Rufus - Everlasting Love Lyrics

When I feel
You dreaming
I think of sunsets
How high my high gets

I wanna give you an everlasting love
I wanna fill your life with a satisfying love
All you need is an everlasting love
All you want is a satisfying love

Summer breezes
Moonlight teases
Friendly invasion
Late night persuasion

I wanna give you an everlasting love
Wanna fill your life with a satisfying love
All you need is an everlasting love
All you want is a mystifying love

Time you
Me by
You slowly fade away
I need you more each day

I wanna give you an everlasting love
Wanna fill your life with a satisfying love
All you need is an everlasting love
All you want is a mystifying love

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Rufus Everlasting Love Comments
  1. jmnny85

    Chaka-Legend!! 😍👏

  2. Luiz Carlos Telles


  3. Sadistic Bitch

    I will never get tired of this song

  4. bigman9099

    Chaka is that chick!

  5. Tiffany Butler

    heeelll !!! yaaahhh ,shaka kan stell my love she stell faind! srorry i cant read !Kenneth ( K-Dogg) Cooley wroooood!!!!!

  6. Van Johnson

    I did not play with this always got me where I wanted.that is why I am spoiled.jan2020.

  7. farrellcityking1

    A god among mere mortals.

  8. Michelle Martin


  9. joni roxit

    this song brings me back to those days of sitting in my apartment on a warm summer's day with the windows open and the speakers blasting. here I am in 2020 and still lovin' this song.

  10. blacironman1

    this is a song that can touch a man soul. just waiting for the woman who knows how to do it

  11. Christina Doll

    My everlasting love that's my jam

  12. Hamid X

    Whitney could have probably did a good re-make of probably wouldn’t have been as good as the Ms. Khan’s but i think she could have done a good job with this

  13. NaturalMarieMoon777

    Legend period!!!!

  14. almondyJoy

    Thumbs up if you came here because you missed real talent and felt like listening to real good music in 2020

  15. Darnell Magruder

    From the first cord, she grabs you and pulls you in her sultry voice tells you "Baby it's ok" you can't and don't want to resist she is every brother's, Queen Chaka!

  16. Stanifa Dotson

    Good morning James

  17. Stanifa Dotson

    I love my kid

  18. Stanifa Dotson

    I love this

  19. JNicole

    When you tell Him/or Her this is what I OFFER "BOOM"💝💞💖

  20. Vaughn Miller

    For you youngsters who don't know. You better Ask somebody...

  21. Latotcha Davis

    The best music ever!!

  22. KiN CAMELL

    Heaven Yes.

  23. Mitch Monroe

    this song is too short; they got about 20 more minutes left in them; where is the outtakes, etc.?

  24. stl Missouri

    2020 anyone

  25. Crysty Fiyah Luv

    I have to learn this im nervous lol

  26. Roshonda Hodge

    Good Lawd I love this song soo much...Chaka Kahn is The REAL GOAT! !! Her lower registers are Bomb as hell.. it's almost like she's about to lick the mic, the way she opens up her mouth on some of her notes😂😂 but I sang it just like that and it is So damn Sexyyy!!🙌🙌😘💕❤

  27. Stanifa Dotson

    I'm. Coming for my shiz

  28. Stanifa Dotson

    Funny funny

  29. Stanifa Dotson

    No more bullying

  30. Aubrey Askew

    Doesn't get any better.

  31. Terrence Hudson

    Yvette Marie, U sang the daylights outta this here....Thank You Chaka🌷🌷🌷

  32. Lillian xyz

    This is my favorite song .

  33. kathy Johson

    Oooooh oooooh oooooh good stuff

  34. Darrin Gordon

    THIS SONG AINT SHIT AND CHAKA KHAN AINT SHIT EITHER.......SIKE to the 2nd power just wanted to know what it feel like to be a hater......THIS SONG GO HARD and CHAKA IS THE BEST

  35. Brian Oliver


  36. MSL525

    Y'all need to check her out singing it live here back in the day, 1977!!

  37. stillatit 50

    One sexy....soulful..sensuous 💋💋💋💋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤

  38. william Lee

    My childhood crush lol, the woman just melt you with her voice 😘

  39. Kimberly Williams

    Love me some chaka love this song one of my favorite songs by her

  40. Stanifa Dotson

    The Devil asked me if I was covered, I said are you?

  41. Stanifa Dotson

    This is a good thing

  42. Deryl Lopez

    Chaka puts the p in persona💯💯💯

  43. coquijean

    still here 2019



  45. Regina Bailey

    Everlasting Love Ain't Nothing But The Truth🌹

  46. Dominique Johnson

    Love this one and Hollywood! Go Chaka!

  47. Yavette Beaird

    Tina. Marie. My. Favorite. Singer. Rip

  48. Larry Holmes

    To Rejeana Freeman : I got those anti-static sleeves in 1980 or 1981 from a place called Herrington they may have website if they still are in business, that was so long ago you might have to google to find them. I see that they are available from Amazon.

  49. The Mongoose King

    My shit.

  50. Chariell Glaze

    Rest In Paradise #robj #auntmaeevelyn everytime I hear this I will always remember your beautiful voice fly high Mae Evelyn Hall 1955-2015

  51. Dwayne Greene

    Chaka Khan voice is beautiful

  52. Anthony Davis

    My first love Darlene

  53. stillatit 50

    ....late nite persuaaaa-shun...."

