative!

  52. occasional comment

    Guess who isn't studying for final exams.

  53. Abby Aguilar

    and all of a sudden the troubles in my heart went away

  54. Lexie02 Jones

    what does it mean that the world is black and white or gray????


    It means that the real world,the perfect one,is only black and white,there's no place for gray.Only pure darkness or light.

    Izabel Gonzalez-Alvizures

    Lexie02 Jones we would see where we stand, how to do something, its be easy to see. Like black amd white. Grey, its kinda in between.

  55. Makenzie Zaborszki

    SAFETYSUIT CAN DO NO WRONG!!!! Their message is always beautiful, inspiring, and perfectly written and sung!! HE IS INCREDIBLE LIVE, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO SEE THE BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR LIFE!!! Keep it up boys!!!! <3 <3

  56. J_Jammer

    "Only look up at the sistine chapel and see a ceiling." -- FANTASTIC line.

  57. josephcam

    I like how when right after he sings "ooh oh hoo" it sounds like he says "HUE". Great work!

  58. Azurin N.M.

    사랑합나다 😍😍😍😍

  59. Muraechi _

    I LOVE THE EDITING OF THIS VIDEO!!! BUT THE SONG THE LYRICS EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!! Safetysuit is not the first time you've save my life 😭😭👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️

  60. IrishRebel92

    love it

  61. Trevor Keith

    When SafetySuit lyrics are cringy and I don't know what happened.


    NFG, The Starting Line, All American Rejects, etc. What "element" of pop punk do they have, like they played some power chords? Lol

    Trevor Keith

    tbh a power chord kinda does count. Pop punk is filled with them. And an upbeat songs with a few slower acoustic songs will do the trick too. That's the only part that really makes Safetysuit not sound pop punk in Life Left To Lose. Their slower songs aren't acoustic and are more layered. And if you want to argue that their lyrics and how the band presents themselves isn't pop punk, I could believe that argument. However, Stay is the most pop punk (which is a reason why it's their most popular song) song and their music video to go with it only makes people believe that they were pop punk

    Colin Hexr

    Koopa The Quick I do agree with you. Some bands appeal to me more as they go along, SafetySuit is not one of them. Really liked their debut album because of their heavier punk influences, but didn't really enjoy their newer, mainstream appealing lyrical choice and sound. Seriously, their sound went way generic. Completely caught off-guard on my first listen to a few songs.

    You were spot on about your analysis album-to-album, so don't worry about him.

    I don't mind if the band goes in this direction. It's their choice, I guess, though I'm sad that I have to cross an artist off the list.

    Trevor Keith

    Colin Hexr thanks! I'm glad that agree with me. But I'm the same way, I typically like to follow bands and keep listening as their sound develops. The more I listen to safetysuit, the more I feel that they aren't going back to what they were or what I thought they were going to be. And there's a huge difference between going pop and going bland. Take Paramore for example, they went pop but they still felt like Paramore. To add on, Paramore still had great lyrics even if the music felt too poppy.


    Yellow nice to meet you lol the chorus is garbage, I agree

  62. . BELL .

    i get so happy when i hear new music from you!

  63. Zekromacer Zatouo

    Amazing as always!

  64. Kiel Robinson

    Colour* :P


    Muricans don't need that useless u


    Kiel Robinson depends on where you are.. differs for americans and British.

  65. xAyumi San

    love it ♡♡♡ pls come to germany soon

  66. Rino Giordano

    It is my favorite group the first, I am Italian I have discovered for you case you are great

  67. Matty K


  68. pronetocrash91

    Lovely as always, guys. <3

  69. Morgan Grace

    this is great, love the lyrics

  70. Steven Edwards

    I love SafetySuit! Thank you for such great music! (Also props to the video editor. This is visually awesome!)

  71. Ekai B.

    Awesome song! Hope that you'll continue your band for the next 10 years ❤

  72. ZeroEndDark

    They are my favorite group - Safetysuit ❤️

  73. Erin Bower

    I got so excited when this popped up! The lyrics are too adorable and the video is creative.

  74. Tristin Johnson

    It's not possible for you guys to make a bad song. ❤️❤️❤️


    Tristin Johnson well they made this

    The gaming panda

    EndoveProductions out side I'm tired of your shit lol

  75. JemStone

    Every song is as incredible as the last. Keep up the great work guys, you'll make it huge real soon.

  76. TactoDeLaLluvia

    U did it again. Since I've got 12 i heard you, and now I have 17. Thank u for everything.

  77. ariban

    You guys always speak to my soul... Thank you...

  78. Dikshant Bhardwaj

    beautiful song ❤️

    Inder Kumar

    Dikshant Bhardwaj im 3rd 😂😂😂

    Dikshant Bhardwaj

    lol I send you link just now on whatsapp

    Dikshant Bhardwaj

    it just #blue my mind ;)

  79. Houssem cth

    first 😘💪

    occasional comment

    Houssemix Brown, found you.

    Houssem cth

    Grammar Police ????