Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Waiting Lyrics

When you've found the road,
don't go down alone
I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting

When you've found the guy
don't dive in, play shy
I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting

Cause you're what my world revolves around
Even though you knock me to the ground
I get straight back up to see
Just how beautiful the chase can be

So when you're done checking on the rain
Come relieve my pain
I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting

You know I've seen it in my dreams
As my heart rocks on the balance beam
I am waiting
You know I'm waiting

Cause you're what my world revolves around
Even though you knock me to the ground
I get straight back up to see
Just how beautiful the chase can be

Oh and I'll keep fighting for the one I love [x4]

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Ryan O'Shaughnessy Waiting Comments
  1. flo.e


  2. polly mcmenamin

    Wonderful lyrics & melody...breathtaking voice. Ryan, one to watch & listen to

  3. Katelyn Holloway

    i love this song it makes me happy and love you and making me smile when i here this songs thank you for making me feel that way. Your so adorable and amazing at singing.

  4. Isley Matias

    I'm Brazilian, today is the first time I hear Ryan, and I'm like, "Oh sh*t, what a voice! What a guy! What a talent! I'm really in love!" And today, you've got a big fan!

  5. paul vonk

    when Ryan is flying ,girls hearts start crying.

  6. David Fontaine

    This young man has an amazing talent not only are his words from his heart and soul but his delivery of a song is outstanding, Well done Ryan !!!

  7. Momen Akod

    he's really talented, he just needs to sing something a bit more interesting. the music industry these days is all about making something different, special.

    Teele Rybanova

    Ahhh bugger that mate... he's a muso, a pure muso.... a guy with word's that have meaning :)

  8. chicken8wings

    Beautiful song..

  9. minks 2B

    That's a beautiful song. Really really lovely.

    Jonté Burke

    wow that was beautiful.

  10. Suz S

    I hope you are still writing. You are so talented! Best wishes to you. 

  11. GabyS

    "Don't dive in,
    play shy"
    I don't have to... I'm too shy anyway... And i'm also waiting :)

  12. Rafael de Jesus Aguirre Ramos

    I love this song is unic

  13. country flower

    Ryan this is the first time i have heard you sing. i like pulling up a lot of the audition's that people do, and your's was one of the very, very best. i am so glad you are doing your own songs. love songs are great right now, since this old world today is in such a mess, and music can ease the soul. i have loved music all my life, and i find it so pleasant, and so helpful when your really feeling so alone. i have been pulling up your songs on my computer. keep up the great work....a fan of yours.

  14. Katrina Reno

    I love him and his song

    Moshe Hadar Schick

    do you know were one can buy is dics?

  15. erika pena

    Bae since day 1

  16. red_ashcroft

    I love his song First Kiss. Really touched my heart.

  17. Ashley Obrien

    i wish i could get his album on itunes. American probs

  18. A:M

    Im going to need an album pls!!!!! Too amazing!

  19. Gintare Lengvinaite

    I hear You first time today.... its wonderfull... :)) I looooove it :)) 

  20. Maria Cardenas

    He has a single album on iTunes

  21. Mad Life

    it's a little bit boring.... sorry for that...


    Mad Life That's okay. Your mind isn't broad enough to absorb this beauty. Sucks for you.

  22. Dan G

    Great song, thanks Ryan.

    btw, nice touch with the vinyl record snap, crackle and pop. ;)

  23. Alex Smith

    Sounds a lot like ed sheeran

  24. Emily Gillis

    so beautiful!

  25. Ruby McFadden

    Even when you play the preview on itunes it makes that noise :/ I think it's the song.

  26. Wendy Kersten

    I think you're great Ryan !!! I just love you're music.. I'm so happy that in just Found you're audition with brittain got talent.. Such a sweet song ! Love it !

  27. sean mccarthy

    For this

  28. sean mccarthy

    Does anybody have chords for n

  29. Starved

    Wow how could anybody be anymore perfect!! :o

  30. Quinten Booysen

    YO man im not lying this guy has got sum talent and the stunt u threw at Britians got talent with the No Name song dude I hope that girl knows wht u can offer her coz it gave me goosebumps and im a guy... Ryan u are a legend amongst singers and songwriters keep it up man

  31. nzy 4795

    who knows the chord for this song?????...pleasee helpp...

