Rusted Root - Cry Lyrics

My mood is much darker than fear
It's older than anger
It's infant and primal
It's bubbly and grotesque
It's in between what I know

And so I ask,

Why should I cry

Let's go my no one love
You're the one, the one
I always wanted to be now
And ever since the break of dawn
You've been next to me
And my mood
You're greedier than sex
but sexier than greed

And so I ask,

Why should I cry

And all the sailors
They go down
To where the woman lies
And she is dreaming of another
Place in time….
A place in time where she can ask….

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Rusted Root Cry Comments
  1. Ricky Arévalo

    Era del hielo😊

  2. Esther Lorca

    Finally!! I found it 🥰🥰

  3. marcie

    so that's how a non-english song sounds to an english speaker

  4. Music world

    Pure quality right here

  5. samipro_omg omg


  6. youtube

    I think this makes me a hippie 😂

  7. Huntaz

    matilda and ice age brought me here

  8. советский

    Every 90s movie ever

  9. AMSeagle

    Ice age ? Naaaa fam Hollister store in the mall😂🤣😭

  10. Felipe

    Where is the lyrics guy?

  11. WrinkleinTime42

    I've heard this song about a million times in my life and I've never known what it was called .... I'm so glad I clicked on this video!

  12. ja moin

    Wer kennt es auch von ice age

  13. Ryo0fWildfire


  14. C. Crespo

    great song but commercials cheapened its value still love it when i want to listen to it intentionally tho

  15. john Thierfelder

    Sigma Alpha

  16. Ace_

    can we have a moment of silence for those who have no idea what to google to find this

  17. TheAnythingGamer

    Everybody listening: ''on my way''

  18. gabriel hernandez

    Yoooo what TV show or movie had this song?

  19. Matt Delica

    Are hippies part of the music industry

  20. A. V.

    I didn't put it all together until the I saw the video but I think the song is talking about death and those who have passed on looking back.

  21. jessica Cloud9

    And Matilda.....never had to use her powers again! I mean almost never 📚

  22. Rex Rodgers

    When the government tells you that Iran is where dad went

    Me: 0:09

  23. Vegeta Prince Of Saiyans

    A era do Gelo

  24. One Loaded muthafucka

    Adam Sandler movies<<<<<


    Listen at it on mushrooms

  26. Crunchy Cookie

    Ahblibliobla on mah way~
    Ahblibliobla *q u a ~*

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  27. Pan Labrador

    So...what brought you here,Matilda or Ice age?

  28. Sqrunk Trep

    Boneworks, right?

  29. סיון קאופמן

    I literally woke up this morning to the sweet memory of this song and a strong desire to find it,i love my brain some time😁

  30. David Farmer

    1st Matilda, 2nd Ice Age and 3rd This! :D

  31. Alternate Account

    The 8.7k people who disliked this video are bots! :O

  32. Squidward Tenticles Isthe Best

    Both Matilda and Ice Age sent me here.

  33. Maria Snow

    Still so good I can feel it in my second brain

  34. MedievalKneevil

    this band is so big that one chick is just playin the butternut squash

  35. Mango0

    Guys, I need helping finding a show from my childhood that had this song. It would come on after Mr maker, it was about two kids a girl and a boy travelling if someone knows please tell me!

  36. Thanos YT

    A Love Music! Even THIS!!!

  37. Lucas Kesler

    I love this song

  38. O. S.


  39. Felix Paul

    Da bekommt man glatt lust durch die Berge zu wandern

  40. korey misha vlogship

    Finally!!!! Matilda🥰🥰🥰🥰

  41. Supersmatty

    Matilda anyone?

  42. Anna Harbaruk

    Am I the only one who remembers this from that kids travel theme song?

  43. Jarryn Mcintosh

    Matilda :)

  44. Adam & Jordan

    You can tell my age when I reference matilda instead of ice age lol.

  45. Diggs

    Yo who came here from ice age

  46. Mr T

    I want this as my funeral song... Then as I disappear I want everyone to dance 🕺 🕺 🎶

    Kawasaki Ali

    Consider THAT DONE On YOUR DEED. A Classical DANCE YOU Will Have Too. Now Tell US When Will YOU Expire. Remember, Better SOON That Later.

    Mr T

    @Kawasaki Ali 😂 🤣

  47. Gustavo Henrique

    For ice age lovers 🇧🇷

  48. NiKiTwarior2323

    Ледниковый периуд...

