Ryder, Serena - Sanctuary Lyrics

Didn't want to let you go
I fall apart when I'm alone
I don't want to need your love
But nothing else is good enough
I am breaking through
Coming back to you
You're calling me a shooting star
No wonder I fell so far
So far away

You're completely for me
The love I carry
You are all that I need
My sanctuary

I know it's not an easy life
But with you, everything's all right
And no one else can take you place
Or be big enough to fill your space
Hold me in your arms
You're the one I want
And maybe you're in my dreams
But nothing's ever what it seems
When you're wide awake

You're completely for me
The love I carry
You are all that I need
My sanctuary

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Ryder, Serena Sanctuary Comments
  1. Madelyn Smith

    I got to meet her with VIP tickets. I'm was so lucky that the VIP tickets were given to me as an early Christmas present.

  2. dave toffen

    I thought Adele had a beautiful voice......but Serena......holy cow!!!!!!!!!!.....Im ashamed to say I never heard of her til the CBC.....
    Serena is simply wonderful

  3. Copyrightbreaker22

    One of Canada's less known treasures. She is amazing wish she was more popular in the world.
    ~ Someone from The Netherlands

  4. Lisa Cacioppo

    This is beautiful. Just love Serena.

  5. Oleg Babisin

    Is she in running shoes on the scene? Really strange appearance, despite she is very good vocally and song is very good.

    David Broughall

    So what? kd lang performed Hallelujah in bare feet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_NpxTWbovE. What does footwear have to do with anything?

  6. Emely M

    I wish people knew more of Serena Ryder and this song. And her other songs too.

  7. Cathrine Feehely

    I heard the chorus on the Women's Network commercial - I had to find it and I did! I love it ! This is my new favorite song. You need to release this to everyone!

  8. Tracy McPherson

    W network brought me here, you need to release this song


    Tracy McPherson its on the album u just have to get the canadian version

  9. DiAnna W

    OMG ... Serena!!! This performance is incredible.. but this song is so amazing... it deserves a video!!! PLEASE DO A VIDEO for this song SERENA!!!!! <3

  10. Kate

    Didn't know her vocal range was so expansive and beautiful. Very powerful song - moves me to tears every time I listen.

  11. Nancy Smith-Williams

    Makes my heart swell...thank you.

  12. Karen L

    Stunning and gorgeous song!

  13. debbiemacd

    You are fabulous!

  14. Laura .Wilson

    been following your music for years,,,,even hit up a few concerts.....amazing every time

  15. Andi Sinclair

    Where can I buy this song?

  16. Ohgurki

    Outlander brought me here 😊

  17. Julianna_Owl

    one of her best.

  18. Rachel Paddock

    My new favorite song..

  19. Lisa Scott

    I love Serena Ryders music. This song brings me to tears. I miss my ex so much

  20. Lys

    This song is really beautiful!!!

  21. O Rap

    Serena Ryder I love you I went I even went to the concert to see you but I didn't get to meet you only got to see you soon on stage

  22. Sandi B