Ryder, Serena - Heavy Love Lyrics

I don't know what you think that you're trying to prove
I don't know what you think that I can do for you
I don't believe in who you think that I should be
Because my world is so much bigger than you see

So get off the way
Out of my way
You are in my way

Got a heavy love
Rolling like thunder
Coming from above
Made sure that you're under
Falling like the rain
Burning like fire
Got a heavy love, oh
Do you think you're strong enough
Oh, oh
Do you think you're strong enough
Oh, oh
Do you think you're strong enough

Why did you tell me you wanted me to be free
Then turn around and hold me so tight I couldn't breathe
Getting so angry I didn't see what you'd seen
Have you forgotten that you used to love me

All the way
In every way

Got a heavy love
Rolling like thunder
Coming from above
Made sure that you're under
Falling like the rain
Burning like fire
Got a heavy love, oh
Do you think you're strong enough
Oh, oh
Do you think you're strong enough
Oh, oh
Do you think you're strong enough

To catch me when I'm falling
Open up your heart and let it feel
You know my love's for real

Got a heavy love
Rolling like thunder
Coming from above
Made sure that you're under
Falling like the rain
Burning like fire
Got a heavy love, oh
Do you think you're strong enough
Got a heavy love
Rolling like thunder
Coming from above
Made sure that you're under
Falling like the rain
Burning like fire
Got a heavy love, oh
Do you think you're strong enough
Oh, oh
Do you think you're strong enough
Oh, oh
Do you think you're strong enough

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Ryder, Serena Heavy Love Comments
  1. David Pascal

    I love stomps and heavy love

  2. wooooooot1

    Great song

  3. Laurenlad

    Does anyone remember the video differently? I remember the boxing part happening during the slower chorus near the end of the song. I also remember the little girl turning into a big guy that she boxed against.

  4. Eugenio Maria Falcone

    Video killed the radio star...

  5. Kristine Culig

    Serena, please please please include this song in your act on your tour, especially @ Butchart Gardens (Victoria, BC) - I'm a big fan!! <3 -K

  6. steven mercer

    I had a long comment. Got cut off. A very talented and kind person. She gave me a bunch of CD's for friends. She likes Jameson. Such a wonderful person.

  7. Superman Sam

    I remember when they used to play this on YTV bro those were some good times lmao

  8. Hader Habib

    is this little girl her daughter?


    Hader Habib no

  9. Nevis Lee

    Dec 2017:)

  10. rikkot

    This song is wonderful!

  11. Donna Hemmer

    love it

  12. Jennifer Olughor

    Mattpat I think your so cool

  13. uniqua fan

    Whenever she says "rolling like thunder" I always think of haikyuu lol

  14. Elvis Prestley

    Miss Serena Ryder I'm inspired by your music I live in to I think you're an inspiring meant to the world the way you swing your music your music is in my soul I can't stop listening to your music I also heard you made a new video and album one of these days I'm going to get out and go and buy it but thanks for listening to me Serena sincerely head klansman MacLeod Isle of Skye Scotland dunvegan Castle I'm a Scottish Prince by Birthright have fun at what you do you make a lot of statements in your music which means a lot I'm glad I listened to your music I really like it a lot thank you once again McCloud

  15. shawn shawn

    sexy voice............sexy woman................................yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of Talent

  16. lil.tater

    I always get her and Adele mixed up with their voices lol

  17. Annisa Official

    this is the only song I know from her ♡

  18. Swordterranean40

    Thought this was Adele

  19. Five Nights at Frollo's


    Brother John

    Well you found it now delete this comment :/

    Zubair Malik

    +Brother John badass comment

    beej face

    lmao i've searched for stereo love for 6 years

  20. Sally Wagg

    What a talent !!!

  21. TheLegend27 26

    I think I saw this was on Disney channel

  22. Sandra Halls

    Just saw her at Peterborough tonight! What a voice... And big personality!

