SafetySuit - Looking Up Lyrics

Call it a feeling
Call it a premonition
Things are about to go my way
You don't have to see it
Just believe it's coming
Some things are bound to change

Then I see twenty dollars in the street
High five the next person I see
Kick back to the guy with the sign, I'll be fine
I'd say things are looking up

I'd say they're looking up
Take all my trouble cause I had enough
I'd say they're looking up
And I'm feeling so fine
I'd say they're looking up
Take on whatever cause I'm feeling tough
You say I'm going down
But I'm feeling so fine

It's all in how you see it
Just a little bit of misdirection
Sometimes you gotta tell yourself
That the best is to come and the worst times are gone
See some see a rain cloud and say, "no"
I see a crop about to grow
Some see a cancer killing me
I see a couple IVs that I'll use, then I'll beat

Then I see twenty dollars in the street
High five the next person I see
Kick back to the guy with the sign, I'll be fine
I'd say things are looking up

I'd say they're looking up
Take all my trouble cause I had enough
I'd say they're looking up
And I'm feeling so fine
I'd say they're looking up
Take on whatever cause I'm feeling tough
You say I'm going down
But I'm feeling so fine

Don't know what's coming next
I got this feeling
Don't have the answers yet
But they're coming, they're coming
Don't know what's coming next
But I got this feeling
Don't have the answers
But I'd say things are looking up

I'd say they're looking up
Take all my trouble cause I had enough
I'd say they're looking up
And I'm feeling so fine
I'd say they're looking up
Take on whatever cause I'm feeling tough
You say I'm going down
But I'm feeling so fine

I'd say they're looking up
(I say we go back to the way that we were when we were younger)
I'd say they're looking up
I'd say they're looking up
(I say we go back to the way that we were when we were younger)
But I'm feeling so fine

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SafetySuit Looking Up Comments
  1. dr662

    The WSOP on ESPN brought me here.

  2. Michael Augusto Enriquez

    Heard this at Safeway a few times. Great tune!

  3. Kate D

    I moved away from my hometown a year and a half ago and really struggled to get my life going here in my dream home. But I've been at a good job for 4 months now, and I just committed to moving into my own place today, not just renting a room anymore. This song was on the grocery store radio tonight after I'd given my notice to my landlady, and I can't help but laugh... Things have been tough, but it's working out. I'm making it work. I'm making my dreams come true.

  4. Giorgio Profiris

    Poker intro song :D

  5. Dave Gordon

    You know there's something special about this band because they our kind of that secret that I think if everybody were to hear them they would be huge but I never hear them on the radio and for the band themselves I feel terrible because they deserve to be up there with the likes of Imagine Dragons and One Republic or even Coldplay for that matter but I like this guy's voice even more than any of those bands voices. This guy has a very unique voice and you can definitely tell especially and let go when it slows down near the 3/4 Mark in the song when he says it's always time to hold on and his voice hits these three specific weird notes that you don't usually hear in order that way but that level of going that low in the register actually is beautiful and yet he can then go back up high and still sound perfect. I can do that with like Chris isaak's Wicked Game but I'll tell you this is not as easy of a band to follow vocally and sound anything like that. Also it's a shame that the song things to say never was a single

  6. Taylor Waite-Campbell

    when i heard this the first time, I thought is was Ty Joe....but you guys are great!! Love it

  7. Rebecca Lowe

    This is the most feel good song I’ve ever heard

  8. Peac hyzz

    Great band man! The 6th grade memories man!!

  9. Brandon Elliot Smith

    Can we talk about the vocal chain on that lead vocal??? WHEWWW dopeness

  10. Vicki Auditore

    I heard this song shopping in Meijer over Christmas - and just had to find it. Then when I saw the rest of the lyrics - the part about cancer - I was amazed. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago this time... and things are definitely looking up this year. This is my new anthem. Powerful.

  11. R Davis Link

    *OMG* SO THIS IS the song I've been hearing all this time at my store. At Kroger. Wow. I've wondering what song this is for some time. Well such a good song though

  12. Ever Present Momentum

    I love this song so much, it gives me hope to keep going

  13. Deep __

    In 2018, still love this song! 💕🙌

  14. BigBirdy

    This would be a great song for a musical

  15. Commander Swagvala

    Who’s here after researching the song from Dignity health commercial?


    Here here. It got stuck in my head after seeing it a few times.

    Emma Watson

    So annoying, all the time on Hulu

  16. ModestMootsey

    Whiney vocals, poppish piano, generic lyrics promoting a fake sense of reality. Yeah sold out...

  17. Sam Sharma

    Amazing songs ..why less views ...stupid YouTube

  18. Mohit Upadhyay

    When I listen you I feel like I am alive. Best lyrics

  19. Joe Eoj

    Lmao why these bitch ass niggas steal theme song from The Office?

  20. Christina Bissinger

    I have to listen to this at least three times a day where I work, and I loathe this song with a passion never held by anyone before. This is one of the worst songs ever created. Period.

