Russ - What They Want Lyrics

They let us in the rap game
I swear they let me in the motherfucking rap game

Got a chick. I call her Lola
She feel like the ocean
Likes to drink and smoke some doja
And I feel like smoking
Plus she good at charming cobras
I feel like I'm chosen
But she ain't the only one no

Got a chick. I call her Catia
She be acting bougie
Then she came through and topped me off
Now she just a groupie
Got the aura of the mafia
Her friends wish they knew me
But they ain't the only ones, no

What they want, what they want, what they want
Dollar signs
Yeah, I know it's what they want
What they want, what they want, what they want
Yall ain't fooling me at all

I been at this shit for 9 years
Now they're starting to call
I'm a DIY pioneer
They tryna get involved
Yippee Kiyay, ah, yeah
'Bout to set it off
I'm probably the only one, yeah

Come correct when you approach me
I can size you up
Taking all the shots like Kobe
Almost 81
Guess I gotta play the goalie
And go and save me something
I'm probably the only one, yeah

What they want, what they want, what they want
Dollar signs
Yea I know it's what they want
What they want, what they want, what they want
Yall ain't fooling me at all

Who wants my money? I'll tell you: who I don't fuck with
Who's pulling strings? I'm just pointing out all the puppets
What I'm demanding is fucking up all the budgets
I'm smart as fuck.
They be talking like I'm the dumbest
But I know what they want from me
Dollars lot of stock in me
It ain't nothing personal
It's business, and I'm a commodity
But honestly
Pop Pop would be turning in his grave
The day I let someone else become the boss of me
When there's a boss in me
I'll be damned

What they want, what they want, what they want
Dollar signs
Yeah, I know it's what they want
What they want, what they want, what they want
Yall ain't fooling me at all

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Russ What They Want Comments
  1. Jose Mendez

    love love love me some Russ!!

  2. reem2429

    Safe to say the video supports "breast cancer"

  3. Person Who is Cooler Than You

    Straight trash

  4. The Immortal Sun-kun

    “Taking all the shots like Kobe.” R.I.P.

  5. The Immortal Sun-kun

    Russ sucks.

  6. tea

    people really came back to this song just to comment about a lyric that mentions kobe bryant. yes it’s tragic but you don’t need to write it on a music video, of course you can mourn and grief but is it really necessary on a mv that isn’t even about him?

    also, so many people act like they knew him or was a fan when in reality y’all just wanna hop on the clout train because everyone else is talking about it. If social media didn’t post about it, 1/2 of you wouldn’t acknowledge it

  7. kidON420 weLOVEcrack

    1:11 R.I.P kobe

  8. Prodi-G Tv

    Rip kobe legend

  9. Josi D. TK

    We still here in 2020! R.I.P Kobe🙏🏾

  10. Ariane Ibarra

    Give him a big thumbs up

  11. Ariane Ibarra

    Give Russ some love

    Ariane Ibarra

    And gigi kobi

  12. jadiel gonzales

    i wish i cod be like him


    I got a chick i can her lola best part

  14. Javina 520

    He copy the rels b

  15. HaiKakaDu


  16. Caressa Pedraza

    I'm so in Love with everything about him and his music! 😍

  17. Atrophuis

    I remember this having 16 million, now like 3 years later 230+ million.... makes sense

  18. oKxng

    The 81k people accidentally hit the dislike button. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. Tony Gunther

    Is he supposed to look like a funny little man dancing around? I'm confused

  20. ImmaScatman

    “Taking all the shots like Kobe” hit different now

  21. Dark Snow


  22. Rudy Pacheco


  23. Rudy Pacheco

    Rudy hi

  24. Vadla Sumanth

    Where do I get that streetwear jacket?

  25. Shabba FromSmashBros

    R I P KOBE

  26. hello it's me

    Most underrated rapper

  27. Lala

    I don’t know if I’m fucked up but he looks like a lil migde with lil arms

  28. عبد العزيز الهاملي

    Guess what 2020

  29. brabbit189

    Modern day Sean Paul vibe?

  30. Gravey_grape juice

    Roman reigns+midget=

  31. Shelton Chapin

    RIP Kobe

  32. Tanisha Parekh

    taking all the shots like kobe :(

  33. jake walker

    I’ve been on my Russ shit .I just got my songs on iTunes and Spotify and I’m so excited I respect this so much . If you guys want type in Jake & Leon troubles and you can check out my newest song every knows how much it helps much love


    Dalsin - Yelasdiz kk brabo

  35. Royce Ramses Velano

    nice music

  36. Josh Bond

    “I’m smart af but they be talking like I’m the dumbest” - 👀

    ThisIsNotATest ThisIsTheEnd

    Fool's quote. Follower. Lol

  37. Noumenon Drift

    i dont see whats so special about this dude - why does he have so many views???

