Rufus Wainwright - Martha Lyrics

Martha it's your brother calling
Time to go up north and see mother
Things are harder for her now
And neither of us is really that much older than each other anymore

Martha it's your brother calling
Have you had a chance to see father?
Wondering how's he doing and
There's not much time
For us to really be that angry at each other anymore

It's your brother calling Martha
It's your brother calling Martha
Please call me back

I know how it goes
You gotta ring your little finger
Hit the tree and see what falls
And make the sun come out
On Sunday afternoon

All the while you heat the plates
And serve a little wine
And wear a hat and make 'em laugh
And forget that there is nobody
In the room anymore

It's your brother calling Martha
It's your brother calling Martha
Please call me back

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Rufus Wainwright Martha Comments
  1. Spelaea

    however much I might fight with my sister, at least I don't passive-aggressively write a song about how I think she should be more communicative, while she's stuck in the hospital dealing with a newborn premature baby

  2. george474747

    Is this the same recording where I saw an amazing performance of Zebulon?

    There's one that used to be on Youtube. Wish I could find a copy of it...

    Kyle Leatherbarrow


    @Kyle Leatherbarrow Thank you for the reply, but the performance I'm looking for was a different one.

    (I think there used to be a video on Youtube with an interview + the performance I'm referring to, but it disappeared...)

  3. Francine Gray


  4. Alfredo Berríos


  5. Whisper Toheart

    he is my god

    mk floyd

    What ' He is your Dog ' come that's not fare...

  6. Who AreYou

    What an amazing vocal performance. Such control. As a singer, I could listen to him all day. And that piano...I love this song so much. He's such an amazing talent.

  7. Mike

    Freaking brilliant.

  8. jcorn2

    Awesome. My new favorite.

  9. thequeenbee82

    I re-listen to this all the time, love his & his sister's voice.

  10. brontedesk

    a beautifully soft wistful version with more pathos than usual. He's a brilliant pianist now as well as everything else...

  11. protbox

    Oh, how I love Rufus coming to KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic! I just hope their online archives will stay available forever.

  12. Dena Tarlin

    Thanks for broadcasting this show and posting this video! Any chance you will get the whole set up on video (pretty please)?

  13. CO1337