  21. Bolt Manectric

    I'm here after I heard this playing a grocery store. :) I'm so glad was able to remember the lyrics. I have a feeling I'll like this band

    Austin Phillips

    I work at a Farm Fresh and its where I heard it for the first time too!

  22. Ryan Vega

    Shopping at frys

  23. Big D Liquor

    I hear this song like twice a day at work and every time it starts I yell, "Call it a beatin'... call it a PENATRATION!"

  24. jackrabbitslim614

    Subscribe lames. These guys deserve it.

  25. Jessica Harper

    i love this song

  26. RAEven

    I hear a Christian message in the song. But that's not the reason why I love this song. I love it because it has a positive-thinking sound to it. And I want to stay positive. You guys rock!!🤘 And God Bless SafetySuit!!🙌🙏🙏🙌

  27. Somaya Jonson

    I like that song so much

  28. Lucid Memes

    I think all 200,000 views are from Safeway blaring this over the speakers

    Gerald Findley

    I work for one of the subsidiary companies. I must hear this crap 5 times a day.

    RPG Runaway

    Why can't they play good shit


    KROGER’s for me. Ain’t a day I don’t hear it


    I had to hear this one every single day I worked at Acme, and it gave me cancer!

  29. AnimationDiana

    This song reminds me of *NSYNC's "Bye, Bye, Bye".

  30. Inspire Daily

    Currently hoping and waiting for things to looking up in my life. ⭐️🙏🏾⭐️

  31. j Lane

    Amazing song

  32. Nikki Tay

    this sounded different on the radio when i heard it...

  33. Carmela Ann Corpuz

    Most underrated band. You guys are the best, love from the Philippinesssss

  34. Jennifer_제니퍼

    can somebody please recommend me some uplifting with motivational lyrics song like this one? thanks ! ^^

  35. Steven Hackworth

    can I get some high fives?✋✋

  36. Tommy Squires

    i heard this song in the movie john wick 2 harkins <3

  37. Nicholas M.

    Good up

  38. Carolyn Hall

    Thank you SAFETYSUIT, LOOKING my
    INSPIRATION song ❤💋💋

  39. 1295candi

    in love! <3

  40. Atong Badong

    1. Figure Me Out - Summer Set
    2. Weak - AJR
    3. Looking Up - Safety Suit my Pop Playlist

  41. Qawserftgyuh R

    this song is heaven sent

  42. Sheilly

    amazing artist that needs some recognition

    Sopietje MSP

    sheilly smiley *band. ^w^

  43. Juelle gibson

    LOVE this song

  44. Maxine Yap

    this is so good <3

  45. Nick Jasper

    Perfect song to lift you up when things suck in your life.


    indeed my friend

  46. Scott Ouellette

    Did anyone see their official music video for this song? now it looks like it's been taken down. Anyone know what happened?

  47. Elle Liam

    "Then I see twenty dollars in the street" !

    Made my day X'D

  48. Orla Keenan

    I really want them to get big so I can be like I heard this before most people! : )


    hello L...

    and me too!

  49. Jessica Murray

    LOVE you guys and this song!! I've been listening to you and coming to your shows since I was 17 - I'm now 24 :) Keep doing what you are doing and you WILL go far!

  50. Ocean Hepler

    It is a great album

  51. marisol rojas


  52. nainika mahesh

    This song is nice and catchy. Our school chose this for our 5th grade graduation song!🎤🎼🎧

  53. BeaversAreInsane

    Great song. When I heard it for the first time, I knew it would be a great song for me because I finished chemo for stage 4 cancer just over a year ago. Still healthy...things are looking up. :-)

    LaGayla McGahee

    congratulations to you!!!  peace and blessings to you! things are looking up!!!!I first heard this song on the slide show for the camp my daughter went to for cancer survivors. loving it!

    Dick Rick

    I hope your still feeling fine! My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago and your post gives me hope


    Still 100% healthy and great, thanks to my doctors, family, friends, and most thanks of all for the prayers and well wishes. "I'm feelin' so fine" as the song goes. And God bless.

    Barry Whitney

    BeaversAreInsane my dad just found out about stage 4 cancer. He already took 6 months of chemo. He'll b gone in 2 yrs. This song has been all that's is keeping me up nowadays. I'm a senior in high school.


    @Barry Whitney Sorry to hear about your dad's diagnosis but I'm glad you have hope, I lost my grandmother to stage 4 cancer a few years ago and upped my game researching natural therapies, there is a ton nowadays and many people are successfully beating cancer (including stage 4) without chemo, as mentioned in the song IV nutrients such as IV Vitamin C have been used with much success. Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic in Tempe, Arizona has an over 90% cure rate for cancer patients. There's a lot of good info on YT, such as The Truth About Cancer docuseries and Chris Wark's channel (Chris Beat Cancer). I wish I had such a huge window as 2 years with my grandma. I knew some natural therapies when I found out about her diagnosis, but it was discovered very late (she was advanced in age, in her 80s) and she passed within around 2 months afterward. I wasn't able to reach her effectively with some information because we were in different states and I wasn't able to travel to see her. I tried sharing a little with my aunt who was nursing her, but she didn't get it. I am at peace with her passing though, because she had a good heart and believed she would go to heaven. But I still think things possibly could have been different if we had more time. Best to you.

