Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Lost In You Lyrics

I should have bought you a rose
But I wasn't thinking, no
When the nerves crept inside
I found them to hard to hide that night

You should have taken my coat
I knew well you were cold
But you turned with a smile
Said I'll heat up in a while
And it left me colder

I'll get lost in you
I'll get lost in you
Before this night is through

I should have held back the door
I hope I made you feel secure
There's no words to describe
How I saw you that night
You took my breath away

I'll get lost in you
I'll get lost in you
Before this night is...

Through my mind my thoughts keep spinning around
They're tellin' me there's plenty more fish in the sea
Well I've dived the deepest and I can't hold my breath much longer
See I've found
That life's bound
To get you
When you least expect it to

I'll get lost in you
I'll get lost in you
I should have bought you a rose

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Ryan O'Shaughnessy Lost In You Comments
  1. Michelle Hertzberg

    Hope finds a woman who truly loves him. His sweet soul is so clear to see. On my playlist and I'm an old lady.

  2. Lucy T


  3. myohmy451

    Your link to buy his album or music says not working or unavailable, link unknown.

  4. Tre’Shawn Brown

    This is hitting to deep

  5. flo.e


  6. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノLegalboy

    the ugly 15dislikers must be dead metal pyschopath 👎

  7. TerryLee788

    Bring back simple meaning and feelings to love songs.❤

  8. Hizkia Michael

    the song for my non existence girlfriend

  9. Lance Livre

    i love this guy, and i hate at the same time cause seems he is stealing my ideas of music . with no doub it , the best song of ryan .

  10. Romain GRAS

    je te veux dans mon equipe!

  11. stevie jongh

    He is a good guy, one can just feel it.

  12. Paul Parker

    Fantastic this guy is magic 👌🏼👌👍

  13. Vinicius Marcelino

    great songs

  14. Christian Pacheco

    I am hoping to have a guitar tutorial for this one.. the guitar was just...........Amazing!! lol

  15. jesus Jacobo

    first acoustic singer that i really love. he really feel it

  16. Meow Mix

    Ahh... the FriendZone is so strong in this one.

    Brian Gosselin BayJ0nes

    Back again XD Good to see yah David. Let's see, today Sully and I are gonna go get litter for nyxi then eat something lol

    Meow Mix

    @Brian Gosselin BayJ0nes Lol gotta get litter soon again XD I always seem to come back to this song. Love you Sully 😊

    That_ Kitty_

    I cant believe I wrote this comment 3 years ago lol
    Life is picking up, Hey sully! Love you!

  17. paul vonk

    whenRyan is flying ,girls hearts start crying.

  18. priya kainthla

    he's a great song writer... simple words that even a non romantic person can relate... touching and an emotional voice.

  19. Noel Frazier

    It's good to know that there are helpless romantics still. His story is pretty much my life. Treat women good but all that does is put you in the friend zone girls want ass holes weather they admit it or not it's true. But too all the good guys or even girls don't change for anyone keep hope that the right one will appear and appreciate who you are

    Noel Frazier

    for kim bui question, i got my thoughts from experience i've dated multiple girls of course not at the same time lol.. but i've been dumped for the same reason they all said i was to nice and that they were not use to that kind of attention so instead of appreciating it they dumped me and of course there next boy friends were ass holes guess who got the first phone call. i'm sure you are looking for a good guy hope you find him but your only a few out there and majority of females perfer good looks and ass hole attitude then a decent looking guy who will spoil her. (it's the truth) p.s i think it's bad ass when a girl is a gamer!!

    Bill Bushey

    +kim bui - If what you wrote really was true, then all of the nice guys would get scooped up early and the renegade bad boys would be the loneliest population of dudes on the planet. The vast majority of females will TELL you what they THINK they want, but will rarely ever recognize it when they see it. There's a reason why everybody knows the expression "the Friend Zone."

  20. Momen Akod

    he can become the next ed sheeran

    Jaja Samson

    Yes definitely... Haha. :)

    Momen Akod

    yeah well it's really hard but you never know lol

    Nico Farel

    +Momen Akod jason mraz + ed sheeran


    Momen Akod he don't need anyone's identity...he is unique and masterpiece in own❤

  21. Tahara Freeman

    This shit is beautiful!!!!!! Somebody sign him! Our generation needs music like this!!!!

  22. sandrine puisais

    la sensibilité de Sade.... j'adore

  23. Prima Lomat

    Took my breath away.... 

  24. Владимир Пчелинцев

    come to Belarus

  25. PhamiLieu

    I find my heart beating once again, just listening to all your songs has helped me understand that somewhere out there people do actually fall in love and for all the right reasons..

  26. Sebastien Tremblay

    great  song

  27. Vanessa Jade Cole

    COME TO CANADA!!!!.......please

  28. JamesTheCoolGuy

    its like he reads my mind, he knows exactly what i am feeling right now.

    Tetrahy Drocannaboi

    JamesTheCoolGuy for real

  29. happyvids

    really really good...looks and sounds like Jason Mraz...

    Debbie Ketchum

    I've been thinking this since I heard his first song. :)

  30. YouDakineAh


  31. Catherine Baker

    I'm extremely upset that I am just now finding out about him! I will be listening to his music on repeat for a long time I feel.

  32. A:M

    Thank you ryan! beautiful young man!

  33. Michael North


  34. ricky diaz

    wow he can really sing...

  35. Alex Smith

    Truly sublime, simple, elegant and incredibly melodic...adorable and talented - yes, Ryan, that's you.


