Ryan Leslie - New New Lyrics

1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, uh
Yeah, uh
1-2, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, uh
Yeah, uh
I don’t know just what you used to
We on that new new
Fuck everything you used to

Fuck everything you're used to, we on that new new
We riding Teslas while you pushin' that Isuzu
We makin' history, man you know we need a news crew
We gettin' money, we don’t care about what you do
Fuck everything you're used to, we on that new new
We makin' history, man you know we need a news crew
We pushin' Teslas while you ridin' that Isuzu
We gettin' money, we don’t care about what you do

I say it once, man you know I meant it (I meant it)
Wondagurl and me, you know that’s automatic (automatic)
Anything fresh, you know I gotta have it (I need it)
Addicted to the best, you know I got a habit (I need it)
Started, I was uptown with no A/C (Lenox)
Dead broke, now I’m tippin' that Maitre d’ (we made it)
Flambé, cognac on my favorite dish
Y’all haters want to live like me then make a wish (make a wish)
Because aw man I’m winnin'
Rock star like Chris Martin, I dream like John Lennon
Dream like John Lennon, ride through and I’m tinted (Ghost)
Hard times, I've been through 'em, they still all in my business
Still all in my business, front page of that Post
Still brushin' that dirt off and I'm still raisin' that toast (livin')
You know the difference between a fake and a professional? (a milli)
Six O’s on the left side of a decimal

Fuck everything you're used to, we on that new new
We riding Teslas while you pushin' that Isuzu
We makin' history, man you know we need a news crew
We gettin' money, we don’t care about what you do
Fuck everything you're used to, we on that new new
We makin' history, man you know we need a news crew
We pushin' Teslas while you ridin' that Isuzu
We gettin' money, we don’t care about what you do

I spent a hundred on this dinner date
It would have been about 40 until you ordered wine
I spent a hundred on my ‘68
Let’s hit the back seat and do a 69
What you frontin' for, I know you tryna live
So open up and take what I’ve been tryna give (Take it)
And if they hatin' I know what the problem is (Stop hatin')
I’m on my Bobby Brown, it’s my prerogative

Fuck everything you're used to, we on that new new
We riding Teslas while you pushin' that Isuzu
We makin' history, man you know we need a news crew
We gettin' money, we don’t care about what you do
Fuck everything you're used to, we on that new new
We makin' history, man you know we need a news crew
We pushin' Teslas while you ridin' that Isuzu
We gettin' money, we don’t care about what you do


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Ryan Leslie New New Comments
  1. John Smith

    I like this cut but then I know the original track that it was sampled from ... a 1970's slow funk classic; Lou Ragland's UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER.

  2. Michael Corleone

    Stil banging!!!

  3. daniel Aj

    What’s so special about a tesla lol

  4. Andre Wallace

    Still. Checking. ✔ 2019. Crazy

  5. JoelBryantMusic

    Sounds like the offbrand Drake lol

  6. Electric Drive Africa

    We need more Artists featuring Tesla's and electric cars in their videos. Just like in the 90s hip hop helped raise the profile of Lexus etc.

  7. PuroMaduro

    Went from having a signature sound to sounding like EVERYONE ELSE....

  8. villein lystra

    He sounds like fabolous

  9. Shanalys Byfield



    Nah bruh.

  11. Ghettoartiz

    Was up this is real banger Diamond girl is my jam. I am interested in the 3 percent and are you still working with indie artist/ producers? I have several skills such as yourself and am having trouble banking on them as career choices after college. Since I have major criminal history this sounds like the route to go. I get discrimination based on my past, any insight would be appreciated. I am looking into the super phone I must admit I have been at it fir years building that relationship with fans and customers. Thanks for sharing please stay blessed.

  12. Mal Sanflip

    Reason why I want the Tesla!!! Thanks les

  13. adrian scranton

    tight kool

  14. A.K.O

    Still on dat new new in 2018

  15. Ismail Chaaibi

    Fuck what anyone says, I love this version of Ryan!!!!!

  16. Brandon Harris

    Check me out www.reverbnation.com/nobrandcarolina I have beats and songs on there

  17. Protect from Evil beings

    It's wack ..

  18. JMM Mays

    Do it fam, I love that your re inventing yourself. Flow is clean, track is fire!!!

  19. JMM Mays

    I'm riding with him. The problem with many of you listeners or viewers is you think being an artist is staying stuck on one expression. like a dancer who stays stuck on the running man or a cook who only fries chicken, news flash good people, this is art. Come on, you guys are ridiculous. The beat is Hot! the flow is clean, It's a dope track to be honest, plain and simple! Maybe you guys are too confined? come out of your strange shackles. an artist is artist, not a colonized program design. Art is multi faceted, let the artist express the new fly coming through! More over, whens the last time you folks spent some money on some of the artists in your dusty collection? half of you listening to variety of whats on now, but telling those who kept your ears happy prior they can't expand their appeal and you simply rock with them. They're artist, not drones! You could use a 101 on loyalty man, it's done for you guys!