  49. Pablo Tenorio Moreno

    Rusted root isn't rusted at all.

    Kawasaki Ali

    YES They Are. THEY RUSTED 2 Decades Ago. 😭

  50. Adams Kiprono

    When i was 10 watching Matilda... Good days!

  51. Yanique Brown

    I have no idea why I've been singing this song in my head all day yesterday and just decided that I needed tp hear it. I need to gp watch Matilda and Ice age for the million time😂😂

  52. nafan pool

    Okay who’s here from tik tok

  53. Muzzy Bones

    My friend and I convinced our graduating class to have this be our walkout song. It’s weird hearing it now and having conflicting thoughts between my graduation and Sid having a poking fight with the baby



    Kawasaki Ali

    Does EVERYTHING Hates YOU? 😭

  55. Marshall Mathers the 4th

    Man this video has a lot of occult Masonic symbols religious ones illuminati all in your face with that triangle an that just evil sinister look the guy gives while doing it. Even though this song is supposed to be all happy an joyful an innocent being in kid's movie's an what not.

  56. scott montgomery


  57. Catherine _escalona

    oh my god my favorite movie ever is matilda and this gave me the feels ahhhhh wtf

  58. Amaury Nx

    essa musica ficou perfeita na A Era do Gelo

  59. Ashley Nic

    I want to feel the way they felt.

  60. kwigybo 69

    Well I just lost a bet
    This is NOT David Byrne singing.

    I hate being wrong but it’s a great song so semmmy onmah wayyy

  61. Egypt From New Zealand

    Matilda fave movie 😭

  62. Daniel Mori

    manny: Tarado lo asustas..

  63. Marco Esquivel

    when a black guy finds out he's a dad

  64. Clarissa Blanco

    2020 ❤️

  65. Vuurwerkfreak 010

    Loooooooked so long for this

  66. Rebecca Dow

    Guy in yellow shirt is what I picture every Aquarius as.

  67. AdamAuron Lodestone

    The summer of 1990 led me here... no, not a tv show or movie or cultural touchstone... the actual summer of the actual year 1990. LOL! Awesome season with exceptional friends. This always takes me right back...

  68. Dao Seeker

    How the hell did Google know I was looking for this song when all I searched was:
    "hmm o way song"

  69. Illustrations By Jonny

    Wow I want to cry finally it’s been years since I was little kid dude

  70. João pedro Rodrigues

    Vim pela Matilda! /I came for Matilda!

  71. Any Mendes

    Matilda, Ice Age ❤️

  72. Thabata Oliveira

    Os BR que chegou aqui pelo filme Matilda curti aki 01/2020

  73. Andrew Edmonds

    Its easy to be cynical about music but if something makes you feel better having listened to it, there is no better service. No posturing, no bragging about money or cars, and no putting down anyone else. For me this song represents The Good, and not just good music.

  74. Wyatt Booth

    Simmy Homaway!

  75. Ferris_ Wheel

    I found this after searching up “smnmnm way, send my way”

  76. Cameron Kellie

    Ice age vibes

  77. Daniel Jcbo

    *Ice Age*

  78. Bea Arthur

    For some reason when I listen to this, I think of Rue McClanahan

  79. SparrowZ

    This song is good for a highway travel, I'm glad they put this song on Ice Age and Matilda.

  80. Dark Star King

    Vegans used to be so cool. Shame on you modern day Vegans.

  81. Jp Sylvester

    O.T Genisis sent me here... the rest are coming soon lool

  82. emna kallel

    i came here from Amybeth on ig :)

  83. Alex Lee

    I was 2004 and i know this from Matilda 🤯

  84. WiLD CHiLD

    Pan flutes

  85. mr. _auricesa

    Does anyone else remember when this would play between shows on PBS kids?

  86. Ricky Gorecki

    Yo who remembers the end of CBC kids mornings playing this during the credits

  87. Jamie MacFarlane

    who else doesn’t remember there being another whole 3 minutes to the song?

  88. typical twat

    Me on the boys walking on dooy to Coachella 2020 to hear hatsune miku

  89. CoolKid895 YT

    Comment: Matilda
    Like: Ice Age

  90. The One And Only AutoRex

    *You diggin my ride from outer space?*

  91. Liam Jackson

    Childhood be like

  92. Antony Rafter

    Pittsburgh FTW!

  93. TheRealDelfino

    me and the bois going to get milk when she hasn’t had her period in 2 weeks