Ryan Trey - Say It Lyrics

Tryna get closer
And I now that your open
You ain't going for these dogs out tryna get ya
And you now I been going all out tryna get ya
I need you
We gonna get the safe for you
Imma have to go and get the safe, get you unlocked
You was off with him 'till you let a nigga
Let his guard drop 'till the car stop baby
Ridin till the wheels fall off and the car stop baby
Still going non-stop baby
Scared Imma hurt you baby no
Telling you he loves you let it go
You gonna have to pick one
I ain't gonna press it up to you to let me hear some
What you say ain't good he into other
Women he don't love you like he should
Same motherfucker only in for the goods
Plus I bet a billion he ain't in it like he should
The boy ain't good
Aim for the money
He about to hustle crack the safe for the money
Put a rock on your finger now that's weight on the money
I promise imma spend it when I get
All on you
Just close your eyes fall back watch it all fall through
Don't let his bullshit follow you
Just say the words and I will come on through
I'm right here but its all on you
Until 24 through
That shit ain't worth it
All now that, that shit ain't worth it
Cause all of these niggas get lost in
There ways saying these bitches ain't perfect
But you perfect
Hell yeah
I swear to God that you perfect

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