Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Hold Me Now Lyrics

I felt lucky before
But now I feel it more
With you
(With you, with you, with you)
Real commitment's never been my thing
But I can get over that I'm sure
For you
(For you, for you, for you)

It's coming straight for me
I don't wanna break my gaze
This feeling's strange

Hold me now
Just hold me now
Let me hold you now
Hold me now

I've given out when my friends have changed
And love's come seeping through
It's true
It's true, it's true, it's true
It's been a month since I've seen though friends
Spending too much time with you
With you
With you, with you, with you

Just coming straight for me
And I've played all my cards
Just take my heart

And Hold it now
Hold it now
Just hold it now
Just hold it now

See I never thought (No he never thought, no he never thought)
That in one in a million years (One million years, one million years)
That I'd long for your touch
On the scale that I do
And I know in there you see it too

You wanna hold me now
Just hold me now
Wanna hold me now
Hold me now
Hold me now, just open your arms and...
Hold me now
Hold me now
Hold me now
Hole me now
Hold me now
Hold me now
Just hold me now
Hold me now

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Ryan O'Shaughnessy Hold Me Now Comments
  1. Angelo Mari

    I've felt lucky before, but now I feel it more
    With you
    Real commitments haven't been my thing
    But I can get over that,
    I'm sure For you
    It's coming straight for me I don't wanna break my gaze
    This feeling's strange
    Just hold me now
    Just hold me now
    Hold me now
    Just hold me now
    I given up and my friends have changed And most come seepin' through
    It's true
    It's been a month since I've seen those friends
    Spending too much time with you
    With you
    It's coming straight for me I played all my cards
    Just take my heart
    And hold it now
    Just hold it now
    Just hold it now
    Just hold it now
    See I never thought that in one million years
    That I'd long for your touch
    But I'm scared that I do
    Knowing that you see it too
    You wanna hold me now
    Just hold me now
    Open your arms and hold me now
    Let me in and hold me now

  2. Annie bannie

    I love all your songs Ryan thankyou

  3. Laura McCarthy

    I love your released songs on Spotify but holy fuck, these videos with Christian are .... everything

  4. Heydar Alavi

    very beautiful song amazing guitar

  5. Kathellyn De Leon

    I revisit this every now and then and forget how cleansing it feels to hear it again. Would love to see u live ):

  6. Shanelle Froehle

    Does anyone know how he tunes his guitar? Normal tuning or an open tuning?

  7. Phoebe May

    I love you 😭❤️

  8. The Wandermind Music

    *"my ryan and I'm in my kitchen"* this man is precious, protect him

  9. Clare Island

    Enjoyed seeing Ryan live a few nights ago. Would rather not say where, unless he wants it put out there. Going to see him again on St. Pat's Day, 2018. ;)

  10. John Mejia

    Anyone got a tab for this?

  11. Jessica Elbertine

    youre the best

  12. Christian Pacheco

    Hi Ryan I like this song much, hopefully I may know the tuning of this song on guitar.. Thank you. :)

  13. Aline Soncim

    Eu amo essa voz!

  14. prateeksha sehgal

    You are so gifted, Ryan. You're Beautiful.

  15. SidneyStevenson Baggett, Jr.

    There exists a journal deeply hidden within human souls where you can read the pain...the joys...the loves...the life paths...the hopes...the yesterdays...and (sometimes) you can peek at the tomorrows of a performer. The heart and soul echoing through the voice and words of Ryan O'Shaughnessy are from such a journal.

  16. hellokelsie

    I just enjoy listening to the live version of Ryan's songs, because he has a way of conveying the emotions. I feel more connected to the song? Not sure if that makes sense. Anyway, I hope to hear more of his music! Also, Christian Tierney, I love the way you film these videos. Thank you for your hard work!

  17. Vals Gal

    Well. I guess I can kiss good sleep goodbye tonight. I'm about to listen to every song I can find of his tonight.

  18. Victor Goun's

    THE BEST !!! ;)

  19. Raghad A

    He's really talented and he has this chilling feeling to his voice that i'm so in love with 😍!

  20. Annie Moemski

    why is hate the answer to hate? what he gave was already more then your comment ..do not mean to be rude ...more did you ever wonder why? smile happy new year

  21. Paul Parker

    Brilliant 🌟

  22. Sagar Chawla

    what if , i give you lyrics for a new song

  23. Fredrick Mayo

    Thank you Christian for promoting a talented artist and to Ryan, thank you for your original music. Love it.

  24. AwpitheAwper

    I hope you answer to this, how did you record this in a kitchen?
    It's sounds perfect almost.