  20. Afolabi Sanu

    is this guy 50 dirhams ? yeah u got me thinking of that Bollywood actress and model for your time for the Pimpuration deliberation tonight and tomorrow was the first time around ma

  21. Afolabi Sanu

    do something legendary and happy fools Day of glorified deaths to you it's okay lass

  22. Revmostrite

    I dont understand the allure of rap over R & B, rappers are a penny a dozen but great R&B is hard to find. Ryan got me back to listening to vocal stylist because he was not the same typical R& B singer  ... I confess I miss the singing Ryan. I guess it was great while it lasted

  23. Apaiata Latu

    he sounds better singing..just my opinion tho..Blacc Mozart still coin his thang tho!

  24. Boxing Vortex

    Not feeling it. Wish he would make a real R&B album. Still my one of my favorite artists though.

  25. Topacio Marrero

    As an artist, as a creator, as a human we are meant to expand, to experiment! When you dont, you become stagnant, no creative juices! F#*$ what y'all used too!

  26. Reign

    I love this shit!

  27. Guilty till Proven innocent

    Swing......Miss......Doesn't matter tho He's still a Beast. #MisstheOldOldYou

  28. Lord of the Jungle

    I like this unlike close minded people who only want to hear the same type song everytime. Plus this is so playa

  29. Rena Doll

    ❤❤❤❤❤ u can do no wrong. Love the dress to undress vibe but this beat go hard

  30. R vdVeen

    Hard beat, not feeling the synth sound though.

  31. Fidem Beats

    I wish I produced like this!

  32. The Amanda Show

    Why am I just hearing this?

  33. Rick Cross

    I'm big fan of R.Leslie but I'm not feeling this at ALLLL

  34. moneyaat

    About time for another album right?

  35. RamTwinz Music

    the is very powerful.I wanna have it.where do we get it

  36. Zack Mos

    this track is lit to all Les Haters FUCK wat u used to WE on a new new #LES_IS_MORE baby

  37. Lisa Alexander

    he should've given this song to some else to perform. I think Meek Mill could've killed this beat

  38. breekwhal

    I see all these negative comments and just want to roll my eyes. Revisited this video because it's awesome. The song is HOT. Ryan is still everything. Ya'll are some losers. Go eat some lucky charms, you negative trolls

  39. S3 XY

    Nice Tesla. Best car ever made

  40. Dominic Mcneill

    Thanks for your support bro!! #renegades

  41. S. Bey

    This is a commercial. No for real, total advertisement for Tesla....

  42. ThisIsPhami

    How about listening to the music and quit whining? Thank you

  43. Ismail Chaaibi

    Love this one!
    I don´t give a shit what these other comments say, keep them coming RLes!


    The beat is great.... The lyrics are great.... but it's his voice that doesn't fit the rhythmic feel of the song. This should have been sold to another artist....... I still love it though #producertalk

  45. ImInYoMommy

    first of all i'll choose an old izuzu over any tesla because teslas are getting hacked left to right causing fatalities.. smh...
    i wish nigga never "stole his laptop", cuz this nigga turned to straight garbage

    Gil Ramirez

    Scar Precious damn, what he do to you? You sound booty hurt. Too much of that haterade?



    Justin Hernandez

    Scar Precious my

  46. Iesha mason


  47. Kathy Films JPK

    He asked me what are you doing Now.. :-) he on that new new.

  48. michel balla

    God bless em

  49. michel balla

    that beat dough



  51. Stracey Mcmahon

    i come to this mans channel for a creative "jump start" every so often..he's pure talent..the bs that is considered music today, lets just say..smdh! All u have to do is just sit back n watch..its sooo evident that if it was for the commercialization of black culture, especially hip hop..this guy would be constantly charting. No Doubt. I love watching processes in all industries, watch n be inspired people.

  52. Invested 101

    what happen to you... 5 years on and you're going backwards.

  53. Oyeshi Behl

    I love you so much

  54. Fashionana

    stick to singing.

  55. Reggie Sackey-Addo

    the comments to this song are so ironic

  56. Jorge Barreto Jr

    I dont even Recognize this guy anymore , take out that fucking grill u fool

  57. Josh Jackson

    anybody know what the piano piece is that's playing in the intro?

    Lou Ragland

    Yes, it is called "Understand Each Other" By Lou Ragland sample from 1977 album of the same name find it on You Tube the lead line was play by myself on a Gibson Les Paul Guitar with a effects peddle

  58. Jean StFort

    Not what I expected. I'd like my R&B artists to stay in their lane. There's enough trash talking hip hop out there. But then again, I understand it. It's about $... Hip hop sells.... R&B doesn't. Even if he makes one hip hop club or ring tone hit....he'd make more money than an R&B album.

  59. Vitacius Vitty

    The good part of the song ends when he starts rapping.

  60. Leon Williams

    Les spitting that foreign exotic legendary flo.

  61. Takudzwa Tadious Tumbare

    love your work bra, you a pro

  62. Dana Gee

    Loved It!😍😗😙💋👄💙

  63. Ronald Vildor

    I love the intro, that soft music. Nice.