  23. Nathan Mak2.o

    She is so cool

  24. Tami Crawf

    she's awesome,my husband and I love her too

  25. Andrew Walsh

    My 7 year old daughter loves Serena's songs and now I now I do too!

  26. Brad Campbell

    no probs

  27. Laura Gonzalez

    Love her, hate the video.

  28. Brad Campbell

    Can not wait to see her at Musicfest in the Comox Valley this summer......great score for the organizers.

    Brad Campbell

    Look up Comox valley musicfest.....you can get when and where

    Knight Guardian

    +Brad Campbell ok thanks so much

  29. Yo YO

    she used to live 2 blocks away from me in a popular neighbour hood in toronto

  30. Orphan BlackOps

    She should be a household name.

  31. Bentho Brasil

    Adorei o som.
    Muito bom.

  32. stephane crep

    Call me Serena! 25 Dec ,2015

  33. Batman

    this video should have WAY more views


    I very much agree

  34. Mint chocolate chip

    Luv you Serena 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧

  35. alex123453839

    She will top the charts

  36. Jayne Knott


  37. Marek McLeod

    I always thought she said "do you think your stronger!😫"

  38. Brown Rootz

    i love this song but cant stand the talking at the end. makes no sense. please take it out of the vid. ahhhh!


    Just because you don't like it doesn't mean they're gonna remove it

    David Cox

    I like it, it's different.

  39. Surbhi Rao

    I just realized it said 
    'Do you think you're strong enough'
    used to think it said, 
    'Do you think you're stroganoff'
    The world made so much more sense before this moment

    Surbhi Rao

    +jordan ramji
    Haha I totally forgot I wrote this. I'm currently cringing

    Joanne Mcdonald

    jordan ramji yeah

    Shanti Udit

    Surbhi Rao yo same

    Josef Kovach

    Surbhi Rao that's retarded

  40. Cap'n Mo

    I'm not the biggest fan of Ryder's music, but, man, can she ever belt out a tune.

  41. Desiree ugbomah

    Love this song

  42. Music Bot

    Why does she look so much liek Nicholas Cage...


    +Eugene Ho oh gawd why did you point that out now it cant be unseen lmao

  43. Sierra Rose

    You are insanely talented! I love you're voice so much! Come to the U.S and play northern California 3

  44. Pots and Pans

    i would have thought this song would have gotten way over 1 million views, it's unique

  45. Francisca Ayala Cea

     I like this song <3

  46. sagan

    I think I'm the youngest here… 15 years old. Anyone younger??

  47. E Nahanee

    Now this is real talent!!!!

  48. Elizabeth Havill

    Replay replay replay!!!!! I love it!!

  49. Brett Marks

    I love Serena's vocals! She kind of reminds me of Elle King! Anyone check out Elle King yet?

  50. Silverforest

    Serena is a bad ass <3

  51. Ashwin Ramdath

    I love heavy love

  52. TheMurrayP

    Hi Serena, this is another fantastic song that the world has not found yet. Their loss for sure!

    Triple K

    Ikr... she has great vocals... and her songs has soul... sigh... she will get recognized .. i hope soon..

    Pots and Pans

    @TheMurrayP yeah i dont know how this song slipped by everyone, it's a lot better than 75% of the trash that makes it on the radio these days.

  53. TheCakingGirl

    Love you so much Serena! I met you in person, and you were so friendly, humble, kind ... just down to earth wonderful! You signed a piece of note for my daughter and she keeps it on her desk at all times :) Thank you so much!

    Violet Dawn

    i met her so many times seeing as i am in all her music videos for harmony

  54. Loomy cats

    This is my favourite song, I love her voice so much

  55. snafujag100

    Quality vocals again!!!!

  56. Dark liberator dragon

    How old is she I think she is 20


    On the Wikipedia it says Serena is 31 

  57. Play Your Day Away

    Such a beauty of a song. From my fingers for my ears, please never stop making music. 

  58. Audrey Jean

    This song is catchy... Like a rash!!!