  25. Ronit Islam

    luv ur song dude

  26. Oliver Clothes Off

    Can someone post the chords and tuning for this song?

  27. Andy Evans

    been playing acoustic for over 30 years and 4 chords lol lmfao how many songs can u play write & sing name one with just with 3 chords cough 2 chords do u even play ? do u even sing ? do u even know music ??


    Do you even know what grammar is? It honestly takes a second or third look to understand what you are saying.

    Alexandro Reyes

    do YOU know about music? do you know that many of the best songs ever made have 3 or 4 chords only?? I think you dont know about music.

  28. Chiara Smith

    Such a beautiful soul and voice!

  29. Maria Pardini

    daren marshall that's a stupid thing to say. get your son out on you tube then if its so easy.

  30. Daren Marshall

    Your playing 4 chords - my son of 8 played those same - luck you have a decent voice, but that is about it.

    Christian Tierney

    The amount of chords or how complicated those chords are doesn't affect how good a song is. Many of the best songs ever are only 3 or 4 chords. Music is so much more than how basic or complicated something is on paper.

    Neil Reyes

    this guy liked a bunch of hilary clinton videos. i bet he doesnt take showers

    Donna R. Pooncha

    +Neil Reyes haha I agree with you


    Daren Marshall hater. go ahead and listen to his other music. like lost in you. keep in mind he writes all of these songs.

    Aaron Jones

    Daren most of Green Day's music is only 4 power cords? Yet they're arguably the one of the most successful bands on the plante!

  31. Andria Baunee

    Amazing live performances

  32. Sheena Raymundo

    I will hold you now. Like. Right. Now :D

  33. Michael Morris

    Please put this on iTunes

  34. shaun ireland

    great singing and good smooth song!

  35. Isna Nastiti

    it just sounds perfectly beautiful

  36. Angelyn F.B.

    please release more songs and can't wait to buy ur albums

  37. Silver Steve

    ya you suck people were waiting

  38. TheSuperJanice

    Uuuuuuuuuhm. He has to marry me :(

    Elessar Yávëtil

    i now pronounce you husband and wife. Will the bride please kiss the groom

    Lisa Toney

    TheSuperJanice - We will have to be sister wives! lol

  39. Hoblets

    Just beautiful

  40. Kiara Liwag

    im upset. i cant get his original ep bc i live in the US. ive been watching him since no name and i cant even buy his music. PLEASE RELEASE A WORLDWIDE ALBUM RYAN!!!!

    Thomas Rodriguez

    I second that!

    Justin Michael Music

    +Kiara Liwag Needs to happen!

  41. Mano Kako

    Plese taaaaaaabbbbbssss !!!!

  42. Natália Castro

    Meu psicológico foi altamente abalado agora

  43. Sam Park

    Ryan, come back!!

  44. Rafael Munoz

    Truly one of my favorite artists. lot of love from San Jose California! hope you come out this way Ryan.

  45. Axe Leven

    I love what you're doing Christian!! Kept posting videos!! Love Ryan's talent!

  46. Cynthia J

    You're like the wine, each day you're so much good, so much cool, beautiful, awesome. I'm in love with you <3

    Cynthia J

    Me? Or Ryan?

  47. Ana Vitória Max

    I love everything about this video, so beautiful... So touched by the song, Ryan's voice, the lyrics... Sorry the bad English, not my first language but still truly emotional about this one, thank you Cristian and Ryan!!

  48. Catchingthestorm

    The only people who hate are jealous

  49. Stephanie Serrano

    I love u

  50. Kamieo Kamieo

    Beautiful love song. Very well sung. TOUCHING!

  51. Erika Huff

    Okay has his new album come out? Bc I can find no trace of it..... it took me a long time to find his debuted album....

  52. Sydney Polifrone

    how am i just hearing this? he has the voice of an angel

  53. Zdenny89

    love u Ryan :-)

  54. Raiza Bernard

    @robson bernard

  55. Free John

    I need No Name on CD!....But i want the Version that you sang at Britan´s got talent. Can  i get this anywhere?

  56. S2Quaz

    Chords please?


    @S2Quaz Tune your guitar to DADGAD and then just play like he does.


    @S2Quaz http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/r/ryan_oshaughnessy/hold_me_now_crd.htm Here

  57. Noah Estus

    This needs to be available to buy.

  58. Ed Patrick

    great track

  59. Kathellyn De Leon

    I was going crazy with all the homework I had to do, but taking a moment to relax and hear this song made me feel so much better♥ thank you for being awesome!

  60. IsaacZhangs

    Ryan you are one of the best singer-songwriter. Plz the fucking pop music industry let this guy gain more fame... You should be more recognised..!  love from China

  61. Lauren Wright

    thats it. im moving to the UK. This guy is amazing. His voice is so soothing. Im melting. 


