Rufus Wainwright - The Dream Lyrics

The dream has come and gone
The earth lumbers on
The dream is back in space
Back where it came from

The dream has gone away
The earth could not play
The earth just spins in place
Throwing things away

And I am left behind
Corrupted crushed and blind
All for a dream
That in truth was never really mine

But who was the dream?
Was it you or was it me?
I truly loved
Which is harder to do
Than to dream of

Don't get me wrong
I wanted to go
I wanted to see
I wanted to know

No, don't get me wrong
I wanted to go
I wanted to see
I wanted to know

I wanted to dream
I just didn't know
How hard it would be
When the dream had to go
When the dream...

But who was the dream?
Was it you or was it me?
Who was the dream?
Was it you or was it me?

I truly loved
Which is harder to do
Yes, it's harder to do
Yes, it's harder, harder, harder to do
Than to dream of

The dream has come and gone

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Rufus Wainwright The Dream Comments
  1. Brittany

    i'm looking for a man that knows how good this is... if you get it, let me know.

    Wesley Roskell

    One of my favourite albums of all time.

  2. Elizabeth Chaplin

    Love this, so beautiful. Thanks Rufus love this

  3. Salobrena Smith

    love love love him.

  4. wwonka52

    Thanks for the post!! I never heard this one before, and I have seen Rufus 3 times and been  a fan for a long time..

    Scott davids

    il remeber that date and keep that in mind for the future

  5. philip ernstzen

    Terrific song and piano performance.

  6. Veva Ve

    I can't say how this poem is wonderful....the piano is "sublime"!!!!

  7. Eileen O'Sullivan

    Like is music very much and stunning maybe dark lyrics but powerfully creative artist inspiring. I enjoy this C.D. thats why I bought it. Oh he must missed his mother so very much.

  8. mon1a

    Just Beautiful!

  9. Paul Mallon

    who can seriously dislike this song? insane


    his writing and skill are too intelligent for main stream.

    Svein C Johannessen

    I dont dislike it, I just think the lyrics are not good.

    Svein C Johannessen

    ok, but not like his dad. then again who can?

  10. João Manuel Veloso Bárbara

    É tudo bom. Vem a Oeiras muito em breve! É de aproveitar ver um dos melhores compositores da atualidade!

  11. aNDROiD17_

    god that was such an amazing album

  12. thetimetravler

    fucking beauitfulnessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am learning this on piano and is so hard!

  13. joefreeman856

    This is beautiful, you know. It's the beauty itself.

  14. Pikaia Gracilens

    this song reminds me of 'atonement'

  15. Julie Hanson

    He just killed (in a fantastic way ) this song at the Toronto concert lastnight. There were a few audible "wow"s when he finished... have to agree with Elton John's opinion of him!

  16. MrThistleFlower

    I didn't put that stuff up. Seems like maybe I should in the future, huh? I figured that a robot is going on and looking for copyright infringements and it doesn't matter what you say, it gets deleted. But clearly not.

  17. Meg' luvin it

    @MrThistleFlower did you put up all the rights like "this belongs to rufus wainwright with " '' entertainment?

  18. Sean Downey

    hey, i just made an awesome cover of this song on my channel! LOVE IT

  19. MrThistleFlower

    I don't understand why YouTube leaves this up and my videos with even the smallest part of Rufus' music get silenced. What am I doing wrong?

  20. dorkaN5

    Wonderful song..-)
    beautiful voice...

  21. Klangtraeume

    @lozziecap You're quite right! I heard the same concert in cologne yesterday. I was so amazed. He's genious! And his piano play is excellent...

  22. Aric F

    I can't agree more!

  23. Mario Škof

    @lozziecap really? I wish I was there... I like emotionality

  24. brontedesk

    Thanks for posting this - I've a couple of days to wait yet for my copy! Intriguing and wonderful as usual from Rufus!

  25. Brandon Randall

    April 20 is when the album gets released in the US. :/

  26. Mario Škof

    you are welcome. and what will happen in the end of april, if I may know?

  27. corporate goth

    stunning. thank you so much. being in the states and waiting till the end of April is killing me!!