    I REALLY wish he would have mixed the 2:30 mark again in the middle of the song, maybe even twice. The song drags for over two minutes before it picks up. But I have to say, this song, especially at 2:30, is absolutely FANTASTIC!!  Best song yet from him. Just mix that 2:30 mark a couple more times in the song, and it will smash. God bless

  37. wayne zimmerman

    Like I said on my facebook page, I'm a sap for this sorta stuff from way back. Think James Taylor or Jim Croce. If any guy trying to woo his woman doesn't have at least one of Ryan's song in his playlist, romance is truly dead. : ) This is timeless stuff here.

  38. Matt Mitchell

    he is fucking class :P

  39. greaterfaithneeded

    this is the guy who wrote the song.....lol he was on Britain's got talent

  40. PR J

    Wat 4 dislikes who r those people don't they have ears

  41. Miguel Velazco

    I love his EP, every single song that he wrote is amazing. His voice and his feelings are as a completely artist. I can't wait to hear more about him!!

  42. 23coldplay

    Mannn. I would want him to play at my wedding. End of story.

  43. Mikhail Shaw

    Reported :P

  44. LemmonLizard

    this is the first time a tear has fallen down my cheek in over four years..

  45. Gabrielle Hull

    Omfg im in love! Ryan keep doing what ur doing im a singer/songwriter and ur songs inspire me so muchh...uve got another fan for life:)

  46. oxellexo

    Fan flipping tastic god your voice is so dreamy wow

  47. alexandracfh

    i have a slight fascination with this guy.. he's a great musician. he's got it all.. great voice, great guitar skills, great writting skills and he seems really nice.. thanks for sharing this amazing song

  48. Tony Gin

    So sad , I should suicide my self if I hear this song after broke up :(

  49. C Dott

    please someone do an acoustic tutorial for this ive never wanted to play something so much in my life just inspirational.

  50. Mashrur Muhammed

    he has with Syco, has a new album coming around summer :D

  51. franandreazc

    Give this boy a record deal pleeeeeeeeease!!!

  52. Sergioboy8888

    I should've bought you a rose....

  53. Android18uk

    Yes, they are on itunes.

  54. Darla Hurt

    Love it!!

  55. oceanbluerose

    You are just amazing

  56. Albin Frick

    I had to look up the lyrics on this song Because i thought he sang "i should bought juice" LoL

  57. ColumbusMaine

    Including written lyrics isn't necessary -- and only detracts. His enunciates his words very clearly.

    Julian Alexander

    ColumbusMaine some people can’t understand him don’t be so naive dumbass

  58. golfjgreene

    I just can't stop playing his music. Everything about any of his songs just makes me stop and listen. I can't even read a book without his music just taking complete control over my attention. Am I crazy?

  59. 1Akila100


  60. Abataly Valadez

    Dam since britans got talent i liked how diz dude sings

  61. mrssmallville76

    Sorry, I didn't mean to post that twice.

  62. mrssmallville76

    Where did you get this song?

  63. mrssmallville76

    Where did you get this song?

  64. Michael Sheffield

    I make babies

  65. btfllife

    This is what will happen: he'll find a great girl whose gonna flip over him. His friend will know what she lost and want him then. But, it will be tooooo late. He looks like such a great guy...and a hopeless romantic! :)

  66. Maddie Noll

    Is he just perfect or what asdfjkl; he is perfect <3

  67. Randome Fandom

    hey where did u get his songs from? do you know if they're up on itunes?

  68. jao p

    imagine if he sang this song in the finals of the recent BGT, he will WIN it hands down

  69. Terry Badger

    I can't get over his voice!

  70. Amanda Grant

    he makes me sad and happy at the same time<3 he took my breath away. the pureness in his voice is just....amazing. he sings with so much meaning. the simplicity of his lyrics just contribute to the feel of the song. i love it<3

  71. amanda acoustic

    i do yoga to his music :)

  72. Pete Evans

    A breathe of fresh air......

  73. 9emma1234

    I have loved him since him first audition on bgt!

  74. Nhasala Joshi

    every sentence of this song is so fascinating, explainable, imaginable and romantic. kinda wish it was me. honestly that is what comes to my mind every time i hear it.

  75. sophie shears

    just bought his album, saw him live about a month ago, he was outstanding, i'm a little bit inlove with him! and he's so friendly, he came out and met everyone! <3

  76. Ajaxemc

    the guy has just got pure talent!!!

  77. Daisy1331xD

    I love that kind of music <3 He reminds me with his songs of Ed Sheeran :)

  78. Jennalyn Kelly

    Hence why there are no dislikes on the video. :)

  79. mj10013

    This is fucking beautiful

  80. Josie Costello

    oh yeah i bought it for 6 euro in a shop but it might have been limited i dunno lol. still, its so good i would pay anything for it :)

  81. Josie Costello

    wow theyre only 6 euro in ireland!

  82. Jade Ross

    Love Ryan so much. So much talent

  83. Mianna Bauguess

    he's so perfect im shaking i have chills this isnt even normal AT ALL

  84. Max wood


  85. Anita Kaur

    this is one of the best songs on his album, he is an amazing songwriter/singer

  86. Becka Lee

    His voice is breathtaking <3

  87. LFrazier

    Basically... taking this & immediately going to youtubetomp3 and downloading it as a song :) :) YAY THANK YOU for uploading!

  88. naomik398

    I LOVE THIS!!!! thank you for uploading this! I can't buy his album in the U.S. :(

  89. Tia Ashley

    This is gorgeous.

  90. Mashrur Muhammed