  54. David stephens

    Every time I hear this song I get transported back to 1979 hanging out at Belle Isle aka the Rock in Detroit. Mojo on WGPR 107.5 would play this song on a warm summer night (Friday or Saturday or Sunday) with just me and my girl just hanging out....



  56. Yvette Jones

    This is such a beautiful and sultry song and I am told I look like her...but it's a great song for my husband.

  57. Dr. Keely Petty

    Midnight teases

  58. Dr. Keely Petty

    When I feel you dreaming I think of sunsets how high my high gets

  59. I'm just saying

    Hello Black Queen still listening to U Chaka in 2019😇🎼💞

    Darlene McNealy

    I'm just saying me daughter loves her and Patrice Rushen she likes settle for my love...

  60. Michael Gillespie

    Summer breezes
    Moonlight teases
    Friendly invasion
    Late night persuasion    soooooo dope

  61. Lillian xyz

    He'll yeah , my ppl.

  62. Derrick Yancey

    My favorite song from Rufus

  63. Sherrill Collins

    Sweet beautiful song🎶


    Greatest underrated
    song EVER!!!

  65. Camilla Griffin

    This song is Time in a Bottle I'll never get sick and tired of listen to this I love you Chak Everlasting Love we all need that some point in our life💗💗💖💖💜💜

  66. Loretta De Herrera


  67. Pam Johnson

    I have this on The Best of Rufus CD, I'm sure. It has to be on there. I threw out the case.

  68. Ailsa Homick

    She was just awesome,I enjoy listening to this,It’s like going by in time,Of beautiful memories,I can remember what I was doing back in the day,It makes me smile,64 years old,But I have my memories and they can’t be taken away.

  69. Michelle Martin


  70. Maxine Smith

    Hey..playing in 2019! Therapy!

  71. BlackandWhiteLove

    Im singing this to my soon to be husband. 🥰

  72. RG Givens

    Sexiest music on the planet. Check out 2:45... Thx Yvette from the 1970 early 80 era. Luv U!!Old School in the mirror loving beauty!!!!!

  73. Mary Bailey

    11-5-19 we had the best time for music.. I made 67 Halloween ,,,,

  74. Bebedoe1 B

    I can't stop playing this SONG!!

  75. Sedan Land

    I find myself day dreaming about love every time I hear this song

  76. gwendolyn smith

    Everlasting Rufus and Chaka ☝️🔥🔥🔥❤️Step with me.😄summer breezes..turn 💃God gives us everlasting love 💕 Thank you 🙏🏾Rufus and Chaka. This is timeless!⭐️

  77. Fanouvvi

    Everlasting Love
    When I feel you dreaming
    I think of sunsets
    How high my high gets
    I wanna give to you an everlasting love
    I fill your life with a satisfying love
    All you need is an everlasting love
    All you want is a satisfying (mystifying) love
    Sun breezes, moonlight teases
    Friendly invasion
    Late night persuasion
    I wanna give to you an everlasting love
    I fill your life with a satisfying love
    All you need is an everlasting love
    All you want is a satisfying (mystifying) love
    Each time you pass me by
    You saw me fade away
    I'll give you more each day

  78. Alicia D.

    Still one of the best love ballots~ thanks Chaka Kahn

  79. TheVegan Athlete

    Chaka Khan on the Tamron Hall show today 10/31/19 just said this is her favorite song to sing. So I came over here to check it out😍

  80. Barbara Bryon Wisdom

    tis the season to be jammin to the hope in me this song says..Oh yes!!! Iagree. timeless like Chaka is herself.

  81. Derrick Powell

    2019, who's still bumping this tune?

  82. The UnTouchable Girl CrazySexyCool

    Yes love me some Chaka Khan!❤😍Each time you pass me by, you slowly fade away, I need you more each day, I wanna give you an everlasting love!

  83. Pamela Jones-Meadows

    For all the thumbs down "Eat a D..k' You Don't Know Greatness When Ya Hear It

  84. Ian Folmar

    Woooo! Lawd!! Therapeutic

  85. Michelle Savarese

    Oh Chaka......


    UR #%*\¡《G AWE...SOME

  87. Joel Purnell

    This song takes me on a wonderful ride. Seems like it’s just not long enough. So I must put it on repeat....again

  88. Marlowe Harmon

    "How high, my heart gets...!" ' Nuff said...!! Love ya Chaka!!!❤❤❤🙏

  89. Karl Atkinson

    Talented beyond description. Her voice gives me an out of body experience. Takes me somewhere and allows me to experience something I ordinarily wouldn't be able to.

  90. Gidget Hrobowski

    Ms. Chaka Khan.

  91. Gidget Hrobowski

    The first time I heard this song I was with my friend Tee (Andrea Thomas). I always thought Tee was so beautiful. We lost touch after high school. She died a couple of years ago, I didn't get a chance to see her. I miss her so much...!!!

  92. A dot J dot

    This came out the year I was born! Greatness was created..including this song.

  93. Ronzoni Rose

    Chaka Khan voice is beautiful plus the way she laced her own background vocals from 3:09 to 4:49 is the most loveliest sound in perfect pitch ever to be recorded.