  59. Iqra Malek

    Go most Canadian singers yay!!! Except for well.... Some singers but Serena Ryder is amazing not only does she sound good on ur iPhone or whatever your listening to this on but she sounds good in real life to! :D

  60. kuryamtl

    one of my favourite songs!

  61. Madeline Tamano

    Can she get anymore talented? <3

  62. Nina

    Serena Serena sing more songs like this please please!

  63. godkill666

    Great tune

  64. Kathryn Stubbert

    your great keep making them!

  65. Catherine Carter

    she has such an amazing voice...

  66. Ali A

    1:35 to 1:45 - Nailed it

  67. Khan1934 Be

    love this song

  68. McLarenBMW

    Shes made it on the radio. Catchy song, no worries she will make it big.

  69. Elizabeth Hoeflaak

    When I list in to it me and my sister are always like burin like fiyaaaa

    Elizabeth Havill

    Got name lol

  70. Lee z

    90k? Yet MAGIC! runs the boards. That's when I need to get up and leave. 

  71. RyguyRhino

    Where are the views she's got an awesome voice

  72. TheRealMrsMVP

    Another amazing song, great job Serena!! I don't understand why you're not super famous all over the world!!

  73. David Claro Dias

    well done you beat an 8 year old

  74. Genevieve Dunn

    love it

  75. John Doe

    Ryder. Yous a busta.

  76. Kevin Grygiel

    How is this not more popular, only 68k views?

  77. David Leonard

    beautiful song! i love it!

  78. Julia George

    Serena, you are awesome just the way you are :)

  79. RehmanRises

    Your voice sound is almost identical to Adele's voice

  80. sara lynn sushi

    Hi Serena, don't know if you will see this comment, but if you
    do, I just want to tell you, my name is Sara, you met my brother, Aymen on Canada day in Ottowa, he was a dancer, and I just wanted to say, thank you so much for the little clip you made for me, it really meant a lot, you are my idol and I absolutely worship you, and I hope one day, we will meet.❤️

  81. sofie wild

    good! :)

  82. kayt

    grand and upbeat new album is grand!  we need to support our canadian artists

  83. ziz azizov

    nice song

  84. BobAnator

    addicted to this song. heard it on radio and i was like i love this song but i didnt know what is was called so when i saw the title on family i was like YAY u rock serena!

  85. Daniel Mazurek

    What a voice!  Serena, are you Samantha Stevens sister. You sure look like her.

  86. michael c

    I really do wish more people knew about Serena, shes amazing.

  87. Ice Tabloid

    Took me a while to find out the song title. I was looking all over for this.

    C,G and O

    So was I, I heard it on the radio and it sounded really familiar but couldn't remember the title

  88. pyroknight28

    lovely voice, I just want to know who is marketing you, because you have way to few views and exposure with a voice like that.

  89. Brian Mpofu

    im upset...this girl is a superstar.... only 37k views. Love you Serena

  90. Oayabacnhoj

    Serena is like my breakup soundtrack right now


    Sorry to hear, best of wishes xo

  91. Garrett Myles

    Best song from Serena Ryder in my opinion... I love it.

  92. Lalaoppsie

    Does anyone else think she says got a heavy load? Instead of love cuz i do and i aleways end up giggling.

  93. Hazelnut

    Great song, horrible video.

  94. Zehui Yao

    Just heard from the Radio and I Really like it!  UP UP : )

  95. Bunny Roblox

    amazing keep up the good work your the best! <3

    Elizabeth Hoeflaak

    I play roblox also bunny Roblox its also like the best game ever

  96. Bi11ionAir

    Great song, the video killed the radio star part was an interesting throwback. The video however is pretty weak, it fails to even match the tempo of the song correctly, meh i feel like its just underwhelming.


    I love Serena Ryder.  I am a 12 yr old singer/songwriter from Toronto, just released my first original song/music video, TRUE FRIENDS by Martina.  Please give it a try.  I wish I could write a song with Serena, LOVE her music

  98. mysticannc

    I am her ascended self but Ellen is the lesbian