    @lwsocceryes Careful now! :) He's not British, he's Irish.....

  62. K Yeates

    This is next-level

  63. Farida Matthews

    I feel blessed to have seen you live twice, I really think you should record an album and go on tour again you were born for this!
    - Sincerely your fan for life :)

  64. pifpat

    Fuck, why are his songs so good

  65. EyesLikeAnApe

    So where do I get the album??

  66. Bokkepruiker Records

    most authentic and genuine talent ever on BGT, whish him great things...

  67. Mrs KCWS

    OMG...I love the lyrics first and foremost, but the voice is S M O O T H.  Ryan keep up the good work.  So refreshing. I really FEEl when I listen to you.  I write poetry and often think about my work to music, can't carry a tune...lol.   But your L&M is awesome.  Thx

  68. DeMamp

    I swear every time I listen to one of his songs I just get lost in the song, so surreal and amazing the talent this guy has...

  69. Jessie Scraton

    This is insane 

  70. Christopher Steibel

    We need an album out of this guy! He is absolutely incredible. I've loved every song of his that I've heard.

  71. Broker Vergleich

    thanks for this song

  72. Ahmed Muzzamil

    great video great song and great voice !!!

  73. Kuba Tosik

    Amazing! Who knows what kind of bracelet Ryan had on this video? Thanks for help!

  74. Hollie Fields

    love this guys music. you guys should look up gunnar scott. they look alike and with play guitar the same way and have the same stage pretense and way of singing

  75. TheNightShadow

    I know it can be difficult to write music. Lord knows I've tried my own hand at it and it's a painful process, most especially if it means something important to you. You've got a great voice and style. Your lyrics and mannerisms simply exude integrity. It may feel intimidating to share who you are musically sometimes, but the benefits of doing so can be overwhelmingly profound. There's an album in you and it's waiting to come out... and lots of us are waiting to buy it. As I'm sure you've realized by now, it doesn't all have to be songs penned by you- there's other great songwriters out there. But to withhold your talent from the world would be a travesty. Keep sinigng, recording and winning hearts, man!

  76. happyfeetkiwi

    Brilliant voice....hi5! all the way from New Zealand :D

  77. Trine Dyr

    You are just amazing, im almost crying.

  78. MarioVetere

    It's a great voice , great songwriter (Y) congratulation!! If you want listen another song come here , on my channel !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n9rHYbAZVI  See you , and Thanks for watching! =) M.V

  79. Dmitriy Gertskin

    does anyone see that huge singing flea next to that guy?

  80. Judy Muise

    Beautiful song! Ryan, do you ever tour in the U.S.

  81. Sonwabile Sibisi

    Where can I get the song, I have been trying to download it this entire week. Hopefully not iTunes coz she done doesnt have iPhone.

  82. Bianca Silberbauer

    Ryan, I've just discovered you, I really love your voice, and your Irishness, but please come to South Africa...I just want to be your friend. Apologies for sounding like a creep... And Christian, great video :) 

    Christian Tierney

    Thank you!

  83. DChamp

    You know what FUCK YOU RYAN! I've been waiting for that album release for 3 years now. You make me hate to love you.


    @demetriarules End of summer, is when the new album arrives

    Christian Tierney

    New music coming soon, believe me it's worth the wait!

  84. Carina Buroni

    I fucking love you

  85. Gman smith

    great song dude

  86. Jose Vela

    great music Ryan makes, much love from Houston Texas USA

  87. Beka Ismailov

    Lyrics please

  88. newbie0910

    what chords is that shit :(

  89. Joseph Nehemiah

    God's after you Ryan. ;)

  90. Andrea Caparrós

    such a beautiful soothing voice, loved it!! keep going! Kisses from Barcelona

  91. Danny Guest

    can I have the chord chart for this song I love it so much and I really want to share it with my friends because like I say I ^_^ <3 love it

  92. catherine roland

    Ryan. I'm absolutely loving your music:) I have been listening to your uploads since seeing you on Brits got talent . The sincerity of your lyrics and voice is goosebump worthy. Please come to South Africa , you have quite the fan base here, waiting to see you perform live :)

  93. Andrea Melgar

    His hawt owo

  94. godrocker za

    I need lyrics!!!!!!

  95. Randi Gibson

    He has such kind eyes. Beautiful song

  96. Michał Rzeszutek

    Ryan did u record song "first kiss" in a studio ? I really want to listen to this but there's only  got talent version ))

  97. Sammy V

    This song has been on repeat for days!