    Kimberly Horton

    Noumenon Drift what you want

  38. Tanuj Pratap singh

    India 🇮🇳....

  39. MarioSK 2.0

    2020 💕

  40. Cruz Valdez

    Producing L’s since 2016

  41. Sharel Dsouza

    1 like for ŘŪŚŞ👍👍👍

  42. Mallori Danielle

    Uh, this shhlaapps👄
    R.I.P Kobe👆🏾❤️

  43. Linda Solomon

    Rih Kobe 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  44. Linda Solomon

    What they want

  45. Blackskinis Amazing

    *LOL this white boy is nothing but cultural appropriation -- AND STOP TRYING TO BE LIKE US BLACK AMERICANS*

    M9 bayonet Marble fade

    Blackskinis Amazing we don’t care racism is no more

    Blackskinis Amazing

    @M9 bayonet Marble fade *LOL that is literally FAKE NEWS .. and that white boy Russ wants to be soooooo black American -- talking black rapping black acting black -- the dude is a suburban white boy FACTS!!!!! cultural appropriation 100!* it would be like black Americans acting like the Italian mafia -- cultural appropriation 100! SAME DAMN THING

  46. Kevinsito Argueta

    When I first heard this cause it randomly played without me looking I thought it was young thug but I had to look up the artist & more music Fa sho 👌🏼

  47. John Plante

    I'm outside chill

  48. Akhand

    Emiway 🤘

  49. Ansh Amla

    00:48 who remember that😁

  50. Isaac Nguyen

    copy and paste this:

    whats the song that goes like dooooo dooooooooooooo dododoooooooo doooooooooo doooododododododoooooooo

    and it will go to this song lol

  51. David ezequiel

    I have a girl called kathia she's is ground the grupi🎵🎶

  52. Pig_Mack09 /Pig lover on xbox


    I am crying


  53. roger darko


  54. Anya babylove Lively

    My sister name is lola

  55. Jason Boggs

    LANGLEY, you, u spelluhhhhhhhhhh in mi head????

  56. don't mind if I do

    The hook is tough

  57. Mark Esekielu Temaati

    Rest In Love Kobe!

  58. Noah Alexander Harris

    this song made me fall in love with Russ

  59. Canserbero22

    Vengo por resu xddd

  60. Christy Regalado Beltran

    Taking all the shots like Kobe 51 RIP Kobe miss u

  61. Hood Rich Negus

    Kobe rip 8 24 81 points

  62. Charles Jenkins

    Why I never knew he sung this song

  63. itz_alex .6608

    1:12 paying my respects💔💔 r.i p. Kobe

  64. ndeah Nieto

    Por este tipo de música vivo :V

  65. klowny01

    Rip Kope

  66. Aaron B

    Hits different now. RIP Kobe.

  67. Morgan Mason

    taking all the shots like KOBE , almost 81 💜💛

  68. khadar mukhtar

    where all my brilliant idiots at?

  69. mukul sharma

    come here because of emiway

  70. Tanisha Schmitt-Zweifel

    Rip Kobe

  71. Gabriel Rodríguez

    De Taiwan De Taiwan De Taiwan

  72. DocJ

    Y so many dislikes did I miss something?

  73. Ronald8 Koch

    RIP Kobe!

  74. eu msm

    GTA V FEELS :(

  75. Daniel Ramirez

    “Ooooohh, they let me in the fucken rap gaaame” that shit hard

  76. Rhyme Different Battle league

    Rip kobe!!

  77. Alan Flores

    Taking all those shots like Kobe*.


  78. Irv Bernal

    My wife plays this song like 50 times a day. It's sad 😭 when I hear the Kobe nowadays

  79. Ho Oh

    Taking shots like Kobe the rapist.

  80. Katie Vazquez

    shooting shots like kobe :(

  81. YHW Shane

    Nice video

  82. plattass 06

    Estoy jugando a la consola mientras fumo jach... espera aquí no era no?

  83. ahamad kariapper

    rippppp kobe

  84. Lucy Brayton

    RIP Kobe and daughter

  85. oyo brown

    R.i.p Kobe 💔

  86. anurag upadhyay

    most addictive music video out there

  87. Aymane Boujrad

    1.25 sounds nice thooooo

  88. Zenterr

    Taking all the shots like Kobe, almost 81. RIP Kobe Bryan the fukin Legend

  89. LorNacho

    puto rels b como plagia el rey loveu :)

  90. Physic Elf

    Rip kobe

  91. Hailie Rowland

    He looks so small

  92. La Chicana