  64. Ronald Vildor

    I need a Telsa, I need to be on R les team, and I need to shake Elon Musk hands.


    at times Ryans work can be abstract but if your a true fan and understand what he did for the music game then you should understand the vision behind the music, not just the r&b. I'd listen to Ryan rap over little Wayne and all the other tards any day.

  66. slang dee

    yo bro dont get me wrong, im a big ryan leslie fan,, so i know this is not you, fuck what these other niggaz is doing bro,,, do you,, your craft is 10x better then this

  67. RezzieDu Benning

    I'm feeling it after I played it a few times. I just couldn't really get that feeling you always give. Seems like something quick dropped

  68. Neyahh 70

    I love this song so much, as with all his other songs

  69. Iboo30

    Really awesome... can´t stop listening ...


    He's sending a message...loud and clear

  71. KRx worldWIDE

    shits hard bro, #BANG

  72. Stephan Burnett

    Ryan hit me up. I want that new new. stephanBurnett @yahoo.com

  73. 808 District

    This is dope AF! You got some people butt hurt b/c you're switching up your style, but don't let them get to you. Never stay in a box Les, continue to make tracks that are completely unexpected... cuz this is a BANGER!

  74. Kourtney Maxewell

    His production is Wassup

  75. TheeCOLECT1V

    Whats with all the negativity round how Ryan has changed and his fans no longer understanding his music? what you all need to remember us that Ryan Leslie is a creator before being an artist, and he is not just any type of artist, he is a musician. Not an Rn'B singer or a Hip-hop rapper, but A MUSICIAN. This song goes to show that his creativity is not limited to just one style of making music, but that he is always thinking outside the box( personally I don't think he even knows where the box is). For armature producers like me it serves as both motivation and  a reminder that we are not limited by our Styles or type or even preference. Yes it was a surprise but it is still has that "Ryan Leslie Touch of distinction" if you haven't noticed!!! I Love it because its a good track, but even more because its Ryan Leslie... THIS THAT NUE NUE!!!!

    G Friedberg

    That joint is wack.

    Invested 101

    Its all it the success and he hasn't made any strides... preach and teach all you want but if you ain't winning you ain't nothing

  76. Gabriel.

    I saw a lot of hate on him when he dropped this joint.
    Honestly, if you a true fan of his music and his talent... You're never gonna change on him... I'm with him 100%.

    Kevin Schart

    +Gabbo Alejandro so being a true fan to you means that you automatically like everything he creates?...foh

  77. Kvrmv 4K

    Just because an artist decides to have fun and puts out a single hype song everybody flips the fuck out, lmao. People need to chill and respect the artists progression and experimentation. One song doesn't define an artists career. Peace and love

  78. AManwalkinghisOwnPath

    Hey, I got a quick question to all of the people who pre-ordered the "Hard Copy" for MZRT album. The official album was released on July 4th and it normally takes 2-3 weeks to get it delivered but to all the people who bought the hard copy, have you guys received the album in your mail yet?? Because it has been more than 3 weeks and I still haven't gotten it.......Just let me know. Thanks!

  79. Gamer Madden07

    Whatever he does this man is a musical genius whether he raps or sings he manages his own career independently and releases music and tours whenever he feels like thats Epic.

  80. Samkele Mleni

    Ryan Leslie Ft Kanye West......That would be fat

  81. Ian Calleja

    trying to dumb down for his audience and double his dollar. :/

  82. upayjay1

    C'mon Gawd you're better then this.........WAY BETTER.

  83. Gusto

    I've seen more teslas than isuzus

  84. Namibia

    This man graduated from harvard, this is so sad and a waste of talent A entire album saying I got money

  85. Shamir Akida

    Need that gibberish vibe again, still an amazing artist

  86. TheBrandBuilder

    This is all about that real money and independent record pitching. The idea behind his sound is not because he is following trends, it's because he Is creating his own trends. Listen to the album and realize that he is the only rapper/musician who produces every aspect of the record on his own. No one else does this!

    Jovan Lee Carter

    +Harry McRae not true

    Jovan Lee Carter

    +Harry McRae and who cares when it sounds stupid

    Topacio Marrero

    4 real brother!

  87. Smart Thomas

    For the first time in a long while, this beat doesn't sound like a 'classic' R. Les beat! Still miss the R&B musician, but hey you still making that money. But are we ever going to here your new tracks in the radio?

  88. Baraka Kadiva

    @***** bro u r talented very much no question about that, but my word of advice is you should mix singing and rapping on your songs..that will make your songs have more flavour...forever a fan...goodluck.

  89. J R

    This track is fire....

  90. crunkgirl711

    noy really feelign the rapping i love the R&B Ryan leslie the first two albums gave me life still a fan at the end of the day though go get it homie

  91. RickPoloMusic

    Naaaaaaaa keep grinding homie to keep it positive.....Rick

  92. Maxim Lipman

    Ryan, wish you achieve worldwide success. Your music IS harmony. Hope you will collaborate with as great lyrics author as musician you are.

  93. bluboy

    Will the real Ryan Leslie Please come back?!.....PLEASE!!!!!

    Kirill I

    bluboysss o