  54. Super Diamond Hunter

    I love this song 😄😁😀😊☺😄😂😅😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😄😄😂😊😃😀😃

  55. Jon Mann

    1000th like glad I'm here before this video becomes huge


    Why it doesn't make a difference

  56. Lowell Ziegler

    SafetySuit is putting out new music, I'd say things are looking up!


    +Lowell Ziegler TOTALLY agree. Been too long but feel it will be worth it

  57. Brandi Huffman

    LOVE this song. So amazing. <3

  58. Yu Gong

    love you guys, Chinese fan here !

  59. K Messenger

    Love it, had to post it, email it everywhere. thank you. God bless you. Blessings, K <3

  60. Alice Wonder

    I feel the beat and the words! I love it soo much!!

  61. aspenfallen

    Love it. New album, please!! :)

  62. David Neely

    what a truly wonderful song!!! :)

  63. daniela favaloro

    It's a song that I have to let grow on me; their other albums are just too good.

  64. Kristie Wertley


  65. Saren Perales

    Awesome! I love this song!^_^

  66. Miss Hunter


  67. Cole Mercer

    just heard this so today, from my coach after a tough loss! Well, let's say it's been on replay, the whole bus ride home (2 hours) LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

  68. funofme


  69. Amanda Jacobson

    this song makes my heart happy. i love it!

  70. Darlene Sorenson

    Thank you!  Now come to the PNW!

  71. keonidubwise

    You guys always seem to write solid songs that get a message across while staying positive and sincere. Glad to hear you are going on tour again - see you in February.

  72. Maria H

    how did I miss this?! 😩

  73. Luka Krpač

    Simply perfect <3

  74. LifesLover

    Well worth the wait! Now where's the album? ^_^

  75. Sundos Kamal

    I can't stop listening to this song
    Its fuking amazing 🙃💖

  76. Jon Van Meter

    Disappointed after the long wait....sounding more like generic pop aimed at 17 yr old girls to make $$$ :( where did Dave G's guitars go? Hopefully the rest of the record rocks a little more

    Zach Smith


  77. James Eldridge

    Underrated Band !

  78. Lorena Cánovas

    I've been waiting for this! And I already love it!

  79. Kirk M-Soul

    OK this is SafetySuit and exactly why I love them!

  80. Bean The Potato

    Is it out on Spotify yet?? 😁

  81. Scott Barney

    WAY TOO POPPY. But I'd rather hear safetysuit on the radio than the rest of the crap that plays...

  82. Justine

    ironically, the day after you released this, i found $20 on the street. i'd say things are looking up ;) beautiful work, boys. can't wait to hear more.

  83. george fenske

    I like the song but what happened to their guitars and drums? I can barely hear them since their first album and they are just so dialed back compared to the electronics


    george fenske They became more pop
    It’s sad they were good at the actual playing of songs rather then relying on computers

  84. Chad Hiner

    This is what we waited 3 years for? No thanks. What a huge disappointment after their incredible first album.

    Jacob Nash

    +Chad Hiner Hey! well goodbye to you!, This song just helped me through a tough point of finding myself through the last hard months I had, but hey, I am a true fan and I find beauty in each song, let me guess you like their top hits? According to this song, you missed the point and this comment is mute, they are only heading up from here =) get over it ;) You can go listen to the Biebs and Taylor =)

  85. MegTenk

    Now THIS sounds more like the Safetysuit I know and love! This is great <3

  86. Jake Pribyl


  87. Malik Ghulam Mustafa

    Love it! A great follow-up to These Times. :)

  88. FANNIX

    Thank you for this.

  89. sofi kaj

    i prefer calm and touchy song more than this more like find a way

  90. Erika ntz WINNER l South Club l KNK


  91. CaptainAmerricka

    I've waited almost two years for this moment. Please don't ever disappear again.

  92. Nobody AskedYou

    So good to see you back guys ! I've missed you ! ♥

  93. Fabio 7

    beautiful song ❤

  94. SpiralheartMedia

    SafetySuit!! Great to have you back, guys!! Thinks are definitely definitely #LookingUP!!

  95. subtlebeauty27

    Such a great feel good song! Love all you've been putting out and can't wait for this album!

  96. dolores walton

    ...could it be

    dolores walton


  97. Official Ethan Cramer

    Great band! Every song they've put out has a meaning behind it, making it very relatable in their own way.

  98. warriorgirl126

    Way to go guys!!!! It's amazing to have you come back so strong!!!!!!!

  99. Otter Feathers

    LOVE IT. READY for more.