  32. hankakah

    Just what the new generation needs. New music, new songwriting, new harmonyies, new talent, real singing, real heartfelt lyrics. Such a great change from what i've heard for the past 10 years.

  33. Hannah Stoffel

    You're amazing.

  34. Manukaali

    I really love the bit when he sings 'your what my world revolves around' nice song

  35. Zoe T.

    Beautiful <3 :')

  36. Tyson McCall

    check out my music! it would mean alot!

  37. sydnee blomberg

    I thought that was my head phones! Lmao. I kept pausing the video to try getting it to stop D:

  38. Harrison Hopkins

    He needs to come over here to the states!!! He's so good to listen too.

  39. wavechick123

    So much rejection, so much heartbreak, can be healed with one song. <3 Touching.

  40. Gabriell Bishop

    he reminds me of someone like gabe bondoc or john mayer

  41. Melyanne Bueno

    Thank you for uploading his song with lyrics! :)

  42. Talal Addi

    hi all, Is his album out?? Really would like to buy it!! thx for your info's! :)

  43. Jordan Grimsley

    I wanna sing with this Guy
    .. if I could sing with him just once he would fall in love with my voice and we would have music together same week

  44. Maurine F.

    I really love him because he has got a wonderful voice ! The problem is that I can't find his Single because i'm French and I can't find it France. But i think i'll ask my irish friend to buy it for me because i'm a HUGE fan ! Thanks for this song :)

  45. ladonnaal

    I'm shocked at how good he is. Beautiful tone beautiful vocal arrangement. WOW! Sendind him som Detroit love.

  46. Tom Kilkelly

    I don't like Britain's Got Talent, but I really believe this guy has something special. I'd go gay for him not gonna lie...

  47. Camille Rocha

    I love his songs so much ! Fucking amazing, again. ♥

  48. Mountain Woman

    Love this guy's soulful voice and the heart in his music. Not too many coming up with this level of voice and talent nowadays.

  49. Springki Babols

    im a fan since the audition..wuuuuuuu!

  50. amanda acoustic

    OMG SOMEBODY WHO UNDERSTANDS. i come from los angeles, and like i was supporting ryan since the beginning, he needs to come to the USA like NOWWW. our country needs music like this

  51. thecreativeone

    Did he win the britains got talent?

  52. Samuelle Cloutier-Lecours

    No namer canadian here who is completely in love with your music. <3

  53. Stephany Gonzalez

    You're irrelevant

  54. java junky

    gosh, this song first of all makes me cry every time! and secondly is the perfect marriage description. marriage is a fight, every day. you have to fight for what you love, and when it gets rough, fight even harder!! Don't give up. <3

  55. ashdxo


  56. Tony Gin

    I Fell in love with a girl and you make me miss her ... btw , thx for your upload ..

  57. Coach Dave

    Just dont forget to BUY his album everyone! He needs us to purchase it for the numbers and also so we can hopefully get him to cross the pond and play in the U.S.!!!

  58. Brandi Renea

    Where can I get the album?

  59. Tara Rose

    I've never wanted an album so bad! Deffinatly my favourite song off the off of it :)

  60. teniola2007

    i literally just heard of this guy 5 mins ago by accident, and OMg his vocals are just so delectable and sweet. Wow. #Am an african fan :D

  61. Mianna Bauguess

    You are a hero to No Namer Americans, just so you know. :) xo

  62. Max wood


  63. Nicole Li

    Thanks for uploading the songs!!! I can't get it from itunes because i'm from the US! Been waiting to hear this for a long time!

  64. Fay Austin


  65. Joey Medina

    please post them all! thanks so much!

  66. heartxstace

    Cool video! :D Do you have "First Kiss" too? Love that song!

  67. kayla b

    Please post first kiss :)

  68. lovealwayscd

    Thank you for uploading these songs! I've been dying to hear them in full since I'm from the US and can't buy them on iTunes